The MetroMen Style: Markus Lupfer "Wolf" + Giuseppe Zanotti "Swarovski"

I read Metro UK a couple of weeks ago when London Fashion Week was at its peak for its Spring/Summer 2013 show, and suddenly there's an editorial column featuring one of the Metro readers inside. Quite interesting as the ensemble that he's wearing is very subtle 'fashion', yet its silent style speaks quite loud on its own. The new season's wolf-print sweater by Markus Lupfer, paired with Acne's black skinny jeans and perking it up with the Giuseppe Zanotti slippers that's 'showered' with Swarovski crystals. Simple and a very understated edgy look .

What made me drawn to the look though is actually the sweater, which utterly reminisced the one I've tried 3 years ago at H&M at Regent Street. A mere coincidence, perhaps? [CLICK to compare]

[pix from metro uk and ssense]


Simple. Understated. Clean. Uncluttered.

That's what I want my life would be. That's how I want my style would be. And that's how I want to perceive what's happening around me to be. Stripped down to the bare. Return to the basics. Let the functional be just that - functional, and does its purpose. I know simple is very hard to get; but that doesn't mean it's not achievable. Simple doesn't have to be boring, because simple is easy and simple is ideality.

Simplicity is truly the ultimate sophistication.

*and by no means it got to do with Simpli'Kak'Siti. Ha! :)


Wear Your Wall

What happen if your top suddenly looks quite similar to the background? Is that the case you call 'blending in', coz somehow you don't need the invisible cloak from Harry Potter to be incognito - you can stand against the wall and people won't see you. Well, sort of. 

Like this one by Colin Farrell featured in Shortlist magazine. His tee from All Saints with the raw edges scoop neckline seems to infuse pretty well to the wallpaper behind him, as if play a theme with the same color scheme. Suddenly it's like matchings the surrounding without realizing it, huh? 

Anyway. The tee is quite cool - and it's color is actually 'terracotta' as mentioned by All Saints' themselves. [click]

But, what happen if you DO wear the wall? The brick wall, I mean - like this Jean Paul Gaultier 'brick wall' sweater worn by Tom Lander in the recent issue of Essential Homme. (Previously seen at Paris Fashion Week CLICK) Kinda quirky .... pretty cool kinda quirky. 

[pix from shortlist and essential homme]


Pantone Color Report Spring/Summer 2013

Say hellooo to.... Monaco Blue? 

Pantone has finally released their Color Report for Spring/Summer 2013 earlier than New York Fashion Week began. This time, the color of the year goes to - Monaco Blue (Pantone 19-3964, CMYK 92-67-10-32). What?? Really? I think it raises a lot of eyebrows coz the hue is very dull, sombre and subdued compared to the current SS12's Tangerine Tango, which certainly upped the vibrant look for the whole season. Despite the 'snooze button' given by the fashion lovers out there, the rep at Pantone clarified that the shade "speaks to the practicality that we are seeing in society. You have to realize there is still concern out there for the economy."

Well said, I think, since Monaco Blue is like a hybrid between navy and cobalt - that somehow speaks to the workforce that roam the business world in the classic nature their suit's color. Practical, as they said coz this can go on both sides of the fashion facade; men can wear the blue without a problem, women can also rock in one with much grace as well. A genderless hues.

The other Top 10 hues for Spring/Summer 2013 looks kinda exciting for the men's fashion too. Looks kinda masculine and not too overpowering like this year's Tangerine, that is. 

A video describing the colors...

So, who's on the runway doing Monaco Blue? It's very hard to pinpoint the correct one... but I'm guessing these designers has their own take on using the similar shade for their collection. 

Neil Barrett Spring/Summer 2013

Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2013

Etro Spring/Summer 2013

Talking about Pantone Color SS13, it's purely incidental that I've just discovered that my Eid's ensemble for the 1st Syawal is actually one of the Top 10 shade for two season's to come - Linen (Pantone 12-1008). It's a infusion of light beige with dusky pink, giving a sense of 'blush' that I previously talked about. Brilliant (I'm fashion forward again, huh? Ahaks!)

Anyway. For the complete Pantone Color Report Spring/Summer 2013, you can read the full manuscript thru my Issuu file here. 


The Giles, The Gucci and The Tortoises Gamble

Midweek Wednesday, is normally a not-so-sure day of what to wear. To play safe I just went for a black slimfit Oxford shirt by Giles Deacon, paired with the black micro-dotted skinny tie by F&F at Tesco. Yup, it's me trying to do the designer label-meet-supermarket label, that is; since the tie is actually costed me just £2 for two that I found at Tesco South Tottenham, London while shopping for groceries two years ago (it's close my rented bedsit, back then). To me it's not about the price that matters, but the look what it really counts.The tie is pretty nice up-close, that's what lure me to snap one without thinking much. Hey, it's only £2.... doesn't burn the hole in the wallet!

Oh, today it's quite a gamble coz I wore the grey mini-checks trousers by H&M that's quite lightweight. I actually hated any polyester-mix trousers that has more percentage of polyester in it more than is cotton or wool, coz in the end it won't 'drop' and contour the legs nicely. But, for the sake of experiment.... I say, why not? And what is even gamble I opted for something quite an eek! to complete the look - the tassel mocs by Gucci. 

At first I thought it was okay, but after a while I felt everything just went downhill since the pair up between the slightly wider-legged lightweight pants and the lo-pro shoes would never work well together. Another gamble, is pairing up the tortoise-shell accessories: the Nixon Shutter watch with that Gucci tassel mocs, that apparently has tortoise-shell heels to it. The result? Another total yikes! That's when during lunch hour I went back to change coz I can't bear feeling so uncomfy in the entire ensemble. The quick fix? My Gucci boots + CK Deluxe watch, as it quite safely anchored everything temporarily. I said safely, coz that what it does.

What I experimented today - the bottom half, I mean - is a total wreck. It a huge lesson, that I would look back to this day and say: I would never ever do this pair again. NEVER! 

(I think I had to bury that H&M pants and the Gucci tortoise out of my sight!)

dang, how super-overexposed!

a gamble that doesn't pay off well... yikes!

Green Envy

When Carlos Campos sent off his model on the runway in the recent Spring/Summer 2013 show in New York wearing the green suit top-to-ankle (ankle, coz the shoes are black!), I literally jumped off my seat and shouted "oh, that's Gucci!". Why? Coz the look reminds me of Gucci who showcased quite similar vibes last June in Milan, apparently for SS13 also. Despite the green GG is much lighter than leafy CC, yet they're all green anyway. Which look of the two do I prefer? 

I have to give it to Carlos Campos. The fit is cut to the body much huggable giving a great slimming silhouette. The color is much subdued which can carry off pretty well into the pre-fall season - seeing it longevity in one's wardrobe and became a seasonless item. And the design is much mod compared to Gucci who seems to give off a slight slouchy manner (sorry Gucci, it's not good).

On the other note, it seems that the green suit has been showcased in two spring/summer seasons already!? Clement Chabernaud, who donned that green Gucci for SS13 has worn quite the same look for Bottega Veneta in SS12! Hmmm.... deja vu, perhaps for Mr Chabernaud? 

[pix from gq style]


The Argyle, The Army and the Almost Tom Ford

Today's office outfit is something quite subdued, quite blending in to the background like how a camouflage would do since I'm wearing the color of the nature. I'm in army green slimfit shirt by Asos, paired with the decade-old 'revitalized and skinnified' Argyle check tie that sports the same color scheme as the shirt (kept into place by the tie bar by The Tie Bar). Completing the look is the black leather hi-sheen loafer with the cumberband-lookalike strap, also by Asos. 

Somehow, I think my shoes look a bit like the new patent leather loafer by Tom Ford. Whether Mr. Ford is inspired by YSL (that did the same design a couple of years back) or to Asos; that I don't really know. But, it has the same vibes there, I'm sure!

Tom Ford Grosgrain slip-loafer


Sleeping Backstage at New York Fashion Week?

Every night, every morning, all these months.... I felt like I've been sleeping backstage at the fashion shows! Now that New York Fashion Week is still going on and yet to be finished soon, the feeling is getting intense. Is it really surreal to keep on realizing that after I've given away two racks of clothes to other people my wardrobe is still insanely huge? [CLICK] [CLICK]

After the previous built-in, I think I need to get a new proper closet pretty soon [CLICK].  Otherwise I will be 'sleeping' backstage at NYFW (or maybe in the stockroom)! Perhaps Ikea could help, coz I heard the new catalog prices could probably be getting cheaper again? Hmmmm....

Talking about fashion weeks and the colors that're going on, I just discovered that my Eid ensemble is not just any 'blush' - it's actually one of the Pantone Color Spring 2013 - Linen (Pantone 12-1008)! 

*Owh, really? How fashion forward?! :) [CLICK]


Foggy Wednesday

Yesterday is was quite freakish as I stepped out of the house to drive to work, the weather is nothing like I've seen before this year. Very foggy. Superbly foggy, in fact, that the surroundings became almost white-washed. I dunno what's the cause, but being in Air Pollution 'business' all these while this kind of thing is somewhat a great aha! moment to me coz it can be such a great case study. 

Nevertheless, I love the almost monochromatic ambience. Black, white, grey shadowy sombre mood.... which incidentally, just like what I wore! The shadow checks shirt by SEED (again and again!), paired with the black wool-mix trousers by River Island and Uniqlo crochet tie. Completing the look is my hi-sheen boots by Dolce & Gabbana [CLICK].

Monochrome, that is. Just like the surroundings.


Grooming Round Up: JPG, L'oreal and Elite.

Grooming Round Up #1:

It's a disappointment knowing that lots of UK retailers no longer stock the Jean Paul Gaultier Monsieur range. I feel like as if my 'grooming' world has just crumbled down slightly. I didn't use everything in the brand, only one item that I hailed as the true winner i.e. their lip balm - which to me is the best for men I've ever found so far. No other brand existed in this men's grooming universe would rival JPG's coz it's one of its kind. Not the one over-the-counter at Superdrugs, Boots, Guardian or Watsons could compare to it. None. 

Realizing that most of my go-to online retailers in the UK has stopped selling the range, I was quite taken aback. The one that I bought almost a year ago is finishing; I can't go with chappy lips out there in the world coz it ain't looking good. For someone who had an acute "chappy-lips syndrome" all my life, curing the lips with some lip balm is deff a must (I dunno whether that syndrome ever existed in medical term, but my mom said I had a 'resdung' instead!?). In this country, nobody has ever heard about Jean Paul Gaultier Monsieur range - so where on earth can I get my stock? 

Easy, just cross the pond. Crossing the South China Sea, the Pacific, passing through Japan in the East and all the country in between, and voila! To the States, of course. The good thing is, they're cheaper coz apparently the price in 'number per se' is similar to the UK, meaning that with the conversion of almost 1:1.5, I save a lot buying these from the States! 

Long story short, my JPG lip balm stock has successfully replenished!

Grooming Round Up #2:

I realize my L'oreal White Active Oil Control moisturizing gel cream is depleting in its tube, giving me a bit chill feeling coz flaky and dry skin is never good for the look. Yet alone if you HAVE to appear in the public like... constantly. No way. That's why I made my way to the Guardian pharmacy at AEON Station 18 to get some new stock.

But dang! They also has run out of stock. I asked the saleslady if they have some other in the store room, and disappointing as it already is, they replied no. And that's when I look for alternative and spotted this new Bright + Oil Control moisturizer, also from the White Activ range.

My verdict? Sometimes great things happen for a reason, coz this is an awesome affordable moisturizer I've found. Not that the previous Oil Control one is not good, but this is even better. Skin improved a lot! Pore is minimized which really surprised me. And, can I just say it brightens the skin better than other White Activ products? I think it does! Besides, the dark spots are also lessened. I said lessened coz apparently my skin is so stubborn that not all dark spots could disappear! (It will, sooner or later...muehehe)

One thing I despise though; putting this in the morning is really a 'shock' coz the cool sensation it gives really tingles the skin! But, the end result is what made it worth - it works wonders. What can I say, because I'm worth it ?! (at least to my skin, :P)

Grooming Round Up #3:

I have to succumb to the fact that I would no longer can use VO5 Surf Style wax coz the last pot has completely finished. The good thing, I think using it here did no justice coz my hair became much frizzier than it is compared to using it in the UK. Perhaps the humidity in Malaysia is causing the hair to 'react' in a different way, that I can't dare comment. Yet, one thing for sure - I must find its replacement.

And that's why I dare myself to try the Elite Edgy EFX wax that looks so cool in its cubic container (it's always the packaging that really sold me to anything at first!). Taking from the shelves I brought home two different hair waxes to test - the Rugged Matte and the Wavy Loose. My verdict?

Funny that I really love anything in black, the Rugged Matte is the true winner to me coz it does what it says on the container - matte.  I'm sold, totally! Love the texture, not sticky unlike some other wax or pomade out there (including VO5). The effect (or EFX, as what the name says) really last longer, which is quite surprising. Bottom line, it works!

That's why after the first time I used it in June during the emceeing job at KLCC, I'm totally hooked without a doubt. And bought a lot, in fact, coz good product should be sustained in my bathroom cabinet without any question. :)

The Wavy Loose though, well.... had to be abandoned, coz I hate its shiny and too gooey texture. (these people should learn rheology!)

the faux-spiky hair, results from the wax. I 'wore' it during the emceeing job at KLCC.
(CLICK to read prev story. Nana kena enterprame lagi. Mintak izin aaa Hazrin...hehe)

Btw, if I had longer hair I'll definitely try this hairstyle suggested by this Elite EFX video. Pretty cool! (imagine if I had longer hair...kelakar!)

The Truth Is, I Don't Know Photoshop!

What you see:

What it really was!

Winter 2010. I returned to my rented bedsit in South Tottenham, London after spending the whole day at uni trying to complete my project on multiphase flow and rheology. It was damn tiring coz by the time I reached home it was almost 10.00 pm - or, in Northern Hemisphere that time, it's super-duper dark. I dunno what happened, somehow something  tickled my creative bone inside and suddenly I got inspired to grab my camera and do an 'artsy' pose in front of it. Maybe because I wore my new snood from H&M that day, or the nice striped merino sweater on sale by Benetton? I dunno. Snap, snap, snap... many poses here and there; about 30+ or so one pix caught my attention.

Voila, this is it! I like what I'm seeing, and I thought how cool would it be if I could make it a 'profile' picture. But one problem, how can I make it look 'only me' in the pix if there are piles and piles of boxes from Adidas, Armani, Asos, Jimmy Choo and mountain of books behind the scene, and with my bedsit look like a total mess? There's no way to let that appear in my 'profile pix', isn't it?

But BAM!! I did. Armed with the MS Paint and MS Powerpoint, I crop, I edit, I 'delete' the messy background, I change the lighting and 'artsy' look, with just the two software. People ask, how can I do that  with just MS Paint and Powerpoint? I dunno, it was what it was! Why? Coz the truth is I actually dunno Photoshop. Yup, so irony considering I know stuffs like the complex flow of multiphase in pipeline, or things regarding rheology or something about biosorption : but when it comes to Photoshop, hey... we can't know everything, right? 

Anyway. The rest is history. What you saw in the Blogger 'profile' of mine or in most of my profile photos, it was a 'hardwork' using Paint and Powerpoint. 

p/s: I still dunno how to use Photoshop. And my blog header IS done using Powerpoint Yang tau guna Photoshop, untunglaaa..!!

Louboutin. Debutant.

Christian Louboutin Cris ipad case, Christian Louboutin, Cris, ipad case, studded, spikes

The Christian Louboutin Cris iPad case made its debut into the office today. Ironically, I'm not using it for the iPad - but, the Samsung netbook. A Samsung in a supposedly for Apple? What a great spiky 'battleplace' would that be!

Nope. It won't involve any $1 billion lawsuit, if you ask. Ngggg..... :)

*Louboutin, debutant. Hey, it rhymes!


Seeing Double: H&M Vs. Burberry

No wonder I think I've seen the sleeveless leather biker jacket by H&M Black Label before. Now, you decide. Great minds think alike? That's why they turn out to be pseudoclones! Whatever it is, sometimes it's good to be 'inspired'. Almost.

H&M Black Label Fall/Winter 2012 : RM 499.00

Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2011

Black. Are You Ready?

The last time I saw it in June, the construction has yet to complete [CLICK] Yet, it doesn't stop me from getting excited with the prospect of the world's famous fast fashion highstreet chain to finally step their toe on this very country. And now, I am getting much more excited upon reading its Malaysian version of the store mag.... and seeing all the prices in none other 'RM' currency!

So, H&M. Am I ready for its invasion at Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur on September 22? Absolutely YES.

the mag is HERE!

Anyway, the new collection in the H&M Black Label modeled by Jake Cooper looks kinda edgy. From the lighweight ruched-front hooded t-shirt (which looks a bit like Unconditional's Ghost hoodie), to the open-front cardi blazer (reminds me to All Saints' Waterfall knitwear) and the sleeveless leather biker jacket - they look quite awesome! Black Label is kinda higher priced though coz its choice of material and the way it's been constructed is a bit different compared to the other pieces at H&M - so, probably it's worth having a piece or two into the wardrobe from this highstreet chain then?

Definitely gonna check out later this month.

[pix from h&m]

Puma by Alexander McQueen "Joust" Sneakers

My heart just stops when I saw the metallic silver leather hi-top sneakers by Puma x Alexander McQueen. This new collection is stunning beyond words. The combination between the silver and nude beige really sold. Totally sold to my eyes. They were absolutely one best designer-sportswear collaboration piece you would get out there currently. If you think you wanna do Spring/Summer 2013 trend right this moment before anybody else (coz metallic is gonna be HUGE for SS13!), then this sneakers could be it. Totally. Very sporty, very simple yet high fashion... and can I just say, it looks kinda chic too!

But, if you like something cheeky ... this Puma x McQueen Joust pony hair sneakers could rock your boat. Looking at them remind me of, erm, a horse. Oh, okay - a pony. Should I squeal or should I gallop if I wore this? 

Both are awesome. 

[all pix from kith nyc]