It's Nano, Not Facebook?

I bet each music fan in the country was stuck on the tele last night watching the Anugerah Juara Lagu 26 on TV3, huh? Well, at least I am... coz right at 9 pm, I got the best seat in the house. Front row. With my feet up, no shoes whatsoever, cosy on the sofa with the fluffy cushions unlike those in the Stadium Putra. Isn't that the best one? And if I'm hungry, there's always food in the fridge to get some. If there's nature's call, I don't need to queue. Ha!

What's up with the results? Oh man, this time around I think the battle was tight! Extremely tight! Who do I like? Jac Victor who's stepping in to sing the movie anthem of Merong Mahawangsa 'Sedetik Lebih' was not bad either as her vocal is stupendous (though I much prefer the original singer btw). And that three divas - awesome. Kalau Berpacaran - that song is cool. So as Kekanda Adinda - they look and sound cute. Alyah, ho ho ho... tak sia2 ko bawak Remy Ishak, ha? Hmmm... taktik mengelirukan pihak lawan btol, mujur ko menang persembahan terbaik! Yuna? I don't understand her song...sorry. But I still think those hijabi girls will be rooting for her anyway. 

But again, why Cinta Muka Buku doesn't win? Oh oh oh oh oh...no! Probably because the audience or the jury can't hear her vocal very well, that's why it's not her day. It was a bit slow though, which is quite unfortunate. Still, I think the lyrics is very poetic, very raw and very honest; that at least could be given some recognition in the competition, if any. I know lots of people love it. I love it. My 10-year old nephew love it. So there, you got supporters. In the end the one who brought home the Juara Lagu is iPod nano. Owh silap... Awan Nano, sorry. Ahaks! 

I think, okay, the song maybe deserve to win coz hearing that afro guy sang it - man, I got goosebumps (but without the goose or the bumps. aik, camner tu?) His voice is awesome, even better than the original record! No wonder he win the award for the best vocal performance again, after last year he snapped the same one. Yet, deep down inside I think the main factor that the song win is becoz it was by the Sifu. So, no comment there. No one can lawan Hang Tuah , you know?

Anyway, controversy or not.... just accept the results. To Najwa, if Muka Buku doesn't make it this time, let's do other song - Cinta Laman Blog plak. Well, at least I got part of the the lyrics ready now! :D

ipad case - Dior Homme. faux python-skin pouch - Ordning & Reda


The Lens of Photographers' Dream

During the coffee at Secret Recipe in the previous weeks, I asked my friend Yin Chao - who is a pro photographer - on what brand of DSLR that she uses. She said Canon, to the delight to my ears coz I'm using the same brand myself. And I asked her again, how many lenses that she have - coz normally pro photographer got so many types in their camera bag. "I got four", which to me is like whoaaa...banyak giler! 

Me, I don't have many as I'm just a novice. Only two : one is the prime lens 50 mm f1.4 from Canon which I got at just RM250 during the Gila-gila Canon Fair prior to my birthday, and the other is the Tamron's 18-200 mm telephoto lens that I bought during the London Fashion Week a couple of years back. The cheapest telephoto lens though coz I don't wanna fork out more than £400 just for the original Canon. Yet, it proven to give quite a good shot as you can see it yourself when I snapped KL Tower from Hotel Maya last year. [click]

I also got some other accessories for my DSLR: the wireless remote control for the self-photo shoot, and the macro lens attachment by Raynox which is awesome for the close-up shots [click, click, click, click]. Still, I think I need to get a new body though as my current 450D is lacking in some features. Plus I start to feel it's quite heavy too... (sesajer jer bagi alasan 'berhemah' sbb nak beli EOS 60D or 6D...wahaha!). 

If given a chance, I really wanna get the whole nine yards of the camera lens. Like these lots by Canon... that's truly gonna be a totally photographer's dream!

But, wait a minue; voila, I got one myself! Erm.... sort of coz it's not really what you think. When I show this lens to my nephew (who's a better photographer than I am, not fair!) he took it to hold, and suddenly shouted 'this is fake!!!'. Ditto, coz this is not really a lens lens. How come?

Ok. It got all the look and stuff, even the label 70-200 mm zoom capability. But look on the other side to the brand, it's Caniam. Caniam? Brand menatang apa tu?

Well, actually this is just a cup-lens. Or in other words, it's a thermos that looks like a camera lens. So cool and brilliant, don't you think? It got everything you wish for a telephoto lens - the color scheme, the lettering, the zoom latches, etc...etc. Even the lens mirror looks pretty real too. But open the cover (the lens mirror) and you can fill your drinks inside. Great if you wanna fool people that you do bought a telephoto lens.

I got it at S&J at Pavilion KL. There're other 'models' as well, but this one look much closer to the real stuff. So, now.... how do I like my coffee? In my telephoto lens, of course. :)

Tried and Tested: Elite Intense Kajal

Time to experiment with a new product out there in the market. I wrote somewhere before in one of my previous post that my history with eyeliner went back a very long time ago at the the tender age of 11. I was actually influenced by the tabligh group which is actually quite a strong movement going around my village back then. From the kurta and kopiah-wearing, up to the celak, I think they certainly had a great impact on myself during my tween years. I don't think that's a bad thing, at least they saved me from getting involved with all bad stuff when I was growing up.

Talking about eyeliner, apart from the Cyber Colors paste that I posted last year [click], the one that I used to wear daily is the kohl stick that my big bro brought from Makkah. We don't really call it eyeliner though (that's too make-upy term) - it's celak instead. I love wearing it coz it helps protect the eyes esp during driving as they have the cooling function which is quite a mystery, yet awesome. And of course, nampak lagi rock 'n roll la beb....ha!

Anyway. Early this year I found another eyeliner from the brand Elite. Yes, elite as in Elite models coz it became the official make-up brand for the Elite Model Look competition - the prestigious contest to select new model to be under the world's renowned modelling agency. So, my verdict about the eyeliner?

A mixed bag - both good and not-so-good. Firstly, the name itself drawn attention - Intense Kajal. Thank God it's not Kajol...nanti kang samaa ngan nama pelakon Bollywood tu plak. Or kojol, nanti maksudnya mampuih! It's kajal. Or many call it kohl - whatever it is, they're the same thing. 

This eyeliner is unlike some out there coz it looks like a lipstick, with the same mechanism - take off the cover, and twist the bottom part to reveal the eyeliner stick. As the name is "intense", so as the impact once you roll it to the eyes. The black color is strong. Since it is a solidified paste-like material just like the lipstick, it's easily applied to the eyes with one stroke. No need to mess around with any applicator brush just like the one from Cyber Colors. Want your eyes to pop like the cover model, then make it super intense by wearing it both on the lids in a blacken-eyed effect, just like what I did.

But there's a downside of this eyeliner. I think maybe because of it not being too waterproof, once I become teary-eyed or sweating, the eyeliner will be wiped off easily. At times when I did this photoshoot, due to the hot and sweaty environment, I have to reapply the Intense Kajal to get a truly kohl look. The effect on the upper eyelids are worse since the sweat can easily washed it away. If I'm not careful, everything will look smudged and messy, rather than a rocker chic. 

Yet, whatever it is, the Elite Intense Kajal eyeliner is a great product. Cost about RM35, it's available only at certain Watson stores nationwide. So, tunggu apa lagi... cannot be an Elite model, get the look instead! :)


Out and About on Saturday

The typical activity on Saturday - visiting the Kinta City Ipoh for my usual grocery shopping day. The initial idea is actually to travel down south to Suria KLCC coz the people at Calvin Klein has been calling me for some business matter. But, given that I'm too lazy to drive all the way to KL, today doesn't seem to be a good day and I probably gonna visit them some other time. It's not that urgent anyway, so I guess the 'business' can wait. 

There're not many people around Jusco Ipoh today, which is understandable since the Chinese New Year 'school break' is not yet ended. Quite few, not the typical weekend number of visitors which is usually gonna be quite packed with the crowd, and parking spaces gonna be manic. But today, nope... instead of parking on the roof, I just parked at the ground floor open-air parking lot which is a very rare occasion to me to be honest. 

See, there're less crowd in the mall this morning. If not, this area in front of the supermarket is normally quite frantic!

Snap, snap...The Famous Amos. For those with sweet tooths, I think the choc chip cookies here looks utterly good. So, cookie monsters out there... time to om nom nom nom! Halal ker tak, itu gua tak tau....whoopths! 

Oh, fyi my cooking gas has already run out last week and the nearby grocery store that sell the gas hasn't got any supply due to the CNY break. It's been a week that my stove hasn't been used, which kinda drove me mad coz I can't cook my own meal. I love cooking coz then I can control the amount of stuff that goes into my food. But given the situation, the only choice that I have is to get takeaway - and fyi has caused me to gain weight recently. And today, it's another takeaway: the Quarter Chicken Meal from Kenny Rogers' Roasters. 

The waitress asked me if I wanna try the new menu - Dynasty Chicken with the sweet sour sauce gravy. I declined coz I hate sour stuff on my chicken or any meat dishes. Seafood is okay to go with the sweet sour taste, but not chicken please... coz otherwise this would be the same case as wearing a black suit with white shoes. Totally gonna be yikes moment, for sure! Therefore, my choice is as usual the black pepper chicken with three side dishes (aromatic rice + coleslaw + mashed potato).

While waiting, sempat la jugak nak snap kaki seksi ni...huhu. Since I'm wearing my white capri jeans today, it's easy to pair it with the ribcage sandals by Officine Creative. Tengah jalan2 dalam mall tu, ada la jugak yang pandang2 sbb pelik tengok sandals ni kot... lol! (yikes, apsal the small toe nampak mcm nak terkeluar!?)

To pair with the jeans is the white Breton tee by Asos. At least I'm doing the white theme in the hot day today...

Tadi sempat la jugak pi tengok show house at the new Precinct 18 at area Pengkalan, Ipoh. The area is gonna be a hot property especially Tesco and the new AEON mall are within the vicinity. The house is all under Keris Properties, by which to my perception the design are all meh rather than voila! Unlike the housing estate by TI Homes, Keris Properties has nothing to lure me to buy the house whatsoever... regardless of the up-and-coming area.

The reason why I wanna see the property is to get some decor idea which is normally quite good for show houses. My verdict? Meh... except for the lawn with the water features thingy, the interior decor is too bad for my taste. Yet, I try to songlap the idea of doing a hidden entrance to the toilet though, which is quite similar to the room I saw in P. Ramlee's movie Madu Tiga. It's pretty innovative...

Nway, I can't wait for the new AEON shopping mall aka Jusco to be opened soon at Station 18. If the time is right, it's gonna be next week. Looking at things that happen around the area, I dunno if the date would ever happen... but it's almost into its completion btw. Fyi, this Jusco is gonna be the biggest in Malaysia - which is 1.5 times bigger than the current largest Jusco, i.e. at Bukit Tinggi.

So, apa lagi...moh le kome ke Ipoh. It's Visit Perak Year 2012, anyway! :D


Flying Without Wings

Sepasang sayap tak terlihat, Umpama mimpi yang tersimpan
Jadi rintik, Rintik hujan. Menciptakan awan yang terpilu...

"A pair of invisible wings. Stored like a dream.
Become drops. Raindrops. Creating a sad cloud abound"