ASOS Now Stocks Primark. Are You Kidding?

I know that Asos do have a huge demographic when it comes to shopping 'paradise', who stocks as high-end labels as Gucci and Armani, to as low highstreet brand like New Look. But what I'm totally shock today is when seeing other 'low end' highstreet label that suddenly made a cut into the online shop: Primark. Seriously?

For those who's from the UK should've known that the brand is the go-to for among any bargain hunters when they wanna find something that's utterly 'fast fashion'. Primark excels in this area coz  not only they do copy almost 100% the look on the runway (womenswear, that is), they offer at a very high-speed and at the lowest price that any other highstreet store could offer. In London, their flagship store near Marble Arch tube station at Oxford Street West [CLICK] that opened circa 2007 (taking over the former C&A store) is one of the most jam-packed with people daily and the most visited too. If Harrods is for those who'd be willing to spend thousands of pounds, well... Primark is the Harrods for the 'thin-wallets'. So, you can expect why Malaysian visitors are always seen outside the store with bags and bags of purchase (no offence).

So, when Asos recently stocked stuff from Primark in their website, I think they could've gone berserk. It's like bringing down Asos to the down low, when it's not supposed to. Why? To me it's simply because clothes from Primark is not really that good quality. Wash today, fades a couple of minutes later, no kidding (most of their clothes does). But, if the price is the one you're chasing for; well, I have nothing to say. The ball is in your court...

Anyway, on the other note, I used Primark stuff too. Their fleece blanket is the cheapest [CLICK]. So as their Afghan scarf, by which it's the good one I could find at highstreet [CLICK]. Yet, my number one must-buy from Primark is their white towel: thick, fluffy, comfy, high thread-counts, and the price is just £3. As for clothes, they're not for me (except for the skinny tie!)