The Bomb!

Finally. After scouring here and there, trying to find ways how I can get this perfume since Harrods did not ship any fragrance outside UK - alas, it has landed into my lap last Monday. Thanks to a good friend who said he wanted to return to Malaysia for a quick break with his family, I don't waste any time to also asked him to buy me this perfume. And he did. 

The BOMB has finally arrived. The Spicebomb by Victor & Rolf, which I fell for due to its very interestingly quirky grenade-lookalike bottle. When Men's Health UK slipped some sample of the scent into last month's issue, it seemed to stamp the deal : I HAVE to get it!

Upon spritzing the real stuff last week, there seem to be a sense of deja vu to the scent. Somehow I'm sensing a similarity to CK One Shock, with a hint of CK Man. Turned out that I'm not wrong at all coz some ingredients in the formulation are quite the same.

It's top note has grapefruit, which is the same as CK Man giving a sense of citrusy feel to it. But the one that really hit me the most is the middle and base notes coz it contains the same 'ingredient' as CK One Shock - pepper and tobacco. Yet, Spicebomb is much sexier coz the vetiver and leather in the base note really exude the sensual appeal that differs from Shock and set it well apart.

To me, Spicebomb is much suitable for the evening rather than morning wear to the office coz its spicier scent really can 'detonate' the room without any doubt!

*suddenly this one reminds me of the song "cantik menarik tertarik, kau memang da bomb!"

Time Travel. Again.

Time travel again. Well, ok...time to travel, not really time travel. It seems like yesterday I've been with the BFF. Now, it'a time to do it again for the BFF weekend.

Spring Is In!

Spring has come early at H&M. While those at the northern hemisphere is yet to have their fair share of winter season, some can't wait for the warm climate to arrive. Well, at least this days each and every fashion house should not only do the typical Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer based on the usual fashion calendar coz while those in the north are having their autumn/winter, people in the south probably is having the opposite. Like now, if I'm not mistaken in Australia is almost  or already summer. So, does the fashion clock be valid?

But anyhow, what happen in H&M is something to be welcomed about. New collection, touted to be for Spring 2013 has hit online stores. I'm seeing plenty of colors galore. The colored pants make the 'in' thing again. Though the same silhouette, they still look fresher (not to mention much slimmer too!). The autumn/winter hues that seem to continue into spring/summer seems to be burgundy/maroon and yellow mustard.

So, time to refresh the wardrobe perhaps? 

[pix from h&m]


Earning My Stripes

It has now unofficially 'officially' become the new activity for the BFF after we discover how much fun it was two weeks ago to bowl at Alamanda Putrajaya. Last weekend I got to do it for another cycle with the clan at Sunway Mega Lanes - the training 'centre' for Malaysian famous bowlers.

All I can say, I still got the moves. And thankfully, I've increased my points from the previous game. It's awesome. It's like earning the new stripes again! (and I am wearing stripes, yes)

Mine is the 'K'. Not too bad... but can't challenge my old point of 196. That day there's a tournament happening  too at Mega Lanes, and the winner got 212. Looks like my previous score is quite close to that. Ha!

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Edgy but Risque. I Won't Be Wearing It Again!

It's the BFF day out to KLIA last Friday night. Makan2 and jalan2. BFF, as in BigFat Family. It seems that what I'm wearing is quite risque for the outing with the clan. Bottom line is, I'm not gonna wear it again! Too hot to handle...! 

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tee - Jil Sander x Uniqlo. cropped chinos - Uniqlo. hi-top gladiator sandal - Kurt Geiger.


Extreme-ly Hot!

This Nissan Extreme concept SUV truly stays true to its name: Extreme. Extremely sleek styling. Extreme crossover between a sportscar and an SUV. Extremely aerodynamics. Extremely futuristic out-of-this-world supercontemporary design. And yup, extremely hot!

Dear Nissan. Please don't make it just a 'Concept'. Make my dream a reality, instead....

Gucci Minichecks Suit: Who Wears It Better?

A perfect fashion recycle. But who wore the Gucci mini-checks black suit better? Is it Ryan Gosling, who first wore it during the première of Crazy, Stupid, Love back in July? Or is it James Wen, who wore it at the opening of Gucci flagship store at Taipei 101 last week?

In term of fit, I'd give it to Ryan coz he got the body to pull it off very well. It looks as if the suit was made-to-measure for him. But in term of shoes, James did it better - with a proper Gucci loafer - even sans socks it looks good. Quite a formal nonchalance feel. 

But, I think if James could do a little bit of nip 'n tuck to the waist though so that the suit would snug him more - with that hair updo and clean look, he could be the overall winner. Hands down!

[pix from various sources]

What's in the BigFat Bag? : Part 1

Could this be the post anticipated by many? I guess. Finally, it's my turn to reveal what's in my bag. The content, which I think is the typical for so many workaholic commuters these days. Since I am highly 'mobile', travelling here and there, working away from the office for so many times of the week, not to mention being on the road all the time, I had to ensure everything that I pack is highly portable too. And ultramobile, definitely. And be 'wired' and connected with the masses surrounding my fraternity all the time; coz that's how the cyber universe these days work - being online always.

So, what's in my bag today? 

(according to its order)
Bag by Private Stitch - Netbook leather case by Calvin Klein - Samsung N310 Naoto Fukasawa netbook. Faux-python pouch by Ordning & Reda -  leather iPad case by Dior Homme (+ iPad stylus by Targus) - Apple iPad - Saffiano leather long wallet by Bonia - Striped toiletry pouch by S&J - External HDD by Transcend - Laser wireless mouse by Logitech - Wireless presenter by Targus - Specially engraved pen by Parker (gift by someone) - Red leather card case by Sembonia - External HDD My Passport by Western Digital - iPhone + iPhone case 'Stardust' by Marc by Marc Jacobs. And of course, a bunch of chargers.

See. Nothing special. 


Time Travel

It's not really time travel. But, time to travel, that is. Another quick business trip to the capital again. And another weekend with the BigFat clan.


Fashion Photography: Scotch & Soda SS'12

I drew inspiration from fashion photography the most when it comes to capturing the essence of clothing and style with the storytelling capability. Though I'm still mastering the technique myself and keep on failing every now and then, it doesn't stop me to continue my attempt in polishing my skill in them. 

Clothes is about how you wear 'em. When and where you wear 'em is what gonna give life and the whole story for it. Capturing the imagery of an ambience with the clothing as the eventual main subject is somehow what made the ad campaign is much more livelier than just a typical catalogue shot.

One example that I'm truly loving is this ad campaign by Scotch & Soda for the previous Spring/Summer 2012, featuring model Will Higginson. I love how the pixs tells the story. Enough say...

What's In Their Bag?

Creative people: you don't know what's on their minds. But you can practically learn their character by watching what they carry with 'em every day. What's in their bag. The stuff that they bring with them on daily commute, during travelling, to work, or to meet other people in their business - it shows a thing or two or even everything about 'em as a person. Be it a classy taste, or street wise, or simplistic dude with a twist - sometimes I love seeing what's in there that they're packing?

What did I pack in my bag today? Hmmm....

[pix from hypebeast]

Men in Black Wednesday

Pure drama. I think that's what I'm trying to achieve for the office look I'm wearing on Wednesday. Or, maybe it could be theatrical instead, but a very subdued version of it. How can I achieve all of those? By going all black, top-to-toe indeed. 

For the ensemble I wore my new double-breasted jacket by Asos that has such a luscious texture of the wool-mix fabric. I was actually quite stunned when I opened the package containing the jacket the day before that coz I dunno it would be having that 'premium' feel to it. Plus, the smell is super-nice too, which somehow got quite a pleasing scent. 

Since I'm in the mood for drama, I did a twist and wearing the jacket in a non-traditional manner - by doing the collar upturn, thus concealing the black shirt and black crochet tie underneath (both by Uniqlo). Pairing the db jacket is the trousers by Uniqlo x Jil Sander to give a total ultra-slimming silhouette. To complete the look are the new watch by Simon Carter, the mid-ankle Chelsea boots by Alexander McQueen and my Christian Louboutin Cri iPad case.

So, do I achieve the all-black dramatic look on Wednesday? I think so. I hope so. A simple dramatic coz it's black. And the scary truth, I dunno how would my 140+ audience react during presentation that morning.- full of theatricality too, perhaps, coz the subject I'm discussing is quite complex in nature....

Berry Good Tuesday

Tuesday's attire to the office. I was in the mood for berry again, so it's about re'cycle' the look that I had previously done before. The only difference, the accessories used for the day are somewhat new for some of them.

The berry shirt is by River Island, paired with the purple-mauve checks slim tie by Fred Lenzo and Jil Sander x Uniqlo trousers. Completing the look is Gucci mocs, new all-black watch by Timex Originals and the new bag by Private Stitch @ Isetan.

Very simple as usual, but berry good...

Oh, another thing that I think is good about Tuesday is when one of my former Vietnamese Grad Assistant asked me one question that is very hard to answer: how frequent did I go to the gym? When I asked why, he replied my body looks quite good, different from other people. I presumed.... that's because I'm skinny, perhaps??

My answer, I never gone to the gym. In fact it's not the gym, it's the genes! I'm naturally skinny.

*Lame answer, I know....ha! 


I AM a Fashion Victim! (And So Do You)

Something to ponder...

"Greenpeace International has commissioned a new investigation that delves even further into the hazardous chemicals used in the production of high street fashion.

Spurred on by the success of Greenpeace's Detox Campaign, which exposed the links between textile manufacturing facilities using toxic chemicals and water pollution, the investigation was expanded to include 20 global fashion brands – including Armani, Levi's andZara – as well as more hazardous chemicals.

A total of 141 items of clothing were purchased in April 2012 in 29 countries and regions worldwide from authorised retailers. The chemicals found included high levels of toxic phthalates in four of the garments, and cancer-causing amines from the use of certain azo dyes in two garments. NPEs were found in 89 garments (just under two thirds of those tested), showing little difference from the results of the previous investigation into the presence of these substances in sports clothing that was conducted in 2011. In addition, the presence of many other different types of potentially hazardous industrial chemicals was discovered across a number of the products tested.

As inherently hazardous substances, any use of NPEs, phthalates, or azo dyes that can release cancer-causing amines, is unacceptable.

As global players, fashion brands have the opportunity to work on global solutions to eliminate the use of hazardous substances throughout their product lines, and to drive a change in practices throughout their supply chains."

[original source: greenpeace international]

Quest for DB Is Not Over!

My quest for a double-breasted suit is far from over. After getting the linen db suit from Asos last year - not one, but two - I'm yearning for more. [CLICK] For those who like a classic suit with a twist of dandiness, wear a db suit instead You'll definitely would raise the stake of your sartorial look without any doubt.

Looking at the Shortlist mag cover for the 'Style' section,  I'm loving the look of it. Pretty waist-hugging, very sharp shoulders, peaks lapels like its predecessors yet very fresh look, and great-looking sombre urbane tone - all of the features ticks the right boxes to me. I like the way the fabric gives light too, which I'm sensing it might've been due to the mohair mix to it. 

But, the question is:  where to get a great db suit these days?

I dunno. Yet, what I found at Topman recently also ticks the right boxes. Very luscious, rich, luxe, contemporary, mod, fresh, youthful, great color and fabric - all about the suit made me fell for it. Though I can't found this Limited Edition db suits anywhere in KL, the good news is that Topman now ships to Malaysia. The bad news is : these suits cost more than RM2000! 

What a whopper?! I ain't buying it! My Asos just cost me a mere RM200. Buying these 'premium' from a highstret label, that'll be insane!

Whatever it is, my quest for another db suits is far from over...

[pix from shortlist and topman]


Canon EOS M: Dial M for Mobility?

Mirrorless camera foray into the market has actually taken the world by storm. A lot of people love them these days, especially for those who crave for mobility of a point-and-shoot while at the same time wanna get the quality of a DSLR. Latest to jump into the bandwagon is Canon with its latest offering: the Canon EOS M.

In the previous weekend I got a chance to try it on myself at Canon Suria KLCC. I've been waiting to test it quite some time after reading about it at T3 and Stuff mag. So, when I finally got my chance for the hands on, what could be my take on it?
  • The weight is definitely lighter. Duh, of course, coz the casing itself is almost a third less than the DSLR. Somehow it does have that Powershot feel to it, which is what Canon has been famous for in the p&s market apart from its Ixus. 
  • It feels quite solid, good grip to any typical hand, but not as better grip as DSLR due to the flatter front geometry it has. Nonetheless, it's almost similar to other mirrorless rivals like Fuji and Nikon.
  • Mentioning its body, EOS M doesn't have the same sexy appeal like Nikon or Samsung, coz the nook and crannies on it with the release button and such, creates curves that's quite a nuisance to the eyes. 
  • However, what it lacks in term of chic(er) look, it offers a good spec inside.
  • The camera setting is controlled by the 3-inch touchscreen mode. Surprisingly the response is so swift and easy, unlike what I found on Sony DSC cameras (which surely a big pain in the ass coz the response is like 'sucking snail' aka siput sedut). On this EOS M it's quite fast as if I'm flipping the pages on an iPhone!
  • Picture quality is quite great as it packed with 18 MP resolution. I think it's as same quality as the DSLR, or better than the p&s. I can't comment more on it coz I haven't tried all its pic-taking features.
  • The lenses are the EF-M specially made for the camera, and you can't use the typical Canon EF lenses without the adapter - yup, EF-M mount specially made for the camera too. Despite the adapter is quite weird looking (as it has some sort of a 'base' at the bottom), once you connect it, the world is yours! You can practically use any vast arrays of Canon EF lenses imaginable in the market!
  • For the package there are two lenses for EOS-M: Canon EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM and EF-M 22mm f/2.0 STM.
  • Price? For the full package : the body + 2 lenses + speedlight Canon 90EX, it's retailed at RM 3100. Quite pricey, coz you can actually get a Canon DSLR for less than that. But if 'mobility' is what you're looking for - then by all means, go for it.
My last verdict, to get or not too get? Well, I'll pass... for now. Maybe in the future, who knows - especially when they improvised on the external shell.

For more detailed review, you may read it HERE