Kuala Lumpur Queen Bed

Location: Impiana KLCC

In this Kuala Lumpur queen bed
We're ten thousand miles apart
I've been Kuala Lumpur wishing on these stars
For your heart for me, my Kuala Lumpur queen...


AEON Mall @ Station 18 is Now Open!

Enjoy the pix galore of the newly opened AEON Mall @ Station 18 in Ipoh. I don't think it's that large as what people say, coz the number of tenants is much lesser than One Utama in Damansara. And it has only 3 floors for shopping/eateries/cinema. But, whatever it is, this new mall is LARGER than Kinta City Ipoh.  And the most important - it's near to my house! Holla!


Happy 10th Anniversary

Today the people at the uni celebrated my 10th Anniversary working there. Not just me alone, but together with some other colleagues that has been together with me for the past 10 years. I just can't believe that how time flies so very fast - I still feel as if it's been like yesterday that I went to clock in for the first time. Bittersweet memories, all the ups and downs, all the fun and hardship, all the people I've met and keep on meeting, all the life I've been going through. Yup, indeed. . . time flies. One decade. Who would've thought I've been working for that long!

My friends joking, cuba tengok kat orang yg dapat Long Service Award hari ni. Semua dah berubah. Tapi tengok Zamri, maintain jer...

Erkss... No komen.

So, what did they give me apart from the certificate? A watch by Tissot, engraved at the back 'Long Service Award' (second watch in the week?). It's truly a great gift, truly momentous. Especially when the box is in the color that I love too: black and red!

To the Uni, thank you for having me. Thanks for always giving me the opportunity to expand my talent and made me feel worth to be an all-rounder person. Thank you for making me very well accepted, which I can't be grateful enough. I can't wait to continue my journey here and contribute to be even much more that I could ever been before. Perjuangan masih belum selesai. There's still a lot more to achieve, a lot more to learn, and a lot more to share too. So, just watch this space!

I wear black and white today, just like in the pix. But, definitely not posing like that during receiving the award by Datuk on the stage. Apa giler...? huhu...

Btw, I think the organizer forgot to pull the price tag from the watch. Hmmm.... who would've thought it cost almost similar to my other watches too!

Wordless Wednesday: Afraid?

WordLess Wednesday: Close-up. Almost.

So-called artwork, prior bedtime....

*in tangerine tango theme - Pantone color 2012


The Light Stripes Friday

Recycle time. That's all I can say about Friday coz I'm wearing the same blazer as what I wore on Monday in the same week. I love that blazer so much; and since I've been missing its presence on my body for almost two years now, what better to celebrate our 'togetherness' by wearing it frequent. 

In order to be slightly in different theme than Monday, the seersucker blazer by H&M is worn with the light blue shirt by +J Jil Sander, paired with horizontal stripes crochet tie and black trousers, all by Uniqlo. (tetiba rasa cam Uniqlo's walking mannequin plak, sebab pakai semua Uniqlo!). Completing the look is my Asos' Chelsea boots and watch by Calvin Klein.

I think seersucker brought a sense of cool blue theme to the ensemble. 

apsal nampak cam gemuk la plaks....huhu. gotta do something to the spare type, errkss!

The Shadow Master Thursday

Last Thursday was quite a hectic day, full of meetings. Morning with the DVCA, afternoon with the VC. That day I went almost all black in my attire. The shadow checks shirt is by SEED, paired with the slimfit blazer by Asos, slim, flat-front trousers and black knitted tie, both by Uniqlo. My shoes is the black boots by Jimmy Choo, to anchor the whole outfit together. Black, coz it's a no-nonsense serious day! 

I always adore the wall of the Senate Hall where I got meeting in the afternoon. The songket-inspired fabric cladding is truly one of it's kind!


There is Only One 'Worldwide' Harrods...

 "There is only one Harrods. There is only one Sale. Harrods Sale..."

That phrase is by far one of the famous phrases that I am too familiar with. Every two times a year - one in winter, one in summer - that phrase started to paste itself alongside the red double decker buses that stormed around London. They indicated the best event of the season is gonna happen that every Londoners or even any visitors around the world that came to the capital Blighty is waiting for - THE HARRODS SALE. I can say that I truly miss the moment, coz Sale at Harrods is like none other. You would never get designer shoes that's discounted more than 70% if not at Harrods! (I got my Prada at almost a quarter of the original price!). But what can I say, time flies. . . and so do I.

Last week while browsing Harrods online shopping site, I am quite stunned to read what is written in the website. Harrods deliver to Malaysia? Since when? As far as I know, early this year the coveted shopping mall has never delivered to other 'developing' countries like this is. But, now it does? What a big surprise! A true surprise, really - yet a good one at the same time.

So, I decided to give it a try and shop there to test the waters. Does it really live up to the hype? Does the delivery really as good as Mr. Porter or Net-a-Porter since they're hand-in-hand, side-by-side in term of becoming the 'premium shopping site'? Can they deliver with a touch of class too, just like what their store look like? I said to myself, I've got to give it a try.

At first I was contempt to buy the Spicebomb by Victor & Rolf as Harrods is the only store that currently sells the fragrance. Yet, after realising that they can't deliver any perfumery to overseas, I switched to something much cheaper and very 'memorabilia' instead - the Harrods' own range of products.

So, nine days later a parcel that stamped the monogram indicating the store arrived safely into my mailbox. What better is that inside is another box in black, scriptures the word 'Harrods' on top that look very chic and simply luxe containing the stuff that I bought. And with it is a Thank You card with the golden lettering as what the store is synonymous for.

What can I say, Harrods live up to my expectation. If they use to say "There is Only One Harrods. There is Only One Sale". . . now I can add something to it: There is only one world. Mail that to me, please!

Something for my sister... the Harrods' teddybear fridge magnet. This time they can add into their collection from the world's famous shopping mall!