What is Fashion?

Original quote is from here [CLICK]. Nway, my condolences and prayers go to the victims' families of the factory collapse at Dhaka, Bangladesh. There's a HUGE price to pay for fast fashion... [CLICK, CLICK, CLICK]

Camo Chameleon Tuesday

Time to rock the trend of the season. It's camouflage, the one that's taking the fashion by storm across the board; both on the runway and at highstreet - the army camo has never been this tremendously done over the years. I saw it at every pieces of clothing: shoes, bags, parka, blazer, shirts, t-shirts, pants... you name it. Even Valentino went into that extra mile by offering such a tremendous collection bearing camo for Spring/Summer 2013.

But me, I tried not to do it in a 'into your face' kinda thing. Enough if I can just inject some element of camo into my outfit - hence the slim tie by The Tie Bar has become my choice for Tuesday. Previously, the online retailer has included a camo tie into their collection (in darker shade of green), but I can't wear it since it has the element of silk in its woolen fabrication. Yet, when they came up with the cotton version - in a much subtle neutral tone - how can I say no? It's perfect!

Anyway. To go with the camo tie is the sand colored slimfit shirt by Asos, paired with the grey suede watch by Timex and the studded mocs by Jean-Baptiste Rautureau for a hint of edginess (which I later changed for my Jimmy Choo boots in the afternoon!)

*oh, it seems that I like to pair that Asos shirt with the Timex watch, huh? [CLICK]


The Grey Monday

"Monday Monday, so good to me,
Monday morning, it was all I hoped it would be
Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee..."

I dunno how many know that song 'Monday Monday' sang by The Mamas and The Papas back in 1966 (and covered by Hear'say in 2001). Quite an epic, as it's been almost 5 decades mentioning about the first day of the working week. Surprisingly it never specifically mention about Monday blues though - yet it does said 'every other day of the week is fine, yeah; but whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes you can find me cryin' all of the time'. So, okay... that could probably translate to Monday blues, huh?

Anyway. I'm not in Monday blues this week as I switched to the other color instead: grey. The shirt is by Asos, paired with the white/grey tartan tie by Red herring @ Debenhams and the new grey linen-blend blazer by H&M. Completing the look is the CK Masculine chrono watch and the boots by DSquared2. 

Oh, did you notice the little black rosette on my lapel?

Btw, those who'd like to layan their Monday blues to The Mamas and The Papas song, here you go...


Kerastase Homme. May the 'Capital Force' be With Me.

[pix from glam lelaki]

When I read the advertorial about Kerastase Homme in Glam Lelaki mag months ago, I thought they've got something in common with me. I'm an avid user of the range itself : the Kerastase Homme 'Capital Force' shampoo - formulated just for men (hence the 'Homme' name, that is). I came across with the brand a couple of years back during my stay in UK, yet not really dare to try it because the range was quite on the upper side for a typical student budget. (Well, Gucci bleh lak pakai... Kerastase tak leh? So double standard of me, huh?). 

Not until in November 2011 during the internship visit to Malacca, I stumbled upon Kerastase Homme again at Meglio @ Mahkota Parade . Probably because the name 'Capital Force', somehow there are some pulling force luring me to get inside the hair salon. That's how I got my scalp scanned, and the hairstylist suggested what are the best product to go with my hair condition (dandruff) [CLICK].

What can I say, since then I'm totally hooked. I've tried two of them : the Kerastase Homme Capital Force Anti-Dandruff Effect to ward off, as the name said, dandruff; and the Capital Force Anti-Oiliness Effect, to minimize oily scalp. Now that it's been two years, it's the only shampoo that I used on a daily basis, especially the Anti-Dandruff.

Do I think they're really that good? Yup, without a doubt... that's why I can't live without them, coz it's the best I've found so far (Nicky Clarke's for men is another, but it's been discontinued anyway). But I have to admit though, I'm not following the hairstylist's order truly well, coz to get a maximum effect I got to apply the Capital Force Anti-Dandruff Treatment spray after drying off my hair. My bad... that's why I still got dandruff, despite it's truly minimized. 

The Anti-Oiliness, I don't really like that one coz it doesn't feels good nor provide better result than Anti-Dandruff. That's why I stopped using it, and continue with just the former. Both are not cheap - cost RM 75 each - but it lasted for almost three months on a frequent daily, once-a-day usage.

I also tried the product that they released late last year: Kerastase Homme Capital Force Roll-on Anti-Chute, which functions as the anti-hair loss serum. It's pretty easy to use, just roll it onto the scalp, and it supposed to rejuvenate the growth of hair. Does it really work? I dunno coz I'm not that frequent user of it. I don't think so... that's why I gave it to my nephew, Hafiz, to test if it work for his 'nearly bald' upper head, instead. And his verdict?

'I was born naturally like this, it won't make it grow!'

That's his reply. But he did mentioned my niece used it for her brow, and it somehow work! What? Seriously? I better try it myself to prove lah cam ni...

Anyway. Last week when I visited A Cut Above salon @ Pavillion KL, to my dismay I was told Kerastase Homme has been discontinued. For real? Or is it because they haven't got new stock yet? But, that's what I was told by Winnie Loo - the famous celebrity hairstylist who served me at the counter that day. (she was super lovely, btw)

Discontinued? Oh no... this cannot happen! I need the 'Capital Force' to be with me forever...! 

Third Times Guilty!

At first I am Guilty coz I fell hard for it [CLICK]. And then it get so Intense that I can't stop being Guilty for the second round [CLICK]. Now, I'm turning into the dark side - as I am in the third degree of being Guilty!

Alas, after being lured to the seductive blend I can finally put my stamp on the latest Gucci fragrance - the Gucci Guilty Black. If not because of the massive discount that I'm getting (with the voucher from Parkson), I dunno when would I buy this. This weekend it seems that my Guilty pleasures is spot on!

The first time I have a go with the scent is in early March when Metrojaya MidValley put on their promotional package introducing this perfume. I was quite sceptical, coz I'm afraid if the smell would be a huge departure from the sexy seduction of the other two Guilty's. But I am direly wrong! Upon the spritz by the salesperson, I'm hooked. I knew I've spotted one of my fav scent in its formulation that I'm so familiar with - patchoulli. Probably because of that, or might also due to its citrusy mix (which is so typical fav for a Scorpio), I just can't say no. It's fresh, youthful, vibrant, masculine and mysterious all at the same time. Though it somehow got the Carolina Herrera Chic vibe a bit (merely just at the initial hint), Gucci Guilty Black is so at another level. In a way, it completes the hat-trick seduction of the Guilty ranges!

And, oh. One thing you should know - the Guilty perfumes are 'time-released'. That is according to the brilliant Metrojaya salesperson! Who would've thought?

Third time's a charm! 
Gucci Guilty Black - in green transparent glass/black metallic bottle. 
Gucci Guilty Intense - in total darkened dark grey glass/metallic dark silver bottle. 
Gucci Guilty - in clear glass/metallic dark silver bottle.


100 Yen Shop Has Closed

I'm kinda guessing this will come sooner or later, but seeing the "100 Yen" shop in front of Ipoh Parade gave me both surprising and not surprising feel at the same time. Surprise because the shop has closed for good. It's is empty - totally nothing inside, none, nada - except for the sticker that're left on the glass walls. And not surprise too, because the last time when I visited the store I seemed to feel there's something lackluster about the shop.

What have gone wrong? Is it the fierce competition from the other Japanese-inspired stores that pop up around the city? Daiso at Station 18, Tokotokuya in front of Kinta City, and there some other DIY shop even opened inside Ipoh Parade. Or is it because of the price range; they surely can't beat Daiso with their 'everything is RM5' offerings.

Whatever it is, it's kinda sad when you grew with it for the past 6-7 years .... and now it's totally GONE. Kosong...kosong... (suit the number '1-0-0'!)

*I'm thankful coz I got my own record on the store [CLICK].


Adidas Originals ObyO x Jeremy Scott P-Sole Leopard

I was flipping through the May issue of Glam Lelaki, when suddenly something caught my attention. The shoes worn by the model in one of the fashion spread that looks quite quirky cool. It's a leopard plimsols; or to be exact - it's the Adidas Originals ObyO x Jeremy Scott P-Sole leopard print plimsols.

The plimsols looks very fresh and fun. The color combo used suits well together, as the neutral tones and black go hand in hand. Yet, I wonder why it's been featured now if it's already in the market for almost 6 months!? Now that it's been quite some time, I dunno whether that shoes are still available. Hmmm... (mana nak carik nih?)

Whatever it is, that leopard plimsols is awesomely tempting!

*that animal-print plimsols somehow remind me of my previous Asos python shoe that I've given away [CLICK]. Not similar, yet has the same beastly vibes...[CLICK]

[pix from glam lelaki, crossover and sivasdescalzo]


Army Thursday

Returning to the muted color scheme for Thursday - the army green. The shirt is from Asos, paired with the argyle checks tie by C&A. The tie is actually my vintage coz I bought it almost 12 years ago before C&A closed their store for good at Oxford Street in London (now is Primark store). Completing the look is skinny steel mesh watch by Skagen and diamante Chelsea boots by Gucci.

I actually have recycled this look last September [CLICK], which is snapped using my iPhone4. For this one I think the image is clearer as the iPhone5 truly got better resolution and exposure. (and I'm wearing a different version of that Skagen watch then - the leather strap!)


The Cool Swatch Irony Chrono Denim 'Follow The Line'

Tempting. Full of temptation, indeed. If two years ago I was tempted by the skull motifs on the face dial of the black Irony Fullblooded Chrono [CLICK], this year it's another story. It's denim time!

It's all started when I flipped through a Chinese fashion mag and found myself struck to the image of the beige watch in one of the product spread. Pretty cool watch, and what is great about it is the material of the strap - denim - which I don't think many has done before. Unlike leather and steel, I never fancy a fabric strap coz it's not that flattering to my eyes (maybe that's why I never bought the military-style watches!). But this one is different coz denim is something so far beyond any fabric that a man could have. 

And then I did my little research to look for its price. Never thought I would find its other sibling which is even cooler than the beige - the true blue denim, with its quirky codename 'Follow The Line'. So awesome that I thought they had carved it out from my own unused jeans! And it's a chrono; what better match could it be? It's like hitting two birds with one stone...

I think I'm way too fast-forward coz when I searched it out at Swatch stores in KL and Ipoh two months ago, none ever stocked it in Malaysia as it hasn't arrive yet. They even never heard about it. Am I disappointed? Pretty much, yes. But that doesn't stop me from making a 'booking' to the salesperson stating that if they have it in store, please call me.

Do they really call? I went to check two months later after finding out that another mag feature the blue denim in one of the spread (again). It's quite a shock as I went to the store the salesgirl said it's flew off the shelf very quick due to its very limited quantity; and the bad news - they have forgotten my name. What?! Would I bow out and forget it after all?

Nope. Temptation punya pasal I demanded them to check where in Malaysia has this? Scrolling thru their database, they said there're still four of them left at Swatch store @ KLCC. And the good news - they can ship it specially for me to Ipoh.

Long story short, the watch has safely arrived to my possession. Despite the shell size a tad smaller than the previous Fullblooded, it's still awesome. As what the Swatch Irony Chrono denim truly say "Follow the Line"; I really have followed my temptation!


[Q&A] Socks with Shorts?

How the BigFat mouth really has become the BigFat busybody and 'tukang jawab' question that is posted at other people's website....

Anybody wanna do any Q&A with the BigFatBlogger? Please PM me. (whether I answer the question or not, that's another story!)


Thursday Blues

The recycle look again. Last Thursday is about returning to the combo that's proven work, by which at the same time exudes simplicity. I paired the blue linen blazer by River Island with the horizontal stripes blue/black ultraslim tie by Red Herring @ Debenhams and white shirt by Jil Sander @ Uniqlo. Maybe because of the lighting, the the gorgeous cobalt blue hue is not picked up in the pix as much as it did before [CLICK].

Berry Wednesday

Some injection of colors for the midweek to perk up the mood. I went for the berry shirt by River Island, paired with the matching macro-checks ultraslim tie by Cuffz. The overall look was actually deep purple, but seems to appear like rhubarb in the pix. Completing the outfit is the slim watch by Skagen and Asos wool-mix blazer. 


Mono Tuesday

If there is one ensemble that would rank very high in my 'fashion list', that would definitely be black and white. It's the ultimate pair that somehow intertwines the term contrast, harmony and streamline all at the same time. 

The shirt is by River Island that has the contrasting black collar against a white base (and with a central front black seam for the buttons). To go with the theme is the black tie by Red Herring @ Debenhams, watch by Simon Carter and DSquared2 boots. Completing the ensemble is wool-mix suit jacket by Asos.


Going Green

Instead of the typical blue cliché, last Monday I went for green. The citron green linen-mix blazer from the Conscious Collection @ H&M, paired with the white Asos shirt and green tie by G2000 (got it cheap at Johor Premium Outlet). To complete the look is the CK Substantial chrono watch [click] and Jimmy Choo boots.

A colleague commented upon looking at the green blazer, saying 'wah, hijau. Meriah!'. I just smiled and jokingly replied, 'yes. Because I'm in the Green Technology group.' Ha! (indeed I am an active member of the GreenTech research group here!)


Mercedes Benz GLA Crossover: A True Beauty in Technology

Can you merge the 'art of beauty' with the 'supreme of technology' in one sentence? I think with this Mercedes Benz GLA concept crossover, I definitely can. I dunno whether the 'crossover' trend has really crossing over the top players in the mobile industry - coz Merc team seems to toy out that idea superbly well. If parallel to this, BMW came up with their X4 concept - the 'lowering-height' version of their X6 - it looks like that Merc has done a perfect marriage between the SLK with the M series with this new concept that has been displayed at the recent Shanghai Motor Show.

Some said this GLA is the new emergence of Merc A series; or to be precise the reinvention of that entry range. Yet, looking on how good looks it has, with the supersleek streamlined silhouette with the uber-sporty chic interior, I don't think the price range is gonna be like the A. It might definitely lies in between what I said before - the SLK and M. Maybe, but who knows if Mercedes Benz would lure the fan to buy this one if they could make it affordable like what they've done with the C180 before.

Whatever it is - despite its lower clearance compared to the M series SUV - I am a fan. A BigFat fan. This is one crossover that I definitely wanna be crossed-over to, definitely!

*kena kumpul duit dulu...

[pix via paultan]