WordLess Wednesday: I Dunno What to Wear

I thought by having that white built-in can already solve my problem. But nope, it continues to overspill... to two other rooms!! My niece said I'm living a dream. I can't comment on that. ngggg.... One thing for sure, I still dunno what to wear?

* perlu ke nak tunjuk my bigfat wardrobe nih? suka hati aku la kan, yg ko mai baca tu pehal? :P


Moving On...

Today I have to officially bid farewell to my task as the Chairman of the Exhibition event. A task that is so big, by which I think I'm responsible to overseeing the fate of 5000+ people in this campus in getting their invention recognized at the university level, which is also brought to the external events at large. It's a bittersweet moment coz I think I've been adhering to this job close to heart. Very, very dear to my heart indeed. Some people said I'm too passionate in carrying out the task. Some said I'm too stern, strict and too attended to details in every single thing regarding the organization of the event. Some also said I have introduced too many changes in the entire façade of the event. Some even said my 'Chairman-ship' has elevated the status of the event to the next level.

I dunno whether the claims are true, yet one thing I do know is: I'm just doing my job. Whatever task people gave me, I tried my best to do it. I did it my way. I do it with my own style. As long as I don't jeopardise the image of the organization in the duration of me taking the job - that's all that matters to me. 

And now I am ready to pass the baton to the next person. It's time for me to move on....

Talking about moving on, I'm also in the state of migrating from Blogger to another platform. It's been so long, I think I need to find a new avenue in getting my own dotcom address. I know Blogger is already a great free platform, but sometimes it annoys that I can't open to edit in IE. Me and my 'Tech Team' is testing a new platform to host the BigFatBlog. Probably you won't realise it (coz it's not important to you anyway!), some of the post doesn't 'exist' anymore coz they've been 'migrated' for the beta testing in the new site. So far, the site is unstable. Very unstable. Last time I tried it myself during the period I'm 'off' in previous weeks, it's also unstable. If everything goes well, I hope I could have my site on the new hosting. If not, there's no harm in continuing it here to sustain my existence in the cyberworld (gotta work with what I have, right?). And if I got fed up with Blogger, I might as well 'delete' mine altogether and find a new avenue.

That's what life is all about. We moved on...

*I'm definitely gonna miss that moment in the pix i.e being accompanied to the stage to deliver my welcoming speech! (more about my Chairman moment in upcoming post)


What Shoes to Wear with Ocean Blue Chinos?

Bored with the usual black and indigo denims day in day out, I switched my look to another color mania of the season. It's the ocean blue chinos that I suddenly can't take my eyes off when I saw at it online. Not the typical blue blue, not cerulean too... and not too turquoise as well. Just somewhere in between. Probably that's what 'ocean' is all about, I think; it can take all the shades of blue-green. So, after bought, paid, flown all the way from Midlands, England to West Coast Malaysia - it arrived safe and sound in my mailbox.

As what happen to the previous terracotta red chinos, the dilemma now is what shoes to pair with the trousers? I wanna look streamlined rather than too tacky clowny, chic rather than eeek, oooh rather than eeew - so, I picked some of the 'candidates' in my shoe closet. I don't wanna go for black shoes coz it may appear too serious, as the trousers are meant to be more nonchalance-hit-it-to-the-highstreet or casual-lounging-in-the-park look than to the 'uptight' wear. Therefore the one that fits the bill are my denim boat shoes, the seersucker plimsolls or even the washed-denim hi-top sneakers. 

I think those shoes can take the colors of the ocean chinos quite well. No preference, I like all of the combo!

How else can I streamline my look? This is one trial with the Missoni-esque cardi in the same color theme, taken from my Instagram. Though too matchy matchy, ocean does rock!

How Many Poses Does It Take?

Sometimes, looking at my photos and editing for it to be appeared here in the blog is actually one mind-boggling effort. Not an easy task and quite time-consuming. What's even harder is actually to pose in front of the camera and select the 'perfect shot' which seems to show the right thing and hiding what not. The position of the body, the gesture of the hand, how the face is angled at, the shape of the legs, how the light create a nice silhouette - everything. Though most of my photos looks very one-dimensional in a way, the truth is for that one shot it's actually comes from a whole lotta pictures. Not easy... tapi memang la gigih giler! (orang gila pun tak gigih camnih!)

It's the same thing happen with what you saw on ad campaigns or editorials in the magazine. One example is this one, done by Coco Rocha for Target. With so many trials of jumping, skipping, hopping, flipping - voila! It's that one shot finally made it final for the press.

Apa ko ingat senang nak dapat great shot? Susah beb!

Btw, Coco is such a great 'poser'. Take a look on her previous work for Gaultier.... fantastic! One male model that has the same 'intensity' as Coco is Sean O. :)

SEED Neo-Gladiator Sandals

Another season, another new footwear. Hot on trend, I finally get my hands on the neo-gladiator sandals by SEED that I wrote in  my previous posts [click]. Looks awesome in the SEED Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook worn by Brice; and it's equally awesome in real life. 

This pleather neo-glad sandals got a thicker with a slight tapering wedge soles, which can elevate the height a bit. Not too much, not unlike Sarkozy with his 'height-elevating' shoes (yikes!). The cross-strap on the ankle is velcroed, so that it's easier to be zapped on, zapped off when I slip my foot into. (ala2 kasut Pallas Zap-on time sekolah rendah dulu la!). What I like the most is the O-ring that connects all the straps that made up the sandals - somehow reminds me of what Gucci did for their bags in Spring/Summer '09 which is inspired by the paragliding harness. 

The sandals looks über simple, no fuss design, yet with a hint of edge. Just like what I also mentioned in the previous post - it embodied the spirit of Bottega Veneta sandals of SS'11, no doubt!

Simplicity chic


Wa Tak Kesah, Wa Rock!

Aren't we all have a bit of rock 'n roll attitude in us? Whatever it is, wa tak kesah, wa rock! Have a great weekend...

*mood of guitar-swinging as Phillip Phillips won American Idol. :)


Chow to Penang!

At last, I finally successfully stepped my toes in Penang. If not because of our Green Technology research group was having a meeting there, I dunno whether I could reach the city again this year. Though the journey between Ipoh and Penang is merely just 2-hours away, I never had time to go there these days (my trip were always down south, rather than up north). If I can recall the last time I went to Penang is actually 6 years ago - back in 2006 - when I went to collect my Fujitsu notebook at Queensbay Mall. Too long ago, I know. Whatever it is, after all these years of not visiting I can finally take a breather and said 'yo momma, I'm in the Pearl of the Orient'!

It was such a good feeling to be in Penang again as it got a special place in my heart. One, because so many of our family friends are from Penang. Makcik Miah from Balik Pulau, Makcik Pah from Butterworth, my family angkat aka my neighbor when I was growing up - Pak Ya and Makcik Nab (who were the in-laws of Datuk Farid, the founder of MAKNA) - were also Penangites. In fact, me, my sis and my cousin also studied at Penang before (we are all the USM alumnus!). So, by right - Penang has been part of me all these while.... that's why I always love the island. 

Anyway, during the 3-days meeting in Penang we're staying at Flamingo Hotel in Tanjung Bungah. I arrived quite late in the day, yet the traffic on the longest bridge in South East Asia, the Penang Bridge, was quite smooth though.  It was a fun journey to me coz I'm on cloud nine as I finally got to be there. I can't believe I still remember to get around the island, especially to Pulau Tikus area as well as to Batu Ferringhi... as that's where I used to stay in the yesteryears during my visit. So many things have changed. The traffic route on the bridge has become three-lanes, there is highway by the sea that shorten the route to get to Georgetown, some roads has been closed, some new has been opened, lots of new malls pop up, as well as many more villas, condos and hotels by the sea at Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi. One thing obvious: there's Hard Rock Hotel! (more about that later).

What's good about Penang? I don't find Penang is a great place to shop for clothes coz not many malls around (better go to KL instead). But for sightseeing and tourist attraction, Penang is among the best after Malacca. You've gotta rake in the multicultural value of the city, especially when the island has been listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage site. It's amazing and such a photographers' dream!

And oh, the best thing about Penang is FOOD!!! Dang...I don't get the chance to try Nasi Kandar Line Clear coz my meeting lasted till late at night every day. Rugi cheqq...!

Anyway. Some photos during my stay there. WARNING: it'll whet your appetite. In the upcoming post I'll show how my hotel looks like...

Breakfast by the pool...

Prawn noodle. Shhlurpp....!!

The MUST TRY!! Penang assam laksa - voted #7 world best food according to CNN Survey.

This is rice cake or kole...

Pucuk? I thought the spelling should be fucuk? :P

Hangpa mau gaduh kaa..? Jangan. Baik hangpa makan gado2!

View of the Straits of Malacca from the 1st Avenue mall. Can you spot the ferry?

zoom, zoom, zoom... there it is! (susah ambik gambar ngan iPhone neh..!)

One of the best part: shopping for jeruk aka pickles at Pasar Chowrasta in Penang Road. Shlurppp...best giler!!

Next time I wanna chow again to Penang!


Color Craze!

Ultimate Spring/Summer 2012. Aku lak yg giler pd colors! I don't know whether lots of Malaysian blokes really into colors too? But the thing is, whenever I went for the Friday prayers those guys from all walks of life seem to embrace all sort of colors galore like crazy as well.

*tapi tak ramai yg berani pakai apart from going to mosque. Hmmm..... (pelik tetapi benar)


BigFatSnoop: African Prints

You know what the highstreet gonna do when they spotted some trend hits the runway during the Fashion Week? It's the time to really copy the whole thing and bring it to the masses at prices that won't shoot off to the roof, of course. If last year Burberry did show the African tribal prints in Milan for the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, fast forward to this date you can actually see quite a number of highstreet labels being 'innovative' enough to come up with their own version of the prints.

What is different about the African tribal look this year is the not-so-typical animal prints that you can normally found awashed everywhere such as leopard, tiger and giraffe that Cavalli or Dolce & Gabbana are famous doing; but it's more to the special tribes from the continent. It's not new to me still, as I used to see they are worn by the makcik-makcik African every time I went shopping at my local Tesco at Seven Sisters, London. It looks interesting and quirky with the fungi-meet-shells-meet-paper fan-like silhouette prints. 

The prints was okay on the ladies.... but, on men I'm not really digging it. I don't know what goes on Burberry's mind when they try to do the look though. What's weirder, Zara and Topman even copy 'em with their versions on t-shirts and short-sleeves shirt. Last month when I visited the stores at Midvalley, I gave a try for my BigFatSnooping. Do I think they look nice? Not these lots, no. Tetttt....!

the tees by Zara

Btw. When I show the second last pix to my 6-year old niece and asked her "teka saper ni?" (guess who's in the photo?). Spontaneously she said "PATUNG!"

*alamak, macam patung ke plak? erkkks....!

BigFatLook: The Brown Chinos

One of the color chinos that I got this season is the one in brown. Earth tone or neutral, if you may... coz that's what it supposed to look btw. I used to wear a lot of neutral chinos when I was growing up, either the combat style or the typical khaki pants, but then I stopped for quite a long time (more than a decade!) after I'm feeling it doesn't suit me anymore. Or. to simply put it - the cut and designs that I found out here in this country is not that flattering!

Fast forward to 2012, it seems like that the look hit me for another round. While I was crazy searching for red, blue, green and mustard chinos; suddenly my eyes attracted to the allure of the brown as well. As if a sense of deja vu just knocked me on the head, I said to myself why not if I gave it a try again this time. It's been a while I know, but it doesn't hurt to revisit my old-school look, yet with a twist of a modern take in much slimmer versions just like what I normally associated with these days.

And voila, this brown slim chinos from Voi @ Standout.net hits the right notes. A slight 'nude' tone? Check. Very slim silhouette? Check. Awesome fabric that is not too heavy nor too thin? Check. Plus, it's on discount online? Check (two months ago, sorry!). So, what else other than not to love it?!

So, what can I pair the chinos with? Apart from usual 'colorless' hues like black, white and grey; yellow and red goes pretty well with neutral. For a bit of tone-in-tone look, the choc brown and sand are always on its same color palette. Simple, safe and never go out of style for the casual look!

yellow checks shirt - Topman

choc brown tee - Zara, knitted waistcoat - weareverulike

red tee - Zara

3/4-sleeve tee in sand - Asos

For a bit of Cavalli-slash-Kardashian clan look, what better to rock the animal prints galore with this Topman leopard slimfit shirt. Isn't it the time to roar in earthy look!?

bags: SEED, Zara, Topman and Bally. Watch - Diesel, Nixon. 

...and, this is how the brown chinos look when it went for a spin...