What Is Fashion?

Fashion is when you follow the pack. Style is what make you distinct from the rest. 
Be yourself.


When It Comes to Fashion, I Opt for Not Being Eco-Friendly.

Let's be honest: I love clothes. I like anything that can make me looks great and feels great. In my day-to-day life I'm fairly involve in ensuring the safer impact to the Planet Earth by emphasizing on the green technology and stuff. But when it comes to fashion, I'd rather be on the contrary - I opt for not being eco-friendly!

Sad truth, but that's the way it is. Somehow it balance out on how I acted upon being green on one side (my engineering practice), yet on the other I'm actually defying the eco-friendliness by leaving quite an impact to the environment. I think if I'm too inclined towards being on the 'good' side far enough, I'm afraid I'm gonna be a green warrior. That's not the one I choose to be. I'd rather be the 'peacemaker' side, staying on the middle ground just like ZOPFAN (Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality) - not swaying neither on being 'too green' nor being 'not green'.

Let's me make my point on why I chose not to be eco-friendly when it comes to fashion:

1. I shop worldwide!

Went it comes to reducing carbon footprint, I failed miserably. That's because most of my clothes come from overseas, from all over the world! They were flown all the way from as far as London, Florence and Paris in Europe, to from Atlanta, New York, Chicago and Montreal in the West, to Tokyo and Hong Kong in the Far East - my clothes really travelled from far abroad. 

These relates to the airmiles that the product is associated to, by which with the airmiles that spans hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away, coupled that with another courier travelled on land to bring my purchased item safely arrived onto my lap - that's not good to the environment, aren't they? You can imagine how much fuel does the carrier consumed, how much pollution also being emitted along the way too.

So, on this matter - I'm not eco at all.

2. I don't wear vintage!

What is the most eco-friendly fashion even before 'eco-friendly fashion' term ever been coined? It's buying vintage clothing or the second-hand clothes (or preloved, like what most of us also used). Buying vintage means that you don't rely on buying newly made items or new clothes, which means less resources are being wasted in order to make your new stuff, which means you're actually helping the environment in somewhat a big way. 

And I don't wear vintage, nor I wanna buy second hand clothes coz I think I can't accept the fact that I'd be wearing someone else's sweat on my body which is quite gross to comprehend. I wanna be the first owner that the item to really fall onto or touch my skin, not the one who already use something that other people has already used. And by not wearing vintage, I'm actually not being eco-friendly at some point! (Am I hearing PETA ads cueing my ears 'I'd rather be naked than wearing someone else's clothes'? Ngggg... )

3. I don't recycle!

I've previously stated my point that I hate the word 'recycling'. For any budding chemical engineers who really understand the PFD of the recycling process, for an item to actually be recycled it has to follow a thorough processing system. Take recycling used paper to make a new t-shirt, for a crude example. First, it has to be shredded - that itself is using energy. Then it's the washing of the shredded pieces - this involved water, and probably some detergent. Not too mention polluted water being produced too, and of course more energy consumed again. Then it's the removal of inks and dyes that the paper has - this involved chemical added to the process, which then washed away, and creating high possibility of effluent pollution (you can check previous researches at Sciencedirect for proof). Then it's washing out the excess chemical - again, using energy, create water pollution, yadda yadda yadda. Then, only God knows what else process gonna occur just to ensure that the 'recycled' paper is deemed safe to be used as a 'new fabric' for your t-shirt manufacturing so that you won't get itchy or other sorts of after-effect upon wearing a recycled paper t-shirt. But think again: where does the polluted water go to? Vaporize into the air? Nope, to the drain and lead to the river or sea. How are you treating the polluted water? Through a series of either coagulation-and-flocculation, or aerobic/anaerobic digestor or even adsorption process, which is also added to the operating cost and more energy and time consumed. 

That's why I don't recycled. It's more energy consumed, more pollution created, more environment quality degraded, more opex spent - just for the sake of 'saving the environment'. Get the point? 

However, I don't mind the term 'reuse' or 'repurpose' coz the process is not as tedious as in the 'recycling'. Reuse and repurpose is creating a new life cycle for the item such as using the old floor tiles as decorative element for your mirror or frames, using your old shoes for the potted plants, creating hand-made quilt out of your old clothes, or tote bags from your jeans or preloved suits [CLICK].

4. I'm not a fan of "sustainable fashion".

I love sustainable material, but I hate the word 'sustainable fashion'. I think most of the budding fashion-goer somehow get deluded with that term coz they seem to just follow what the 'cool fashionista' says. Sustainable material alone does not equate sustainable fashion when you think it in a real way. Yes, sustainable material is all very important coz it ensures the continual supply of the material without giving much bad impact to the environment. Things such as bamboo is sustainable resources, coz the process of regrowing after you chopped 'em down to make your t-shirts from bamboo fibres is not as long period as compared to chopping down some trees for an equal purpose. So as cotton.

But, producing 'sustainable fashion' seem to return to point #1 again : increasing airmiles, thus increasing carbon foot print. For instance, some people from the Europe sources the material from Vietnam, then it travels all the way to China for the material to be processed, then travels again from China to Bangladesh to be make it into clothes! This isn't 'saving the environment', isn't it? 

Yet, sustainability goes far beyond just saving the environment and restoring the supply of resources itself coz it relates to the triadic of the term. With the tragedy of what happens in Dhaka where hundreds died due to the collapse of the building that supply 'fashion' to the mass market (hence failing the 'Social' segment of the triad), I still think the fashion industry seems to be in the mist when it comes to downplay the sustainable term in its entirety. Comprehension on what it really means need a thorough analysis. One way is to make everything local from start to end, such as the process of growing the material, processing it into threads and fabric, manufacture into clothing item, selling and using the clothes - all are done at only one locality. Never be escaped to outside of its perimeter. But, can it really happen? Isn't that fashion is global? And global also means people on other part of the world also wanna be able to enjoy its goodness too? 

If that can't be answered, I am happy not to support sustainability fashion. Period.

So, coming down to my original statement: when it comes to fashion, I opt for not really being eco-friendly. This is because in this case I'm acting as the consumer since I'm on one end of the scale, therefore I don't really matter where or how I sourced the items that I had in the wardrobe. As long as it looks good, as long as I got it at the fairest price, and as long as the fit, the material and its construction is awesome - as a shopanisto, I don't mind not to be eco-friendly.

On the contrary, since I am also on the further end of the scale where the producing of the material really started, I will try to my very best effort in ensuring a safer, green, environmentally-fit, near-zero polluting, eco-friendly processes are achieved so that the state of the Planet Earth is not being jeopardised for the future generation. That's my pledge as a chemical engineer.

*Not being eco on one part, and be eco on the other - isn't that reflecting my duality of a Scorpio? That's such a balance!


Third Times, and I'm Fly(knit)!

The Nike Flyknit obsession continues as I slipped into the third collection in a row - the Flyknit Racer in monochromatic grey tones. This is part of the Spring/Summer 2013 by the sportswear giant, which is somewhat different compared to my previous two versions that I got not quite long time ago [CLICK, CLICK].

One, it's the other version of Flyknit Racer i.e. called the Racing Road. The construction differs in a way that the upper is knitted in a loose manner compared to much tighter in Racer or Lunar One+. If I could rank the 'tightness' of the knit in an increasing order, it'll definitely be Racing Road < Racer < Lunar One+. By that, this sneakers gives a sense of much breathable and more ventilated to the foot, much more airy. Despite its more 'meshy', it doesn't jeopardise on its construction though coz this one is a sturdy sneakers nonetheless. 

Two, due to the less fabrication used it's much more ultralightweight in contrast to the other two - maybe a couple of grams lighter, perhaps. That means wearing it feel as if I'm just treading on a piece of its undersoles alone, despite in reality the knitted upper does enclose my foot!

The third difference is the dual tones silhouette. If Lunar One+ uses a uniform and symmetrical look and Racer sported its front-back different tones, the Racing Road got an offset of darker shade on the inner side of the foot (in this case, it's black). To add to that, the undersole design is much sleeker, which to me is also a good selling point. And its 'nose' is slightly pointy too... which could categorize it into an edgy sporty trainers.

The final difference is on its functionality. After wearing all the three Flyknits, I think Racing Road is not that suitable for a usual running mode compared to Lunar One+. This is one shoe that's rather be worn for the urban look strolling at the highstreet, rather than taking a spin on the track. Reason being? It's not springy, and the thinner front gives a slight dive on its nose which brought the shoe more to the ground compared to the other Flyknits. Yet, I'm happy to oblige nevertheless, coz how many times do I went for a run anyway? 

Overall: great sneakers, and it's awesome to realize that Nike knitted technology could be varied in many Flyknit variations!


Refashion: If I Hate It, I Grandad It!

I have a love-hate relationship with collars. When it comes to the office wear, I don't mind at all coz there's always wear a tie to go with it, which made the collar somewhat 'enclosed' to my neck. But, when it comes to the casual shirts - I hate collars. Not a million years I wanna wear it. I've tried it, yet it made me feel so vulnerable and uncomfortable. Reason being is that I got a slender and taller neck, plus a slightly skinny upper body (despite a broad shoulder); therefore having a collar with the 'V' shape it created make the whole look appears a little bit underwhelming. It might be good for some people (wearing collared shirts), but for me I'm among the unlucky one who can't really rock the look.

So, how to combat the hideousness and not wasting my shirts to stay just in the closet? Easy. I took them for alteration. This is my other way of 'butchering' the clothes once again. What better to 'cure' it other than to turn the typical collar into a grandad or henley version instead.

Some of the shirts has been kept in the closet for as long as I can remember becoz of that collar existence. Now that it's been given a fresh new life, all I can say I'm ready to rock 'em once again without having the feeling 'blurrgh, I hate the collar' anymore. The cost of transforming the collar into grandad neck? Just RM3 per shirt. Who can beat that?

I love this 'pua-kumbu' inspired tribal print, but hate its previous collared version. Now with the new grandad neck, it looks much better...

This banana shirt is epic coz it's kinda funky. The old version is kinda wackier [CLICK]. Thankfully now, the banana can scream even more bananas...!

This is the perfect example of skeleton in the closet, coz it's been there for ages. Now the skull's ready to escape!

I love this, but its previous version is not that flattering; despite I wore it to the dinner event at KL Convention Center once... [CLICK]

This is another shirt that has been collecting dust in the wardrobe. Now that I've resurrect it from its collared version [CLICK], the floral is ready to bloom outdoor!

Refashion: If I Hate It, I Snip It!

In last year's Ramadan I made a resolution that I'm downsizing my wardrobe big time [CLICK]. No kidding. Maybe becoz I'm sensing the number of unworn clothes has increases tremendously, that's why I took that brave decision. The process of the preloved giveaway is quite quick as eventually they were all went to my family members, by whom is the easiest way to find a new owner in this kind of matter (I got a bigfat family, that's kinda help!). The downsizing doesn't stopped there though; as time went by I keep on removing a huge chunks of clothes periodically by 'disposing' it into the charity box nearby the shopping mall. That's my alternative way of renegating their existence in my wardrobe once and for all.

In this year's Ramadhan, do I have a new resolution to remove another chunk of clothes? I don't think so, no, coz currently what's in the wardrobe is truly what I love wearing. However I got a revolution instead.

For the remaining clothes that I had, there seem to be another big issue appeared. Not that I hate the clothes, but they're not suitable to be worn here especially when the weather is unforgivably warm. The problem is: the tops are all long-sleeves... and to wear it in the hot climate means I'll be sweating to death! So, what solution could I find that would save my clothes from being 'disposed' again, yet could be worn like a typical t-shirt like what I'm wearing all these days?

That's easy - I just snip the sleeves!

Some of the tops: before...

Considering that I've been 'butchering' some of my clothes quite a lot previously (especially chopping off the jeans to be made into cropped versions, removing the collar of the shirts, etc), the same goes to the arrays of long-sleeved tops that remain in the closet. 

To do it is very simple. I measured the sleeves at just right enough length, typically at the bent of the elbow where it's gonna be cut. The tops are then laid as in normal position, not on the reversed, coz I need the end of the sleeve to be pleated outward, rather than inward. Then it's a matter of snipping the 'extra fabric' of the sleeves using the scissors . . . and voila, new version of tee is suddenly emerged out of nowhere. The end of the sleeves are then rolled to the desired length on the upper arms giving that raw-edge feel to it. But one tip in rolling the sleeves - don't overdo it, otherwise it'll look like it's too bunched up.

I know it's another brave decision to be altering clothes by my own, but this is a DIY risk that I'm happy to commit. Rather than buying new t-shirts which is very scarce to find (as to my taste), doing the snip would save the day. I had to say, the result is quite surprising though coz the old sweater and long-sleeves t-shirt looks better in their cropped sleeves version after all. What is even better, I suddenly have 13 'new' t-shirts in the closet!

Btw, you too can do it. Take the plunge. Renew the look of your old clothes!

the 'butchered' tops are now became good t-shirts...


Hugo Boss Headphones

After giving away headphones for free in their previous perfume gift pack, did Hugo Boss has now seriously entering the gadget market to offer some choices to the music lovers? 

A new headphone sporting black with red cord is spotted in the recent Fall/Winter 2013 campaign, which could seal the deal that the fashion house is indeed venturing into the techno business, alongside their already successful clothing line. It is not a surprise because Hugo Boss has already offers a 'lifestyle' pack into their collection with their own rendition of home accessories, just like Calvin Klein. Coupled that with the ongoing accessories for the gadgets like iPad and iPhone casing, it seems natural to also include headphones to as part of the whole lifestyle experience for any Hugo Men.

The only question : could Hugo Boss rival Prada in the high-end designer label headphones category?

*Black + red. Am I sensing a bit of Beats by Dr. Dre...

[pix from hugo boss]

Burberry Prorsum Unleashed the Leopard in You

For Fall/Winter 2013 Burberry Prorsum engulfed into the world of animal prints with an array of collection sporting zebra and leopard, sweeping from jackets and bags, to lace-ups shoes and boots. And one of them is this leopard print Chelsea boots in the ultimate chic black and white motifs. 

Previously written in the Shortlist magazine, the boots embodies the spirit of mod 60s with the taller ankle form and a very narrow body. What brought it into the modern 2013 is how the leopard print is infused into the pattern, exuding a sense of funky to the otherwise a plain footwear. This boots is not just a typical leather version - the ponyhair upper gives an extra texture to the touch (just like my previous Dolce & Gabbana boots CLICK).

Yet, despite the look is kinda cool I think it's not that easy to pull off this Chelsea boots. Though the models do rock it on the runway, but on the street it's kinda puzzling to find great pair of ensemble to really streamline the outfit - unless it's borderline tacky. Whatever it is, this boots is surely one hell of a footwear art form!

And, how it looks on the runway...

[pix from shortlist and burberry]


Baju Raya Quest 2013 : The End?

My baju raya quest for 2013 has finally ended. When? Last Sunday, when me and my nephew went to Shah Alam to search for our Eid outfit. Just like last year, I look for mine on the first weekend of Ramadhan so that I can start early, rather than being sorry for not having something to wear on the first Syawal. 

I've been going to Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam for as long as I can remember when I wanted to look for a great selection of baju Melayu. To me, Kompleks PKNS is like a haven for the Eid ensemble - they got practically everything from the baju itself to the accessories that accompany the outfit like butang, kain samping, capal, songkok, etc.. etc, in many, many choices that are quite different than others. My sis told me that stuff at Kompleks are much cheaper than Jalan Masjid India, which I can't somehow confirm coz I never shop there. But I think, going to Shah Alam is the uttermost practical coz not only I can scour the collection at Kompleks PKNS alone, but there're also SACC Mall nearby that has various boutiques like Qamilla, Salikin Sidek and Anggerik Avenue, and the Plaza Alam Sentral that also got various indoor stalls selling preparation for Raya. So, it's like hitting three birds with one stone!

What are my discoveries after strolling for almost 3 hours at those venues:
  • There seem to be a mixed type of fabric when it comes to baju Melayu. If last year, the theme is all 'SB Line', but this time the fabric is nowhere to be seen. Yet, somehow there's a new existence of material called 'baby' something, which is more like a cross between polyamide/polyester kinda thing. Very soft and dear to the hot weather, but not flattering to my eyes.
  • Qamilla stocked new menswear collection sourced from the UK. They're the hybrid jubah - the arms and upper body is knitted like a typical sweater, while the rest is the typical jubah material. Kinda cool, but I dunno whether it suits the temperate climate here. It's quite pricey too, costing more than RM300!
  • I spotted a monochrome batik shirt in SACC Mall at one of the boutique. Gorgeous design and very contemporary. Upon touching the fabric I can spot that it might be made of silk; I'm not wrong at all coz the salesgirl does confirm it is partially Italian silk. Yet, the comment by her is somewhat tak bleh blah, "kain dia ada sikit jer silk, still boleh buat semayang" Seriously? What mazhab do you use, silly? Silk is silk, and men cannot wear even if it's 0.01% content of it!
  • Some stalls sold old stocks from previous years, especially the baju Melayu kain sarung. But for the ladies, there're huge arrays of kebaya and baju kurung with new line of design sporting the same fabric. From checks to tartan-like, to even plain; despite its the same kain material, they're new. So unfair.
  • I'm looking for the soft songkok like what my brother in-law used to wear. But this time, it seems that all soft songkok got the emblem sewn on its side to mark the manufacturer's brand. What a turn off!
  • The huge trend for men seems to be jubah. Last year there're no stalls selling any jubah, except at Anggerik Avenue @ SACC Mall or some on the first floor at Kompleks. But this year, many has jumped the bandwagon and sell jubah in many variations.
Anyway. What do I get for this year? For Eid 2013 I'm doing my 3R part somehow : Reuse, Reduce, Raya. I'm reusing all the baju raya from previous years coz they're still rocking good, and I'm reducing the number of new ensemble in a massive cut. If last year I went to a total shopping spree and came up with 4 new outfits; this year it's gonna be just one. Enough. 

But the only trick is - at least I'm staying true to one of the Pantone Color of Spring/Summer 2013. Which color would it be? How does the Eid outfit is gonna look like? Just wait for the 1st Syawal. One thing for sure : it's simple!

In case you've forgot what I wore last year, here's the recap [CLICK, CLICK]

Fossil Thursday

Simplicity, plain and understatement. That's the theme of Thursday as I'm feeling that I wanna go back to basic. Stripped all the unnecessary things and return to the neutral form of clothing. No pattern, no texture, and no jacket to accompany the outfit to the office. It's like stripped to the bare - just like a fossil.

The shirt is by Asos, paired with the black slim tie by Red Herring @ Debenhams. Completing the look is CK Masculine chrono watch and brogue Chelsea boots by Bally. Did I mention no pattern? Well, at least I keep it to the minimum at the ground level. 

I previously in a puzzle on figuring out the color of the shirt. It's not just a typical brown, not even taupe or mocha or cafe latte. Not even chocolate. But thank goodness for the Pantone app, I seem to crack the almost similar color code matching its hue. The answer? Fossil brown.


Black Leopard Wednesday

Asos double-breasted jacket, db jacket, Alexander McQueen boots, Alexander McQueen, leopard, leopard tie, Topman leopard tie, The Tie Bar, Simon Carter watch, Simon Carter, River Island shirt, River Island

I have to admit that sometimes I am clueless on what to wear to the office; therefore the safest bet is to pick up something safe. What better other than black and white? Since it's the midweek, I am practically off from any public commitment, so it's a good time to wear my all-time favorite theme i.e. the ultraslim look. On the previous day I have discovered something so unpleasant about my room : it's too damn freezing! The chill is up to the max, feeling as if I am in the autumn season back in the Northern Hemisphere all over again. I asked my colleagues if they also experience the same chill by the air conditioning system like I did, but to my dismay theirs as not as 'crucial' as mine. Theirs feel very cozy, whereas mine are only a few in the wing that has that frosty feel. It is so numbing especially during this fasting season, coupled with me having quite less body fat in my frame - chill really gets to the bone!

And that's why I decided to slipped the Asos double-breasted jacket, coz woolen fabric is always great for the cold ambience as it helps to keep warm and cozy. To go with it is the white shirt by River Island. Since I don't wanna do the totally sombre black-and-white, a hint of pattern is injected into the ensemble by the black leopard tie by Topman. Completing the look is watch by Simon Carter and boots by Alexander McQueen.

Well, at the end of the day I decided to combat the chilling ambience with my own hands. I climbed on the desk and covered the aircond vent right on top of my seat. Solve the problem! (almost)


Diesel 'Anibal H' Studded Sandals

The sandals/shoe hybrid that's definitely fiercely stocked into the shoe closet!

So, the four months drought is over, and I can finally blog about this gladiator sandal/cut-out shoe hybrid from Diesel Black Gold for Spring/Summer 2013 collection. As I mentioned in the previous post on the lesson learnt - buy first, use a couple of weeks and then blog - so, here it is. The first time I laid my eyes on this gladiators is at Farfetch when they stocked in their online shop back almost 5 months ago. I instantly spotted its uniqueness, something that I haven't seen that often after my last KG Malia [CLICK]. When I asked the e-retailer if they have it in black leather, it was a disappointing answer coz the only color they had is dark brown - which somehow not quite catchy to the theme I had in mind.

Diesel aptly named it as 'Anibal H', by which is quite unique coz it somehow reminds me of Hanibal in Hannibal Lector. Maybe the sandals looks quite 'fierce' as the character is, that's why it's called like that. When I eventually sourced the sandals in another store (plus at a price slash!), there's no reason not to get one. Not only its high ankle is alluring, the overall design is awesome to me. It's lightly studded, suit the theme that I've been doing all these while [CLICK, CLICK, CLICK]. The pair up between the leather laces and the back ankle zipper create a good combination - either to unlaced it, or just zip in/out to slide the foot in - it can rock both ways. (The back zipper reminds me of my Adidas Nizza denim btw, CLICK]. And since the high gladiator is a hot property this season too, as what Versace did [CLICK], so there's a good reason to inject some punk edge into the footwear collection again.

One word: score!

Diesel Anibal H, studded sandals, diesel black gold sandals, gladiators, stud, studded shoes
Diesel Anibal H, studded sandals, diesel black gold sandals, gladiators, stud, studded shoes

Diesel Anibal H, studded sandals, diesel black gold sandals, gladiators, stud, studded shoes

Diesel Anibal H, studded sandals, diesel black gold sandals, gladiators, stud, studded shoes

Diesel Anibal H, studded sandals, diesel black gold sandals, gladiators, stud, studded shoes

Diesel Anibal H, studded sandals, diesel black gold sandals, gladiators, stud, studded shoes

It's also previously come in dark brown, which gives a quite subtle look compared to the black leather.

Diesel Anibal H, studded sandals, diesel black gold sandals, gladiators, stud, studded shoes
Diesel Anibal H, studded sandals, diesel black gold sandals, gladiators, stud, studded shoes
[first and two last pixs from ssense]


What I've Learnt Through (Fashion) Blogging? : Lesson #1

Lesson #1: Buy first, then blog about it.

I actually have learnt my lesson in a very big way. In the yesteryears during my early days of blogging there are so many instances that when I'm crazy about something - which has the potential that I'm gonna buy 'em eventually - I'll write in the blog, post the pix and say all the great things about the item. The good news: I've created my own wishlist by which I know exactly where to get the info whenever I wanted to purchase it - right here in this blog. The bad news: whenever it's time for me to buy it.... the item has gone or became out of stock. How? The readers got to know about it, somehow put them in their own wishlist, and purchase even before I manage to get one myself. Unfair? Absolutely. Dang!

Actually, there are proof on my claim that some visitors to this blog do admit that they bought the clothes that I've written about. I dunno whether the items are very cool, or the way I wrote about it made it so tempting which made them wanna get one too - that, I have no idea. But it does happened especially in my previous BigFatSnoop days at the highstreet stores in London back then. And there are instances when I went to one of the highstreet stores to get an item that I think I'm the only one who blogged about, it suddenly went out of stock and the salesgirl said 'there's no more. someone wrote about in their website and suddenly people come and buy'. Come on... seriously? It's crazy, I know. Yet, it does made me wonder whether 'am I that influential' coz I'm fairly nobody anyway?

So, starting mid last year I took a fresh take on postings about stuff. If I like something that I potentially wanna buy, I should NEVER wrote about it or post the picture of the item before I get it. I'll keep it to myself first, then buy the stuff, use it for a couple of weeks or months, and later post it in the blog. The longer the better, so that I can ensure the item is sold out and nobody will get them (EVIL... mwahahaha!). That's how it should be and that's how I'm gonna do it these days. Plus, it does make my postings much more 'original', with my own pix and all, isn't it?

Btw. The good thing about being a blogger is that I know about some products even before it's being released to the public. Sometimes I got the info from various sources that somehow not acknowledged by many. Sometimes the PR office of the brands emailed the info pack for me to get thru. Some, I just browse at anywhere in the cyber universe by which somehow I'm quite lucky to know where to source things at the best price and at best service, especially the limited edition goods. I think that's what being a blogger is all about - especially, fashion & shopping blogger - we are the 'pemegang mohor' of the ultimate info.

Anyway. My #1 lesson learnt: buy first, blog later. (Except for overpriced item, like Mercedes Benz!)

Red Tuesday

Shirt by Mexx paired with wool-mix blazer by Asos and cotton tartan tie by The Tie Bar. Completing the look is Karl Lagerfeld Pop watch and DSquared2 boots. 

See, I'm lazy to write much; yet I still wanna record what I wear daily so that I won't be hitting the same shirt twice in a week (or twice in a month!). These days I have to admit that I refer to my own 'The Office Lookbook' postings for not to wear the similar pairings to the office daily. It's the easiest go-to source where I can see what I've worn and what I should be wearing, and what works and what's not. Sometimes I do wear things twice especially if I like the pieces very much (or if it's still new). Sometimes I do strike the same mistakes on the outfit again and again; but who the heck cares, eh? Well, if you know the number one rule in fashion, it says that 'there is no rule'. So, wear whatever that works!

Anyway. Why suddenly I had a deja vu on this outfit for today? Oh, it seems that I've worn quite similar combination - the shirt + tie + watch - exactly a month ago. Yikes!


Monaco Monday

A tiring Monday, all due to the travelling out of the city during the weekend. The first weekend in the fasting season is great to be spent with the family, who gather to break fast together. Plus, the next day the first quest for baju raya this year had also begun when I started scouring some booths at my other favorite city to search some 'hidden treasure' among the pile of clothes sold by many. Did I manage to find anything? Absolutely. More on that in the next post...

So, on Monday I'm definitely feeling for the cliché - hence, blue became the choice of the outfit to the office. Not just any blue; it's Monaco Blue that became the Pantone color of Summer 2013 [CLICK] - seen on the River Island shirt that I previously picked off the hook. The shirt is paired with the blue linen blazer (also by River Island) and slim tartan tie in navy/grey/white by Red Herring @Debenhams. Completing the ensemble is Timex watch and Chelsea boots by Fendi. 


Grey Friday


Friday: it's the judgement day. The day that has been long awaited for by some, which also created such an anxiety to lots of them too. It's not me who's being judged though, no (I hope). On the contrary it's me evaluating the Final Year presenters in defending their proposal for the research projects they're carrying out. It took the whole morning to listen to the seven presentations, seeing tons of slides have been showcased on the big screen, not to mention I'm commenting on what had been shown and asking questions to the issues and ambiguities that are spotted in some projects. Some managed to fulfil my expectation on the research methodology, some require more polishing in making their project truly worthwhile, some really need hard work in truly understanding the essence of research in general. Above all, the day reflect the ability to infuse the technical knowledge and the art of presenting, which varies from one person to the other.

There seem to be a widely agreed opinion among the batches of students who said that I had a reputation for being hard to the presenters. There're rumours circulating around saying 'Mr Zamri? Oh, he's scary!' whenever they heard my name popped out to be one of the judging panel. It's kinda funny, but I'm quite bemused at the same time. How am I so scary? I dunno whether I'm that 'feared' upon by those people; but what I can confirmed is that anything that I said or commented during any presentation sessions is all for the sake of their own good and improvements. For sure.

Anyway. As the presentations are all technical, I went for the grey theme to have that 'polishing the grey matter' kinda spirit. The white shirt is by River Island, paired with the shawl-lapel linen blazer by Asos and wool tie by The Tie Bar. Completing the look is skinny mesh watch by Skagen and boots by Jimmy Choo.


Green Thursday

It's a simple Thursday, and I decided to test run the new shirt by River Island sporting one of the Pantone Color for Fall/Winter 2013 - Linden Green [CLICK]. It was a mere luck to get hold of the shirt, especially when they got a promotional discount prior Summer Sale. What's truly a 'luck' is  the fact that I saw it right before the offer was about to end - I'm quite lucky to get one - coz a couple of hours later the price went into the original tag. Who wanna pay the high price when you can get a massive discount, eh?

The shirt is awesome; the fit and fabric is really great. I think these days I'm gonna stick to River Island when it comes to formal shirt coz they seem to maintain their 'slim-fit' category. Unlike Asos, the online retailer seem to eliminate all of their slimfit shirt lately and return to the 'regular' one. To me that's unacceptable. I'm not a big fan of regular fit shirts coz the 'ballooning' effect it made at the back is truly hideous. With slimfit, it's all about contouring the right proportions of the torso that create a great silhouette to the entire outfit.

Anyway. The shirt is paired with the green tie by G2000 and cropped-sleeves blazer by Sub. Completing the look is CK Sight watch and Jimmy Choo boots.

Berry Tuesday

It's Tuesday : time to return to the presentation room after leaving it for almost two weeks. Following the previous day, I'm sticking to the plan by adding an element of color into the wardrobe to inject a cheery mood in the working week. Cheery probably a good word here too, coz somehow I'm in a cheery mood to what have been happening on Monday - the return of my good akak from overseas who is known to be the 'cheer factor' to the department (and by whom me and her used to be the kepala for the department gathering/party etc). And joy because I've met with a long-lost batch mate whom I went to uni with, which I haven't met for almost 15 years. Plus, cheery coz I found out that my classmate is gonna be taking up a post in the government, which took me by a big surprise as I never expected it was HIM that people is selecting (a best one, without a doubt). So, yeah. Cheery mood really.

And that shows in the outfit to the office. The berry shirt is by River Island, paired with the ultraslim checks tie sporting the similar color combo by Cuffz. Completing the look is the Zara 'shaolin' jacket + CK Masculine chrono watch and Gucci boots.


I Believe I Can Fly(knit)

A funny but flattering incident happened last Saturday. I was on my way to enter AEON Station 18 from the outdoor car park, when suddenly a Chinese lady with a cart full of groceries approaching on the opposite direction on the same lane as I am. I was about to give her the way, but she's the one who suddenly stopped. I thought she wanna let me through, but that's not the case. She was looking at me, and something unexpected and way too unscripted just came out of her mouth. "Cantiknya kasut!" She was looking at my shoes, glanced over and gave a friendly smile while her hand still clutching tight the cart. I was very surprised to hear it though, totally unpredictable which caught me off guard somehow. My reaction? Smile back, saying 'oh! Thank you!' and storm off the scene quickly coz I have nothing else to say. Speechless, maybe.

What shoes made her complimented me for? It's the Nike Flyknit Racer that has just arrived into my mailbox on the previous day, all the way from the Northern Hemisphere. A purchase that I would call a total 'like and click and pay and signed, sealed, delivered it's mine' kinda purchase coz the process is so quickly without too much over-thinking, unlike some other buys. Probably I was getting disillusioned, hypnotized by its color combo - white/grey - that lured me to it. Or maybe, I'm getting quite offbeat after finding out the shoes has totally sold out at most stores worldwide, and when I finally found one I had to get it. Or maybe, because it was a Flyknit - the inventive technology by Nike that won the heart of many. I dunno, maybe the combination of all.

I think that lady's comment is sincere (I hope) - it is a beauty. And that's why I'm awestruck by its look (and its so lightweight feel!). Whatever it is, it's great that this Racer would be a compliment to my Lunar One+... [CLICK]

I'm getting off my phobia of getting it dirty by wearing the Racer later that day to the workshop to get my car serviced. Why should I scared if it won't look squeaky clean anymore? It's a sneakers btw, it's not supposed to be squeaky clean...!