Bags @ Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014

There's orange, there's beige. There's the checks - from the classic Damier to the oversized buffel and fori checks, and silver metallic. And the bags are of varieties: holdalls and backpacks with drawstrings, the Speedy weekender, the totes with the mega fori checks, the transformable overnighter, and the metal cases for your tablets that look like Hermes Orion [CLICK].

In short, Kim Jones doesn't seem to disappoint in bringing a new twist to Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014...

[pix from style.com]

Double-Breasted Friday

The closing of the working week seem to be less hectic despite all the chaos that happens during the past days. It seems that I'm successfully kept my cool this week - though the multiple series of meetings + myself having more than 7 datelines to fulfill are quite crazy (which I have to cancel ALL my other meetings!) - this day I tried keep it in a solitary mood. My office is still 'off limit' for most coz I had to give in to the stuff I'm completing, otherwise I'll get severely distracted. But thankfully, when Friday came two of the most important dateline are finally removed from the 'to do' list, which is quite good; I'm left with 5 others that I hope to get it done by the weekend.

For the Friday, I decided to wear the double-breasted wool-mix blazer by Asos that has long been neglected since the ITEX event. Pairing it up is the monochrome 'tri-stripes' shirt by Zara and the ultra-slim tie by Cedarwood @ Primark. Completing the ensemble is slim watch by Skagen and varnice zipper boots by DSquared2.

Something quite funny happen on Friday morning though while I was about to make my coffee in the pantry. There I meet my 'dynamic duo' colleagues who are known to say good things about me whenever we meet (I like positive people!). And again, one of them was very persistent about his previous claim 'Zamri, seriously.... I think you should try TV3', similar to what he's been telling all these while including during last year's encounter [CLICK]. I think it's funny! OK, maybe during the next Jom Heboh or something, I'll give it a shot. But then, I don't wanna be a 'public property'...!


Almost Faux-Pas Wednesday

The busy week continues. I think I have to accept the fact that my schedule is totally gonna be packed with stuff until mid-September as there're so many things gonna happen. Even my Eid is gonna be cut short, which could be quite a surprise this time. To add to that, some business travel is gonna commence yet for another cycle after I took a break since mid-May; and it could be in a couple of weeks time that I'll be hitting the road again. Excited? Definitely, since travel always equal to travel allowances that can be claimed later on - always add to the bank balance, despite they're mostly shortlived!

Anyway. On Wednesday I try to keep everything simple to the office as I slipped into the black-and-white ensemble. The shirt is by Asos, paired with the monochromatic horizontal stripes crochet tie by River Island. Completing the look is CK Accent watch and Chelsea boots by Gucci.

Oh, I almost did a fashion faux pas that day. I brought together the vertical stripes jacket from Sub to wear, but after putting it on I noticed how busy look it was. It was entirely wrong. The criss-cross pattern made by mixing vertical and horizontal is too overwhelming. Should I go along with the look, I'll definitely gonna be a bigfat fashion felony! Teeettttt... (it even looks like a prison outfit!)

Neu-Camo Tuesday

Anxiety, excitement and everything in between seeps in as Tuesday creeps in. That's because I've gotta face my audience in a biweekly basis again after taking over the course I'm handling from my other partner-in-crime who has been doing it for the past 5 weeks. In the next 8 weeks, it's my turn to share my knowledge about Air Pollution. Yet at the same time I'm quite apprehensive on the possibility of being scrutinized by more than 60 pair of eyes on a close encounter basis. Scary? Not quite. At least it gives me a good reason to look good and dress up every time I step into the class!

Anyway. Last Tuesday it's the first time ever I faced the public masses not wearing any jacket when giving presentation. I just wanna test the waters and see how it's going on. I wanna feel how it's like to put myself out there without my 'safety blanket' as the comfort zone so that I can feel the vulnerability swirling inside, if there's any. I presumed I did well, despite some feeling of unguarded does crawl in after noticing there're eyes 'scrutinizing' me top-to-toe.

Btw. The office look is composed of sandy hue shirt by Asos, paired with the neutral camo tie by the Tie Bar. Completing the ensemble is Karl Lagerfeld Pop watch and Chelsea boots by Dior Homme.

Oh, did I caught some of the audience trying to have a sneak peek on my shoes, that they even raised from their seat just to do that? Quite funny, though...


Oh, Gee... It's Monday?!

Gloom. That can sum perfectly up what happened last Monday when it's time to return to the office after the weekend. I'm kinda expecting that there's gonna be a gloomy Monday due to what's happening to the country last week - the haze. My prediction was coincidentally spot on as my thought in the previous week that haze is gonna hit Ipoh right on the verge of Monday is true after all. Looking at the wind speed + wind direction, it's a no brainer to comprehend why haze is not yet 'attacking' the northern states prior Sunday. Last week wind was blowing towards the south, but when weekend arrives at around noon, wind direction changed to North West (no, not that Kim Kardashian baby's name btw), bringing the gust to us in Kinta Valley area and its fraternities. So, on Monday the ambience looked like as if it's in sepia mode - proving that we're officially in 'yellow' API region!

Anyway. Haze or not, it's BAU (business as usual) coz there seem to be plenty of meetings around the office. The start of the week my time is practically full, which is quite a challenge to keep up with everything. Btw, I'm doing a slight mash up for the office attire - the gingham check tie by New Look was paired with a microcheck shirt by Zara, giving a sense of 'twisting of the eyesight' somehow. Completing the look is cropped-sleeve blazer by Sub + CK Sight watch + zipper boots by Gucci.

Oh, mentioning gee; the theme kinda flow nicely to the other accessory of the day : interlocking G laptop case by Gucci. That's a double 'gee' there. So, all in all that Monday is truly full of g's huh? 

Oh, gee....


Google Plus Sharing?

I am very intrigue with the numbers showing on the blog dashboard.

When I scroll down the Blogger dashboard today to check some old posts, I am quite surprised to see some weird numbers appearing at some of them. It's highlighted in blue, and has the '+' sign prefixes. It's quite puzzling as I don't really know what do they mean?

I clicked on the numbers to see if it could give me a clue; and a box popped up mentioning a message "72853 people +1'd this post". +1'd? Does it something to do with the Google Plus sharing system? If my guess is correct, that mean the particular post has either been bookmarked or shared around exactly by the n number of people or n number of times.

Cyber universe is absolutely scary....

Superman Friday?

check shirts, zara boots, calvin klein watch, river island linen blazer, river island, zara,

What is it that Superman known for? His blue and red costume, of course, though now it's been redefined to be in a slightly deeper hues than the original version. When I chose the outfit for Friday, less that I knew I'm gonna be in the same color combo of the Man of Steel - blue and red - but, coincidentally it does. 

The jacket is the linen-blend in cobalt blue by River Island, paired with the red-navy checks shirt by Padini. The blue tones on the shirt took up the color of the jacket, giving it some kind of seamless fusion between the two - a combo of harmony in contrast. Completing the look is the CK Deluxe watch and Chelsea boots by Zara.

So, blue and red. Superman-in-the-office much?

*I think iPhone got a huge problem in its exposure. Apple, please do something!


Man of Steel Wears Paul Smith Glasses

So, let's keep the buzz even more buzzing. The new Superman movie - Man of Steel - is raking up the box office takings pretty damn good last week, grossing $129 million in only a week of its screening (according to Yahoo! Movies). I think we all knew why, aren't we? I haven't watched the movie (coz I don't like watching movie, yikes!), but I heard that the storyline is different from before. 

And the costume, let's talk about that awesome body-con, skintight webbed fusion-look unitard. It is absolutely fantastic that somehow bringing the Superman to an entire new level! Gone with the 'oh, you're wearing undie outside your leotard, eww...' presumption; in with the remarkable, Spidey-lookalike outfit that is a fashion on its own right. Plus, the color looks amazing as the midnite blue exudes some sort of mystery to the already mysterious embroilment of the Man of Steel itself. And oh, mentioning the choice of unitard - the way the designer claim on why ditching the red underwear, it's kinda the same thing as what Hedi Slimane did for Saint Laurent - not just about rebranding, but bringing it to its original aesthetic. 

I quote his statement:

We wanted to create a costume that was both appealing to a modern audience, and grounded in the mythology of the story. It was important for us to explain why the suit looks like it does–so throughout the film, we showed how the suit fits into Krypton’s traditions and aesthetics. ...(we) wanted to link the suit to the clothes of Krypton, so we showed that on Krypton, the citizens wear a protective “chainmail” skinsuit like Superman’s suit, with the same texture and detailing. We showed that all Kryptonians had a family crest or “glyph” on their chest that denoted their lineage, much like medieval heraldry. We gave the suit a hi-tech metallic sheen that helped instil the impression of Superman as the “Man of Steel.” The suit had a dimensional texture that gave it a sense of depth, an other-worldly feel.

And, the other success of the movie is course, Henry Cavill! I think we all agree that he's the most dashing Superman to date. No rival! I dunno if people realize that the actor is once the face of Dunhill fragrance back four years ago?

Anyway. Superman is definitely the alter ego of his other character - Clark Kent. And who is Clark without his signature glasses, huh? (is that the only way people can be incognito?). In the Men of Steel, Clark Kent wears not only a pair of glasses, it's the glasses by the famous designer - Paul Smith. Fit to an utter perfection to the silhouette of his face. It's kinda mix of old-school meet modern twist, which translated to what Men of Steel movie is all about too.

One word: bellissimo!

All Checks in Thursday

If there is one day in this week that is so counter-productive that I can check all the boxes of things accomplished; it'll be Thursday. From one end I've done my task as a new head of promotion and publicity for the conference by putting up the info into the social media platforms. On the other end in the afternoon, it's completely overwhelming as meeting after meeting after meeting on various projects was set up to keep me updated on the progress. It's kinda cool coz I got to see things happening at a good pace - either it's my invention team or the plant design team or even the hi-end project - they're having a good momentum. It was quite a challenging day as I had to keep alert and aware on what's going on, especially my mind that has to keep up with all the technicalities involved (so to speak). But, yeah - I can definitely check all the boxes...

As far as the checks are concerned, it seeps through the theme of my officewear that day too as I also slipped into 'checks'. The slim shirt is by SEED sporting great fusion of grey-blue/light orange/white color combo. To go with the scheme is shawl-lapel linen blazer by Asos, grey suede watch by Timex and zipper boots by Hugo Boss.


Cool Grey Wednesday

People talk a lot about 'recycle' these days, but I'm never a big fan of the recycling myself. I never recycle, and I don't really understand what's the real purpose of recycling coz being trained as a chemical engineer there're pros and cons about the activity somehow. They're some grey areas that people don't really understand about the concept, but since we've been coined into it for as long as I can remember it seems that the concept is accepted without much apprehension. I think it's more about business strategy rather than really environmental science that made it well received by the public, maybe. While we're purportedly to be so-called 'saving the environment' and 'saving the natural resources', at the same time you have to realize that recycling is also about wasting and consuming a lot of energy - which eventually contributed to the pollution itself and not 'green' (or maybe even multiplying the wastage/consumption!). You see, this is what life is all about: there's always yin and yang even in good things that we wanna do. There's always a trade off in one part, while we wanna 'save' the another...

On the other note, the number one thing that I do believe in is 'reuse', coz that's what I did last Wednesday. I'm rocking and reusing the same theme as what I wore last May - the cool grey theme. The difference is just a matter of changing some components that make up the entire look while still maintaining the similar scheme as the previous. If then I wore the H&M linen-blend jacket + grey slimfit shirt by River Island [CLICK], this time it's re-wearing the same shirt but matching it to the notched-lapel, wool-mix blazer instead (also by River Island). Anchoring the theme is the 'almost forgotten' stripes crochet tie by Uniqlo that has one of the color hues similar to the shirt and it blends pretty nicely. Completing the look is the CK Accent watch and Chelsea boots by Gucci.

*btw, isn't that 'reuse' also related to wasting and consuming energy too, coz obviously you've gotta wash/clean the thing over and over and over again to be able to reuse it? Now, it's time for you to think. Ha!


Chambray Tuesday

I thought I'm going for a total blackout again last Tuesday as I wanna choose everything in black, just like last Friday. Yet, it doesn't make sense coz I shouldn't be doing the same look twice in a period of a week - that's a no, no. Instead, I chose the brother of black - dark grey - to play the same theme, that's not as gloom doom as the former. Therefore, the chambray denim shirt came into the mind....

The shirt is by Jil Sander x Uniqlo, paired with the wool tie (also by Uniqlo) and the shadow checks  suit jacket by River Island. This is the first time the shirt is ever come out from the closet and worn anywhere after I bought it last time during Jil Sander's opening at Uniqlo Oxford Street [CLICK].  Man, it's been almost 4 years! Thank goodness it still looking good and same as before, proven that highstreet pieces could sustain its quality too. 

Completing the look is the Simon Carter watch and boots by Alexander McQueen.

Throwback Thursday : Black Umbrella

I read somewhere that goes like this:

If you ever need an umbrella and it starts raining, go into a nearest restaurant and ask them if they found your umbrella. If they ask what it looks like, tell them it's BLACK. Works every time!

I think it's kinda funny, but nonetheless true in any way. I dunno whether it really works, but you can always give it a try. Who knows... you might strike success?!

Mentioning umbrella, when I lived in the UK I got quite a lot of umbrella (ella, ella... remember that cue from Rihanna's song?). Umbrella is a must - in fact when I advise my friends who're visiting London, DO bring an umbrella with them coz London's weather is so unpredictable. It's sort of a fact that it rains almost 2/3 time of the year - that's why one must carry an umbrella in their bag to avoid getting drenched in the downpour. Spring, late summer to autumn is the worst time of the year as rain will hit the city almost every other day! (dunno now, I think it's the same).

And, most of my umbrella is black, as you might've guess. And small size too that fit nicely for commute. Nope, I don't go to the restaurants to songlap any. Just like black cab, black umbrella seems to be the 'signature' color of those who's living in The Blighty. You can get it almost everywhere - at the bookstore in the Tube Station, at the corner stall, in the supermarket, at the souvenir shop - yet, most of them bear almost the same price, about £4-£7 each which is quite pricey for a little stuff. 

One of them that I got is from Harrods, bought during the Summer Sale and also the cheapest I could find as they only cost £3. Yup, cheap compared to others. The downside: despite the construction is very sturdy (it doesn't crumble during windy situation), it get 'soaked' so badly coz the material is not perfectly water-repellent. I thought all umbrella is the same as they're all made of polyesters. Sadly, it doesn't seem that way...

The last umbrella I bought is from Burberry, gone on Sale as well at half-price slashed. That's the best one I owned, I even used it till today. The first time I test run it is also in London (during my final days there), in a heavy downpour; yet I am so surprised to find out there is barely drop of water existed on the material right after that. I checked its label and it says 'polyester' too. What made it different then?

Thanks to my previous chemistry knowledge, it suddenly sprung into my head and made a conclusion that despite all of the umbrella are made of polyesters, they could be from a different version. The less hydroxyl group existed on the carbon chain, the better it behave as hydrophobic - thus repels water much better. Or maybe, the carbon chains that bear the hydroxyl group could also from a bulky component, and it too will promote the hydrophobicity. And I was thinking, the polyester that Burberry did could possibly be this version (less -OH groups), that's why their quality is the best!

London, Buckingham Palace, Burberry checks tote, Harrods umbrella, zara boots, Burton military coat
Anyway. That's yours truly being snapped by paparazzi of the day - Cik Pizah - around Buckingham Palace and Green Park,  London. It's in early autumn, that's why the trees are still looking 'green'.

I'm wearing black wool military jacket by Burton + slim jeans by H&M + Zara boots + Marc by Marc Jacobs fingerless glove. Tote bag by Burberry. And yes, that's the Harrods black brolly!


Reiss 'Robinson' Portfolio. The Lure of the Orange.

There is something about orange that is always tempting. Nope, not just the fruit, but anything in that color (except the 'orange' tan, yikes!). Coupled that with no-fuss design and a clean silhouette, the potential for it to become a timeless piece would nicely spot on. A neo-classic piece, that is. 

When I saw this Reiss Robinson portfolio bag quite some time ago, I was drawn to its simplicity, modern minimalist look. Sporting just the slide-under clasp hardware perfectly placed at the center of the flap cover, other people might not think it was a wow piece to them. But to me, this is what I called a good design. It's not under-designed, it's not over-designed; it's perfectly designed.

And it's in orange pebbled leather, that adds to the allure. How can I say no when Reiss also gave me a great discount? Now, my ASUS Zenbook got a new casing! 

(and oh, it's now going on Sale too)


Beetlejuice Monday

Someone emailed me yesterday "have you get over your Monday blues, yet?" Ha, funny! Maybe not today, I guess. Or maybe a tiny bit of blue, as you can see on my outfit - the blue skinny tie bar - to inject a hint of what the first day of the working week is 'globally' famous for. Yesterday it wasn't about having the gloom doom, but more to be feeling totally knocked out. Blame to the weekend coz I went for bit of physical turmoil for the two days. On Saturday I went back doing my fitness routine, and it left me utterly knackered. If last May I did the same thing - pumping iron, doing chest fly and all that stuff, that I went ill for the entire week; this time it's almost the same feeling. Added with the fact that I returned to my gardening activities for another round; manning my lawn and planting some trees (not big trees, just potted plants), it really was a tiring weekend - and it does affected my Monday morning mood!

Anyway. The outfit yesterday is composed of a black-and-white affair as I wanted to anchor everything together in one ensemble. Probably I was severely affected by my table cloth and the new curtain (black & white stripes), the office outfit sported the ultimate not-considered-as-color-in-the-color-wheel color. The black & white vertical stripes jacket is by Sub, paired with the white shirt by Asos, and ultra-slim tie by Burton. Completing the ensemble is Karl Lagerfeld 'Pop' watch (again) and the hi-sheen, Cuban-heeled Chelsea boots by Kenneth Cole.

The jacket is new, as you might've guessed it, which I bought during the weekend. Ironically, I was on the escalator and about to leave the shopping mall when my eyes suddenly spotted the vertical stripes on a window display that's located somewhere quite afar from where I was. It's crazy coz I went back from the third floor, down to the ground floor to have a look at it. Maybe it's merely a luck (or my bank balance is about to deplete!), the fit, the design and the fabric are just spot on. It was unlined, made of jersey-typed material that contour the silhouette very well. And it was on SALE, what not to like, huh? The stripes speaks for itself, and I think I look like the edgy Beetlejuice! [CLICK]


[Q & A] Black Suits with White Shoes?

One of this blog reader - Zahid - asked me a question back in 2011 (yeah, it's long time ago). His question was, can I wear white shoes with black suit?

My answer to him was instantly 'NO'.

Thinking back, I could probably answer that question differently. 
  • If you're going to a formal event, avoid pairing black suit with white shoes coz it doesn't go well together. It's wrong for the event! White is a very dominant color. Even a tiny splash of white could strike a definite contrast to the whole black formality. Think about dandruff falling on your black t-shirt, then you know what I mean. Since formal event is all about looking sombre, you should avoid wearing black suit with white shoes. Period!
  • If you're going to a dinner or casual-formal event, that could probably be slightly acceptable. But, keep it to the minimum, such as wearing a black dinner suit with a black/white lace-up brogues - like my shoes from SEED [CLICK].
  • Black suit with white shoes is totally acceptable if you're going to a casual event. Or if you 're trying to look effortlessly nonchalant, coz white shoes would break up the formality of the black suit ensemble - and that's totally OK for a casual look. Or, if you're in boyband - just like this Big Bang Love Song vid. It looks pretty damn cool...!

Btw, Zahid thanked me as he said I did the right thing as he's actually going to the formal event. Well, I'm glad to help!

Dang! The suit worn by TOP looks smashingly awesome. The fit is insane!


Black Friday

The final day of the working week has eventually arrived, which further stamped that I've successfully completed 5 days in the office after months haven't been doing that. I always love Friday (I think many people do too!) coz it's the only day I'm free from any schedule. Which is good as I can focus on other things such as planning for the research, managing my time to publish my work etc...etc. It's kinda subdued and sombre day; but not in a bad way.

As the name sombre goes, the outfit of the week is very sombre indeed. I chose black throughout as the main theme. The shirt + trousers + crochet tie are all by Uniqlo, paired with the graphite shadow checks blazer by River Island. To complete the look is the watch by Pulsar and Chelsea wingtip boots by Bally.

Am I glad weekend is coming? Absolutely. It's the time to have a great retreat in my own gorg home...

Leopard Allure on Thursday

Zara shirt, Emporio Armani dragon watch, DSquared2 boots, The Tie Bar, Topman leopard tie, oxblood, maroon

Fourth day of the 'full' week, and it seems I'm still going OK. I think I wrongly said that the working mood would decline on Thursday, but it seems the opposite as far as I'm concerned. It's a highly productive day nonetheless coz a whole of of things is happening especially in the afternoon as I'm practically everywhere - the mind, the body and the soul are roaming around wildly! On one hand I was handling the lab session, on the other I'm attending the meeting for the upcoming conference, while at the same time I was discussing and promoting project to my supervised student. It's really being in 3 places; sequentially, continuously and seamlessly!

As the day is quite hyped and wild, it truly translated to what I'm wearing. The oxblood red shirt by Zara is paired up with the thematic maroon leopard tie by Topman (hold in place by the eggplant tie bar by The Tie Bar) and black slimfit suit by Asos. Completing the ensemble is the dragon-motifs watch by Emporio Armani and DSquared2 boots. Two animal in one go - dragon + leopard - how it not being 'wild'?

Mentioning about the conference (that's gonna happen again in 2014), the leader is talking about some reshuffling on the portfolio for the current committee. I didn't know what's the reshuffling about coz I didn't stay the whole meeting session as I'm supervising the lab. It turned out that they have changed my task! I was 'upgraded' from being the head of Event Management into the head of Publicity & Promotion, coz the committee said it was much more 'in line' to what I am. Hmmm... I bet that's kinda correct, huh? With that, just wait this couple of months as I'm gonna blast the Twitter and Facebook with the news and updates on the upcoming event next year! 


Animal Instinct Wednesday

Midweek is sometimes related to the whirlwind situation all around. Maybe it's because people claimed that Wednesday is the day of the week when people really work at full throttle. While Monday is always about picking up the mood from the weekend, Tuesday is for being slightly motivated to do work - Wednesday is truly at peak because of all the prep done in the previous two days helps for productivity (and by which, the working mood is gonna decline again for Thursday, and totally gone by Friday!). So, my Wednesday is really about being utterly creative and motivated. Almost.

I actually dunno what to wear that day. But, after considering that I'm putting myself in a challenge in some product testing (that will be revealed) I went for the quick instinct: the taupe slim shirt by Asos coz it fit perfectly to it. Pairing the look is the leopard print tie by Topman and the 'last Monday' jacket by H&M, and accessorized by the slim mesh watch by Skagen and boots by Jimmy Choo.

Anyway. Have I done this same blogpost title before? [CLICK]

Maroon Tuesday

The chromatologists claim that the color purple is color of good judgement. It's also a color of peace of mind, that symbolizes magic and mystery, as well as royalty. I dunno about the latter three - yet I agreed to the second one coz lately I think I am somehow at peace. In a way some burden seemed to be lifted off from my 'serabut' mind through what I did last weekend. I still can't get off the idea from realizing the fact that if the house is looking good, it does create a peaceful mind after all. And I still can't get enough from believing that I'm responsible in all that peace I've created! Dunno why it took so long to reach this state though; but I'm glad it happen. Feeling quite  peaceful.

Anyway. I don't really choose purple for the Tuesday, yet a hint of purple is seen in my maroon jacket and the tie though. The linen blend jacket is by Lambretta, paired with the purple/mauve/pink checks tie by Rita Russo. As I don't wanna let the outfit to be more overpowering, I wore the white shirt by Asos to anchor down everything. Completing the look is CK Substantial chrono watch and Gucci boots.

So, did I make a good judgement in my office outfit choice of the day? Perhaps, it does...

Monday. A Reason to the Flatte(Red)?

It's Monday. It's the first day of the working week again just like the previous. The only difference, this week is gonna be a 'full working week' instead coz it's been quite some time I haven't had a complete 5-days working in the office. It's either I'm outstation, or there're public holidays in between, or whether I'm taking a off days myself - this week promised to be a start of me working my butt off in my office chair 8-5.

It's kinda cool too that the previous Monday I'm not into the typical gloom Monday blues. I think it's all because during the weekend everything around the house seems to be coming together. The décor upgrade started to take its form nicely, and I'm totally in awe with what I've done. The planning, the DIY fixing up stuff, the choosing of materials and fabric, the design, etc... the house now has slightly changed. One sneak peek is here [CLICK] - totally monochromatic!

So, last Monday I went for a bit of color as a symbol of good mood and joy for what had happened during the weekend; that's why red became the choice of the day. The shirt is by Mexx, paired with the grey/pink/red cotton tartan ties + red tie bar by The Tie Bar. To perk up the combo, I slipped into the grey linen-mix blazer by H&M - that serves an ultimate contrast yet harmony at the same time. Completing the ensemble is Karl Lagerfeld 'Pop' watch and Chelsea boots by Dior Homme.

Oh, did I mentioned 'flattered' in the title? I guess I did. Upon leaving for home that day while I was waiting for the elevator, a lovely lady (who's now doing her PhD at the Uni) uttered a statement that is so unexpected 'Dr, you always look stylish'. I asked 'Biasa2 saja. But how? '. She replied 'You look stylish. I think you're the most stylish person here..!'.

Ok. I'm speechless (though that's a rare!). Anyway, that's a good end of the day...

Christian Louboutin Cris ipad case, Christian Louboutin, Cris, ipad case, studded, spikes
btw, the studded Pop watch seems to echo my Louboutin iPad case. Punk enough?


Do You Need New Shoes?

[pix from someone's instagram]

I think this is funny! Maybe I do answer this question after all, and it ended up to be like THIS, huh? Gulp...!

How to Dress Up Your Tie

The most important thing when wearing a tie is definitely a tie bar.

Wearing a tie without a tie bar is like wearing a loose trousers without underwear - the stuff dangles! It sways left to right whenever you move. That's why a tie bar is a great little piece of hardware that you can use to clip the tie right before your shirt so that it stays on in place.

I got many tie bars that works according to the width of ties I'm wearing. These days I'm not so much into the classic, traditional tie (i.e. larger than 3 inch width) coz I've ditched the old-school look years ago. I even altered them to give a new life [CLICK]. My ties are now in the slim and skinny categories (≤ 2.5" wide), therefore the tie bars must be about equal or less wider than the ties are. 

It's all about creating a finesse look. My 1.5-inch tie bar goes well with any slim ties (of width about 2.5"), whereas the 1-inch tie bars are for those skinny ties I'm wearing (< 2.5"). On that note, I have ditch my Lanvin tie bars coz it doesn't go well with my current tie collection; otherwise it'll become a 'tie gate' instead of tie bar, instead.

When it comes to colors, I varied them according to the closest color scheme of the ties, such as;
  • Red for reds, 
  • Eggplant for the purples, 
  • Silver for the white, greyish and natural tones, 
  • Army green for the greens,
  • Blue for any ties with blue hues, and
  • Black for black, and to almost any color as it's the most versatile among the bunch.
Some tie bars come with the hinged type, some look like a money clip. I chose the 'hinged' version coz easy for me to put on to and remove from the shirt - it's just clip-and-go!

My Lanvin tie bars (both two on the left), have become white elephants. That'll definitely gonna be donated for a good cause soon. As for the rest by The Tie Bar, they're fantastic!


I Finally Got Swooshed. Now, I'm Ready to Fly(knit)!

[last pix set is by nike]

Shame on me, coz I knew about this sneakers very, very, very late. Too late indeed as it's already in the Malaysian market waaaay back then early this year; and me, I just read about it last April. And shame to Nike stores in the country coz you don't have this wolf grey/black color anymore. (maybe because it's so limited edition and only selected stores carried the model). The one that I grabbed last time at KLCC while being super-stoked that I could potentially buy it that second turned out to be for the ladies. Dang! What a shame.

But, as people say, if you dream hard enough you may get what you wish for. I think I wished hard enough coz I finally get 'swooshed'. The first time I was lured by the sneakers turned me in an utter gaga (minus the Lady). Dunno what it is but there is something about the sneakers that seem to click. When I scoured around the globe and found the perfect pair with the best price ever, I don't think any longer other than to 'just do it'. And so, voila... it finally arrived onto my lap!

My verdict? This Nike Flyknit Lunar One+ is nothing like I've ever seen. TIME magazine awarded it as the Best Invention of the Year 2012 for its innovative thread-knitting technology which left very minimum post-production wastage (actually it's for its sibling, the Lunar, that's almost the same. CLICK). Since last time I've missed the Inneva woven [CLICK], this Flyknit is equally fantastic.

The media mentioned that the shoes got that 'precision fit', which I couldn't agree more coz it does mould to the feet beautifully and feels so damn comfy. The trainers is so light; wearing it doesn't feel anything. What impresses me the most is the foamy springy undersoles, by which when I run it made me sprint so damn fast! This is one factor that made me go whoa... (or is it my long legs, coz that helps too. Ha!) Dunno whether the Flyknit would be the biggest contender to archrival Adidas Boost then.

But, whatever it is all I can say third time is definitely a charm. This is my third Nike, btw - which not only proven to be the best I've purchased, but to lure me again into wearing Nike after more than a decade I hate the brand as the previous two turned out to be so wrong. Either I had to give it away or throw in the bin because they 'bite' (I got blisters) - I really had bad experience with Nike sneakers before. Not this one. It doesn't bite - it 'licks' my foot!

Yet, one problem : I could be jeopardising my loyalty to Team Adidas though... yikes! Anyhow, Team Nike - whassuuupp....!! [CLICK]


ASOS Now Stocks Primark. Are You Kidding?

I know that Asos do have a huge demographic when it comes to shopping 'paradise', who stocks as high-end labels as Gucci and Armani, to as low highstreet brand like New Look. But what I'm totally shock today is when seeing other 'low end' highstreet label that suddenly made a cut into the online shop: Primark. Seriously?

For those who's from the UK should've known that the brand is the go-to for among any bargain hunters when they wanna find something that's utterly 'fast fashion'. Primark excels in this area coz  not only they do copy almost 100% the look on the runway (womenswear, that is), they offer at a very high-speed and at the lowest price that any other highstreet store could offer. In London, their flagship store near Marble Arch tube station at Oxford Street West [CLICK] that opened circa 2007 (taking over the former C&A store) is one of the most jam-packed with people daily and the most visited too. If Harrods is for those who'd be willing to spend thousands of pounds, well... Primark is the Harrods for the 'thin-wallets'. So, you can expect why Malaysian visitors are always seen outside the store with bags and bags of purchase (no offence).

So, when Asos recently stocked stuff from Primark in their website, I think they could've gone berserk. It's like bringing down Asos to the down low, when it's not supposed to. Why? To me it's simply because clothes from Primark is not really that good quality. Wash today, fades a couple of minutes later, no kidding (most of their clothes does). But, if the price is the one you're chasing for; well, I have nothing to say. The ball is in your court...

Anyway, on the other note, I used Primark stuff too. Their fleece blanket is the cheapest [CLICK]. So as their Afghan scarf, by which it's the good one I could find at highstreet [CLICK]. Yet, my number one must-buy from Primark is their white towel: thick, fluffy, comfy, high thread-counts, and the price is just £3. As for clothes, they're not for me (except for the skinny tie!)

Simplicity is Actually Quite Complicated!

This is by far the best quote about 'simplicity' said by none other than the master of the simplicity itself - Apple. Perhaps, it was inspired by the works of their own designer in-Chief, Sir Jony Ive, who is the man behind many of Apple's successful products that sported the minimalist, simplistic chic look across the board. Or maybe, the saying also is about the forecast into what's we're going to experience next autumn - the newly designed iOS7 - new icon, new integration of app, new interface; which somehow embodies the spirit of 'simplicity'.

Say goodbye to skeuomorphism. Simplicity is IN!


Undertone Friday

Why do people love Friday so much? Coz it's the end of the working week, and it's time to head for the weekend. Simple as that. Last Friday I am truly looking forward for the weekend for many reasons - one of it is regarding the upgrade work on my home décor. Never felt too excited when I got phone calls about some great news that I wanted to hear. Probably if I got time I'll be posting on some of the work that I've done at the home front.

As excited as I could be, I try too keep everything under wraps by going subdued for the office outfit. Hence, the choice of undertone dark grey with dark green became the pick of the day. The shirt in forest green is by Zara, paired with the double-breasted linen jacket by Asos. Completing the ensemble is CK Masculine chrono watch and brogue Chelsea boots by DSquared2. Since it's the Friday of no business deals, I'm not wearing any tie. Easy breezy...

You know that you can always flipped through my office look by clicking HERE?

I'm Singing My Blues...

Last Monday was full of mayhem, kinda suits the cliché of what Monday blues is all about. On one hand I had my anxiety over my Masters student who's undergoing her last viva for graduation. Though I'm just the co-sv, I can't help but being worried about the presentation though. C'mon, any father would feel the same when their kids taking exam, right?

On the other side, I had to cater things regarding the house. Rushing here and there, with my phone constantly at hand managing stuff. I had to sort out some matters regarding the home décor that I'm designing. It's my own house, and I've become the project manager-slash-DIY guru to get things in order. It's my first passion anyway, for which I've been known for ages among my friends even before my passion for fashion. The project is about the patio upgrade, therefore I had to visit the supplier to choose the material, state the proper measurement and discuss the pricing. It's utterly ad hoc since I need them a.s.a.p and had missed my opportunity the previous weekend. On top of that some stuff from Ikea is arriving that late afternoon and phone hasn't stop ringing coz the van driver couldn't find the location of my house (mine is not existed in Google map, it was covered by the cloud!). And so many more... with the matters at the office, that Monday is totally putting me into an utter blues.

So, as cliché as it could be I'm wearing blue for that day. The shirt is by H&M, paired with the grey-blue tartan checks tie by Tie Rack and slimfit polywool-mohair mix blazer by River Island. Completing the ensemble is the grey suede watch by Timex and (totally worn) zipper boots by Hugo Boss. Oh, the skinny tie bar is actually in army green, which somehow infused well into the tie color combo.

Anyway. I dunno exactly what color of blue that I'm wearing (is it that important? Of course, silly!). That's why I used the myPantone app to check - by which I shortlisted it to three 'candidates'. It's either Bonnie Blue (16-4134 TPX), Alaskan Blue (15-4225 TPX) or Ethereal Blue (15-4323 TPX). My take? 

Bonnie Blue, maybe?

Fabric Strap Watch: Am I Ready to Make a Transition?

It's a matter of reinvention and evolution of my own style. Through the years I've been shunning the idea of getting myself a fabric-strap watches aka the army watch. Probably because they look a bit blah, as the brand that I looked before is from Timex (sorry Timex). But, looking at these army watches from Victorinox - ranges from the classic to chrono watch, army green and black to grey and champagne gold : I dunno whether I can hold my resentment to army watches anymore?

They look stunning. Perhaps, I could be converted eventually?


Throwback Thursday: London Freeze

Once upon a time on a morning in January, London was hit by the snow. Not just any snow, a super duper heavy snow. Everywhere it was totally whitewashed. They claimed that it was the heaviest one after years they haven't experience that. Upon stepping out into the front of the house, I can feel how thick the snow was - almost above the ankle. And the weather was cold. Totally chilling. It can be confirmed that - it's London Big Freeze!

The public transport went havoc. Some Tube lines were not operating - Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City, District, Piccadilly - were put to a halt coz part of their railway wasn't underground; and the thick snow prevent them from functioning. Buses were also not operating. But thank goodness, the Tube lines of my area to the central - Victoria Line - was OK; and that's what made me able to go to Uni on that morning.

But then again, there was an announcement by the management of the Uni - the school was closed due to the harsh weather condition whereby most staff can't travel, and hence an emergency closure was being made that day. Me, when I arrived at the department I can see it was quite deserted. Almost nobody there... except my other officemate, Rashed.

And that's when I summoned Rashed to go out to took photo of the condition. It was quite a bad drizzle, coz when I walked through the falling snow I can feel my hair is totally wet (and it flattened out, unluckily!). Thank God I was wearing the Uniqlo neo-leather hooded jacket; at least I wasn't drenched. And the snood by H&M helped to prevent the chill weather get my chest -or I'll be in danger of catching pneumonia instead!

Anyway, right after Rashed took the photos of me (in totally blurry state, ha!), I made way to Trafalgar Square via Northern Line. While I was capturing the moment of the drizzle at the world's famous public square, suddenly two people came approaching and asked the question that's surprised me "we are from London College of Fashion, can we interview you?"

And that's how the epic begin: I was made as the case study by the LCF people on my choice of outfit for that heavy winter. They took photo of me and asking a couple of questions about the ensemble etc, etc. 

Btw, the combo of tan pleather jacket was paired with the black slimfit jeans by Uniqlo, and combat boots by Zara.