Kate Middleton as Tall as David Beckham?

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has graced the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards in London last Sunday night - her first appearance since the pregnancy announcement. Looking regal as usual in the demure Alexander McQueen gown in emerald green (THE new Pantone Color of 2013!), she was joined by the world-famous footballer, David Beckham, to present cyclist Bradley Wiggins with the Sports Personality of the Year gong. Isn't she got that glow on her face?

A big surprise really is when seeing her standing alongside Becks on the stage. I know Kate's height is about 5' 10'' (similar to mine), is she really taller than Becks coz it looks like she does towering him though? Or perhaps, the high heels do the trick, instead? It's the heels... I think.

Anyway. Becks looks cool in the contrasting suit jacket and trousers pair. A nice departure from the usual one-tonal suit to give a sense of nonchalance to the formal event. And, still dapper nonetheless... perfecto.