Word'Less Wednesday: Adidenim

I previously told Ita that I've bought three new sports shoes. And I'm not kidding. Well, probably just two, coz the other one is not really 'sports'. And they're all denims. And they're all Adidas. 

*more about their stories later*

Topman.com to Ship to Malaysia!

Something that lots of fashion lovers and shopanistos out there has been fighting for all these while. Including myself who can't stop commenting at their Facebook page and emailing them - FINALLY it's happening!

Topman.com is gonna ship to Malaysia! 

Though most blokes at this country can already shop at Topman brick-and-mortar store around the country - at Suria KLCC, Pavillion, MidValley Megamall, Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall - yet, you can never get everything like their Topman Oxford Circus collection would offer. Humongous collection that you might be spoilt for choice. Especially the sought after stuff that would normally arrived here weeks after our Brits counterpart got it.

And now you can. Well, almost. I hope.

*I previously also commented H&M so many times about the same stuff. And see what had happened? Never undermine the power of a blogger.... yet alone fashionoholic! :)

Grey Suits to Lust For

For a touch of youthful formal elegance, I think grey suits can do no wrong. Usually paired with a pastel or light-colored shirt, grey suits is one item in any men's wardrobe that will stand strong against time. I think I got a couple of them, which ranges from light-colored grey to the urban subdued slate. It's the neo-classic that always timeless, always seasonless. Provided you know how to select the fabric - heavier wool mix for fall/winter, lightweight linen blend or cotton mix for spring/summer - to me, anybody can pull off grey suits without looking that you're trying too hard.

Or, for a casual nonchalance I like pairing either one piece from the grey ensemble - only the jacket or the suit trousers - with other color. Like this ad campaign by Z Zegna, white will always go chic when suiting up with a grey. Simple, easy and effortless classy.

[pix from zzegna]


Luggage Dilemma. Muji Lightweight, Perhaps?

A couple of blogposts ago somebody asked me if I could suggest a good luggage for travel. I answered I don't know, despite me knowing exactly what to suggest actually. Sorry, I had to lie - a white lie. The truth is, I got the answer ... but I forgot the brand name of the luggage. So, it's better to tell 'no' rather than to misguide people, right?

And now, I dare to mention that the luggage I may suggest to the reader is Samsonite superlightweight trolley luggage. (I hope you're satisfy, Joey...haha!) I previously saw it at Aeon Station 18 and quite astonished with its 'weightlessness'. For someone who's always unfortunate in term of gotta pay for excess luggage every time taking the flight (that's me, fyi!), having a superlightweight luggage is a MAJOR problem-solving situation. I dunno what happen with me, going to the check-in counter at the airport is always the biggest nightmare coz I always exceed the allowable limit. Even for a short break last weekend for Eid, my niece kinda summoned why I had to bring 4 bags! Well, that's the true fashionisto I presume - that I can't decide what to wear, therefore I've gotta pack many stuff! Anyway, I think by having that Samsonite - which if I'm not mistaken is less than 3 kg for a medium size - is a true savior for travel. Though I'm not really into it's nylon twill material, but what the heck, eh?

And another luggage if I may suggest is this one by Muji. It was such a love at first sight when I stumbled upon it at Muji @ Pavillion KL. At first it was the color (monochrome) that caught my attention coz it looks so chic. And then it was its simple look, and the polycarbonate material, and the slight 'corrugated' body which made it look kinda 'industrial' a bit. 

And when I tried lifting the luggage, I can confirm I'm sold! It's soooo superlightweight as if I don't carry the stuff despite its large size (I lifted the largest, 72 L bag). The handle is so easy to adjust, and this is one factor that also become the decisive point when I search for a good luggage. There're so many level I can adjust - unlike the current that I have which can only do 1 position (fully up, fully closed. totally siot!).

And then its wheel. Oh my.... why is this one so easy to move, as if I don't have to use my force at all? So unfair!

Yet, another 'unfair' thing is the price: so hefty RM 819 for the largest size. Yikes! Plus the fact that this one is not expandable (no extra zipper, which normally function to increase the size), I dunno whether I should give it a go. 

Since I already rejected the offer by the management to travel to London last weekend (yup, I've been offered to travel from 23-29 October!) I shunned the idea of getting the Muji superlightweight luggage after all.

Not this time. Next time, maybe.... when the Management offers me to travel to Germany; I should carry this stuff instead to avoid excess baggage!

*excess baggage sebelum pergi. time balik super duper excess la!

[pix from muji]

Retrending: Camo Chinos

Once upon a time back in 2001, London has been attacked by the army. No, not attacked as in real 'attack'... but, it's been hit my the military trend, instead. At every corner of the city I can practically see there's always someone, somewhere who wore the army look - especially the camouflage-themed pieces. Be it a camouflage parka, a camo jacket, a camo bag or a camo tee, the trend is truly huge back then. 

And that include myself who wore the camo chinos, somewhat in grey, slightly washed out form just like in the pix. That was snapped at Paddington Station in London during the time I went to send off a couple of friends from Wales, Swansea who came visiting the capital for a quick spring break. I remember I bought the trousers at Camden Market for just £6, which proven quite a steal after scouring around like crazy to find a perfect pair. If I can recall the seller was an Indian or Bangladeshi lady, who's herself in her saree, gave me the 'special' price coz I was the only buyer that weekend. It fits okay... though these days it may give me quite an eeek! moment coz the chinos was very baggy. 

Oh well, it was cool back then what?

Fast forward, it seems that camo chinos has never been out of style years in, years out. Today the fit has gone into much slimmer form, fitting the legs like a glove rather than making it appear hidden underneath the garment. The tapering fit make legs become more 'leggy' and much contemporary compared to the one I wore more than a decade ago. Like these lots seen at Asos.

As camo chinos falls under the 'print and pattern' tagline, the only way to avoid looking more tacky when wearing one is to pair it with a clean, plain top. Either it's a t-shirt or a shirt - to me that's the only way to cut off the look from making you looking like you're ready to sign up to become GI Joe!

Camo chinos. Ready to atten-hut!

[pix from asos]


29 October 2012

It's 29 October again. It's another date to remember. Can't believe how time flies too fast. And how that little boy has grown to be a 'simple guy who like simple things in life'.

Though there're many things change... it seems that the pose still remains. (still cheekily provocative!)

29 October. Happy BigFat Birthday to me! :)

*alamak, bukak aurat la plak... takper, zaman bebudak. Now not anymore...


Wordless Wednesday: Eenie Meenie Mini More

Mini? Yes, please.... (despite no Retina Display).

The Red Warrior

Better late than never. I know it's already been almost 5 days, but it's not too late to wish a huge CONGRATS to my football team - The Red Warriors - for winning the Piala Malaysia last Saturday. Unlike last May this time I'm not at the stadium to watch the game coz that noon I had to bring the kids to Petrosains KLCC for a small family gathering weekend. But whatever it is, though just watching it on the tele that night, the spirit is still there. The spirit of the RED (despite me kecundang at min 85th coz I snoozed off! yikes!). 

Whatever it is, this is a homage to The Red Warriors for winning THREE games this year: the Super League, the FA Cup and the Malaysia Cup. 

Red Warriors rocks!

aiyooo... macam red ninja la plaks. macam nak lompat kijang pun ada. huhu....

T-shirt - SODA, cropped trousers - People's @ MidValley, plimsols - Adidas Adidrill [click], 
beanie hat - Asos, watch - Calvin Klein.


BigFatSnoop: Dancing Skeleton & Dior Birds @ Jaspal

A little snoop at Jaspal @ Pavillion KL during the weekend. I saw this tee that looks quite quirky and interestingly funny. Though I dislike its fit (too casual loose fit!), but the prints makes all the difference. It's dancing skeletons! I dunno I should crack laughing when I put on this, but its fun nonetheless! 

I think the designer really had the tickle bones himself (no puns intended). Nggg.....

Another piece that I snatched to try is the slim-fit shirt with the prints in a silhouette of flying birds. Tastefully done, coz the fit and its high-quality cotton fabric is great. When I saw this I instantly said 'Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2012' coz the shirt has the same vibes as the collection done by Kris Van Assche for the fashion house this season. 

Perhaps this one is much fierce coz it's vulture rather than sparrows!

Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2012/13
[pix from style.com]

BigFatSnoop: Camo Chameleon @ Zara

It's the return of the army! Nope, I'm not referring to the Armed forces aka ATM who lost to The Red Warriors last weekend in the Malaysia Cup at Shah Alam Stadium (ngeehehe...sorry aaa). I'm talking about the comeback of the most-fav trend of all time for another round - the chameleonic camo.

Seen everywhere either on the catwalk or at highstreet, camouflage has become the sought-after look again this season. Probably because the intertwining hues of green with some infusion of greys really embodies the spirit of autumn as the leaves also gone through the same phases of change too, camo is making a return without a doubt. Latest to join the bandwagon is Zara that offers such a huge collection of camo theme, from the arrays of t-shirts and jackets, to the loafers and bags too (and also including an iPad case!).

Some of the pieces that I tried are the one featured in their online shop.

I thought this tee looks awesome in the pix when I saw it online. But not until I put it on my own body, I seem to understand its 'flaws'. While I like the fabric the most, coz it's one fabric I always look for - the organic cotton with its visible 'grainy' texture - the fit, on the other hand, is a bad story. It's a loose fit, which means it made me look kinda 'bloated' as it doesn't skim the body that well though. I just wish it hugs mine better, coz apparently the crew neck, the color combination and its fabrication ticks all the right boxes to me. What an unfortunate encounter....

Another piece in the same collection is the one in V-neck, which also not as good as it looks due to the looser fit. While its lightweight fabric and color are great, I just wish this one could also be a tiny bit slim-fitting to really ticks all the right boxes. And oh, the color is actually greenish grey, while the previous one is the army green (which is slightly darker version) 

Yet, for both of these tees one tip I think that could hide the flaws while still rocking in camo is to wear it with a blazer or a jacket. Which means, I still be doing the trend but in such a subtle way... 

Other camo in store is the wool/acrylic-mix sweater in a true army look. What is so special about this sweater is the three studded stars ornamenting its epaulette. I love this one coz it somehow hitting two trends at one go : camo, for the trend of the season, and star-shaped studs as seen at Givenchy, Jimmy Choo and DSquared2. 

The fit of this sweater is great, despite it might look a bit 'flaring' on the waist side (gotta loose the love handles then!). Did I mention about the fabric? Oh yes. The texture is of high quality and has quite an 'upmarket' feel. No wonder its on the upper side of the price tag, coz this one is actually part of the Zara 'Black Tag', which means it's actually part of the 'premium collection'.

The final piece that I've tried is not really a camo camo, but a tiger camo print instead. I dunno whether I would call this a two-trend-at-one-go again, coz tiger is also the much sought-after animal print this season (alongside fox) especially when it became such a hit last Spring/Summer 2012 (as seen at DSquared2).

Too much camo you think? Too much army? Still, it doesn't soothe the losing feeling of those ATM players though.... ahaks! (RED WARRIORS ROCKS! #eh...)


Dude Wears a Power Suit

Andre Villas-Boas, the Tottenham Hotspur manager in a slate grey suit. Everything about it is so dead-on, spot on. Slim-fitting, classical mod, great pairing of the width of the tie and the width of the lapels, and the streamlining chic of the Spur's official tie with the shirt and the hues of the suit. Dude really exudes so much power in it, suits his managerial talent that resulted Tottenham to win five out of six matches recently. In that ensemble, he can do no wrong!


Off-Duty Look

My fav off-duty look is always about something very easy and simple. Like this. Merino wool cropped cardigan by All Saints + breton stripes vest by H&M + cropped chinos by Uniqlo. No fuss. Easy to pull off. 

And oh. A good music is always a great help too...

The Red-Blue Contrast Combo

The red-blue combination for a casual ensemble that can do no wrong. I think red is paired very nicely with indigo denim or chinos in darker shade of blue, as the fusion of colors can carry themselves well together. Yep, it does create such a contrast, but cool kinda contrast. Kinda color blocking, but not too blocking out 'extraordinaire'. Just like this one featured in the GQ UK.

[pix via fashionisto]

Another red-blue combo is just like what I wore during the visit to Malacca Sultanate Palace last April - which is quite a full-on contrast indeed (eeek!). Full story here [CLICK].

Thursday Mood

Sub cropped sleeves blazer  + COS white shirt + The Tie Bar skinny tie bar + Rita Russo horizontal stripes slim tie + Skagen watch + DSquared2 'Beatle' brogue boots + River Island wool-mix trousers.

Some poeple has reported on the purple-fringing images of their iPhone 5 camera lately. But they should've known that it happen even before iPhone 4. Things need to improve APPLE!


Midweek Mood

Asos linen blazer + Zara red shirt + The Tie Bar skinny tie bar & tartan tie + River Island wool-mix trousers + Calvin Klein watch + Dolce & Gabbana boots.

Make Any Suit Look Bespoke

[scanned from MH UK Nov issue]


Seeing Double: The Studded Blazer

Last time, the blazer with the studded lapel is worn by David Guetta at the Grammy's Award [CLICK]. It might be more than 8 months ago where FW 2011/12 is still going strong, but the trend seem to be catching up for this coming FW 2012/13 too when Zara offers something quite similar. The studded black blazer with the same vibes as the one by DSquared2.

Despite the studs appear to be very subdued black (compared to shiny metal DSquared2), it still have that edgy factor to it. Slim-fitting, one-buttoned, sideways vent back - that is one thing which I call the utter mod look. My only problem with it could be the fabric; which I presumed is jersey due to its twill appearance. That means it won't stay put to the body as great as a typical cotton or wool-mix would give. 

Nevertheless, it's still looking fierce for a nonchalance look. So who cares...?! 

The studded blazer by Zara for FW12/13.

The studded blazer by Dsquared2 for FW 11/12
[pix from zara and ssence.com]

I Want That Driving Shoes Too, Please...

Andres Velasconso Segura for Carlo Pazolini collection. I never thought that driving shoes could look that good especially when wearing it sans socks. It gave such a casual feel, which I think looks great even if I'm not driving.

Driving shoes for me next? Yes, please....

[pix via fashionisto]

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M: Could This Be It?

Some classics. Some funky. Some quirky. Some even 'functional'. That's what Maison Martin Margiela is all about after all? But, the question is, could these leaked photos be the full collection? 19 pieces for guys and 19 pieces for the ladies. No, it's not the COMPLETE collection, but at least that's what the leaked photos give us! Just wait for next month when the collection really hit H&M stores worldwide to really confirm on all of these....

Oh, I want THAT boots, btw. And the camel blazer + the grandad-turn-tuxedo shirt too. And, is that a guitar bag? I'll mark that in my list, definitely!

Note: Looking at the leaked lookbook, I think the collection is a little bit weird! Yikes!

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M for Men.

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M for Women

[pix via subdistrict]