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Stripe sweater - United Colors of Benetton. Snood - H&M [source of quote: click]


BigFatSnoop: Uniqlo UT 2013 "Creative Journal Directions"

Uniqlo always updated their UT collection (Uniqlo Tee, that is) with collaborations from many. To date they're various versions of the printed UT such as the Pixar collection for its Monsters Inc, Mr. Incredibles and Toy Story [CLICK]; the Disney Project that has long become the fav pieces of many people [CLICK]; Andy Warhol for the quirky take on the famous pop art [CLICK]; as well as with Manga franchise One Piece [CLICK]. Added into the collaborations, Uniqlo has tapped the publication companies by working with their editors to select the best creative talents to immortalize their work into the printed graphic tees. 

I happened to try some of the pieces in that new 'Creative Journal Directions' collection. Compared to the other UT's that are more inclined to the youth generation, this range is much subtle in their approach and could appeal to many genre of ages. It was simple, but never boring. I love how the graphic is made up into so-called an abstract piece of statement tee, by which I've gotta see closely what does it really says.

Such as this one, which looks like scribbles to many - but upon close check it says something very meaningful "It may be a long way......... but you'll get there". Bunyi ala2 'perjuangan belum selesai' la gitu. Very tastefully done. And very awesomely monochrome (which is a plus point!).

Another piece, believe it or not, is actually a silhouette of a skull print but given a nice twist by infusing the letterings, which I dunno what it actually says. Abstract, nonetheless. 

What I love about these tees are the fabrics. It's lusciously cosy cotton, very fluid to the body that skims the torso pretty well and so soft to the touch, unlike the typical 'hard' cotton tee. The other factor is the price: they're cheaper than the rest of UT, RM20 cheaper! What's not to like? There're other pieces as well, yet I choose to try these two coz they're much 'grown up' version. Not too kiddie...

Oh, mentioning Uniqlo; our friends in Penang can now get a taste of this famous Japanese clothing brand as they've opened at Queensbay Mall. By next week, another store is gonna open - at Alamanda Putrajaya. Good news to me coz it's only a 10-min drive from my sis house!


Harry's Sex Hair?

While the ladies always got to do their 'f*** me' hair all the time, it seems that what Harry Styles did could be the men's version of it, I guess. If Zayn got his highlighted super-quiff and Liam with his crop top, Harry went for his... erm, sex hair! 

Literally, it's quite an 'undefined' hairstyle coz it is more or less the messy type of mane. Back almost a decade ago, Robbie William is famous doing his out-of-bed messy hair look (with L'oreal also did a range bearing the name), so I guess for this new Noughties Harry Styles' hair style would pick up his followers and become another epic...

[source : es magazine]


Zara Spiked Sandals. Simple, Fierce and I'm Crazy.

How far would I go in chasing things that I wanted? Very far. It's Ipoh to KL far, that is, to be precise. That's what exactly happened when I received a call by the salesperson at Zara last Monday while resting in my living room, trying to catch breath after just came home in the previous day from a week-long outstation. But when the person on the phone told me that my sandals are finally in stock, I didn't think twice - that same afternoon, I rushed back to KL to get the sandals that I wanted.

The story is that, last Wednesday I went to Zara at Lot 10, Bukit Bintang for some window-shopping. To my surprise the sandals that I saw at their website - the one that I've been longing for, which is truly edgy, with the spike-studded details and black leather material - is available in the store! The one and only store that stock it.  

While the good side is that the sandals is available now - as in now - coz Zara Malaysia usually slightly lagging in stocking new stuff compared to its European stores out there; the bad side of it is that there's none in my size. Dang! Yet, being me who'd never give up nor bow out from the 'non-availability' statement, I asked if they could check at other stores citywide. Gigih siot...! Despite the earlier claim that other stores are also out of stock for the sandals (coz it's quite a bestseller!), they further assured me that when stock from other stores came into the Lot 10, they will call me if the size I've wanted will be available or not. Yes, I mention the word 'came into Lot 10' and 'if'. How? Coz Lot 10 is the 'final destination' where they will 'gather' the unsold items from other Zara in KL. (oh, now I know)

Anyway. Long story short, last Monday - the day after I just arrived from week-long outstation (also in KL) - I dunno what am I thinking that I just drove there to fetch the sandals. In my size. With its simple super-edgy spike-studded details that is quite fierce-looking. All the way from Ipoh to Zara Lot 10 at Bukit Bintang. And I know.... I'm crazy. 

Crazy, stupid, love for the sandals. 

Zara studded sandals, Zara spikes sandals, Zara, spike, sandals, studded, shoes, gladiator
mind the un-pedi'ed feet...errkss!

Zara studded sandals, Zara spikes sandals, Zara, spike, sandals, studded, shoes, gladiator
Zara studded sandals, Zara spikes sandals, Zara, spike, sandals, studded, shoes, gladiator
Zara studded sandals, Zara spikes sandals, Zara, spike, sandals, studded, shoes, gladiator
the back heel strap is also spike-studded...

And this is how the sandal looks as featured in Zara website. Now I can add another 'stud' in my shoe closet.

Zara studded sandals, Zara spikes sandals, Zara, spike, sandals, studded, shoes, gladiator


Knucklecase iPhone 5 Case. Finally!

My anticipation is finally over. Just after I emailed them asking when are they gonna release the iPhone5 case, suddenly a couple of weeks later I discovered that my prayer has been answered. Voila...! Upon checking their website (and further confirmed by their Facebook page), the iPhone 5 case in all-black by Knucklecase has eventually safely arrived into my hands this week!

After the previous silver case that I got for the old iPhone4 [CLICK], this one is the perfect addition to complement my iPhone5. And the hard truth is that - this black Knucklecase is the second phone casing that I ever bought for the new iPhone. (Unlike my iPhone4 where I used to get loads of casings - inCase, Marc Jacobs, Harrods, etc...etc...as well as Knucklecase itself)

Anyway. The material is the same as before - aluminium - that's very light but durable. The only different is the color, black, that truly give a different edge compared to the previous silver. Despite the taller form of iPhone5, the case is perfectly designed so that my fingers could evenly filled in the holder without looking to gawky and awkward. I like that the case doesn't really add bulk to the the whole thickness which would otherwise masked the cool factor of iPhone5 itself.

Overall? It's awesome!

The old (silver) and the new (black) Knucklecase. The new version has a bottom cutout that made the earphone and the Lightning connector easily slip in...

The size is slightly longer than my previous silver Knucklecase. Nonetheless, it's never weigh too much...

The black beauty...

Still, the case retains the 'thin' factor of the iPhone 5...

Now, it doesn't easily slip out of hand...!

Superheroes' Spidey Went Into Darkside

My first encounter with the Spiderman-printed tee by Superheroes United in the fashion mag  has made me fell head over heels to it. So much so I went to Sunway Pyramid last June to get not just one, but two pairs of the 'em which proven to be the best logo tee ever [CLICK]. Not only that, it seems my nephew has also caught on the vibe and made me purchased one for him - making us like a Team Spidey ourselves [CLICK].

While I was admiring the red printed Spidey motif, less that I knew the tee is actually can't be machine-washed coz the print will fade. And it does; as I discovered the red 'headshot' has turned into black! All the red paint seems to be washed out, either due to the detergent used or the harsh washing activity of the machine. I told my sis about it, and she claim that she always wash print tees by hand to avoid any fading to occur and making it last longer.

Anyway. In every dark cloud there's always silver linings. (Silver Linings Playbook? Not quite!). Despite the faded 'headshot' I seem to like the way it appears coz somehow the tee looks a bit toned down compared to the into-your-face red Spidey motif. And that's when I wish if Superheroes United would do a black version of the Spidey head instead. Did my prayer has been answered? Absolutely.

When I revisited the store last week I found what I wish for. The black print Spidey tee. Great color combo that somehow give a new meaning to the 'Spidey went into darkside' just like Spiderman 3 movie. Yet, apart from I'm liking the new print color, there's something wrong about the fit. I dunno whether the designer has altered the fitting or there's new sizing has come into play, the fit is not as quite the same as before. It felt a bit too slimmed down rather than the typical slim like before. And the sleeves - I think it's being brought upward too much which made it appear more risque. I don't think I picked the wrong size coz it's the same 'M' as mine. 

The conclusion: the prayer has been answered, but the hope is dashed! I went out of the store without getting one. Too bad...

Btw. The tee, as being featured in their website. They got new color too - bronze, which is equally awesome. Yet again, mind the fit!

The Checks Shirts Have Truly Checked In!

Checks are huge this season. I never been so much into checks pattern since the last time I got the  check shirt by Topman quite some time ago. But when Louis Vuitton has aptly promoted their famous check in somewhat a new rendition and color schemes both for menswear and womenswear this season, I think it served a good start to revisit the check trend for another round again. 

At highstreet there has been a number of pieces that really caught my attention bearing the checks pattern. What is great about them are the variety of color combos, from the classics blue/white to the pink/grey and red/navy, given a fresh new twist to the typical checks shirt... 

The freshest of the bunch! Pink/burnt orange/grey slimfit checks by Padini. Awesome fit and great fabric...

Red + navy slimfit checks by Padini. The color combo create such a great contrast that will definitely 'blind' any onlookers - but in a good way....

Blue checks regular fit shirt. I love the feel of the fabric but not really fancy the 'regular' fit look. I felt kinda bloated...

Blue minichecks slimfit shirt by Gap. Good stretchy fabric. Good fit. But too pricey.


The Meeting Looks

Four days. Eight locations. Nine meetings and presentation sessions to evaluate. 

That's the scale of my second internship visit to KL area this season. With that kinda scale, and the fact that I'm meeting different 'set' of people at different locations - I do need changes of outfit for each session. The reason? None, it's just me being the typical me. Yet, with the weather being scorching hot these days, that I have to walk from one venue to the other I think the shirt changes is an absolute must due to the utmost perspiration that I'm gonna encounter (sweating like crazy!)

Anyway. The meeting look for some of the sessions...

Meeting #2 at 9.00 am in the morning. Grey slimfit shirt by River Island + dark grey linen db blazer by Asos. 

Meeting #3 at 11.00 am on the same morning. Cropped sleeves blazer by Sub + stripes white shirt by Zara.

Meeting #4 and #5 at 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm. Since the time limit doesn't permit me to change for different outfit as the two locations are very far apart, it's the same ensemble I'm wearing for both. Linen shawl-lapel blazer by Asos + grey mini-houndstooth slimfit shirt by No Name.

Meeting #6 and #7, at 10.00 am and 11.00 am the next day, both at the same location. Thank God I'm well-dressed coz upon entering the meeting room I was in an utter surprise of my life. Never ever in my history of the second internship visit the meeting room is full-packed with audience. There are about 20 people in there, which I think the largest number of people ever attended for a meeting like this is. Anyway, the slimfit shirt in sand + wool-mix slim db jacket by Asos really save the day!

Meeting #8 at 2.30 pm. I slipped into something classic - plain white slimfit shirt by Asos and the same Sub jacket like the previous for the 'extended' meeting with the engineers. This session is by far the longest I've ever had in one location coz it lasted more than 2 and a half hours, by which somebody in their department got to summon us to end the meeting. Yikes!

Meeting #1 at 3.00 pm on the first day of travelling, I forgot to snap but I'm wearing the teal green slimfit shirt by River Island + slimfit blazer by Asos. The last meeting #9, I forgot what I'm wearing coz it's so early in the morning - that I barely think what is going on since I haven't got any breakfast yet. But I'm sure, I'm perfectly clothed!

H&M Citron Green Linen Blazer

Is spring really has sprung? At least thru Instaweather app it does, coz someone somewhere out there in the Northern Hemisphere has uploaded their own version of '1st Day of Spring' pics. Pretty cool, though some doesn't seem to show the typical spring that I'm used to - they show the snowy version of spring, rather than the flowery one that I'm used to in the previous years. Well, fair enough coz these days you can't tell what kinda weather you might come across to regardless of season, huh?

Anyway, at H&M the spring collection has started to flock in. And one of the greatly anticipated (by me, at least) is the Conscious Collection which has become a choice these days especially for those who's concerned about 'sustainability' element in daily life. There a couple of pieces made into the collection, but the one that grab my attention is the citron green blazer with the organic cotton/linen mix fabric. 

The texture of the fabric is awesome coz the  linen content in it will always made the typical 'hard' cotton to be more fluid which then contour the body shape pretty well. What is even amazing is the price: where on earth at any highstreet store can I get this great blazer for just RM 149? None, except Conscious Collection by H&M!

Since I've been looking for a fresh new green jacket all these month, this one hits the right notes!

Anyway, what does Conscious Collection is all about? You can check the info in their website... 

The blazer as being featured in the H&M Conscious Collection ad campaign...

.... which somehow reminds me of the one seen at Herm├Ęs Spring/Summer 2013 runway. Not really the same color, but it has the same green vibes.

Mentioning about the color, I actually dunno what type of green it is classified into. But, with the myPantone iPhone app I seem to crack the code and search to the closest match to the color of the blazer. Well, almost and it down to some of the variety  - Dark Citron, Palm, Green Banana and Spinach Green. Eventually I made up the name myself - it's Citron! As in limau purut. Or is it? Or it could even be Macaw Green or Herb! Hmmmm.....

Back to Impiana. Again.

The time of the year has arrived when my business travelling mode is officially commenced! Starting this month and for the months to come I can say there'll be less weekend for myself, and more weekend working outside the office vicinity. Travel has become part and parcel of my work lifestyle - something that I love in one way, but hated in another way (hated as in packing up stuff, if you know what I mean).

Anyway. Kicking off the business travelling mode for 2013 is another trip to the capital KL once again to visit my interns for the second time, by which it's also a period to evaluate them for the oral presentations. Similar to last November when I met them for the first visit [CLICK], this time my crash pad for the week is none other than Impiana Hotel KLCC. Fair enough, coz the location is very strategic as the interns are just scattered around the Twin Tower area that could be reached by walking from one place to another - except three of them, whose office is quite a drive away from the hotel. If I can recall this is my fourth time staying here... which I think some of the staff there already know my familiar face!

Just like last November, I called the hotel prior checking in to provide me the room facing the Petronas Twin Tower. Thankfully they did gave me the room with a great KLCC facade, despite it was at lower floor than my previous stay. They did claim I was about to be given a room at 14th Floor, where the view is much splendid compared to this. But given that the floor is just beneath the Club floor - they're hesitant in order to avoid meget disturbed by the noise of people partying and stuff at above floor. Well, that's definitely a great decision and I have to thank the hotel staff for that.

Anyway. The room is quite okay - very big indeed. If my last three stays here I usually got either the queen-size or two twin-sized beds, this time around they gave me a humongous king-size! So big that it can fit 4 people (of my skinny size) in there!

Yet, there's something missing: where's the fruit platter?

the panoramic view taken from the floor - the Petronas Twin Tower on the left, the KL Convention Center on the right. At center is the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur.

the nite shot...

as usual, breakfast facing the Tower is always a treat!

these cookies in the jar really tempt me. but i've got to refrain myself from any sugary stuff these days coz it'll bite back to the face!

a zebra walked into the bathroom....

the best part of my room - I can see the pool down below. But the worst part - those in the pool are fugly old folks! Ewwww.....

...but as what they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. In my case, the pool is bluer across the street (at The Grand Hyatt KL!)

they even got cabanas there, dude..! 

mentioning the room, this time they gave me a king-size bed!

... and the panoramic view of the room...

I am 'allergic' to the air-conditioning system, and can't really stand in any cold environment. That's why I switched it off to get embroiled into the warm weather of Kuala Lumpur. It's much, much better...

Anyway. While flipping the free NST newspaper by the hotel the other day, I stumbled upon the clip in the TV programme area. Hmmm, it seems that my cousin's son - Musleh aka Josiah Hogan - is starring in Kopi Dan Dia. Oh, dang. The hotel doesn't have TV9... otherwise I could watch the show, then.