Best of 2012: Red Pants. Whoops, We Dressed Alike?!

What does Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Louis Tomlinson of One Direction and me (of no direction!) have in common? We seem to be wearing the trend of 2012 - red pants + Breton stripes tee. What a coincidence, huh? Nampak sangat gaya retis. Hihu..

More on the red chinos [click]


What's In The BigFat Bag? : Part 2

The second part of what's in my bag. Different day gave different mood; and that's one of the reason I gotta change the bag and some accessories that goes along with it. These are snapped a couple of weeks back - that's why the phone is the old iPhone 4. Just saying, ha!

YSL ipad case, Saint Laurent ipad case, SEED tote, SEED bag, Ordning & Reda pouch, python bag, Calvin Klein ipad case, laptop
(as in the order)
(1) Cream leather tote by SEED - (2) Samsung N310 Naoto Fukasawa netbook - (3) Cream leather laptop/iPad case by Calvin Klein [click for details] - (4) Apple iPad - (5) tan leather iPad case by Yves Saint Laurent - (6) green faux python pouch by Ordning & Reda - (7) striped toiletry pouch by S&J - (8) Saffiano leather long wallet by Bonia - (9) portable scanner by Magicscan [click for details] - (10) laser wireless mouse by Logitech - (11) iPhone 4 & Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Stardust' iPhone case - (12) netbook charger.

Christian Louboutin ipad case, Christian Louboutin Cris ipad case, Samsung N310, Naoto Fukasawa, Hugo Boss tote, Hugo Boss bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs ipad case, ipad, Calvin Klein ipad case, laptop, gadget
(as in the order)
(1) Slate grey leather laptop case by Calvin Klein - (2) Samsung N310 Naoto Fukasawa netbook - (3) Studded 'Cris' iPad case by Christian Louboutin [click for details] - (4) Perforated leather tote by Hugo Boss [click for details] - (5) iPad - (6) Embossed leather pouch by Marc by Marc Jacobs [click for details] - (7) Saffiano leather long wallet by Bonia [click for details]


The Niece's New Bag

As of lately I think my niece, Nadiah has upped her ante in the fashion department. Not too bad for the taste of bag, with the price that isn't breaking the bank. :)

Messing With Siri

Me messing up with Siri, the digital assistant ala AL that's embedded in the iPhone. My previous iPhone 4 doesn't have a Siri, so with the new iPhone 5 I can have fun playing with it that's proven such an experience.  You know Apple has gone through great lengths to come up with a flawless Siri, and it does show their effort. Though not a 100% good coz it can't answer or reply some question/order  (man-made stuff is never perfect!) - yet, the most important part of using Siri is really to have fun with it. And you'll never know what I found....

*I really love that reply "I do, eh?". LOL!

There're some question Siri can't answer, For that it chooses to search the web instead.. But for others, it can look up for the answer, such as 'what movies should I watch'...

And let the fun begins! This is some of what Siri could answer or replied...

I asked Siri to play a song. And it randomly picked the 'Little Things' by One Direction from the 'Take Me Home' album. When I told Siri to play Big Bang, it played a song in the Big Bang list - and even know the title of that song!

*I ordered Siri to play some other song, it tried searching for the title 'Some Other' instead! Silly...

This is when I asked whether I should wear a black tee. And which one is good, a black or a white T-shirt....

When I asked how much is a T-shirt, a different answer is given; not the price, but the definition instead.  

I tried messing with Siri by asking these questions. And it was funny!!

Siri can also be very 'factual' about stuff. One example is when I asked about how long is one meter. It's one damn 4 pages long worth of statement!

Siri can also do maths!

... and also search for who's who...

I tried checking if Siri knows how much is the cost of an iPad Mini and whether Apple is a good product, it replied....

Then I asked Siri what's the meaning of my name, it can't really catch the pronunciation 'Zamri'. Instead, it gave me the word 'Sunbury'. Sunbury? That's when I told it 'stupid'. And Siri goes....

So, try it. Then you'll never know how long you gonna waste time playing with Siri! It's utterly spontaneous and so much fun!


Wordless Wednesday: Baptiste Giabiconi for Schwarzkopf

Which hairstyle should I go for...?

[pix via mms]

One Trick to Know When Shopping Online

One of the perk of shopping online is the existence of promo codes aka discount codes aka voucher codes for you to utilize upon hitting the 'proceed' button prior checkout. We all wanna save money, right? So, just google it, you'll find some!

Wishing for the Nike Inneva Woven

Three months too late. That's all I can say about my discovery on the Nike coolest addition to their trainers collection. Last September they released this super-edgy lightweight running shoes that looks great on the track and equally hot on the streets too. After having two worst nightmare with Nike shoes before, this one could be an exception coz I just love everything about this Nike Inneva Woven sneakers. It's nothing like what Nike has done. There's even none of Nike's typical signature 'tick' emblem on the sides. It's plain but not that plain. It's simple but not that simple. Some said it mould to the feet as you wear it since this one is like Nike Free trainers that made you feel as if you're not wearing any. Some could even mistaken it as Bottega Veneta due to the intrecciato woven features. There's something high-end about this trainers - yet, very hard to explain. It got that je ne sais quoi that's indescribable. 

But, yes... I am three months too late. And this shoes is no longer available. Dang!

[pix from kith nyc and nike inc]

UPDATE: I think I have to forget about getting this coz it seems that the inner lining of Inneva Woven is actually from pigskin. Dunno why Nike like to use pigskin a lot! My previous encounter of Nike Air Jordan Retro also sported nubuck pigskin. Yikes! [click]


Backpackers Society

My end-of-year holiday of 2012 has officially started yesterday. That means I'll be taking a long break for the rest of the year before we all hit the new year 2013 soon. Oh, did I said the rest of the year? Yes, I do. Well, apparently it's only about 8 days left before we end 2012, right?

It's been such a hectic year for me so far, and I can't wait to take my mind off everything and forget about work for a while (despite it'll be so impossible, I know!). After 2 days at home taking a short breather, I'm ready to do what holiday is all about: went out and catch everything that life has got to offer. And travel, which is the best thing of all. Where would I go? I have no plan, to be honest. I just follow what my heart tells me to. And that's the most fun part - being spontaneous, which I love.  

Mentioning travel, I wanna try the backpackers' style. Sort of, in a way. Especially after receiving the new Asos Black x Puma backpack that's just arrived last week in my mailbox. I previously blogged about it 3 months ago, and secretly wishing I could get one myself [click] as it looks so edgy and hot. After waiting for quite some time, when Asos finally did put it into their new arrival collection, I snapped fast the moment I saw it. It's definitely one cool backpack - surprisingly as good as what I saw in the pix! There's nothing I would say bad about it (not yet!), but if I could suggest to Asos : they should do this in leather version too coz pleather would degrade through years, while leather will age gracefully, instead. Other than that, none. I'm very pleased with the purchase!

Anyway. That Asos x Puma bag will enter my list of backpacks that I got in my collection. Not much, but appreciable. Apart from the grey herringbone by Zara (which I bought 2 years ago in London, CLICK), the rest are bought this year. Pretty cool, as it varies my taste to not only tote and messenger bags, but also rucksacks as well. Hey, isn't that variety is the spice of life?

So. I am ready to join the backpackers society, then...

red cotton backpack - Topman; terracota chinos - Asos
I used the Topman bag when visiting Malacca back in April [CLICK]

denim backpack - Adidas Originals @ JD Sports, jeans - Uniqlo

grey herringbone backpack - Zara, distressed dark grey jeans - Uniqlo 

stars & stripes backpack - Topman, black jeans - Uniqlo

backpack - Asos Black x Puma, black jeans - Uniqlo. 
T-shirts - Jil Sander x Uniqlo


Wordless Weekend: Topman.com

Wide selection. Fun collection. Fast shipment. It's Topman.com.

H&M Goes Emerald for Spring/Summer 2013

It's confirmed that everybody hates Monaco Blue, the supposed-to-be Pantone Color of 2013. Why? Coz it's so subdued, sombre and has no excitement at all compared to this year's Tangerine Tango. I think despite of whatever being clarified by the rep at Pantone about Monaco Blue, people don't wanna dip themselves into sombreness after they've gone through all the excitement of 2012's orange hues itself.

And so came along the second in the throne of 2013's Color of the Year - Emerald. The name itself  kinda brought the element of joy, radiant, lush and luxe, just as what the precious stone is associated with. On the womenswear counterpart, the ladies has been rocking emerald quite often as it's been seen on the red carpet for quite a while now. On the men's department we also saw R-Patz did his take on emerald when he dishes out in green Gucci suit for the Twilight première a couple of weeks ago. Are we ready to officially take it to street then for next year?

Fret not as H&M will be offering some pieces in emerald green and its hues for Spring/Summer 2013 collection. While this season they've already did forest green (as what I've tried the suit jacket during my previous snoop, CLICK), for next season the collection spans into the wider shade of emerald such as the suit-trousers separates, as well as some pieces rocking the same tone but with a dash of ethnic prints like what is seen on the pants and t-shirt. I'm loving the look, and I do hope (and I do mean 'I DO HOPE') that what is shown in the pix is as good as what I find in real life (coz you know H&M, right?).

Anyway. 2013 - the future looks green. Emerald green!

In case you wanna find inspiration for what emerald to go for - instead of the official PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald, maybe this shot could gives off the mood...

[pix from various sources]

The Best of 2012: Online Shopping. For the Record...

The time of the year has finally arrived when we start reminiscing what have we gone thru for the past 12 months in the year 2012. It's sort of doing the same thing like your annual appraisal or performance review - where we look back to the period of January to December to see what we've done, what we've gained, what we are lacking of, all the ups and the downs, everything - which somehow showed our achievements for the year. Well, I'm not gonna talk about career-wise here coz for that I'm gonna leave it 'off-record' (but I'm glad with my appraisal exercise with the bosses this week). Instead, I'm gonna talk about my online shopping experiences for 2012 since this blog is all about that: SHOPPING!

Similar to last year, my online shopping experience in 2012 has been astonishingly awesome. As much as I've visited and spend my dosh at most my fav e-stores, there are some new e-retailers that I've also visited. There are also some that I've been wishing for them to ship here to Malaysia, and I think my prayers have been answered coz I get what I wished for. They varies - from the highstreet brands to high-end labels - and both served such a great experience that I could never trade of.

So, lets's go for a little bit technical and crunch the statistic. Upon tracing back my record, I have come down to these vital numbers of my shopping online activities this year:


  • Shopping at Asos.com is always my fav and proven a brisk, upped 3 more to 20 times this year due to the more collections been offered. I dunno how those people at Asos really work, but I think they're insane. Insanely good, I mean! Just imagine, they load new stuff online bi-weekly (every Tuesday + Thursday), not to mention they ship free worldwide too. Yes, I do mean FREE. Sometimes, they did discounts and sales where they slashed prices like insane. If any store would ever did that formula, I believe that's how a successful site would be. And Asos is! Also, Asos have their own clothing line which I think is one of the reason why I shopped there for clothes the most. Good quality, very on-trend and trendy, awesome fabrics, great fitting and the most important - cheap; which is why I can't live without not checking the site every alternate day! (Oh, did I mention they always give me special discount coz I'm a regular? Syyyy....)
  • At River Island, it's up a notch. Reason being, this year they do a lot of 'Free Worldwide' shipping - which I took the chance seriously to snatch some items I had in mind, coz I don't wanna pay their £10 delivery cost. See, again the most important factor nobody wanna pay the high shipping cost, right?
  • Topman, didn't make it it into the statistics though coz I've just received my order yesterday. So damn fast shipment as they previously provide limited period free shipping. Gotta snap the chance, eh?


On to my next shopping activities - the high-end labels, like DSquared2, Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. It seems that the statistics varies (now I'm sounding quite 'academically', huh?).
  • At Mr Porter it's down to none in 2012 coz so far there's nothing that tickles my luxury taste from them this year. It's not that I don't like stuffs there, but for some they're gone right before I'm about to snatch it during sale season (talking about me being late, huh?). I hope when the Boxing Day arrived next week I could grab something that I've been eyeing for to overcome my 'draught' from Mr. Porter (from 6 time to none - I am in Mr.Porter draught!)
  • At Net-a-Porter - the sister site of Mr.Porter - it's also down a notch for 2012. This year I only grab the Christian Louboutin iPad case from them as they're the only e-retailer that stock the item anywhere in the world apart from Christian Louboutin site itself. Just like the previous YSL 'limited' iPad cases, I think I'm just a lucky few to get it. Again at Net-a-Porter. 
  • At Shopbop also no shopping this year coz the techno-collection of iPhone cases and iPad cases is like a bit blah. I hope when they stock any Marc Jacobs 'Stardust' for iPhone5, I might snatch some for sure!
  • YOOX, up a notch to twice this year as I grabbed the DSquared2 and Dolce & Gabbana boots. Despite Yoox stocks off-seasons items, if I saw something that's timeless and seasonless, I will grab it for sure. Proven for the 'unplanned' Dolce [click]!
  • My shopping at Restir still remains the same. Last year it's the Dior iPad case, this year is the Alexander McQueen boots [click]. What I like about Restir now is that they already included the tax inside the purchase cost. Meaning, I don't have to worry about paying for the Customs anymore!
  • SSense is one high-end shop that I attempted this year when I grabbed the DSquared2 boots. I would say I am happy with the purchase and the collections they had since they're all very on-trend, highly sought after and quite limited too. Yet, i'm not too happy that I have to pay for the Customs tax, though.... even if it's not that pricey. 


  • One improvement this year is that I shopped quite a lot of sports item online. Either shoes or sports equipment, they're easy to find without me having to leave my seat at home. It shows on my attempts at new stores like JD Sports, Bank Fashion and Scotts -  where I bought the Adidas Originals collection from them. Bank Fashion, JD Sports and Scotts are somehow within the fraternity of the 'JD & the family' since they are bound under the same online shopping services. The great thing about those sites, their shipping is at flat rate of £4.99 regardless the size of the order, making the purchase even much worth it and not too burning a whole in the pocket (unless your pocket do have a hole itself!).
  • Shopping for watches at Watch Shop and Bloomsbury e-store.
  • Ebay and Amazon for some hard-to-find items like the discontinued JPG Monsieur grooming range and the car cassette adapter. Despite the shipment took forever, still it's a great site to shop.
So, how many times do I shopped online this year? From that record it's about 31 times, equivalent to last year - which means I shopped almost every alternate week. Again. Yikes! Overall, it's been fun, it's been good, and yup... it's been causing a dent in my bank balance, for sure! It's not the end of my online shopping for this year yet coz next week the REAL winter sale will begin as most e-stores in the UK did their Boxing Day sale. Can't wait for that!


GQ Most Stylish Men of the Year

GQ has recently posted their list for the 25 most stylish men in the year 2012. And, guess what.... they're of course the celebs. Duh..! Who else isn't it? Despite the 25 big names from the actors, sportsmen, rappers, and umm... animated character (?), this would be my best 5 selected list from the list. They got the style, the physique, the swagger, and the sense of fashion better than the rest.

To be honest, apart from Russel and Dwayne, I don't think the rest should be in here either coz those people got stylist! Prior hitting red carpet, they've been primped, been groomed, being polished so that they'll look effortless. Unfair, right? Coz the 'Most Stylish' should be the one who can came up with their 'own style' without the help of other parties, isn't it? Just imagine how the rest three would look during their off-duty. Would they be qualified to be listed?

Oh, well. The list is just for fun anyway, no need to take it seriously.

Armie Hammer

Russell Westbrook

Adam Levine

Dwayne Wade

Ryan Gosling