Man of Steel Wears Paul Smith Glasses

So, let's keep the buzz even more buzzing. The new Superman movie - Man of Steel - is raking up the box office takings pretty damn good last week, grossing $129 million in only a week of its screening (according to Yahoo! Movies). I think we all knew why, aren't we? I haven't watched the movie (coz I don't like watching movie, yikes!), but I heard that the storyline is different from before. 

And the costume, let's talk about that awesome body-con, skintight webbed fusion-look unitard. It is absolutely fantastic that somehow bringing the Superman to an entire new level! Gone with the 'oh, you're wearing undie outside your leotard, eww...' presumption; in with the remarkable, Spidey-lookalike outfit that is a fashion on its own right. Plus, the color looks amazing as the midnite blue exudes some sort of mystery to the already mysterious embroilment of the Man of Steel itself. And oh, mentioning the choice of unitard - the way the designer claim on why ditching the red underwear, it's kinda the same thing as what Hedi Slimane did for Saint Laurent - not just about rebranding, but bringing it to its original aesthetic. 

I quote his statement:

We wanted to create a costume that was both appealing to a modern audience, and grounded in the mythology of the story. It was important for us to explain why the suit looks like it does–so throughout the film, we showed how the suit fits into Krypton’s traditions and aesthetics. ...(we) wanted to link the suit to the clothes of Krypton, so we showed that on Krypton, the citizens wear a protective “chainmail” skinsuit like Superman’s suit, with the same texture and detailing. We showed that all Kryptonians had a family crest or “glyph” on their chest that denoted their lineage, much like medieval heraldry. We gave the suit a hi-tech metallic sheen that helped instil the impression of Superman as the “Man of Steel.” The suit had a dimensional texture that gave it a sense of depth, an other-worldly feel.

And, the other success of the movie is course, Henry Cavill! I think we all agree that he's the most dashing Superman to date. No rival! I dunno if people realize that the actor is once the face of Dunhill fragrance back four years ago?

Anyway. Superman is definitely the alter ego of his other character - Clark Kent. And who is Clark without his signature glasses, huh? (is that the only way people can be incognito?). In the Men of Steel, Clark Kent wears not only a pair of glasses, it's the glasses by the famous designer - Paul Smith. Fit to an utter perfection to the silhouette of his face. It's kinda mix of old-school meet modern twist, which translated to what Men of Steel movie is all about too.

One word: bellissimo!