What Is Fashion?

Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it. Don't be a fashion victim. Pick the fashion, give it a twist, and find your own style. Be you-nique!


Blue Stripes Thursday

Why suddenly I jumped to Thursday and not posting about Tuesday and Wednesday's outfit? Well, I'm too busy to snap the pix (or lazy, to be honest!). Plus, both days sported the recycle look for yet another, erm, cycle. Tuesday is the violet theme [CLICK] with Alexander McQueen boots. Wednesday, it's the shadow checks again for my 'neverending' love for the shirt [CLICK], paired with the DSquared2 boots. Easy, just click the previous posts to see the ensemble!

Btw, today the theme somehow is the subdued look, back to basic as I slipped into the stripe shirt that has been collecting dust in the wardrobe (another word for 'it hasn't been worn for quite some time'!). Ironically, the stripe echoed to what happen during the day too - as I earned some 'stripes' for some 'little achievements' that occurred - both on personal level and also from professional point of view.

Anyway. The shirt is by Zara, paired with the crochet tie by Uniqlo and slimfit blazer by Asos. Completing the look is the Simon Carter watch and Chelsea boots by Gucci.


Grey Camo Monday

Today I'm back to the office again after the previous week I had to stay home for a medical leave due to illness. It seems that my travelling mode for the past four months - long-distance driving, lack of rest in between the period, lack of sleep and dehydration - has finally taken its toll. My body went for a definite halt when I took a break from travel; and last week I collapsed due to extreme exhaustion. It's kinda norm to me when this thing happen, that's why whenever possible I refuse  to stop and rather continued being active and do the travelling thing; but when the time arrived that says I had to stop, my body doesn't seem to cope with the sudden 'resting mode'. I fell ill. And I realised I've lost weight too - just a couple of pounds, which I think is the typical me when I'm sick, since I seldom eat during that period (or I refused to eat, to be precise). 

Anyway. I'm glad that after a week of having fever I'm back to do my job again. Today is important coz I'm seeing a huge number of people for the briefing regarding the course that I'm handling. It's my responsibility, hence I'm the important person to deliver the message to the masses.

The theme of the day is grey camo. Grey, coz I'm polishing my grey matter since doing the briefing is all about using 'the brain' - how I'm perceptive to the question asked, how fluent I am in delivering the message and how clear the message is gain by them. And camo, coz I don't wanna stand out; rather just to blend in with the background, somehow. The grey camo tie is by Cottontreats, paired with the white shirt and grey tuxedo-lapel blazer - both by Asos. Completing the look is CK Masculine chrono watch and boots by Jimmy Choo. 

Well, ok... it's not really grey camo; but rather monochrome with a hint of camo, that is.


Rosette on the Lapel

Things that I wear would definitely get noticed, even if the item is very little and slightly non-visible unless if you take a look closer. One perfect example is the these rosettes that I put on the lapels of my blazers to spice its look. It's quite tiny to the view, but when I wore it while attending the department meeting a couple of weeks ago, my colleague can't help but to ask what is it?

As I said, it's the lapel pin - which somehow in a shape of a small rose (and a bow) made of ribbon. My little obsession to it started when I saw the jacket at G2000 last year during my outing with my niece Atiqah at MidValley Megamall. When I asked the salesgirl if I could buy the rosette pin, she said I can't coz it came with the jacket itself. Least that I knew Atiqah did mention later that those kinda rosettes and little bow can be found at any stores selling pins for the hijab.

And she's not wrong at all. While having a break at Petronas pump station, I found these little beauties on the counter near the cashier. Quite unique. Though it was meant to be for the tudung, I grabbed some coz it can also become the lapel pin as it function equally similar. What made me grabbed those is the price: RM5 for 4 pieces. What more can I bargain for?


Clean and Fresh with Kerastase Vita-Energising Shampoo

Finally, I get to try out the other Kerastase shampoo in the Homme Capital Force range which I presumed was not there when I searched for it recently [CLICK]. Previously I was told by the hairstylist at A Cut Above @ Pavillion that the 'Anti-Dandruff' has been discontinued; it turns out that it's being replaced with a another version called the 'Capital Force Vita-Energising Effect' shampoo. 

What's my verdict?

Awesome. That's probably a single word to desctibe it. I think it's way much better than the 'Anti-Dandruff' or 'Anti-Oily Effect' coz the cleansing outcome is pretty great. Not only hair feels non-oily and more refreshed, it feels much lighter too. And the best part which is quite intriguing to me is that, my scalp felt less itchy - maybe it does have a hint of anti-dandruff ingredient in its formulation after all (who knows?). 

But the winning element is the feeling of 'fullness' and added volume, which I found out that there is less hair loss this time during taking shower (maybe it's none at all!). Unlike using the previous 'Anti Dandruff' that I can discreetly claim I did shed some hair for its frequent use, for this one I'm not sensing losing any hair. So, that's a definite plus point! (Fyi losing a couple strands of hair daily is a norm to human being, btw!). 

Therefore, I think I'm gonna stick to this shampoo from now on. The price is just similar to the previous range... that's why I grabbed a couple of bottle as the cashier mentioned that the restocked is very scarce!

Where do I get mine? At Centro @ KLCC, A Cut Above @ Pavillion, and Decleor @ MidValley Megamall. You can check your nearest store here [CLICK]


Checks and Dots Friday

It's meeting day on the end of the working week. The morning is fully given to attend the briefing by colleagues from various field - about the library services, the accreditation exercise, the new software etc...etc. Full of information, full of trick-of-the-trade, completely necessary for those in the business of I am.

The office look today is made of the combination of plain + checks + dots in a monochromatic hues. The microchecks shirt is by Zara, paired with the dotted crochet tie by Uniqlo and cropped-sleeves blazer by Sub. Completing the look is the CK Accent watch [CLICK] and Dolce & Gabbana 'pony' boots [CLICK].


DigiChocoCamo Thursday

Alas, the final version of camo for the week and in its digitized pixelated version is done for Thursday look. If you recalled the previous pair up of the digi-choco camo with the brown shirt [CLICK], this time I opted for the army green instead as the digi version has quite a lot of green hues rather than in its usual brown camo silhouette. The pix doesn't do much justice, coz in real life the tie and the army green shirt by Asos is quite a perfect match. 

Still, I actually wanna pair it with my other deep brown shirt so that the tie could infuse well - but due to some mishap happened as the collar of the shirt suddenly looked too jaded, I switched for this one. (that brown has now gone into my 'to give away' box!)

Completing the look is the black slimfit blazer by Asos + CK Sight watch + ankle boots by Alexander McQueen [CLICK].


DigiCamo Wednesday

It's the camo galore once again! This time it's unlike the previous weeks as I went for its digitized, pixelated version of the trend-of-the-season, as promised. Remember the grey camouflage tie by Cottontreats that I wore last fortnight? [CLICK]. It's actually the same tie; but the surprise part is that the tie is actually reversible. Classic camo on one side, digicamo on the other. Kinda brilliant two-in-one piece of accessory, really!

The pair up this time is the similar grey shirt by River Island, coupled with the grey linen-blend jacket by H&M (with the little rosette on the lapel) and the Chelsea boots by Kenneth Cole (that's very heely!). And yes... I wore the same KL Pop watch as yesterday. Who cares about fashion faux pas if I like the watch so much, huh?


Super Studded Tuesday

Tuesday, freshly back to the office after having a quick break the day before. Still, I'm feeling quite under the weather though coz, if my calculation is right, I haven't had any restful weekend for weeks now! Like the previous two consecutive weekends, I was away; first, it was balik kampung for the voting, and the recent was manning the booth for the exhibition event. My life is truly on the road. Well, shall I say I am officially a frequent traveller now?

Anyway. Today I'm perking things up for the office look, probably coz I was inspired by the recent punk-themed Met Gala out there in New York. When you mention 'punk' what else come into mind other than spikes and studs? But, I'm not going too far into spikes despite I do have spiky footwear to slip on, coz I don't think it's right for the office (as if!). Enough if I just stay a little bit subdued by infusing the studs elements instead - hence, the studded skinny tie by Topman and the new Karl Lagerfeld 'Pop' studded watch became the choice of the day. 

To complete the look is the shirt by Asos, paired with the cropped-sleeves balzer by Sub and the boots by Jimmy Choo.


Pop Into Karl Lagerfeld 'Pop' Studded Watch

Danger is always around the corner!

When I said 'danger', I mean danger to my wallet actually. Not long after I bagged the limited edition Keeper chrono into my collection [CLICK], there's another watch by Karl Lagerfeld that has lured me to its dark side. It's the Karl Lagerfeld 'Pop' watch with a metal bracelet strap that scream edgy to its entirety.

I blamed everything to one page in a magazine though, coz during the night I arrived at the hotel a couple of days ago I spotted one fully 'fierce' watch really caught my attention. Least that I realized it was a newly released timewear by the fashion maestro again. If the previous Keeper was out in the market early this year, this Pop watch seems to be freshly released a couple of weeks ago. In fact, the salesgirl at Parkson KLCC also claimed the same thing as she mentioned 'this one just arrived last week!' when I asked about the watch.

What failed me to resist my temptation again this time? It's all about the whole design. It's black, from the case to the face dial to the bracelet strap; it's all black. And the case is also a glossy PVD, giving a hint of seduction that lured me to wanna grab it. The face dial is another different story; not only there's no time marking on it (as I'm an anti-numbering, anyway!), it is given the Karl's silhouette which brought up the whole 'Pop Culture' thing, somehow just like Warhol's. And let's talk about the strap. This is when I'm totally sold: it's studded-like design has the word 'edgy punk' written all over it. I went like whoa! coz it's totally something unexpected to yet another simple chic watch.

And oh. It's a limited edition too - very limited indeed coz in here, this is the only one they stocked. Seriously? The salesgirl said so!

See... didn't I mentioned I'm in danger?


ITEX 2013: The Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner for the ITEX2013 event was held on the second night, which happen to be the night that they will also give away the Gold Awards to the recipients of the categories entered. Just like last year, the dinner is at the Banquet Hall @ KL Convention Centre, attended by not less than 1000 people who happened to be the participants from all over the world (part of the world, to be precise).

I received the invitation card on behalf of my team (or, it's just me in my team who attend at ITEX2013 anyway). On the card it was stated that the dress code is either the batik or smart casual - which means, there's no way I'm wearing batik as I didn't have any in my wardrobe. Again, similar to last year I wore all-black ensemble: black slimfit wool-mix blazer by Asos, paired with Jil Sander x Uniqlo's studded cuff black shirt and wool-blend trousers. Completing the ensemble is the Gucci boots and a black rosette pinned to the lapel's of the blazer.

The dinner is an 8-course meal which is quite unusual considering the usual palettes are normally in the 5, 7 or 9-courses. Unlike ITEX2012 that is purely Chinese, this time it was mostly seafood platter that are given a fusion of Chinese/Malay in its taste instead. I like it very much, nonetheless, though most of the time it was quite a struggle to complete the whole thing as there are too much to eat!

As the name of the gala dinner is 'Malam Budaya Cipta' or the Night of the Celebration of Inventions, the Gold Award-giving ceremonies were held during the courses being served. As of me and my colleague, we bagged 31 Gold medals in total - in various categories - which is quite a large number compared to the other. For my project, I am quite delighted to also bring home one Gold to the university.

All in all - black and gold is always a perfect combination!

posing with the Gold Medal at the backdrop...


ITEX 2013 : Day 2

The second day of the exhibition.

It's quite a laid-back day as all the hard work preparing for the event went to the judging day on the day before. If yesterday is all about trying to impress the judges and potential stakeholders, the 2nd day of ITEX 2013 is kinda relaxed, blending in into the background and also the time to visit other exhibits around the halls at KL Convex. 

For the 2nd day I chose to go with the neutral theme, yet with an edge. Hence the camouflage tie by The Tie Bar became the pick that went with the silhouette of neutral of the Asos sand-colored shirt and the grey linen-blend shawl-lapelled blazer. Completing the look is Uniqlo trousers + Simon Carter watch [CLICK] + DSquared2 Beatle boots [CLICK].

Btw. It somehow ironic what my star sign said about this day: 
"Making too much of yourself is the wrong approach. Don't stick out. Don't be the first one to speak up, even to point out the obvious. Your best defence against the day is a good suit of camouflage."

Camouflage, huh? Kinda incidental?

*I don't believe in star sign as it doesn't mean anything. I read it just for fun...

Anyway. The results of the previous judging have been released. What did I got? A Gold Award.

It seems that everything really paid off. I really have to thanks everyone who involved in the project, coz without them I am nothing. This is not a one-man's success - it's a team effort. And I am so grateful to have a team that is so helpful!


ITEX 2013 : Day 1

Let the exhibition event begins!

The first day of the ITEX 2013 exhibition/competition event for the invention that took place at the KL Convention Centre left me being very late to arrive at the location. The previous night I was too exhausted, as the day before I've been running here and there trying to complete all the preparation for the exhibition. The brochure, the prototype, the sample, etc...etc. When I arrived at the hotel quite late at nite, all I could do is nothing except to doze off till early in the morning. That's when I rushed things, tried to finish off my presentation slides, upload it into my old iPad and getting ready for everything. I am very late indeed - in fact I have missed my breakfast at the hotel's restaurant and went to the event with empty stomach!

Yet, I try to remain calm and somehow faked that all is well - though inside I was so nervous and anxious with what're the judges gonna asked when they interviewed me later. In fact my boss also said the same - you look calm - which I think I've succeed in hiding the true anxiety that's going on.

Anyway. That morning I decided to go for a proper formal for the judging session, yet still maintain my usual look. Hence the slimfit wool double-breasted jacket by Asos became my choice, paired with COS shirt and Jil Sander x Uniqlo wool-mix trousers. As the theme of my exhibit is black and white (the sample bottle and the prototype is in black and white!), I opted for the zebra tie by Topman to go along with it. Completing the ensemble is CK Masculine chrono watch and Hugo Boss boots.

Everything went well. I think I've impressed the judges with my presentation wit. I hope I could do best in the result that will come up the next day.

In the afternoon, I changed for the green linen blazer by H&M - which somehow to commemorate with the Green Technology group that I'm involved. Those around me was quite surprised to see the change, and in fact been asking when on earth did I go for the change? Is it some kind of trick that my previous black suit suddenly turned green? 

Well, that's what we call fashion fantastic dude...!

Impiana Return. This Time, It's Junior Executive Suite!

I've returned to the capital city for yet another month. I was here last March for the internship visit around KLCC area [CLICK], and now back again for the most coveted and much awaited exhibition/competition event of the year: the ITEX 2013. The story is that my name was missed again by the organize at my uni, but fortunately they managed to squeeze me in into the list and I was given a place to stay at Impiana Hotel KLCC; which I think is the perfect place considering the event is at KL Convention Centre. Last year they also missed my name - yet, it turned out to be awesome as I stayed at the best hotel room ever [CLICK, CLICK].

So, this time am I lucky again? I bet it is! 

When I checked in, I asked for a room facing the Twin Tower; but they said since it's fully booked they can only gave me the one facing the office building of Jalan Perak. At first I was sceptical coz twice I stayed facing the Bank Islam offices, I hate the view. Yet, I can't do anything about it as I was the last person to have my name in the list. When I try finding the room upon going to the floor I was quite lost that I can't see where it's located. It happened that the room is actually right in front of the walkway, just across the elevator. Kinda tiny neat cul-de -sac if you may, as I thought the narrow lot would make my room to be small than the previous.

But to my surprise, as I opened the door it was a huge room! I don't know whether it fits the bill to be categorized as superior room or superior deluxe coz it doesn't look like one. I think it is the Junior Executive Suite; which somehow such a wonderful and pleasant welcome to the hotel for another month in the capital!

Anyway. The foyer of the room itself wow me coz somehow there's an array of glass door/wood panel leading to the bench nearby. It turned out that the 'wall' is actually my wardrobe! Next to it is the bathroom, which is so splendidly large with its own separate shower cubicle. What is more surprising that made me gaping in awe is the glass window overlooking the bed right from the bathtub. Fantastic! Somehow it reminds me of the Hotel Maya that I used to stay two year ago, that has the same vibe as this [CLICK].

And then there is a plush bed with the ottoman bench in front of it that doubles up as storage box. The 'office' area is awesome: glass table with its enclosed compartment for the plugs and sockets, and facing the view of the covered walkway leading to Bukit Bintang. The bathroom is also splendid - very modern and chic, and getting shower under the the rain shower head is really what I'm craving for.

The best thing about my stay this time at Impiana Hotel is not only I get the fruit basket upon arrival (as always), but the warm welcomed given by the staff and the frequent reload of the mini bar (the free water + plenty sachets of coffee and sugar, as I requested). And also the fastest wifi connection which made every preparation of my slide for the next day competition's presentation truly worth it!

Maybe I should request for the same room next time...