Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Tuesdays of Contrast

The outfit to the office stories of two consecutive Tuesdays. Last week I continued to follow what I've planned for the week by wearing the shades of grey combo top-to-toe. For the top, it's the grey linen shawl lapel suit jacket paired with the army green slim shirt - both by Asos - and the ultraslim tartan check tie by Tie Rack in its green-grey color combo. I think it looks great together as the green really infuses to the shade of grey, just like the rhythm and music. 

For the trousers, I finally brave myself to slip into the suit's original trousers in the same color. Previously I was quite sceptical to wear it coz it's kinda drop-crotched which might be tacky for the office. Yet, upon wearing it I'm quite surprise that it looks perfectly fine - especially when it tapered down towards the ankle, giving a silhouette of a much sharper rather than droopy appearance.

For the shoes, it's another brave attempt to be wearing the contrasting grey tweed/black leather derby lace-ups by Beatrix Ong. It brought the whole theme together, streamlining the look of monochromatic Tuesday. 

One confession though; the shoes is never been worn before.... so when I walked in it till afternoon, I can feel how the new shoes really 'bite' my foot! The back of the ankles are aching like mad. And that's why right after lunch break - despite the hideous color to go with the whole theme of the day (plus the wrong color of socks) - I slipped into my grey Prada loafers instead to give a much breather for my feet. Quite a fashion faux pas, yet for the sake of comfort I gotta do what I gotta do!

Fast forward to previous Tuesday, I'm in the mood of going bold. What better to delve into in your face kinda attitude other than to wear red! Yup, it's totally a red alert Tuesday, today.

This is another case of 'never been worn before' as I put on the red blazer by H&M that I bought years ago while browsing around at their store in Covent Garden, London during one weekend. I just fell in love with it instantly. Plus, the color has been seen on the catwalk seasons after seasons, making it the trans-seasonal color these days, including being one of the trend for SS12 too! Just after I stepped out from my car today, people just went whoa! coz I know nobody in this entire uni would dare to look as flamboyant as it is, I guess. 

Toning down the look, I put on the white shirt from +J Uniqlo paired with the black trousers. To bring in the whole outfit together is the red/black horizontal stripes tie by Red Herring @ Debenhams, kept in place by the new red tie bar from The Tie Bar, which went perfectly well with the color of the whole ensemble. 

Completing the ofiicewear is the black Chelsea boots by Asos.

A definite contrasting look of two Tuesdays? I bet it is!

Monday, 27 February 2012

The Monday of More and Less Blues

The Monday cliché continues with lots of blue themes on the line. I think it's becoming my thing these days to don a little bit of blues on Monday - not just the mood, but something in my ensemble to get the playful vibes kicking for the week.

First up is what I wore last Monday as I've laid out what I'm gonna put on for the rest of the weekday in the previous week. I'm staying true to the plan, and go with the blue Oxford shirt by Topman, paired with the black suit by Asos. To accessorize is the knitted mod tie by Uniqlo with its black/cream/light blue horizontal stripes, hold in place by the Lanvin onyx tie bar.

Completing the ensemble is my 4B - the Bally black brogue boots. Monday blues #1, done. 

Fast forward to today, I'm not feeling the need to go blue shirt just like in the previous weeks. Yet, to still include the hint of blue in the outfit, I put on the tartan checks slim tie by Topman with its blue/white/grey combination to stay streamlined with the white shirt and grey db jacket, both by Asos. What I like about the look today is I finally got to play with the mod way of 'clipping' the tie in place. As the tie is actually quite skinny itself, the only way to do it is with a tie bar that's smaller than it size. And thank goodness for my new blue tie bar by The Tie Bar, the hint of blue really works!

Completing the outfit is my black mocs by Gucci. I really love the classic shoes, especially it bears the Gucci signature design - the Gucci horsebit. And it's slim, what more can I ask for?

So, Monday blues #2, done.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The DSquared Put to Use

After months figuring out who can attend to my lawn, alas someone came to the rescue and cut the 'jungle' that has been growing. I got a huge unused space - or lawn, if you wanna call it - too huge that I can even build another 20 ft x80 ft house there. It's quite an effort to really maintain the area since the lalang really grow very fast without I'm knowing it.

So, after the lawnmower guy took almost half an hour to cut the whole 'savannah' surrounding the house, it's my turn to finish up what's being left off. The guy just went home without clearing up the whole thing as the chuck of his cutting machine disappear somewhere across the fence.... so I put on my gear and do my thing. 

Armed with a rake and the Ikea white bin, it's damn tiring to gather those straws. Yet alone when it's a one-man's job! But, it's really paid off as the 'field' looked what it supposed to be - without any tall grass that is a pure annoyance. And I thought, what better way than to wear my DSquared2 wellies other than to really put it to work like this is!? Hey, if I wanna do gardening, I'd better do it in style too, right? =)

At the end of the day, I'm pleased with the results.

I need to renovate my fence!!

Wellington boots - DSquared2. Black vest and cropped trousers, all Uniqlo.

Anyway. I asked myself what would I do if I don't blog? The best answer is D.I.Y. One perfect example is when I made this picnic bench all by myself years ago in just one weekend at my rented house. Not perfect, but still can work! :)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Why Do We Shop?

I was browsing around in MPH Kinta City a couple of months ago when I spotted the Reader's Digest on my way out, which lure me to take it off instantly from the shelf. I was intrigued to what it says on the cover, not just about the image of the lady carrying the shoe boxes and the red background color that wept the appetite - but also the title on the cover. It is one phrase that I'm well-versed about. One phrase that I know very well. The title that somehow related to the nature of this blog without a doubt. The topic that is I assume is burning hot, so hot that it is one topic that is actually driven the world economy at large. It's about 'Why We Shop?'

The 6-pages article discusses about the 'Human Buyology' and 'the science behind emptying your wallet'. Shopping - as what buyology  is all about - taps into the psychokinetic of the shopper that is no more a mystery. The forces that driven a shopper to spend their dosh at the malls or online retail sites is actually related to their mental state at the moment of time, the lure of the advert, the images they saw, the smell of things, and the feeling they had afterwards. And it's all about psychology, really. Whether you have money or not, shopping is a lucrative desire that everybody craves for. At least to me, yes.... shopping is too a lucrative desire that sometimes spiral out of proportions and has made me succumbed into the shopaholic tag black hole. Just the other day, I read what my star sign says "Your lust for luxury could be draining your bank account" - that somehow raised the flags and knocked my ring ding dong bell that I should beware of my current spending habit. (I know we shouldn't believe horoscopes, but somehow this one is 'accidently' a good advice!)

So, what's the socioecological urge about shopping anyway? This statement in the article says...
"...Recent advances in brain scanning technology have given researchers a whole new insight into why we respond to certain commodity the way we do – and it turns out that even though we’re shopping for non-essentials, we are driven by our fundamental urges of survival and procreation. For example the cute baby ‘face’ of a Mini Cooper produces a warm maternal glow, while for men, looking at expensive sports cars stimulates the part of the brain associated with reward and reinforcement. Like peacocks, our deepest instinct says men who can afford to invest energy and resources in such a pointless thing must be strong and successful...
The question on does shopping desire really being driven by some 'hormone' in our bodies? How does our body really react when we shop? This statement describes about it from scientific (medical) point of view...
"...It’s all down to mirror neurons – excitable brain cells that are responsible for the lingering rush of exhilaration when an action hero dispatches a villain, and a feeling that if we buy the same clothes and accessories as someone we admire, then we’ll also be acquiring the image and the attitude that make them so appealing in the first place.
Mirror neurons work in tandem with dopamine, one of the brain’s pleasure chemicals, which is also associated with food and sex. “When you see a shiny digital camera or flashy diamond earrings for example, dopamine subtly flushes your brain with pleasure..."
(* in my case, if I see shoes I'll droooool.... :P~~~)

Question on 'is there any difference between the way men shop and women buy things?'...
"…when it comes to shopping, men hunt, and women gather. 
Even though the prey is now a pair of socks or a home entertainment, men shop using skills developed to obtain meat in a hunter-gatherer environment. Underhill’s research found that only 72 percent of men read price tags on items, compared with 86 percent of women – for a man, ignoring the price tag, and going stright for the kill (that is, purchasing) is a measure of his virility. 
…Underhill also found that male shopping is a decisive, rational experience, unless, that is, they are looking at the equivalent of a new club – power tools, computers, or home theatre system...

And the BIG question really: WHY DO WE SHOP? The article further explains....
"We shop to relieve stress, celebrate our achievements and to compensate for life’s disappointments, but does retail therapy actually make us happier? The answer, according to Lindstrom, is yes, at least in the very short term, thanks to the flush of reward, pleasure and well-being from dopamine, which also increases anticipation of many types of rewards…"
So, there you go. There's a lot about science and social factors related to shopping. Btw, there are many studies has also been done in unleashing the mystery of why we shop. Too much out there in the literacy world. Too many technical papers has indeed being published, not just just this one article by Reader's Digest. Yet, if you ask me why do I shop? I dunno.... I think it's still a big enigma that I'm struggling to answer it myself. But one thing for sure, if I saw something that I like I'll just buy it - as simple as that. Dah aku ada duit, aku beli je la kan...? Tu pun nak tanya ker? Ngggg...! Xder duit, pi dok diam tepi pintu...huhu.

One thing for sure, shopping does made the world economy goes round. If not because of those shopping malls and markets and online shopping sites - there is definitely no jobs! Shopping IS the equilibrium of life - and THAT is my 'science' fact!

(And oh, if there's no 'shopping', there's no BigFatBlog. That's a definite fact!)

Ad Campaign @ Luisaviaroma

This ad campaign at Luisaviaroma looks absolutely fantastic. Though I'm sensing a whole lot of image post-processing like HDR is taking place (and photoshopping what not); yet, it brings out the best in the clothings that they are portraying. It does look as if it came straight out from the editorials in the magazines. A bit dramatic, which is cool. The mood, the setting, and of course... the boots; they look awesome!

[pix from luisaviaroma]

Friday, 24 February 2012

What's in My Bag?

My nephew asked the other month upon seeing me carrying my bag to go to the office, "Su, bawak beg ni gi office?". I then replied, "ya lah, apsal?" "macam beg nak gi berjalan, berlawa2!!". It's kinda funny really coz I think he doesn't think that I would carry such bag to work. What bag, you wonder? The leather one by SEED, which I think has become a permanent feature in this blog space. 

Anyway. Many people kinda bemused how many times do I change bags in a week coz they know I have quite a lot. The answer is, it depends mostly on the mood of the day. Sometimes I'm feeling for a white perforated (Hugo Boss), sometimes it's the canvas monochromatic checks (Burberry), or just a simple denim (Key Ng), or maybe the pebble leather SEEDs or a croc-stamped Zara. It also depend on how many stuff I'm carrying too. The more stuff in it, the bigger size the bag would be. Typical briefcase can't do the job well coz it can't even store a DSLR inside.

As for this week, I opted for one of my most fav bag by which has been my best buddy when I roam around London in previous years. I think I've been abandoning this bag for quite a long time ever since the SEED bags arrived. So, in order to give the rest a breather this bag has been utilized again this week. I'm giving it a life for another cycle...

So, what's in my bag today? It's the sombre black theme....
  1. Mock croc leatherette tote bag - Topman.
  2. Patent leather iPad case - Dior Homme.
  3. Laptop case - Gucci.
  4. Leather 'monogrammed' iPad clutch to store the techno accessories - Marc by Marc Jacobs
  5. Leather 'saffiano' long wallet - Bonia Uomo.
  6. 'Utility' case - S&J.

Getting Tied Down

After a long consideration, finally I've made my decision. I've been struggling to find the appropriate accessories for my daily officewear, but couldn't find it anywhere in in the stores around Malaysian malls. (Maybe their style in stock is not to my high standard, ooooh...!). After weighing things for months since I've known about it - should I get it, should I buy it, should I proceed with the purchase, and all of the what ifs  that comes along with me being too analytical about everything - alas, the parcel arrived safe and sound into my mail box.

Opening it up, I'm glad seeing the little black casings arranged nicely inside. All I can say is one: GQ, please beware.... coz my style is gonna be up there as same standard as what you wrote in the mag from now on. Ha!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

SEED Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

To be honest I think it's kinda weird for this country to do their take on 'Spring/Summer' or 'Autumn'Winter' collection. Coz if I can recall, we don't even have four seasons unlike what's happening to the Northern or Southern hemisphere, no. Here in Malaysia, as like others in the equatorial region and the like of Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, we only got one season - summer with spring all year round. Or maybe two, the most... if you say the wet season can also be counted as one of them. 

Anyhow, since we are gonna be at par with what the fashion universe demanded - hence, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collection it is. Just like what SEED did for their latest ad campaign that's gonna hit stores when the new season started.

What can I say about the new collection? Flipping thru the pages of the new lookbook available in the March issue magazines as well as the ad campaign images online, one word: daring! I think the new collection for men really plays a lot with colors and stripes and checks.... and also, prints and patterns. The Bretons are everywhere, so as the Madras and buffalo checks are also making the cut. What I love seeing is the floral, such as the green foliage and monochromatic motif has brought a sense of fresh and dare to be different for those brave blokes out there. There're even star prints seen on some shirts and polo, which somehow inspired by the previously done by Dolce & Gabbana. And of course, the pump up of colors like blue, red and mustard yellow amidst the monochrome like greys and whites, that somehow brings the sense of rejoice to the new season.

Yet, I can raise some red flags though: am I seeing a lot of designer copies in this collection? (hello Bottega Veneta, Gucci, DSquared2, etc...). Still, I can't wait to get my hands on for this new season's pieces!

What would be in my defiinite to-buy list? Apart from the hooded denim jacket, it's definitely the neo-gladiator sandals that would be my hunt soon. Btw, I think SEED is a tad two seasons late coz it try to copy what is seen at Bottega Veneta before! (SOPA, copycat alert!)

[pix from padini and style.com]

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Mood

How do I define luxury? Is it to have a lot of designer shoes? Is it to own a lot of leather bags? Is it to have a bucketloads of clothes in the closet? Is it to have great sum of money in the bank?

Maybe all of the above, yes. But the true luxury to me is actually to have a good night rest. That's all. And that's the current mood: having a great night slumber....

*you know I can crash anywhere in the house to sleep, right? [click]