[Q & A] Black Suits with White Shoes?

One of this blog reader - Zahid - asked me a question back in 2011 (yeah, it's long time ago). His question was, can I wear white shoes with black suit?

My answer to him was instantly 'NO'.

Thinking back, I could probably answer that question differently. 
  • If you're going to a formal event, avoid pairing black suit with white shoes coz it doesn't go well together. It's wrong for the event! White is a very dominant color. Even a tiny splash of white could strike a definite contrast to the whole black formality. Think about dandruff falling on your black t-shirt, then you know what I mean. Since formal event is all about looking sombre, you should avoid wearing black suit with white shoes. Period!
  • If you're going to a dinner or casual-formal event, that could probably be slightly acceptable. But, keep it to the minimum, such as wearing a black dinner suit with a black/white lace-up brogues - like my shoes from SEED [CLICK].
  • Black suit with white shoes is totally acceptable if you're going to a casual event. Or if you 're trying to look effortlessly nonchalant, coz white shoes would break up the formality of the black suit ensemble - and that's totally OK for a casual look. Or, if you're in boyband - just like this Big Bang Love Song vid. It looks pretty damn cool...!

Btw, Zahid thanked me as he said I did the right thing as he's actually going to the formal event. Well, I'm glad to help!

Dang! The suit worn by TOP looks smashingly awesome. The fit is insane!