Next to Watch: Calvin Klein Timepieces

Something to add to my evergrowing collection of CK watches are these lots that have been showcased recently at Baselworld 2012 in Switzerland. One collection that I think still exudes the simplicity chic ethos as what the fashion house is famous for. There are pieces for formal look, some for casual sporty and the other timepieces for the 'rough' casual formal. 

I like the CK Masculine chrono quite a lot, despite of it looking a bit like CK City. It has that minimalist silhouette, simple and clean design which can rock both formal and casual look. 

The CK Visible - inspired by the spirit of motor racing - is pumped up with the vibrant luminescent dials, fits those who is sporty, active and young at heart. Though it's not my typical cup of tea, yet the black PVD case quite drawn me to it. I can see wearing this one when I go to the basketball court, I think.

The last pieces, codenamed CK Dart, looks very 'rough' with the 'jagged' rubber strap and a choice of either black PVD or stainless steel casing. Despite being my least favorite timewear, yet I can see that blue to be on my wrist for a bit of nonchalance formal appeal.

Anyway, the one that I'll be searching soon is CK Masculine, definitely...! 

Calvin Klein CK Masculine chrono

Calvin Klein CK Visible

Calvin Klein CK Dart

[pix from montre.com]

You Don't Need Z's Big.Fat.Blog

Last April during the photo session after the closing ceremony of the event that I'm chairing, one of my committee members asked me a question. "Sir, would you like to give a talk on corporate grooming?" I dunno why he suddenly popped the question that afternoon - maybe because he saw the way I wear things during the course of me holding the event. Or maybe because someone said to him that I had a fashion blog. Either way it doesn't matter coz I was giggling as I found it quite funny. 

I jokingly replied. "I don't think I'm qualified to give a talk about corporate grooming, coz my style is not really the 'corporate' corporate. It's more to 'high-end' corporate rather than typical corporate" I think it's somewhat true. My look is not truly a 'corporate' look. Come on... rolling up the jacket sleeves, ultraslim trousers, too much colors? I don't think so.  At the Bank of England and Canary Wharf area, maybe - but not here to my knowledge. Therefore as a safe bet, I decline the offer on sharing my 'corporate grooming advice' with the audience. Or, anything regarding grooming, coz I'm not qualified. Period.

But, if I could give one advice though, I'd rather ask him to buy this book by Men's Health magazine instead. It's the "Look Great Grooming Guide" that has everything you need for grooming. From how to take care of the body and face, to the style fix - the book has it all. Maybe not everything, but almost. It's a minor investment that will last for the rest of your life - provided that you don't throw away the book or burn it!

Part 1: Taking care of the body and face, such as choosing the facial care. Come on... we are not Neanderthals anymore, so better take care your skin!

Part 2: for those who shave... your face. Not the other 'shave'! :P

Part 3. How to get a great haircut. Since I cut my own hair and never been to the barber for more than a decade already (yes, i'm not kidding!), the only part that's viable for me is how to care the hair. Hair on top of your head... not the 'other' hair. Nggg... :P

Part 4. Suits for those international students who smell like skunk whenever I stumbled upon in the lift. For those who got a pukeworthy body scents... read this section!

Oh, I'm glad my Gucci Guilty is featured inside!

Final chapter is about style. From how to pick the right suits to how to select your outfit in various occasions, this chapter is a great help. For the actual execution - this blog is always the one to go for. Ha! (see, you need this blog after all!! ngg....)

Cost of the book. RM 45. 

Bottega Veneta Blues Enigma

Bottega Veneta always become one of my much-awaited shows when it comes to menswear collection during Milan Fashion Week. I think Tomas Maier always did great things for the fashion house, be it the new take on the suits and casual clothes, as well as the shoes and bags. For the Spring/Summer 2013 show in Milan recently, there has been some hues of colors that I think very nice - the shades of browns, greenish greys, dusky teals and some shades of blues.

Mentioning blue, one piece that I'm drawn to the most is this ensemble worn by model Ryan Taylor - somewhat looking like baju Melayu Teluk Belanga paired with a jacket in a similar tone. Apart from the look that is so familiar to me, I am quite intrigue to know what kind of color of that outfit coz it's not just a typical blue blue. Yes, for the rest of the public you may think it's just another blue... but for those who are into chromatology (and chromatography, chromatotherapy), defining exact shade of color is quite essential.

[pix from style.com]

So, what did I do? I click open my Dulux color studio app in my iPhone and search for the name. I don't have the Pantone Color apps coz I have to fork out some money for it, but Dulux - it's just a free app downloaded from the iTunes. The app warn me though that the color cannot exactly match the on-screen hues to their products code, but they are trying their best to reproduce the color the closest as what I intended to. 

To search the type of 'blue' on Ryan's ensemble, I tap to different position on the pix. It turned out that the app gave different names for almost similar hues of 'blue'. If from my own interpretation I would say that Bottega Veneta tunic top is just a typical "sky blue", Dulux gave an arrays of the code.

For example, Fragrant Cloud 1 and 2, Sapphire Springs 4 and 5, etc. The number at the end indicates the variety of RGB number of the color in the same color tone. So, for the case of Ryan's clothes - it can be anything. 

Or perhaps, if I can recalled what my Instagram friend, Umar said the other day "macam baju bedah" - I can gave it a new name: surgeon blue. Ha!

*nway, I like this baju a lot. My baju Melayu this year, maybe? I'm singing my bluesss... (tetiba mood Big Bang!) :)


Bring Out the True Colors

Isn't it officially summer out there in the Northern Hemisphere? It looks like the weather is heating up for those in London, Paris and Milan. Here, well... it's been quite hot as usual; even my lawn has turned into parched brown recently. As the temperature has changes quite a lot too, so as your wardrobe pieces - it has to turn into some new colors as well.

If you look at the folks @ Pitti Uomo and Milan Fashion Week these couple of days, you should've noticed the color pants take the reign again. Turquoise, aqua, green, mustard, canary, terracotta, rose red... these are the pop of colors that spread anywhere on the streets. Whether they're pairing it with a blazer or sans 'em, it seems that color pants really have its share of the day!

Wreck open my wardrobe, I got a couple of color pants stored in there. If last time you've seen the red, brown and ocean blue chinos, this time I got one new mustard by Asos. I think it's quite a safe bet to have color pants in the wardrobe coz the trend will always 'recycled' every now and then. In fact it's started to become a staple 'seasonless' item these days!

Left: striped tee - Asos; ocean blue chinos - Voi
Center: leopard print tee - Topman, mustard chinos - Asos
Right: Breton stripe tee - Asos, red chinos - Criminal Damage @ Standout.net
Watch - Swatch Fullblooded Skull chrono


God Save McQueen!

From the runway, to my run-away. It's time to add to the overgrowing boots collection into my shoe closet. The Alexander McQueen Chelsea boots that is previously showcased during Spring/Summer 2012 show in Milan.

My verdict? To be honest, I am very nervous in getting shoes from Alexander McQueen coz the last time I bought my Puma by Alexander McQueen ribcage trainers, the inner lining was from pigskin. It's my first from McQueen, yet sadly I have to return it coz there's no way I can wear 'em. But for this boots, just one word: AMAZING! The fit, the firm and suppleness of the lambskin leather, the slim design with the center seam, the positioning of the elasticated 'Chelsea' gores, the leather hi-sheen undersoles, the simple understated chic look - it ticks all the boxes. And the most important, no pigskin lining.

All I can say, God really save this McQueen for me. I think I just found the replacement for my Hugo Boss!

seen on the models at Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2012 show last year.
[pix from style.com]


Burberry Spring/Summer 2013 Bags

Burberry show in Milan for Spring/Summer 2013 last night turned out to be quite a disappointment. But not as much disappointment as Dolce & Gabbana who seems to be having the worst show ever (weird looking 'real' models, awful clothes); still Burberry look as if they're trying too hard to please the audience with the collection. In short, are people dare to return as disco divo in those metallic shirts and pants and accessories what not?

Anyway. Apart from the eek! clothes, I think these bags really are the one that somehow put the show in its sanity. Sanity-ish, somehow (wait till you see the price). The duffel bags that will make you look handsomely cool when you carry them for a short getaway out of the city. Or if you're daring enough, you can bring it to the office too coz they are roomy to fill all your necessities. 

As what Burberry always did, after the show the public can buy all the pieces shown on the runway thru their online shopping site. Something that I'm quite intrigue these days about Burberry, I dunno why the price really show a massive hike after the past three collections? If I can recalled that one of their bag shown in SS'09 - fully-leather, quite medium in size, gorgeous looking  - cost about £800; then fast forward to these days the same size of bag would cost almost triple in price? How..?!

Btw. These bags looks nice (again, not till you see the price tags!)... 

The canvas tote in Burberry tartan checks with tan leather trim. Price? RM10,000! Are you kidding me?

The canvas tote bag with croc leather trim. Anybody got RM68,000 to spend? Yikes...!

The tote bag in full croc leather. Kesian anak beranak Bujang Senang... anyway. Got RM190,000 to spare? (beli Kia Sportage baru lagi baik!)

[pix from style.com and burberry]

Anyway. I think the horizontal strap across the bag kinda remind me of the travel bag by Hermes that I snapped at their window display in Paris. Hmm...Burberry is trying to steal other people's idea?!

Versace Shladiator Invasion

Versace seems to jump into the bandwagon with the other designers when they sent off the models wearing the sneakers-sandal hybrid yesterday in Milan's Spring/Summer 2013 show. If previously and currently Neil Barrett, Ann Demeulemeester, Kris Van Assche, Marsell, Gareth Pugh, etc, etc did the footwear that I called as 'shladiator' - the shoe-gladiator combo - it looks like Versace do take note and come up with their own versions. The result? 

Very pumped up, super-edgy, quite OTT shladiators without a doubt. Some with the high-top look in metallic gold and silver stripes, some in lo-pro versions that equally fierce looking, and some in...erm, pink too (not in the pix). And, I do raise one question too: doesn't that triple stripes (bearing Versace signature Greek motifs) look a bit like Adidas? Or, perhaps Versace wanna collaborate with Adidas this time, as what the sportswear giant did with Yohji Yamamoto, Jeremy Scott and Opening Ceremony? Well, anything is possible in planet fashion!

[pix from style.com]

Oh, btw. Those Versace's really gave me a sense of deja vu coz it reminds me of the one that I wore all the time. The KG Malia shladiators [click] [click].