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Spring Essentials

Now we're all in the months of spring. Well, at least for those who're living in the Northern Hemisphere, yes. For the rest of us in Malaysia and within the fraternity of the tropics and equatorial (including Equatorial Melaka and Equatorial penang!) - panas sepanjang tahun la kita, okay. Or maybe there is somewhat spring here and there.... but more to spring rolls. Makan cicah sos cili Thai, memang best! 

Anyway. Spring/Summer 2012 trend sees menswear has gone very bold, with shot of colors, new patterns and prints, and some with a hint of retro classics. For the recent issue of Menswear, the trend that made a cut include:
  • Technicolor suits: we're talking bold and dare to stand out from 1 miles away! Vermillion red is hot trend throughout the designers' runways, so as sky blue and pistachio green.
  • Neo-tribal prints: Out with the typical tiger and leopard, in with the prints that you've never familiar with. Ikat is taking reign this season as many has done the pieces in their collection.
  • White db. No, db not David Beckham in his H&M skivvies, but db as in double-breasted. Bored with your classic grey db jacket, then white is the fresh option to go for.
  • Mustard and chocolate. Not just as your tummy filler, but as the color on your ensemble. I am loving the mustard-colored chinos that looks very hot this season, as hot as the Dijon on the table...
  • Retro patterns. Think Prince Charles, then think Camilla P-B. Oh silap, think Prince of Wales check patterns! From highstreet to high end, the trend is rocking like crazy these days.
  • Bold plaids. If you've been wearing that buffalo checks forever, then change the color to the Masai-inspired patterns for this new season. Red and blue, nothing more that can make your eyes twist like manic like these bold patterns do.
So, ready to rock the Spring trends?

[source : menswear @ fy]


Treasure Chest

While strolling around Bazaar Samudera after visiting the Naval Museum last week, my eyes struck to some boxes resembling the old treasure chests made of wood. I love how it looks - quite rustic and old, with neat ornate decorations on the wood veneer on its cover. There two of them available - so, I snap fast before other poeple would (padahal takder ramai org pun time tu!)

I ask the pakcik how much it cost. Without he even opened his mouth, I quickly haggle "15 ringgit untuk dua kotak ni boleh?". Since he's just open his store that afternoon, he agreed to my offer though he's quite hesitant at first. I think he's got too coz it's not good for anyone who just open the stall to refuse what the first customer want; otherwise rezeki diorg kurang la that day (the belief)!

So, both boxes looks nice to fill my rings + tie bars, and the watches. Though I think, I do need much bigger 'treasure chest' to fill my watches, sbb memang tak muat semua pun! :P

Currently the watches are stored in the Muji box. Easy and chic. :]

Spot the Difference

Spot the difference between these two translucent PP storage boxes. Apart from the one on the right has the sticker on it, they practically look the same. Yet, they are from different brands - Muji on the right and Daiso on the left.

And hear this. The price is also different. While Muji's cost more than £3 (equiv. to more than RM15), the one by Daiso, well.... you can basically guess how much it cost, right? Yup, just RM5! In other words, with one PP case at Muji you can get three similar cases at Daiso! Isn't that a major saving?!

I think Muji is gonna get their competition hot in the running when they open their debut store at Pavilion KL soon; coz Daiso is also just around the corner @ Tokyo Street. Let the 'battle' begins!

Red Alert Discoveries in Melaka

Apart from red buildings aka Stadthuys that I finally paid visit in Melaka, it seems that there are some other discoveries with the theme 'red' that I found during my trip to the city.

Something red to eat. . . Red Velvet whoopie pie @ Starbucks

Something red and very classic to ride around town. . . the red old bike.

And something red to wear. . .  red jeanos that I found at Brands Outlet @ Dataran Pahlawan Mall. It's RED ALERT!


BigFat Melaka Tour: Part 4

The last day at Melaka, we took a quick stroll around the city going by visiting some of the must-visit sites - the Muzium Samudera (Naval Museum) which features the replica of the Portuguese ship, 'Flora De La Mar' as well as shopping around at Jonker Street and the bazaar selling stuff like the local delicacies and souvenirs.

Muzium Samudera is great, just by paying RM3 to get in you'll experience how the people used to travel in not-that-humungous ship all the way across the world. Apart from the Captain's deck, inside is the two-storeys worth of space that fills with exhibits like the old ships like the Pirates of the Caribbean lookalike and all other artefacts too. 

Anyway. Love the trip to Melaka. I'll definitely gonna return for more...

 .... and the pix by affadd, featuring yours truly...

I'm the captain of the world!

buying some t-shirt at the famous Orang Utan store. beside it is a gallery selling original artwork that is splendid. now I know where to get the cheapest wall art for my home...

BigFat Melaka Tour: Part 3 - Melaka 'Tron' River Cruise

If you watched the movie 'Entrapment' starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones, then you must've realised that there's a scene where they get on a boat ride throughout the 'city of Kuala Lumpur'. The truth is the scene is not actually shot at Kuala Lumpur but at River Melaka instead. And they just superimpose the image of Petronas Twin Tower into the background to make it look like they're manoeuvring inside the capital city! (kinda similar to how Sex & the City 2 is done; not in Dubai, but in Morocco! tipah tertipu bang!). Bijak bijak...

Anyway. That night me and my nephew went to snap picture of Melaka from its river view. One word: AWESOME!!! Though I have to pay RM10 per journey that lasted almost 20 min, but the experience worth every cents! Especially when the ambience is at night time, where the lights around accentuate the rustic beauty of the old Melaka town. 

The best part - as if I've speed off into the future when I did the 'Tron' like effect using the light trail technique. It's FANTASTIC!

tengok yang ni, terus ingat SNSD's Mr Taxi, Taxi, Taxi.... :)

Ready for some 'Tron-tastic' moment? This is how I capture the beauty of the journey through the light trail technique. It's easy to be done - just keep it in a low shutter speed mode. And the most important, get your tripod ready (unless if you can hold your camera still). It's gonna be AWESOME!

*piok jeles sbb lupa bawak dia nyer tripod. ekekeke...

this bridge is actually resembles Ponte di Rialto in Venice. Thru the light trail it looks like the clamshells instead!