Fashion CiTee

Fashion week has already begun early this year when London kicked start the 'process' with their version of the London Menswear Fashion Week (or London Collection Men) for yet another cycle. Then it was Milan for their Pitti Uomo and MFW, moving to Paris, and soon the fashion pack will shift across the Atlantic, leaving European continent to the States where the coveted NYFW will commence. It's always that four cities where the style and fashion really got big coverage, setting trends that will be worn by the fashionoholics for incoming seasons. If you do realize, most big labels not only did the typical two collections per year - it's now eight! 

Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter, Pre-fall and Cruise collection for both men and womenswear. Not to mention there's also Couture, which added to the growing number of already many collections that they do. No wonder the fashion business is a lucrative market and highly booming; while on the other hand, the designers seem to be restless and worn out these days. Their creative mind gotta work non-stop!

Yet, under the radar it seems that some other fashion cities also started to get attention, such as Sao Paolo, Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Tokyo. They equally got great talents, which has yet to gain acceptance from the global market at large. 

Anyway. Mentioning the top fashion cities, I love that they have been immortalized into the statement tee by Asos. Simple, black & white and looking chic.

Fashion City tee - Asos. Selvedge skinny jeans - Uniqlo, watch - Calvin Klein Deluxe.

*something you probably don't realize: the highly booming the fashion industry is, the greater demand the material would be especially synthetic and technofabrics like pleather, viscose, acrylic, nylon, polyester, polyamide, microfibers, lurex, etc...etc. And that's when the best part of being in the fashion industry is also to be a Chemical Engineer - coz we involved in producing those material! We are as equally the fashion leader as the fashion designer! Something to ponder...


Sean O'Pry in Versace

Sean O'Pry in Details magazine for February 2013 issue wearing the ensemble from Versace. Awesome color, looking luxe in luscious sheen, and the best part is - it's kinda similar to Haider Ackerman did for Spring/Summer 2011. And another great thing about the suit is that; this is by far the closest interpretation of what I've been wanting for my Eid 2012 outfit to be. The non-traditional version of baju raya, which is quite close to what I've sketched before. In fact, it's a very very close real-life interpretation. [CLICK]

Since I've failed to do it last year, maybe this one is for 2013 instead?

What Sean 'O wore in the editorial spread is actually a slight tweak version of what is seen on the runway. Instead of the wrap jacket worn as the outer layer as on the catwalk model, he wore it in the Shaolin-style shirt instead, paired with a matching belt. That's why it looks very Haider Ackerman (or maybe even look similar to Dior Homme!) [CLICK]

The Balmain Spikes Boots

Next time I should never blog about stuff or put it into my 'object of lust' list - coz I might get it [CLICK] And, well... it does. It's the perfect example of 'studded' dream do comes true, huh?


What's In The BigFat Bag : Part 4

Another installation of what's in my bag post. This time I'm revealing the contents in my on-duty and off-duty look. For the on-duty, I have to bring the pouch with me all the times - either the faux-python or monogramme leather Marc Jacobs or some other, to store most of the small gadgets like the eHDD, thumb drive, pen and pencils, etc etc in them. Without them I can't function! That's why my on-duty bag is normally heavier than the off-duty one due to the additional weights. 

As for the off-duty, I can keep things simple and lighter : just the wallet, the iPad and the toiletry pack, together with the DSLR and the digicam sometimes, for a bit of snapaholic in me.

As in the order:
(1) Nude batchel by SEED - (2) Faux python pouch by Ordning & Reda - (3) Toiletry case by S&J - (4) Asus Zenbook U21 Ultrabook - (5) Apple iPad Mini - (6) Saffiano leather long wallet by Bonia - (7) Ultrabook charger. 

(1) Canvas cream/navy tote by Zara - (2) Saffiano leather long wallet by Bonia - (3) Apple iPad Mini - (4) Toiletry case by S&J - (5) Canon EOS 60D DSLR - (6) Canon Ixus 130 point-n-shoot.

(1) Denim backpack by Adidas Originals - (2) Apple iPad Mini  - (3) Toiletry case by S&J - (4) Saffiano leather long wallet by Bonia  - (5) Canon Ixus 130 point-n-shoot - (6) Canon EOS 60D DSLR


Checks Out ala Louis Vuitton

One of the best collection that Kim Jones did for Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 is the reinterpretation of their famous checks. While the fashion house is known for its signature brown/beige version of the Damier Ebene and grey/graphite tone of Damier Graphite checks, this coming season it's been given a hint of departure yet still maintaining the design. If last SS'12 Mr Jones reinvented the checks into red/blue version for the Masai-inspired collection [CLICK], for SS'13 it's orange and yellow that's given a cut, paired up with a hint of blue and navy for its contrasting check mate. 

I quite like the new color palette coz it looks fresh and young, suit to lure the youth market to buy Louis Vuitton (despite its hefty price tag). It looks vibrant and quite fun too, which is great for the hot summer ambience. And I'm pretty sure the trend will be picked up by the highstreet labels pretty quickly to come up with their own version of the yellow or orange checks collection pieces. Just wait and see...

That brought me to another point. While browsing the Louis Vuitton SS13 lookbook, I got a sense of deja vu. The checks reminds me of the Topman yellow/black checks shirt that I got in my wardrobe. I seem to understand why they look kinda alike. Topman is British, and Kim Jones is British too. And checks, especially gingham is very much the British thing - maybe that's a reason why there's an injection of Britishness in the fashion house's new collection, perhaps? 

Anything is possible in the fashion world. In the meantime, I've already did the SS'13 collection ala Louis Vuitton. It's checkmate!

And, the shirt in the Cartoon Camera mode...


Day 23 : Black. White. Horizontal.

Today I got to attend an important meeting with a man of title who's visiting the department. It's gonna be a half-day meeting, from morning to noon. Though we are just there only during the first part of the session, it's good to be in a much formal mode without going too avant garde or silly playful in the outfit.

Since this week has been quite a wet and gloomy week, with some downpour here and there, very grey sky, it somehow affected the mood to wear things. So, I decided to do almost the same theme again and again - the monochromatic - only that, today it's a typical black and white contrast. The slimfit shirt is by Asos, paired with the ultraslim wool-mix double-breasted jacket (also by Asos) and the matching trousers. To give a hint of departure from the typical formality, I opted for the slim tie with grey/black horizontal stripes by Rita Russo to go with it. Completing the outfit is the superslim watch by Skagen and the Chelsea boots by Gucci.

Day 3 of the week; I'm done with the monochromes. Maybe next week after this 5-days short break I'm in a dire need to inject some colors!

Day 22 : Grey. Tweed. Brogue.

The day is quite gloomy when I woke up prior going to the office. If the Monday before was also quite the same - the sun is not even shining bright - that Tuesday is almost the same. Maybe that's the reason why I chose to go along with the gloom ambience of Tuesday by opting yet another achromatic look for top-to-toe.

The grey slimfit shirt is by River Island, paired with the wool tartan checks tie by Uniqlo. Since it was quite cold in the office as of recently, I chose to slip the tweed jacket by Topman to get some warmth. Completing the ensemble is the hi-sheen brogue Chelsea boots by Bally and Calvin Klein Masculine chrono watch. Apart from the gloom theme, I can say that today's outfit is slightly 'traditional'. Or neo-traditional, if I may. (neo, coz everything is not baggy nor matte unlike the typical traditional!)

Day 21 : Shadow. Mono. Spikes.

Starting the first day of the week of not doing the cliché 'blue for Monday blues' anymore. Maybe not yet, though I probably got it in my sleeves for the next week to come. Who knows, huh, coz I'm a bit unpredictable lately. 

For the day to the office, I went into some toning down on one part, whereas on the other part I perk things up a bit. While the shirt and trousers are much subdued monochromatic - the shadow checks shirt by SEED, paired with plain black crochet tie and wool-mix trousers by Uniqlo - the shoes is something quite OTT. It's the studded monk boots by Pierre Balmain that arrived to this very soil a week earlier. Maybe the word OTT is not that suitable; coz it's not that over the top anyway. Nothing but spikes to give a sense of fun to the sombre outfit. 

The Comic Book Office Look.

I am currently obsessed with this new camera filter iPhone/iPad app - Cartoon Camera Pro - that I discovered last week while browsing around the App Store [CLICK]. It's so cool coz the pics are turned into some kind of embossed sketched effect, similar to what you see in some comic book. There're also features where you can add extra effects like the light ray thing, the word blips like 'oops', 'A-ha!' 'HEY!' and so much more, or even made in into video mode with that Sin City-esque movie lookalike. Pretty fun, and it's free!

So, I decided to try on myself when I did the office look snaps. Since I'm already in my short break mode yesterday (it's gonna be 5-days break!), I'm only in the office three days this week. What am I wearing? Most of what you can see in the pix is pretty much monochromatic. Black, white and the shades of grey. Never mind, the details on them will be up in the next posts to come.

In the meantime, this is the comic book office look. For those who've been saying 'why don't you show your face in the pix?', well, you gotta see it here. Almost. 



The theme of the day: SPIKES!


LFW Fall/Winter 2013 : The Best Pick

London is blessed to have such a great arrays of menswear designer that hail as formal as the tailoring at Saville Row, to the independent, up-and-coming labels from the East and North London. There are varieties in the selection. Since the dapper mod gents are said to be originated from London, the collection for Fall/Winter 2013 truly speaks for itself in giving the dudes out there selection from the vast tailored pieces to the chic street looks. 

Some of my own picks from the recent London Menswear Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2013.

  • Euphorik FW'13. Love the edginess of rock 'n roll is infused into the tailoring, as well as the mix of sportswear with the formal look.

  • Hackett London FW'13. The plaids looks contemporary cool with more body-fitting silhouettes. While the window pane checks has been redefined into much modern feel.

  • Lee Roach FW'13. If there could be a rival to Calvin Klein, Lee Roach is the one that hailed from London. Loving the simplicity chic of every pieces here, especially the lapel-less jackets.

  • Martine Rose FW'13. Understated luxury roams in every pieces, with luxe feel of the material and its rich color. 

  • Richard James FW'13. The master at Saville Row gives such a great fit to the dinner suits and the double-breasted jackets.
[pix via homme mode]

Someone Out of Town

I am not a big fan of Yuna previously, but this song seems to redefine my favor to the singer. It's awesome! The sound is so urban. so modern, so laid back, and above all - so cool! And so Yuna.

"I'm in love with someone out of town".... oooh, who can that be? :)

A Simple Gucci Diamante Boots

My Winter Sale grab would not be complete without a pair of Gucci. After the debut of the first ever Gucci boots back in 2008/09 [click] I tried my best (oh, what a statement!) to snatch one possible pair of Gucci shoes coz it somehow defines what a Sale is all about after all: you get the best deal without paying the original hefty price. If last year's Winter Sale I grabbed the patent leather boots [click], a quite cool one that I wore to the gala dinner @ KLCC [click] - as it's not that suitable for the 'daylight' wear - this year I decided to go for a subdued, simple, understated version which could be a great addition to that of my previous 2009 boots. The one that can be worn over and over and over again in any occasions without the feel of tackiness. And so, come along this one that fits the bill - a simple Gucci boots.

What is so special about this Gucci? I dunno, but the almond toe is really what grabbed my attention to it as it separates apart from my other 'pointy' boots in the shoe closet. And the fact that it's Gucci, that helps to justify everything too. While I was somehow admired by the supersimple understatement design, I was quite amazed to discover its surprise element though - the diamante-patterned inner lining. It was totally unexpected, but a great discovery after all. And as similar to my other three Gucci boots, the fit and suppleness of the leather (not to mention its superbly intoxicating leather scent!), the boots is just awesome. That's simply put. 

Simple. And that's all I need. 

Jean-Baptiste Rautureau Studded Shoes

One of the best Winter Sale purchase early this year is the shoes by Jean-Baptiste Rautureau. It was utterly unexpected, which I think it's the case of oooh, this looks nice! kinda thing as usual (the typical me). I was browsing through Farfetch when suddenly spotted it went on a massive discount that is quite unthinkable. Better yet, most sizes are all sold out - and the one left is either the smallest, and of course, one in my size. It was not the first time I saw it coz I actually have dreamt it slightly in the previous 4 months when it went online as the 'new collection'. 

This is one shoe that I can't put under the same moccassins or loafers category as my other Gucci or Prada. Looking very avant garde in some way, and very fierce nonetheless - this slip-ons is in fact stays on the other level than any shoes that I had. Pretty amazing as the leather is not too hard nor too buttery soft, and the fit is astonishingly perfect as if it is carved to my own foot. 

One word: awesome!


Day 18 : The DSquared2 Beatle Boots

The shoe that I wore yesterday to the office - the DSquared2 Beatle Chelsea boots with brogue details. The thing that lured me to get this boots during the Winter Sale from SSense last year is its tall 'neck' feature. So tall that you have no idea how very not easy it is to slip the foot into them. It's quite a hassle actually. Not only that, to remove the shoes is also quite an effort as well! The elasticated gore on each side of the shoes hold tight the foot inside... wrapping it, hugging it, clutching it as what a pair of boots should do. 

But, that's the thing - it's quite a hassle to put on, to put out. Yet, it never fail to lure me to wear it. Why? Coz wearing this kind of tall boots hold the entire body very well. It kept the leg up straight. It made me feel empowered, like no other slip-ons nor Oxfords ever could. 

Empowered, that is. Not Power Rangers, still....

this is how it looks!

That Gucci Suit!

Gucci said that they're going back to the new classics for the Fall/Winter 2013 collection by giving off some silhouette that seems to be missing from the previous seasons. It might be good, but I don't really see the Gucci that I used to know - especially the pumped up rock 'n roll version of a gent. Somehow the collection is quite plain, and at times I think it's borderline Burberry a bit. That is not good.

But, apart of all the pieces that came out on the runway I can spot only two to my likings. One of it is the tweed suit that looks quite multicolor with the flecks that remind me of Chanel. I dunno whether it's really a tweed, or it's just donegal or a simple wool fabric. But it looks very cool...

Another outfit that brings out some kind of mod contemporary feel is the houndstooth monochrome suit. I love anything houndstooth and it's great to be seeing it 'immortalized' into an ensemble with a great slimming silhouette. The thing about both of the suits - the fit looks amazing, as if it contours the body like crazy, particularly on the shoulders where it doesn't hang unlike what I saw at Armani or Ferragamo - yet, it flows beautifully throughout.

These two is a definite must-have look for Fall/Winter 2013! 

[pix from style.com]

The Traveler @ Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2013

One major thing about Louis Vuitton show for Fall/Winter 2013, there's none existence of any monogramme LV bags seen on the runway. Either they wanna downplayed the logo for not being too conspicuous unlike the previous seasons, that, I dunno. The closest I can see where Louis Vuitton signature mark is used are the embossed 'V' sign on some of the bags. Very minimum, as if it's becoming a new mark for Kim Jones to making it simple, contemporary and much masculine in a way.

Anyhow, apart from the LV Keepall some new designs made their cut into the Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Duffell made of leather and shearlings with that unique handles, some backpack with carabiner that suits for a camping in the woods, the felt carryall as well as the mini trunk that can be carried on the back and a batchel that looks so cool. If in previous years Louis Vuitton did inject a sense of art by using the work of Scott Campbell [click] and Christian Scholler [click] into some of the bags, for FW13 there seem to be some infusion of Asian barogue floral folklore print to some of the carryall, a great work by the Turner prize winner - the Chapman Brothers.

Overall, this could be the most subdued and not the typical Louis Vuitton traveller bags so far - yet, it's a new direction which demand us to appreciate the workmanship, rather than the conspicuous LV monogramme alone.

[pix from style.com]


Day 17 : Brown. Shadow. Studs.

Day 17 in 2013. It's all about going neutral and blend in with the Mother Nature. Sort of. So, what better to go with the theme than wearing brown? Very earthen, very natural, very tan skin tone color. 

The slimfit shirt is by Asos, paired with the shadow checks blazer by River Island and grey/brown checks tie by Tie Rack. Completing the outfit is the CK Accent watch and Jean-Baptiste Rautureau studded shoes, to give a feel of the rocky soil element - just like the nature itself. Easy.


Day 16: Violet. Grey. Mini.

Day 16 in 2013. Today is in the mood of violet as I wanna inject some sense of color to the cloudy day. It's kinda gloomy morning, so to spice things up at least this shade of purple could do justice. The shirt is by River Island, paired with the violet/black horizontal stripes crochet tie by Uniqlo. Completing the look is the grey linen db jacket by Asos, CK Masculine chrono watch and Jimmy Choo x H&M boots. 

Come late afternoon, I switched into another pair of shoes - the DSquared2 vernice zipped boots - by which I snapped this photo during the periodical visit to the workshop for the car checkup. While the foreman manning the car engine, changing the oil filter and what not, I spent the spare time waiting by giving a spin to the new iPad Mini. 

My verdict: ohsemmm...!!! The height is almost as tall as my Bonia wallet.... how not to love?

Rollerboy Trump

World No 2 snooker star, Judd Trump was very much of a highly stylized dude last night when he took the stage during Masters at Alexandra Palace in London. Rather than wearing a typical derby or Oxfords, he slipped into the Christian Louboutin Rollerboy spikes loafers, worth more on the red carpet rather than at the snooker table. In fact, it caused him quite a problem as he struggled to find grip on the carpeted floor surrounding the table - asking him for a wiser move to change for another footwear instead. 

Thankfully, it served him right and won the game after that post-Louboutin. The moral of the story? This Masters dude should learn from the runway master instead : slide a tape on the undersoles to keep it sticking  on the floor rather than causing him to slip up. That's the trick!

Anyway. Awesome shoes, dude!

Christian Louboutin Rollerboy, Christian Louboutin, Rollerboy, loafers, spikes loafers, Christian Louboutin loafers


The Rise of the Shopanisto

Yesterday's article in The Star newspaper really intrigue me in so many ways. Aptly titled "Rise of the mansumer" it discusses about the new realm in the world of consumerism by which male shoppers are the one who's now become the dominant force in the retail industry. Due to the shifting of the economy, and the bewildered household budgeting; man has risen to the challenge to take charge in the 'buyology' area.

There are points that somehow caught my attention coz it indirectly related to the psychology of the mansumer vs female consumer themselves. One of it is:

In a way I think this is true coz I can say I'm a functional shopper than an emotional shopper. I don't shop when I'm sad, or too elated, or bored - though sometimes I can disregard the last one (I sometimes shop when I'm superbored!). 

And it is true that shopping is all about convenience. At least to me, yes. For instance, I seldom went shopping at MidValley coz it's too far from everyone else. And the availability of parking space is also quite a nuisance, always full. If I went shopping at Bukit Bintang area, not only there's a vast choices to park my car - at KLCC, Pavillion, Sungei Wang Plaza, Fahrenheit 88, Low Yat, nearby hotels, etc...etc - there's also vast places to shop too! Many, in fact and I am spoilt for choices. Since I like to compare prices, especially gadgets, one-stop mall like Low Yat is a perfect place to go without having to drive anywhere else. See, convenience.

To add to that, convenience is also about getting things easily in a very fast way. Too many instances I discovered in Malaysia that if I wanna get some great pair of trainers, it's not available in the country. No sports store stock the item. Would I scour from North to South to find a great pair of trainers? Why should I if I can get it easily online? And that's one of the important point of online shopping anyway. Convenience to shop, with the ability to get anything, anywhere from any part of the world, without the hassle to waste time travelling or leaving the house. Period.

Another interesting point made by the article:

Somewhat agree, coz mostly men functions by take it and pay approach. Well, at least I do. We saw, we like, we pay, we leave! That's it. Easy, isn't it? We don't really care that much about the 'number' as long as it's within the 'budget umbrella'. Maybe that could explain my evergrowing number of Gucci boots, huh? Take it and pay. Muehehe... 

Anyway. This article from E-Commerce Times seems to validate the existence and importance of mansumer. One word to the retailers: we don't like to shop, yet we like to buy. But we now know how to shop, so better make everything SIMPLE! :)


The Rise of the Mansumer

This year men are doing more of the shopping, and they're not the befuddled dads TV shows project. They're purposeful shoppers looking for the best deals. This newly emergent breed is dubbed the "mansumer" by IPG Mediabrands agency BPN in its 2013 Retail Trends Report released this week. The report covers emerging trends for the 2012 holiday shopping season, and looks forward to shopping trends for 2013 as well. 

Mansumers take advantage of tools like online sites, price comparison engines and mobile apps to make informed purchases. Their buying decisions hinge on ease of purchase and good price. 

The Mansumer Economy 

Unemployment is more than 2 percent higher for men, according to the shopping trends report, which may explain why more of them are shopping more often. They are now more likely to take charge of household purchases, ranging from daily groceries to consumer goods and holiday shopping. 

For day-to-day needs, 40 percent of the men polled said they were the primary grocery shopper, and 44 percent said they took on an equal share of household chores such as cleaning. An overwhelming majority -- 86 percent -- said that being a man means doing what's necessary to keep the household running. 

Shopping Shift 

Besides going out for groceries, men are venturing into stores for household and lifestyle items. Men and women shop differently, and it's important for retailers to recognize that men want to get in, buy and get out. 

The mansumer is "very functional -- not an emotional shopper," said Doug Johnson, VP of shopping experiences and insights at BPN and co-author of the study. 

"He knows what he wants and he's going to get it -- but when he finds the right deal," he told the E-Commerce Times. 

For women, shopping can be a more emotional experience, while men tend to be more direct. 

"Historically, men don't shop as much as they buy," Michael Burke, cofounder and president of Appssavvy, told the E-Commerce Times. "Men don't like to shop -- they like to figure out what they want and then buy it." 

A shift from the get-in-and-get-out attitude is taking place, though, based on the latest research. Male shoppers are using tools such as item locators and price comparison sites to find what they want before going to the store -- or clicking to buy online. 

"Before it was see it and get it," said Johnson. "Now it's see it and get it at the right deal." 

Connected Toolbox 

Many online consumers use a retailer's website to locate items and be sure they are in stock before leaving the house. Mobile consumers armed with smartphones use their devices to scan barcodes and compare prices, or even look up more information while in the store. 

With customers moving online and then into the app world, which lets them scan an item on a shelf, compare prices, and even make a purchase on eBay or Amazon almost instantly, the whole shopping experience has become much easier, said Burke. 

While one might think finding a bargain would be top of mind for the mansumer, it takes a backseat to convenience. 

"I think they do price comparisons," said Burke, "but I don't think price is the only thing men look for. It's ease of buying." 

Retailers should take a new approach toward mansumers by replacing the traditional greeting "Can I help you?" with "Let's do this," the BPN report recommends. 

Today's male shopper is empowered by technology, Johnson pointed out. "He knows how to use it -- he just might need some help once he gets in the store." 

However, if a store employee were to approach him with the standard "Can I help you?" it might send him out the door. 

"He'll probably be turned off and go his own way," said Johnson. 

A wingman approach might be more effective, he suggested -- adding that stores need more of "I understand, we'll get it done" in their approach toward the mansumer. 

Thank You for Shopping 

The mansumer needs recognition for a purchase well made, according the BNP report, and retailers should create recognition programs that praise their decision making. 

"It's not just at the welcome but at the goodbye as well," said Johnson. "The mansumer really likes this growing recognition of the contribution he makes. He's seeking some validation. Perhaps it's a shift from 'thanks for visiting' to 'you did a great job today.'"

[source: click]