Monday, 30 July 2012

Le Butang

What is the best part of wearing baju Melayu? Ornate it with the butang or the studs, of course. If you go to any Bazaar Syawal like what happen these days in any part of the country, chances that you'll stumbled upon many, many, many types of butang baju Melayu is absolutely high. Too high that you'll have tough time choosing what you really like. Almost at every corner of the shops and boutiques and stalls selling baju raya there'll be some butang sold alongside with the brooches for the kebaya.

This year I went for something unconventional that I never did before. The butang is slightly oversized, giving a sense of more blingy feel to the understated baju Melayu. What is more unconventional, they're gems-encrusted - mutilcolored stones, or faux diamond - for the pop of shine to the ensemble.

Having a dilemma on which one should I choose; I pick all three!

Double Take: Rhubarb

The best piece of item in the wardrobe is not necessarily the most expensive; but the one that can be worn both casually and as a formal wear. Regardless of what it is, it's all down to how you pair it up with in order to look the part. I actually love clothes that can channel the day look into the night look seamlessly, only by changing some part of the ensemble to make it work. 

Just like this webitorial by Mr. Porter, that shows the way you can use one of the Pantone color for Fall 2012 - Rhubarb Red - either a cardigan, a shirt or a tee either as a casual get-up, or a part of a formal outfit. It's brilliant.

The Corduroys

The Shirt

The T-shirt

The Cardigan

[pix from mr porter]

Baju Raya Conquest

I am staying true to what I said in my previous blog post that this week I'm going for a quest to find baju raya. And did I? Absolutely, yes. It's one conquest that is proven to be such an effort, but quite an easy one though it took almost four hours searching around for the baju that I considered "the one".

As what I did in previous years, my go-to venue is always Shah Alam - the Kompleks PKNS, Plaza Alam Sentral and SACC Mall - all within the walking distance to each other. I'm used to Kompleks, and it's been year in, year out that I never fail to search for baju raya there coz many stalls were set up inside the mall to choose from which sold hundreds and thousand pairs of baju Melayu. Added to those at Plaza Alam Sentral and SACC Mall, I had a very tough time in making decision to what I wanna go for this year. Plus, there're hundreds of people around, making the search become such a daunting task coz somehow I've gotta wait for people to leave some stalls before I can get in. If last year the sellers has been quoting the "French Linen" becoming the fabric of Eid 2011, this year it's "SB Line" with its fabric having kinda 'fibrous grain' silhouette and cotton-like texture taking its reign. For each store that I went to, it's been SB Line this, SB Line that, everybody is selling baju Melayu made by SB Line! Honestly, I don't really fancy that fabric coz it doesn't look 'smooth', but more to giving sort of prints-lookalike to the ensemble. Not my choice, no.

Anyway. My conquest: DONE. One thing I might say - though I went for something classic, but it's a very unconventional way of me, nonetheless. I never had it before, and it's one color that I never expected to wear in my entire life of celebrating Eid. 

And oh, I think I would be in a huge dilemma too to which of the baju Melayu is gonna be the main one. The main one as in the one that I'm gonna wear to the Eid prayer. Errm, ada banyak baju Melayu ker yang aku beli? Yes, muehehe. I'm not gonna tell how many, just wait till Eid day itself, by God's will. But one thing for sure I hope they rock!

Btw. At SACC Mall, I was fortunate to watch the performance by the country's most coveted nasyeed group, Raihan Rabbani. I think there's some kind of event happening that day, and the group performed a couple of their classic hits through the years. Listening to the "Assalamualaikum" reminds me of the time me and my friends performed at the local Hari Raya gathering back when I was studying at USM. Oh yes, ko jangan terkejut when I say I was once in a nasyeed group too... and we did sang many songs and performed at various events during those years. Oh, what a nostalgia.... :)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Office Chic That Is...

The first half of the week is all about mixing the old and new. Either new shirt with old ties, or new ties with old shirt. Some is about streamlining the ensemble, while the other is about doing pattern-on-pattern.


Monday blues? Nope, coz it's the first day in the office in Ramadhan. It's very blessed coz I don't have to think about wasting time eating breakfast or lunch or munchy breaks in between - it's a 'no food during daylight' month all over again.

As much as the body is undergoing a period of 'renewal' and detox again, one item of the clothing is also being renewed. Or new, to be precise. The black Oxford shirt with mini-checks  that I bought the previous week during summer sale at Zara. Paired with the black crochet tie by Uniqlo, I'm glad that day is not about 'blues on Monday' as what I used to do. Completing the accessories are Emporio Armani dragon watch and DSquared2 boots. (my neo vintage)

*oh, did I happen to realize that some girls are snapping my boots and circulate it in the social media? hmmm....


Another new stuff in the wardrobe: the slimfit shirt with houndstooth pattern by Zara, also a bargain during summer sale. Love that shirt so much coz it hugs the body like crazy giving such a great silhouette. So much so, when I walk to the stairs there's a oversea's grad student saying "Sir, you look very fashion today" which I think is quite funny!

Pairing up with the shirt is the houndstooth tie by No Name, by which the pattern-on-pattern combo give the sense monochromatic look. Completing the ensemble is Skagen steel mesh watch and Jimmy Choo boots.

That Tuesday is such a mixed bag when it comes to what's happening around. My eHDD suddenly flawed out - everything have lost and erased, including my previous experimental results that is super-important (yikes!!!). But on the other hand, it's the day of meeting so many people including my design team for the engineering project we're doing. It's great to look at the prototype that I envisioned a couple of months ago came to life, which I think if it got polished and really working well - all those people should watch out coz my team's design will knock 'em out. My word: aviation industry, watch this space!

Oh, I also got a surprise in my mailbox - the Knucklecase iPhone case - which I've blogged about recently.

houndstooth on hounstooth...


What's new in that day's ensemble? None, except the pink checks tie that I got at a bargain during Sogo Sale two weeks ago. As I'm doing the pink Wednesday theme, it was paired with the pink shirt by Excelsis @ Metrojaya for a streamlined look. I discovered that the shirt is actually slightly not-the-typical-slimfit-shirt that I like, that's why to conceal the flaw I'm throwing in the cropped-sleeves blazer by Sub.

Completing the look is my Gucci boots and CK Masculine watch: my neo-vintage!

Oh, I love Wednesday despite some hoohas happening around. Midweek that is, but it's like a crazy week already. The mood is quite lifted when a bunch of lovely ladies gave me a gift which I think is so very kind (THANK YOU! it's the thought that count). And oh, dapat makan nasi kerabu + air tebu for iftar - what better could I asked for?

Gucci Men's Flagship Store, Sao Paolo, Brazil

How many Gucci stores have I been to? In London alone, four. Not mnay. The one at Bond Street,  that I normally queued on the first day of Summer and Winter Sale to snap the bargain they had (gotta go here coz the shoes are better!). The other is at Sloane Street - their London flagship store - very roomy and biggest in the Blighty, which they normally hosted the Vogue's Fashion Night Out event. And there's one at Westfield White City which felt very retail, as well as the other 'smaller' store at Threadneedle Street, located at the Royal Exchange and minutes walking distance from the Leadenhall Market where the Harry Potter movie was filmed. And oh, there's another store outside London too that I've stepped inside - the Gucci outlet store at Bicester Village - that sells off-seasons items at discounted prices. 

Most of the stores are their 'general' one, which houses collection both for men and women. But none would match their latest offering - Gucci's first men's flagship store, which had just opened last Saturday at JK Mall in Sao Paolo, Brazil. It got the same retail feel similar to any  Gucci in-mall stores; the only difference you won't find any Jackie or Emily range in there - it's only for the dude! The store features a full range of menswear including luggage, small leather goods, shoes and ready-to-wear. The sartorial space is complete with a VIP fitting area showcasing the Made to Measure program. 

The size of the store? About 3,600 square feet and radiates a true atmosphere of luxury chic. The store's design concept is by Gucci's own Creative Director, Frida Giannini, showcasing the similar theme as their other stores worldwide - rosewood panelling, gold and brown color scheme (golden railings, smoky brown frosted glass), and this one even had Gucci signature diamant√© pattern flooring. It looks simple, with touch masculine luxe.

 Look at the shelves. Sebijik kasut satu shelf. Is that what you call luxury - a waste of space?

Ms. Frida... is the diamant√© carpet for sale? :) 

[pix from gucci]

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Protect the iPhone. Protect the Knuckle!

Did I just mention I 'want' to the Knucklecase? [click] When I took a peek into my mailbox this afternoon, it was a delight that the package arrived is actually the one that I ordered all the way from the States. This thing is truly cool, really way up there when it comes to phone cases, definitely for anyone who wanna upped their ante when it comes to protecting their gadget. 

Oh, don't worry. I'm not a gangsta! And this aluminium-made Knucklecase is also not a weapon. It's just a protective case for my iPhone!

*watch out Rihanna.... :P

the on/off button and the speaker jack. This is the only 'flaw 'of Knucklecase coz normal earphone jack won't get in!

It's fully made in USA, and already patented. So, those who copy... you know you'll be in big trouble!

Could This Hold the Clue?

The quest to find the color for Raya 2012 ensemble continues. This time I was inspired by the multistripes shirt by Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes, worn by Andre Ziehe for GQ's Capsule Spring 2013 preview. Could it hold the clue to what I'm gonna wear this year? Looking at the stripes, they somehow pave a way to the enigma that I'm having. Kinda cracking the Da Vinci code of my 2012's baju Melayu theme, so to speak. 

The cobalt blue? I already wore it in 2005. The golden hues? That's 2006. Could this year be red? In fact, I've been talking about red a lot this year: red chinos [click], red cropped pants and red t-shirt [click], or even red backpack! [click]. Btw, this year is also the year of the Red Warriors as they already won trophies for the FA Cup and Liga Super. Could I do some kind of homage to that by wearing red? I dunno. Maybe. Perhaps. Probably. We'll see...

[pix from gq]

Or perhaps, I would go for monochrome as what I love as always - black, white, silver, and grey hues? Just like the new kain samping that I 'accidentally' bought at Aeon Station 18 last weekend which looks so simple with the contemporary songket floral design.

Hmmmm.... all is possible. Or, I could do multi-ensembles just like last year too [click].

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Baju Raya?

Hopefully next week I'll start my quest to search for baju raya. Today...tak larat la beb, too tired to travel around especially this week alone I've made a long-distance journey twice. I'd rather hibernate and conserve the energy instead. :)

Ever since early this year my nieces started to ask "Su, apa tema raya tahun ni? Orang memang teruja nak tengok deme pakai baju apa!". Aik... posa pun belum start lagi diorg plak yg excited. To be honest, till this date I haven't got a clue what I'm gonna wear for Raya. Pakai baju Melayu, of course la... what else isn't it? Takkan nak pakai baju kartun plak...mentang2 la musim Spiderman, Batman skang ni. Or baju Melayu Spiderman, bleh? Ngggg...

Yet, one thing for sure I wanna return to baju Melayu Teluk Belanga this year. I haven't bought any Teluk Belanga for the past 7 years... so it's time to return to my old tradition. I prefer Teluk Belanga coz it looks better for blokes with 'skinnier' neck. 

The only enigma: what would be the color? Hmmm... fenin!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ramadhan Resolution

One of the Ramadhan resolution this year: I'm sizing down my wardrobe. Big time. This time it's no kidding, no joke, it must be done, it has to be done. It's easier to make decision during Ramadhan coz there is no Satans around. If not, whenever I took out stuff to give away there is always that guilt stopping me to do so. Dang!

So, these two racks of clothes is gonna be the first lot to go. I'm giving it away. I bid goodbye to my cardigans, the luscious merino wool sweaters, the t-shirts, the shirts and some suits. I hope those who get them would enjoy my H&M, Uniqlo, He by Mango, Zara, Gap, Topman, etc, etc. Not much, but at least it paves way for me to keep sizing down the wardrobe.

You've got to go.. go, go, go, go, go, go... (cue Najwa Mahiaddin song)

A Night at Equatorial Hotel Bangi

A short one-night stay at Equatorial Hotel Bangi a couple of days ago. This is actually the first time I drove to Bangi, so I'm kinda lost for ways and took the long route instead via Saujana Putra passing throgh SKVE. I didn't realized there's even shorter and easier road to the hotel, which I just discovered a day after upon returning home.

Anyway. The hotel is okay. I said it's just okay coz I hate its water supply (they got soft water, I can't imagine!) and there is no free wifi in the room (wired internet access, are you kidding me?). Other than that, the room is great. Just similar to other Equatorial Hotels around the country - there's a balcony, which is a plus for those who love raking in the ambience of what the nature gave. Since the hotel is on top of the hill, the view of the surrounding is quite awesome.

And, of course. It's Equatorial - there's never a curtain. It's all about the sliding screen, dude!

LCD TV, not a CRT! Awesome.

it has been a standard these days. Any hotels will provide iron and ironing board as part of the room package.

Did you see what I see? It's a cat in the hotel! :)