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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Conference Looks

Two weeks ago I got an opportunity to attend the congress/conference that was organized at KL Convention Center. A huge congress, which is touted to be the country's biggest as it was attended by more than 1000+ people from various areas of research and saw such a huge number of technical papers being presented. Since I was also part of the committee members in one of the conferences, therefore it make sense that I took the chance to also publish (and present) a number of my research findings during the period too. It was actually quite similar conference done two years ago by which I also played a big part during the procession of the event [CLICK].

As much as the conference celebrated the explosion of new findings and research outputs from the technical minds, it was also a celebration of styles from different walks of life who participated the event. Not to lose out, it's also an opportunity for me to vary my looks during the course of 3 days - so that at least I look slightly different on each day (despite some similarity were there!). Unlike a month earlier during participation in ITEX2014 at the same venue, where I varied the look for every session of the day [CLICK]; for this event I barely managed to do that due to the time limitation for me to return to the hotel room and get a quick change for different morning/afternoon sessions. The schedule was direly hectic, not to mention I also took the opportunity to network with many people from outside my fraternity, and meeting old friends; I didn't have much ample time to change really. Therefore, I only stick to just 3 looks.

Anyhow, my style strategy for this one is easy: One base anchor of black & white. 3 different blazers. 3 different looks (almost). That's it.

Conference Day 1

I just love the ultra-bodyskimming silhouette of what this Zara jacket did, and that's why I'm a sucker for it when it comes to wearing it on day 1 of any big events I attended (see ITEX2014 and MTE2014). It always flatter the upper torso, and hugs nicely on the waist to give a perfect slim look. The pairing up was the tartan tie by Topman + River Island's white shirt + boots by Carlo Pazzolini + watch by Emporio Armani. 

Unlike 2012 where I became the emcee for the conference's opening ceremony at the KLCC Plenary Hall, this time I was just a spectator in the audience. I think it was so unfortunate for them to miss out on me, coz it seems that the ceremony lacks the punch and appeared a bit blah due to absence of the 'dramatic element' in the anchor. (That's why you need me, people!).

On the nite was the conference dinner, and that's the time where I switch the look with a different color as what I used to. For that, it will be in the next post...

Conference Day 2

The day where I played two roles in one: as a co-chairman for the technical slot and also a presenter at the same time. As I'm presenting my first paper (out of 4), the look is to maintain solemn yet with a touch of color. Hence, the non-branded jacket in light beige became the victim of the day coz it's the easiest pair with the base that I've decided upon. The shirt was by River Island (the same but different pair!) + tie by The Tie Bar + Skagen Perspektiv watch + boots by Gucci. 

The presenter at work...

Conference Day 3

The final day of the conference, and yet the busiest day ever. It was when my mind was separated into two and working like crazy. One is to prepare for the slides for the morning's presentation slot, and the other was to manage another upcoming event that's happening right after this conference that is quite ad hoc.

To add to the drama, initially I thought I was gonna present at the given time as per schedule. But there was a minor shakeup, a sudden change; and so unexpectedly I was called to present almost 40 mins early than the supposed-to-be time. Much chaos indeed coz I was still at the hotel room, but thank goodness I was about ready to go to the venue after all. Despite I'm missing out the breakfast (due to the rush), I managed to get the look in check as per decided earlier. The black & white base was paired with the sea green blazer by Asos + tie by The Tie Bar + grey Luigi perforated leather watch by Emporio Armani + boots by DSquared2.

How was my presentation went? It was okay, given that I'd just completed the slides in that particular morning! (not to be practiced again next time!).

The presenter at work. Again...

In the afternoon, there was the closing ceremony of the conference and I managed to get a quick change during the lunch hour, for there's another one I'm attending right after the closing event. A hi-tea, which is organized by yours truly on behalf of the department at a nearby location that suit the name itself as it was high up there in the sky. The makan-makan gathering event at the 40th Floor of the world's tallest twin tower that overlooked the entire Kuala Lumpur - and I played host for the evening...

Monday, 19 May 2014

ITEX2014: The Looks.

The 25th Int'l Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX2014) has just completed about two weeks ago, and as usual I'm taking part as a delegate with my other 52 participants sent by the University. This is my fifth times involvement in the event, just like last year and the previous. This year the exhibition-slash-competition celebrated its Silver Jubilee - a big milestone for an organization - which is among others responsible to nurture the inventive and creative nature of the residence in this country, particularly the youth. To me it's a gratitude to be able to partake in such prestigious event together with other colleagues around the world - not just to network, but also to exchange ideas from various walks of life who came visiting the booth.

As much as the exhibition celebrated the wonder of the innovative minds, I celebrated it with a little bang of fashion take. Last February during MTE2014 exhibition, my other colleague jokingly commented - do you think this is fashion week? - as they realized I always change my attire for every session it was held. This time at ITEX2014, I did what I do best - changing at least some of the element in the outfit to keep my days spiced up from being too bored (manning the booth could be cumbersome, not to mention, boring!)

So, what did I wear for the 3-days event?

Day 1: Morning session.
As the booth/presentation judging was carried out that morning, I went for a typical classic black and white, as what I also did last year to play a sombre mood [CLICK]. But this time it was not the double-breasted suit; instead it's Zara turn-up shawl-lapel blazer with a single-button fastening. Everything was kept simple with white shirt by River Island, Jil Sander x Uniqlo wool-blend trousers and tie by The Tie Bar. Completing the outfit was black Emporio Armani Luigi chrono watch and boots by Carlo Pazolini.

In the afternoon session, I brought the element I did last year - substituting the black Zara with the citron green blazer by H&M, while keeping the rest as same as before. I chosed green since my product exhibited was in the green technology clause; so, there's a bit of cliche going on there.

The judging was pretty okay, though I'm direly skeptical how the outcome would be. For whatever reason, something inside telling me it was not as great feeling as I did in 2013...

Day 2: Morning session.
The Friday began with a complete change of tonality compared to the previous day as I opted to go with the sea green suit by Asos. Again, the 'green theme' has been played for another round, though the hue is not too visible 'green' as what people normally associated with. Completing the attire was white shirt by River Island + black tie by The Tie Bar + grey Emporio Armani Luigi chrono watch + Chelsea boots by Gucci. 

For the afternoon session, the suit trousers is replaced with the black cotton-blend by Uniqlo. 'Unfortunately' this is also became the outfit where I went onto the stage that late afternoon to pick up my award. As what my previous day's intuition trying to say, it seems to be true that the result of judging was not as I expected to be. I just bagged a Silver medal for my product. ~ sigh ~

There's a dinner that night held by the organizer at the KL Convention Center banquet hall. Since I'm not going onto the stage to receive the Gold Medal unlike previous two years in a row, this time I went for a very casual look. Subdued casual with a dash of modern batik-inspired pattern shirt by Jaspal (I think I've blogged about the shirt last 2011. CLICK). Completing the outfit was the patent leather Chelsea boots by Gucci. [CLICK]

Day 3. It was the final day of the exhibition, where lots of crowd from various walks of life started pouring in to visit the booths. Sadly, most booth around the hall has started to pack up and empty their spaces, as some of them need to travel back quite far to their origin. For the day I just wore what I did on the first day, but substituting the white shirt with a black tee instead. Semi-formal, if you may.

The day ended about mid noon before everybody ciao  for good from KLCC. 

Anyway. On Day Zero, I wore the red-black outfit upon checked-in to the hotel. That top has become my fav so far, which is a fusion of East meet West. The typical pique polo shirt was given an oriental twist with the Mandarin collar and Chinese buttons; the one I bought during the previous Chinese New Year. Completing the look was black washed jeans by Uniqlo + Karl Lagerfeld Keeper watch + boots by Jimmy Choo.

With the ending of ITEX2014, my involvement in any external exhibitions also come to an end for the first half of the year. Looking forward for more. London or Germany next, maybe? :]

Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Week in the Office: Part 20

May the force be with me. That's exactly the silent cryptic message that I'm trying to convey as of the last post I've written. When the first week of April finally opens its door, a whole new quarter for the year 2014 suddenly appear - which also means a new set of tasks and schedule full of activities for the next 3 months for this quarterly period eventually filled in into the timetable at hand. Work commitment and public engagement assignments are gonna expand my territories in the near future. Wouldn't I be anxious? Absolutely, but at the same time it keep me thrilled coz that's what work is all about after all - you can't stay silo if you want your organization to succeed.

Anyhow, the new quarter of 2014 - bring it on. I've gotta be ready no matter what. In the mean time, what's in store for my outfit post up to the current date of April.

Tuesday, April 1:

April fool you say? It's more to April full to me coz the calendar look quite scary with so much tasks to complete within a short timeframe. Anyhow, to spice things up in the office, I wore the orange/grey multitonal checks shirt by Padini, paired with grey linen blazer by Asos and black tie by The Tie Bar. Summing up the look is grey suede watch by Timex and brogue lace-up boots by Asos.

Wednesday, April 2:

The day I met my previous Prof from the old uni to learn something about research proposal. It's kinda deja vu to sit down in the hall listening to him again, somehow bringing back the old memories of the yesteryears. There're lot more to learn, and I never fail to attend this kind of opportunities to polish up my grey matters. 

And as grey is involved, my suit jacket of the day exudes the mood. The greyish sea green blazer and white shirt are by Asos, worn with the paint-splattered tie by Topman, Skagen Perspektiv watch and Gucci boots.

Friday, April 4:

Going red on Friday, coz I want an injection of spirit for this known less pleasureable day to work of the week (coz everyone's thinking about weekend, huh?). There's also a meeting that morning, which somehow I surprised everyone due to my shocking primary color choice. 

The red blazer is by H&M, white shirt by River Island, red tartan tie by Topman, Deluxe watch by Calvin Klein and boots by Carlo Pazolini. (Can you see the scratch on my boots? Yeah, I'm always clumsy!)

Monday, April 7:

I normally wore blue on Monday (cliche, cliche), but that day I opted for green for another shot of color injection. All these while I called that green as 'citron', but somehow when a colleague met me at the corridor, he said it's olive! Really? Oh well... potato, potahto, huh? It's green after all!

The blazer is by H&M, worn with white shirt by River Island + grey tartan tie by the Tie Bar + Calvin Klein Masculine chorono watch + Roberto di Paolo buckle boots.

Tuesday, April 8:

The day when I played out the thematic grey/green which is seen from the neck down. The sea green suit is by Asos, paired with dark grey shirt by River Island and grey/green tartan tie by The Tie Bar. Completing the ensemble is the grey Luigi chrono watch by Emporio Armani and dirty slate grey Miller brogues by Paul Smith.

Friday, April 11:

Back to the office after two-days outstation task in the city.  The mood of Friday is blue, somehow taking the somberness of the rainy situation the day before (unrelated btw!). The blue vertical stripe shirt is by Padini, worn with the air-tie look sans the, erm... tie. Completing the outfit is Calvin Klein Accent watch and Chelsea boots by Gucci.

So, two weeks has almost passed for April. I hope I still have all the energy, coz this is only the beginning of what more to come!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Week in the Office : Part 19

The week ending of March 2014. So, the cliche statement applies again : time flies so fast - and it seems that we've already completed the first quarter of the year! Time to freak out? Don't worry, there're much more to do, there're lots more to accomplish; nine more months to be exact. So, better keep up the momentum going, people!

Anyway, some of the looks in the office that I managed to capture for the record...

Tuesday, March 25:

Shirt - River Island, blazer - Asos, crochet tie  -Uniqlo, Pop watch - Karl Lagerfeld, fur-lined boots - Carlo Pazzolini.

Thursday, March 27:

Double-breasted linen blazer - Asos, slate grey shirt - River Island, multichecks grey tie - G2000, watch - CK Calvin Klein, brogue Chelsea boots - Bally.

Friday, March 28:

Army green shirt - Asos, grey tartan checks tie - Uniqlo, shadow checks blazer - River Island, grey perforated Luigi watch - Emporio Armani, mid-ankle boots - Alexander McQueen.

Monday, March 31:

The air-tie syndrome is happening again. Another freaky moment that happen on this day was that: I realized I forgot to bring any blazer with me. Yikes!

Checks shirt - Zara, black perforated Luigi watch - Emporio Armani, boots - Gucci.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Week in The Office : Part 18

There's a reason why they call it business; coz the industry really is full of 'busi-ness' indeed. Or, busy-ness, to be precise. Your work schedule can take you off the beaten track. It can take you off course. Sometimes it can derailed you from the things that you're norm to do.

Some of the the look to the office that I managed to capture for my record.

Monday, March 3:

Apart from the look that I captured during the emceeing event, there seem to be almost a month gap between the look in February and this month! That itself indicated how 'outfit selfie' is no longer being such an important activity to me as of lately. 

Anyhow. For the first Monday in March, I opted the grey look with the linen blazer by Asos, paired with the slate grey shirt by River Island and green/grey tartan tie by The Tie Bar. Finishing up the look is watch by Mondaine and boots by Kenneth Cole.

Monday, March 10:

The week after, there seem to be quite a similar theme going on, yet with a different touch. The light grey wool-blend blazer and the forest green shirt are both by River Island, being paired with the green/grey tartan tie as the previous Monday. To complete the outfit was the watch by Skagen Perspektiv and boots by DSquared2.

Tuesday, March 11:

A repetition on the blazer but worn with a green shirt instead (also by River Island), and prepped with herb green tie by G2000. The accessories of the day are CK Calvin Klein Accent watch and boots by Hugo Boss.

Can you see my boots looks battered already? That indicates how frequent it's being worn all these years!

Wednesday, March 12:

Mid-week with a touch of chocolate, which are seen on some items on the outfit. The carafe brown shirt by River Island was paired with the chocolate brown blazer and brown checks tie, both by Asos. Completing the ensemble were watch by Skagen and brogue brown boots by Carlo Pazolini.

Thursday, March 13:

That Thursday I decided to go air-tie with a no-fuss look. The white shirt and sea-green blazer (both Asos) were worn with the Luigi perforated watch by Emporio Armani and buckle boots by Roberto di Paolo. 

Tuesday, March 18:

The next week was the reusing of the blazer by Asos, which is paired with a simple white shirt by River Island. The choice of tie for the day was torn between the leopard-print by Topman and burnt orange tartan by the Tie Bar. Which one wins? Both. Topman for the morning, Tie Bar for the after lunch. To go with the look is the brown leather watch by Pulsar and boots by Gucci.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Week in the Office : Part 17

I think I managed to capture my office looks only in the first week of February, coz after that my world went whirlwind as I'm running here and there trying to solve some big matters at hand. This month has also marked a new direction in the career where new responsibilities were resumed, and some travelling matters were also in the pipeline to kickstart everything. IMO, to say that work is stressful is kinda cliche these days, coz that's the reality and truth. Where in the world can you find a job that doesn't have that piled amount of stress and pressures at hand, eh? (Even the cleaner felt stressful with their job!)

Anyway. What's in the office looks for that week?

Monday, February 2:

I decided to go only for two tones for the Monday: black and light grey. The black shirt by +J Uniqlo is paired with the black blazer by Zara (sans tie) and light grey trousers, also by Uniqlo. To complete the look is Emporio Armani Luigi watch and buckle boots by Roberto di Paolo.

Tuesday, February 3:

I kept my moody blues feeling on Tuesday, as I donned the color to mark the mood. The blue slimfit shirt is by River Island, paired with the navy/black horizontal stripes tie by Red Herring @ Debenhams and black blazer by Asos. To go with the ensemble was Skagen Perspektiv watch and boots by Carlo Pazolini.

Wednesday, February 4:

The mood is green, as it reflected to what I've chosen to wear on that Wednesday. The Linden green shirt was worn with the shadow checks blazer (both by River Island) and paired with the banana green tie by G2000. Completing the look was Calvin Klein Accent watch and the same boots as the day before. I know it's a fashion faux pas to wear the same shoes twice in a row - but, I like to break the rules sometimes. Ha!

Thursday, February 6:

Simple, understatement day as I opted to go with the typical classic office attire. The white shirt and black suit (both by Asos) was paired with the tartan checks tie by Topman. Finishing up the outfit was the Calvin klein Masculine chrono watch and boots by Gucci.

Friday, February 7:

A hint of color on Friday as I chose to wear the burnt orange check shirt by Kent to the office. keeping things simple, the outfit was completed with the blazer by Zara, skinny thin watch by Skagen and boots by Carlo Pazolini. I had to admit I'm crazy about those boots, it's my new fav - that's why I don't mind breaking the fashion faux pas for the rest of the week!