31 August. I x MY

I think on this very date almost everybody in the cyber universe who resides in this country would update their status in Facebook, would tweet, would write a blogpost and would do whatever they can to commemorate on the importance today. It's Independence Day. 55th Independence Day, to be precise. If you understand what it means, independence equals liberation. Independence is freedom. Independence relates to self-government, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, self-determination... and release your entity from the control of others. Independence is all about being competent with your own capability, your own capacity, your own aptitude and competency; and above all - believe in yourself. It's the self-believe what make independence truly mean what it means. 

On this very day itself, it also marked the birth of this blog. It was quite ironic, considering that it's also the day of the death of the people's Princess - Lady Diana. I remember it was at the bunker of my lab at UCL - after returning from Kensington Palace, visiting Diana's remembrance with other people who brought flowers to the palace's gate - I braved myself to enter into the weblogging world by signing up to Blogger platform. I don't know what am I jumping into, what to expect, where to begin with, what to write, and above all I haven't got a clue what would I share in here. All I knew back in 31 August 2008 - I wanna have my own blog after being inspired by Kirk Douglas whom the Londonpaper said also wrote one blogpost every month himself. One blogpost per month? I can do that! That's exactly what's going on in my mind then.

So, on this 31 August I wanna shout out I x MY. I x MY country. I x MY Big.Fat.Blog.  

Happy 55th Independence Day. Happy 4th Anniversary....

....from me, and my Christian Louboutin Cris studded iPad case! :)

2NE1 Says "I Love You, Louboutin"

WARNING: Women's fashion... and Korean invasion!

If not because of my nieces who're the ultimate fan of K-Pop, I won't be talking about any K-Pop songs or groups in this blog. That include this song by the girls quartet 2NE1 who is popular with their single - I Love You. I actually heard Nadiah sang it a couple of weeks back in the car during the family day out to Sunway Pyramid. Kinda catchy especially at the chorus when she sang along that says,

"I said ooh ~ jiltuhage haji mayo, ooh jipchaghage haji mayo"

That's definitely 'sold' to me, and I was straightaway hooked! Crazy, I know. But not until last week that when I watched the music video, I was quite surprised coz it was nothing I would ever expected: a fully-loaded, fashion-packed video! From the designers garb, the edgy accessories, the crazy manicure - they screams fashion at the best. But the most eye-grabbing moment is when I spotted two of the girls wearing the boots by the none other than the high-end shoe couturier - Christian Louboutin. 

Be it from the previous season, the CL's Big Lips 120 mm spikes leopard ankle boots to the CL's Bourge leopard boots - it's the ultimate high fashion than any music video could ever have. Absolute fantastic for any shoeholic!

Christian Louboutin Big Lips 120mm spikes leopard ankle boots

Christian Louboutin Bourge leopard boots
[pix from christian louboutin]

Watch the MV here. Did I think that there's kinda Lady Gaga sound vibes going on in the opening?

Anyway. Regarding the outfit, the ladies wore Roberto Cavalli. At least that's what the designer claim himself! [CLICK]  

And the English cover version. Not bad... "I said oooh, keep me from attaching to you. oooh, keep me from obsessing on you..." (Obsessing on what? Louboutin? :D)


Merely Coincidence: ZA by Zara.

WARNING: Fully-loaded vanity!

How can not anybody who got the same initials as mine be very perasan when seeing their initials being immortalized? If last time in London I was surprised to see Tesco had their product aisle bearing the code 'ZA' in their store, now it's time for the highstreet label Zara to follow suit. Just like this t-shirt. It's like an honor! Muehehee... mekasih Zara! 

*nak kena cari t-shirt nih!*

Or, can I just have this BMW Zagato Roadster instead? At least the plate number has ZA on it too! *grin*

Anyway, my discovery on the ZA aisle at Tesco is here [CLICK]

[pix from zara and shortlist]

What's in Their Bags?

Ever wonder what those people in the creative business have in the bags for their daily commute? Depends on what industry their in, and what nature of work they're doing. Yet, one thing for sure they're all agreed to one criteria: stylish. Be it their wallet or watches, the tablet or phone cases, shoes or trousers they filled in - these people really know how to pack their stuff which separates them from the other typical guys out there. Another factor they seem to fall into as well: practical. Their daily essentials seem to be eponymous to their lifestyle.

It made me wonder, what have I packed in mine today? Maybe next time I'd do the post about my bag contents...

Gary Parkin of D3STRUCTO

Donwan Harrell, founder of PRPS

Israel Kandarian, Creative Director for Hurley. I'm absolutely loving the shoes!

Virgil Abloh, Creative Director of DONDA. Chanel and Hermes, what more luxe can you get?

Dan Doyle, Brand Manager of A Bathing Ape EU

Kuraishi Kazuki, Creative Director for Heather Grey Wall. The butter yellow envelop case looks delish...

Matthewzz Ng, senior sales rep of UNDERCOVER HK

Mega, co-founder of street brand Black Scale. Dying for the backpack, btw...

Nicola Formichetti, Creative Director of Mugler. So, this is how Lady Gaga's stylist pack in his, huh? Panda?

Steve Aoki, music mogul. How many Apples could you fill in the luggage? :P

Victor Lopez, professional freerunner and stuntman. 

[pix from hypebeast]


WordLess Wednesday: Ready to Dunk

After almost 15 months stalled due to unavoidable circumstances, I'm ready to dunk. Again.
 ~Jordan Championship composite leather basketball ~

Jimmy Choo Men's Collection @ Restir

I got a couple of pieces from Jimmy Choo. Though not really the real Jimmy Choo's Jimmy Choo - rather the Jimmy Choo x H&M - still, they got their own takes by the hands of JC's former owner, Tamara Mellon. The boots, the bags, the wallet; I'm quite digging the affordable stuff from the luxe fashion house. Do you remember the day I met the 'creator' of the brand himself, Mr Jimmy Choo back in 2010? Yup, old story... yet still fantastic. [CLICK]

Anyway. For Fall/Winter 2012/13, the collection continued to be daring. Apart from the blingy loafers that'll definitely gonna be the choice of highly sartorial men out there for the ultimate evening wear, the other pieces that has created such a cult recently is the brand's take on the camo. Codenamed porno camo by the GQ magazine, the camo pattern took on a silhouette of ladies in sexy poses. Blink, you'll probably won't realize it coz they look so artsy.

Other pieces that I love include the star-studded collection and the new biker bag which is quite fiercely practical to carry for the daily errands.

the Hertford biker bag - another object of lust!

[pix from restir]

To Wait or Not to Wait

Last Monday was a perfect example to uphold the statement of Monday blues. With the holiday mood still lingers, so many assignments + test scripts to mark, projects paperwork to check, and presentation to attend; it's a total blues hitting my return to the office! But, work is work - gotta do it no matter what. 

Adding to the blues is when me and my colleague had to wait in the meeting room for the presenters to arrive. It turned out that batang hidung sesorg pun tak nampak coz apparently there's a miscommunication between the organizer and the presenters - making them misinformed about the time change of the presentation slot. The victim? Us, of course. After waiting almost half an hour, we made our move coz there's no way to wait any longer. 

Before leaving, sempat la plak snap the shoes-of-the-day. Thank God I've waited in Dior, can maintain 'classy' despite the hassle....  :)

Came late afternoon, a parcel that have been eagerly waited finally arrived. It contain a high-end product, that so much so there's a strict warning sticker on the box that prevent it from being redirected to other addresses. Oh my, it's that risque?! 

(what could it be inside?)

Object of Lust: Christian Louboutin Syd Shopper Tote

If there is one bag to rule 'em all, let it be this Christian Louboutin Syd shopper tote. You want a leather? Check. Adjustable handle? Check. Very practical to carry your daily stuff with roomy compartment? Check. Super fierce edgy dangerous look? It's a check too. You want spikes? That's an ultimate check in the box!

What more could you ask for? If you got USD 3,700 to spare, hands down coz this bag is the definite drool factor object of lust!

[pix from christian louboutin.com]


One Pair DSquared2 Boots. One Phototreats.

The best part of having an iPhone (or any smartphone, really) is the abundance of apps thrown on your laps to try. One of them is the photo-editing software which lets you alter or modify or have fun with the crude images that you've snapped using the phone camera. If last time I'm having fun with the effects that Instagram offer (prior me deleting my old account!), this time there's a quite similar app that let me play around with the same effect as the former.

It's called Phototreats [click for the app here] that have a bunch of free effects which is quite fun to try. I snapped my DSquared2 boots that I wore today and let loose with some of the available features of the app, aptly called various names such as Carribean Noon, Oriental, Hi-End, Party Dazzle, feelgood Snow, etc.. etc. It gave different characters and mood to the default image that I had, which is quite interesting.

Original image.

And the ones with the 'special effects'...

But my fav actually came from  Line Camera [click] which is also great coz not only it's a photo-snapping app, I can also use the available features in it to create various effect to the image. Like this little twinkle on my shoes to create a minimal but interesting features to the otherwise plain pix!