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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Ready to Head Down the Beach?

It's summer! And it's frickin' hot in London. The Met office said that last Friday was the hottest day of the year when the mercury hit almost 32 degree. Hot? Really? Not so if you compare to Madrid then when temperature shows a whopping 38 degree. Or at least, whisk off to Malaysia when being at 32C all the time was not a problem (for me, at least. Ngggg...!)

One thing that's always set the scene when the sun's shining high in the hot weather is everyone tend to go to the beach or sunbathing at nearby park. At London's Hyde Park, there's massive numbers of people around, lounging in the warm climate. In shorts, in t-shits, some just wearing vests ... some are topless (but never bottomless, lol!). Great isn't it, though the green, green grass has turned into parched brown due to less irrigation by the park's authorities. 

Oh, talking about sunbathing, hitting the park, lounging... what's better than to carry your own essentials, right? Beach bag, beach towels or mat, some flip-flop or canvas plimsols and not to forget the trilby. I love monochrome with a hint of color. Like the one in the pix below. Or, to hit the beach, I love the one shown by Asos recently with more color splash. And mentioning the bag, it's always the canvas one that is more practical - especially when it is lined with nylon inside. So that the wet towels won't drench it and the drip shown on the outside. Otherwise, it'll be a major disaster! I got mine from Carpisa... but I'm really loving the black and white canvas tote found at Gucci. Simple and very roomy (and overpriced! yikes!).

Navy/white stripe bag - Carpisa. Zebra beach towel - Matalan. Trilby - Uniqlo
Nude flip flops - Uniqlo. Seersucker plimsols - Next

Canvas stripes beach tote - Hackett. Grey flip flops - Havaianas. Espadrilles - Castaner
Beach towel - Paul Smith Jeans. Trilby - Asos. Sunglasses - Asos. Watch - Michael Kors. 
[All at Asos.com]

Gucci canvas tote with leather trims