Black, White & Splashy Monday

I'm starting the week in the black and white ensemble again. It seems that this has become a recurring theme for weeks recently after I'm ditching the 'blue on Monday blues' cliché which I think is quite tacky. I like black and white, it's the easiest pair up that can sway either way - formal or casual - depending on what occasion I'm going, or which mood I'm feeling.

But for the previous Monday, the mood is definitely formal coz it's the beginning of a packed schedule due to the external examiner visit that came to the campus for the annual meeting. The timetable is set for 3 days, and the staff had to attend for some important sessions that had been enlisted. I actually appreciate this kind of meeting coz there're always sharing of ideas between both parties, something to be raised upon, some issues to be looked into either it's about the curriculum side, or the management matters or even about how we handle our business - as we know there're always room for improvement that can be done every time. Though it's not a full 8-5 timing, the presence of the staff during the sessions can made a huge difference for the image of the department. And I'm happy to oblige.

So, for the day I put on the new jacket that I bought at Zara during the weekend that looks quite quirkily formal. It doesn't have a typical lapel, instead it was like a lapel-less turn-up version that comes with a layer under the outer lapel. Kinda judo outfit in a way, without the belt. I really like the silhouette-contouring feature it does to the body and the slight enclosure at the neck area. Pairing up with it is the slimfit shirt by Asos, and the splash-paint print tie by Topman to give a twist to the formality. Completing the look is CK Masculine chrono watch and Jimmy Choo boots. 

What was one of the comments by the external examiner? He said we're definitely too busy with many stuff to do in the department. I couldn't agree more...!