The Story Behind The Cambridge Satchel Company

Bagging the Exporter of the Year gong at the NatWest UK Fashion & Textile Awards 2013, I'd have to say the satchels produced by the Cambridge Satchel Company is without a doubt the best 'silent' export that come out form Great Britain. It's one of the most iconic bag, fusing the cool street fashion with a chic youthful edge. I dunno how many times their satchels has been copied by other retailers, but their original by them is always the best. Now that the bag even created its own the trend-of-the-season by fusing various colors and pattern, it has somehow created a big followers ranging from the celebrities to the students at colleges.

The story below in the Metro UK tells about the lady behind the company. Who would've thought a small idea could turn out to be a big profit-maker?

*now what should I invent next...?*

[news clip from metro uk, pix from asos]