Definitely Class A!

Last weekend could probably be one of the best weekend to release stress this year. From the swimming activities with the BigFat clan for yet another round, to watching football match on  Saturday nite (which end up my team, The Red Warrior win, woohooo!), to the gadget and clothing retail therapy at the capital - has somehow cast the work pressure off a little bit. Maybe temporary coz the current week is back to a full swing filled with meetings to attend and presentations to evaluate. But at least, I need that weekend to be away from the office load - either the office office, or even my office at home. So, it's good.

And while I was heading out from Pavillion KL to the H&M store nearby for the retail therapy, I spotted something to the delight of my eyes. The new Mercedes Benz A Class - fresh off from the showroom, right on the podium at the open foyer of the shopping mall in the scorching heat. Maybe the weather is not sizzling enough, the car adds on to even hotter ambience! 

They look stunning. Despite the cars look smaller than what I expected, the design is nevertheless so fluid. The aerodynamic feature is definitely spot on, as it assumes very nice curves accentuating its youthful and vibrant look. This is an absolutely great design: not under-designed, not over-designed, just simply great design. What I love about the new Merc A Class is the huge departure from its previous predecessor which used to sport the compact hatchback 'wedge-like' figure with shorter engine compartment. This one has longer 'nose', with the new signature Mercedes front grille and fierce headlamps that reminds me of the SLK. I can't enter the car (obviously!) coz they locked it. Yet, I could notice the interior is as sleek as its exterior, with the capability of transforming the back seat into 60-40 arrangement that you can flatten it out, which would be great for the Ikea trip (or is it 50-50, I can't recall).

The display models were in two versions: A200 BlueEFFICIENCY and A250 Sport. The A200 costs RM199k, while the A250 is RM239k. They actually come in 4 other color choices apart from the one on the display there, yet the metallic mountain grey really caught my attention. One word about this Merc A - it's sporty. I can't actually put my finger on the bad things about the car's design coz it looks perfect from any angle (maybe that's why I spend quite some time there adoring its good look!). Would the low(er) price of this Merc lure the younger generations to own one? That, only Mercedes Benz could answer.

Anyhow, I'd be delighted if the event organizer could invite me again for the Mercedes Benz test drive event for bloggers just as what they did a couple of months back. I would LOVE to drive this beauty. Call me, please...!