2011: The BigFab Year!

Oh, my. I can't believe that we're about to end the year 2011. How fast time flies, huh? As fast as the Eurostar from London's St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord... or the ETS train from Ipoh to KL Central (though in the latter, sometimes you missed the train due to the bad ticket management. Eeek!). Whatever it is, 2011 surely have offered such an amazing year to remember - blog-wise, or even in my life in general coz there're lots and lots of things that had happened in the course of one-year span.

I still remember back in December 2010 I made a vow that goes like this: "2011, there'll be less shopping and more about living". So, the question is - do I really stick to the vow?

Ehehehe (guilty giggles!). Somehow, it is true. More about living? Yes, coz this year is how I live my life to the max. From being with my family and friends, making my blog appear visible to much more demographic here in Malaysia and worldwide, getting my hands on managing so many events, travelling here and there, meeting lots of people especially my best friends at uni which I haven't met for far too long - yes, i can say 2011 is an absolute bigfat living year to me.

But, less about shopping? Yikes! That's a total fail. I thought by coming back to Malaysia I could curb my spending habit since what I found here just upon the first month of my return, things doesn't looking up very well. Yet, suddenly things happen which I can't imagine coz somehow online shopping sites worldwide spruced up like mad, offering great offers that I can't refuse. Not just that, I made a brave effort to really visit the local highstreet shopping here (though the term is actually very loosely used here in Malaysia), and discover what a surprising array of good clothes and accessories that I found! It was manic! In the end.... my bank balance always fail to accumulate, which I wonder why. Hmmm....

Anyway, what are the best thing that happen to me this year? Take a deep breath, here it goes...

  • From BigFat 'walk-in' to BigFat 'built-in' wardrobe..
Perhaps, one of the biggest thing that happen this year is the transformation of how I store my clothes. I do admit that I have a huge amount of shirts and tees and what not; and to find a perfect storage for them is quite a challenge. Late last year I bought the Mulig clothes rack from Ikea and turned my bedroom #3 into a temporary walk-in wardrobe. Love every single thing about it, yet it posed some nuisance whenever there're guest coming over. As a solution, I summoned my talented neighbor to built me a proper storage - with doors - so that it's flushed in to the wall. 

The result? Terjadilah the BigFat built-in wardrobe! [click]

  • Asos' offering free delivery worldwide!
I love Asos. Period. It's probably the only 'highstreet' online shopping site that I always shop both when I was in London previously or even here in Malaysia. I do shop a lot at Asos.com, and you can see that not only I shopped for clothes, but also shoes and other accessories which is in enormous quantity.  

When I returned to this country late last year, I was quite sceptical to shop thru Asos again coz I couldn't bear to pay for the delivery cost that they charged. As a result, my frequent shopping at the site suddenly drop....and I think people at Asos picked it up very badly as there have been quite a void in my account. How can they lose a great customer like me, right?

Come 2011, Asos offer free delivery worldwide and I couldn't be much ecstatic. Is it because of me? (Mwah..mood perasan di situ! ekekeke!) Suddenly the void that made me disconnect with London highstreet fashion has resumed again as I continue my previous shopping activity at Asos for another 'cycle'. I think I have quite a reputation to the people at Asos, coz they always give me discounts every now and then that really lure me to spend my dosh all the time (which is toooo frequent!). 

The result? These are some portion of shopping at Asos throughout 2011. :)

  • Out with Harry Potter, in with Mr. Porter.
In mid 2010 I read in Grazia that Net-a-porter is gonna début its new sibling website just for men, which offers the similar premium shopping experience as what they are. Hence, in February 2011 - Mr.Porter went live to all of the awaited blokes who can't wait to zrass their bank balance just to get their hands onto that Gucci, YSL, Lanvin, Jimmy Choo etc etc. And that include me as well, as I've signed up to become one of their 'Founding Members'.

First up, the Gucci iPad case that is sent to me with no delivery charge waaaay too fast, which is quite mind-blowing considering that their HQ is located far away there in the Blighty. And then, my passion for high-end accessories sprawling out of proportion as one by one parcels from Mr. Porter arrived to my mailbox - by which opening it up to reveal another chic white box inside added to much more excitement to that. 

  • The year of my iPad. And it's cases...!
Who would've thought that the first time I get my hands on the iPad at Apple store in Regent Street... I finally got mine another year later. Yeah, too late I know - coz it's been so many timbang sana timbang sini that I've made in order to justify why I need an iPad. Alas I have to say iReallyWantItNoMatterWhat! 

And to go with that - the iPad cases, of course.

Clockwise from top right: Cream leather iPad case - Calvin Klein; black leather folder - Dior Homme; 
ecru neoprene case - Marc by Marc Jacobs; black leather monogramme iPad clutch - Marc by Marc Jacobs; 
felt case - nKliq; Guccissima leather slip case - Gucci; Belle du Jour case in tan leather - YSL; 
Belle du Jour case in black patent leather -YSL.

  • The best year to start 'clutching'!
Thanks to the trend, now men also can clutch too. And 2011 is the time when carrying that envelop portfolio bag to the boardroom is no more an issue to anyone, anymore. It's the most practical thing to do too coz not only you'll look much more organized rather than carrying the loose papers around with you, clutch (especially thin portfolio case) can make you look very stylish too.

Just one thing to make sure: don't borrow your girlfriend's or your wife's clutch, okay!

  • Making my own 'Marc'.
Continuing my accessorizing effort, it's the year of Marc by Marc Jacobs! 
  • The year for more timepieces. 
One of my biggest weaknesses is timepieces. This year I add more watches into my collection that caught my eyes whenever I saw them. From the high-end labels like Calvin Klein and Nixon, to the slightly low-end labels like Skagen and Swatch. :)

  • The year to really shoe it all the way.
My biggest passion is absolutely shoes! When my 30+ something boxes arrived a month after my return here in Malaysia, I can't express how relieved I was to get 'connected' with all of my footwear again. And the year 2011 is the awesome year when I really got to wear 'em all (almost) both to the office and out of office hour, day in day out.

  • The best year to dress to the nines to office.
2011 is the year I'm really back to the office. Out from being a student in London, in to be working 8-to-5 in the cool (or cold) air-conditioned room, sitting on the pretty chair while doing what I did best before. This year I got another feather to add to my cap - Chairing the design exhibition event, being the secretary to the conference and event manager-slash-emcee for the symposium. It's a blessing.

But the best part: I got to dress up to the nines - officewear way, that is.

  • The BigFat Lookbook!
Who would've thought, 2011 I finally came out of the tempurung and be my own self. Out from just taking photos inside the fitting room only, with the clothes that I didn't buy but consider it cool; into posing in front of the camera without the need to hold the camera in my own hands!

  • YOU.
Yes, you. The best part in 2011 is you - the readers! I really dunno how suddenly the number of readers to ZBFB has increased this year. Not to mention the number of followers also has picked up, though they're less than 200. 

What I really wanna say is: THANK YOU guys for reading this blog. 

Happy New Year 2012.

p/s: I know the main question that people ask: when can we see your face? Oh well, you will...some day. Maybe next year, perhaps? (by which a couple of hours more, ahaks!)


A Stroll at KL International Airport

What will you do if you live in the Sepang area? Apart from going to the F1 International Circuit for the annual World Championship car racing event where you can meet Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa; Sepang is always about the KL International Airport. In fact, that what makes Sepang as famous as it is all these years. Without KLIA, I think people would've not known where Sepang is anyway!

Last weekend during my short break at KL, right after dinner I brought the clan to KLIA for a short visit. Actually it was my niece's idea - Hanis, whom I flew her in to KL all the way from Perlis to spend the time together - she is the one who said, "jom pegi KLIA sbb dah lama tak pergi sana. Paling last masa sekolah menengah dulu"... which I think 'masa sekolah' is like ages ago!? For me to be so spontaneous, any plan is always a quick one as I agreed to go. In fact, I haven't been there quite a while myself - too long to remember when was my last time I took the escalator towards the ground level and moving on to the International Departure Halls. Oh, last April 2010 to be exact...erkkss!

So, we drove there and it was quite late into the night where the food hall was about to close. Nevertheless there were still many people around as some are waiting to check in for their flights. Me and the clan went to the Anjung Tinjau or the viewing area at the back corner of the main building to see the planes and all the stuff happening around there. Watching the Sky Train and the Satellite building where the International Departure Hall is located far away towards the runway gave a rush of nostalgic again to me. The sweet memories where I took flights to London in and out from this country... which I think is the best feeling I've ever had. (The best feeling is actually flying in to the country, by which seeing KLCC and KLIA from up there upon landing is the best feeling ever that's indescribable!)

Hanis asked me, of all the airports that I've been to, which one that I considered the best? My simple answer is: KLIA. No doubt. The cleanliness, the high tech system, the cool ambience and the staff who're working in the location - none can rival KLIA. Schipol Amsterdam might have a proper supermarket in the airport. Paris' Charles de Gaulle might have so many nice looking terminals around. London Heathrow might be a mix of old and new which is quite nauseating at times. Stanstead, Geneva, Bologna, Palermo... they're all too small though they're all international. Still, none can compare to KLIA though many people here do mencebik at times. All I have to say, I'm proud that Malaysia had this KL International Airport.

So, what can you do in KLIA if you are not flying out? Many things. Eat, shop or just took a stroll around. Especially with your loved ones... :)

Location: alleyway towards Anjung Tinjau, KLIA

oh my Gucci...! :P

If you're at departure hall, you can shop at Harrods...!

There are not only many ATM machines around KLIA... there's even a proper bank too...

Secret Recipe @ KLIA has a poolside décor...

a nice cup of cappucino at Secret Recipe. Cannot rival Starbucks caramel macchiato btw...!

Watching the SkyTrain gave me a sense of deja vu. When will I depart to London again...? :)

I'm wearing: knitted tee - SEED, jeans - Topman, shladiator - Kurt Geiger, wallet - Bonia Uomo, watch - Calvin Klein

Slim or Skinny?

Slim or skinny? No, I'm not asking about my body shape, silly...though I know I look too uber-slim these days anyway. Ngggg...! What I'm asking is actually the choice of two body-con jackets out there in the market which made me quite bemused: the slimfit blazer and the skinny fit. There's been quite a dilemma to me on which one should I go for as both has the body-contouring effect that tend to modernize the look and made it appear sharp and sleek. 

So, to experiment I got myself two most affordable blazers from Asos; as the name says they are the slim-fit and the skinny fit black blazers. Albeit they are made from quite similar wool-mix fabric and got that form-fitting silhouette, I realized that there are a couple of differences between the two:
  • The hugging-ness to the torso. What else, right? (Duh!) The most prominent here is the way it shrugs the waist coz skinny fit tend to be much 'hugging' compared to the slim fit that's a bit looser. You might not see it through the pix but that's what the skinny fit blazer is all about, as the extra seams on the midsection (three lines on each side!) provides that 'pulling in' factor to the whole silhouette - which is quite similar to what a corset would give.
  • The fit on the chest. Due to that extra shrugging 'pulling in' effect, wearing a skinny fit jacket would leave some kind of space between the top section lapels and the chest. Good if you have a well-toned, bulging pecs as it'll 'fill in the void' - but if you're too flat chested, then the whole look doesn't appear that chic.  
  • The fit on the arms. Skinny fit blazer has very narrow sleeves - too narrow as if it is cut closer to skin that when I wanna wrap my arms around my body it's quite an effort. Whereas the slim-fit, the part on the biceps is a bit freer which made the whole thing more comfy, unlike with the skinny fit jacket I really feel as if someone just wrapped that blood-pressure strap thingy to my upper arms. On top of that, it's easier to pull up the sleeves with the slim fit jacket while bending the arms in that situation doesn't pose a problem at all. 
  • The hemline. For this particular slim fit blazer, it drops just below the butt - covering almost the entire crotch-bottom area. Good if I wanna look a bit 'modest' especially when attending a high-end, quite sombre event where being understated and modest is the top priority. Whereas the skinny fit, since it's on the upper hand of the modernity it finishes off slightly on the mid-bottom area - leaving some room for your 'imagination'. Coupled that with a skinny fit pants, you'll definitely know how edgy sexy cool look it would give!
So, slim or skinny? I would say both coz it's all depend on the mood. For the time when wanna go modest and safe without jeopardising my edgy look, I'd choose the slim fit blazer without a doubt. But when I wanna go a bit mod 'playful' and utterly sleek, it's always the skinny fit one - despite the extra hugging-ness on the arms. But hey, that's what fashion is all about sometimes; as mentioned by that one French saying - L'un doit souffrir pour être beau (one must suffer to look good)! Yet, the thing is... I never suffer to look good. Ha!

Oh, btw. How to stay slim? I just discovered that my practice of drinking orange juice post-meal is actually the 'culprit' that contribute to the whole weight-maintaining effort. I really don't know that, not before I had a conversation with a friend previously. She actually mentioned about her daughter by whom when she stopped drinking orange juice, her weight suddenly blew up. Tapi bila minum orange juice, tak la plak naik berat badan. Hmmm....think I have to minimize my OJ consumption in order to put on that extra pound. Ahaks!

Slim fit blazer - Asos; grey lightweight jeans - Uniqlo; black vest - H&M
black skinny scraf - Uniqlo; watch - Calvin Klein

Skinny fit blazer - Asos; grey lightweight jeans - Uniqlo; black vest - H&M
faux fur snood - Asos; watch - Calvin Klein


Wordless Wednesday: Wear Your Stripes

Location: Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)
t-shirt - Asos, jeans - Uniqlo, gladiator sandal - Kurt Geiger

Spotted: CK iPad Case in Tangerine Tango

Right after attending the press conference at KLConvex last week, me and some cliques went to Suria KLCC for a bit of retail therapy. Or, 'eye' retail therapy to be exact coz it's more about window shopping rather than real splurging. There's been lots of Year End Sale event going around from Gucci to Ferragamo, Bally to Mulberry as what I've mentioned in one of my post before. Too bad it's very late to the end of the year coz most 'good' items on discount are almost gone. Some highstreet labels also did their fair share of sale, though Zara hasn't started yet (probably to go along with the Zara UK by together having theirs as well).

While wandering around, I suddenly made a beeline to the Calvin Klein store because there's something on the front display table that attracted my attention. Something in pebbled leather which looks so tempting and alluring. Something in a striking color that looks absolutely cool. 

I went closer to have a feel of what that 'something' is all about.Turn out that, the super luscious buttery soft leather flap-cover clutch is actually an iPad case! Awesome! What is even better, it seems that Spring/Summer 2012 has come early coz this case sported the Pantone Color of SS12 - Tangerine Tango.

I think this one can rival that Victoria Beckham's for sure... [click]

The Gucci Lowdown

I know I'm very, very, very late for the Gucci sale in Malaysia. Unlike previously in London where it's normally a week before the Boxing Day that Gucci Sale started, here in KL it seems to happen way back in November when YES announcement is made by the press. In other words, for any shopanistos like me that's way too late to find great bargains especially the coveted items where their price tags been slashed to the max. Go now i.e. almost a month later, chances that only leftovers are displayed on the shelves. Leftovers that are supposed to be chunked out into the garbage bin coz they look utterly hideous.

When I went into Gucci KLCC last week, that's what I discovered. I know I won't be finding any zipped boots like what I saw in Mr Porter or Gucci UK/US websites anymore. What is left, is...erm... these boots. Something utterly yikes coz to me they doesn't scream 'Gucci' at all. Well, a bit... not that much unlike most previous hot Gucci shoes. So, my lowdown on the boots during my encounter....

This one has a massive identity crisis. Is it a loafer, or is it a Chelsea boots? Some kind of Britney Spears' not a girl, not yet a woman moment, if you know what I mean. It look hideous in the pix, and looks equally hideous in real life (and I'm not kidding!). No wonder no smart Gucci lover won't snap this one! Yikes...

These two boots (the above and the one below) is by far the ugliest Gucci boots ever. I can't quite put my finger on why does Gucci did these kind of look? From the textured leather that look like it's from a troll and the color that is quite underwhelming, to the 'seam' on its body that doesn't quite make it - these boots are the ultimate Gucci shoes disaster. The last time when I first saw it in Gucci website, I almost puke. And when I saw it in real life... thank God I didn't throw up on the carpet at the store. Otherwise I'll mess it's golden brown color, ahaks!

And the most bemusing, these boots are priced at almost RM 2000 for their hideous look. That, ladies and gents... is a massive yikes!

Nevertheless, not all bad at Gucci in that Fall/Winter 2011 collection. While some went on Sale, there are some pieces at normal prices that looks utterly delish... both to look at, and to the touch. One item that I drooled over when I first saw it in the previous Gucci FW11 ad campaign is the portfolio bag in tan leather. (the bag on the right in this pix). 

I saw it sitting nicely on one upper shelf in the store. From the look and all, I know this one has the ultimate buttery soft texture that I can imagine. And I'm not wrong at all... this one is sooo luscious to the touch, too soft that is too good to have a bite too!

Funnily, I did some 'viva voce' session with the Gucci salesguy to test him on his knowledge about the material. I asked him what material is this one? He said, calf leather. In my head, "hmmm...he's almost right, but well, he's still ignorant and less informed". Coz if he paid attention to the product description, this one is from deerskin - that's why the texture is less pebbled and so buttery soft unlike the typical calf leather. You know you should do your homework, Mr Promoter? But I gave him 1/10 coz at least he tried. 

Anyway, if not because I did some retail therapy before going in to Gucci, I would've snapped this one. Price? About RM 2500. *faint!


Next Top Model?

Nope, I'm not talking about Lisa who won the recent ANTM 17. Instead I'm talking about the photoshoot I did last time when I visited the water theme park here in Ipoh. If you happen to read my previous blog post I did mention that my bro and his family was paying a visit to my house, who also brought my big sis with him (and that's why I'm hiding all my bags!).  The next day, all of us spent a day at the water theme park - the Lost World of Tambun - by which I actually haven't been there before though I've been living in this city for ages.

Apart from the typical man-made canal circling the theme park and the giant water slides that is so manic, LWoT got a new attraction which is located near the Tambun Needle aka the limestone 'hill' called the 'Lost World Tin Valley'. It's awesome coz the place got lots of replica of the things that made Ipoh as what it is - the tin mining. From the excavated cave that showcases the history, to the concrete-made elephant statues and the water canals for the mining site, the place is so unique which is not just entertaining but also educational at the same time.

And the best part, I got to do these 'silly' photoshoot... by which somehow remind me of some top model moments in the history. Not too bad, huh? Thanks to my silly clan who've been putting up with me in these poses, ahaks! :)

Oh, btw. I'm totally recovering from the sunburn. Got myself super tan, dude! (walaupun actually kulit ni mmg dah gelap sejak azali...yikes!)

Saleisha ANTM Cycle 9 winner vs moi...you jump, I jump!

Naima Mora ANTM Cycle 4 winner vs moi... playing deadly hot (hot ker...?)

Chanel Iman for Dior Haute Couture '08 vs moi... kuali hat, anyone?

I'm wearing Uniqlo vest and cropped jeans by H&M. Muka x bleh blah...sebab tu kena cover!



So, my family is coming to visit coz my big bro just give me a holla yesterday that the whole clan is arriving today. And he's also bringing my eldest sister with him, Miss Darling, coz she's been asking to tag along since forever as she wanted to see the décor of my house - and my big Samsung double-door fridge too, of course. 

I'm not worry how many people in the house coz there are quite number of guest rooms upstairs, plus two living rooms that all of them can crash. The only thing I'm worry is: my bags.... I gotta to keep all my bags away from the view of my sister!! Why? Coz I know that she'll definitely snap one or two when she see those leather SEED bags that I'm having.

Time to hide!!! Ahaks!

(who's not tempted seeing the luscious leather bags hanging like this in my guest room-turn-wardrobe, huh?)

Posto, Posto...Again?

Freshly arrived from a far away land of the Blitz, finally it's sitting safely here on my desk. This one is probably the last items for the online shopping 'activity' this year. Hopefully no more, except that if some of the sites really entice me with offers that I can't resist. Who knows, they will...

Wanna see what's inside? Tak payah la... or, okay. Maybe just a sneak peek... (THAT's more than a sneak peek btw!)


Posto, Posto

The best feeling about finding something online is that: you saw it, you like it....and BAMM, you click the 'BUY' button. Especially when that thing is the one you've been lusting for, and it's in stock. Or, when you found out that you're lucky enough to get it especially when it's very 'limited edition' that nobody else would own it except a few like you.

And then comes the worst feeling. No, not keying in the credit card number to pay for it (that, of course is one of it anyway!) - but to wait for the parcel to arrive. It's the whole entire agony that you can't ever imagine. The anticipation that made you feel worry sick, the anxiety in case that the goods that you pay for is not like what you've expected, or not what you saw on the screen. Or worst, if it lost in the post... especially for things that came far, far thousand miles away. It is this kind of feeling that'll put you in a true torment of online shopping.

But then, comes the best feeling again when the parcel safely arrived in the mailbox. Whether it's a big box, or a small package, or even just a parcel like the plastic envelop - it's the best feeling ever every time I see it in my mailbox. The first thing I would normally do is to snap the photo of the package itself, coz the parcel poses its own excitement by itself apart from unwrapping it to reveal the thing inside. It's a bundle joy!

All I have to say, 2011 has been such a good year to my online shopping. Whether it's from local or overseas, I'm absolutely loving every single thing that I got. No regrets. And I hope 2012 would be much better than ever; whether the amount of sites to shop, or the bargains that they provide for me to compare, or the payment and delivery system, or the type of goods to buy - I'm just wishing next year would be much, much better than this year. Why?

Coz the world is my shopping mall, and who bother going to that country if I can get it online?! :) 

ooh... this one just arrived last week!

amik ko, besar bagak kotak dia...

premium e-shopping!

learn that term 'DDP'

sometimes I got a surprise package inside a package!

high-end online shopping, definitely...

yang ni paling x bleh blah. unik sgt parcel dia. ahaks3x! :) (but what's inside that counts :D)

What to Wear to Bed?

Lately there has been a bad habit. Every time I went back home from work, the first thing to do is to have my late afternoon tea to unwind myself from all the things happening at work. And to go with that is normally delicacies like kuih or cakes which is quite high in calories. Since things went to almost sunset, right after having my Maghrib prayer suddenly these eyes started to become blurry. Coupled with my Astro Beyond HD has just been struck by lightning which can’t be used anymore – what more to do than to just doze off for a while. 

A while, huh? More to hours actually... and I always missed my dinner. The not best part is actually what I wear to bed – sometimes with all the baju kerja or if lucky, the typical off-duty loungewear like tee and the sweatpants. The thing is, do you know that the color that you wear to bed will affect the mood when you wake up later on? You haven't experience that before? That’s actually doesn’t sound weird coz after these while (since forever actually) I can finally put my finger on how wearing certain hues in the color wheel could affect the sense of mood post-sleep. That’s what we call chromototherapy, and it’s actually not just for the time you doze off. It's about everything going on in life.

Quite long time ago at my rented house, I used to have my bedsheet and duvet all in terracotta red. Everytime I woke up in the morning I always feel extremely exhausted, kind of energy drained which is quite weird (no dirty thoughts, okay!). I dunno why, coz I haven’t done any exercise in the night before (if exercise, you’ll actually gonna feel very recharged the morning after!). It went on and on for quite a while; until I suddenly read in an article about how color can actually effects the body. 

Red is bad for the ambience in the bedroom coz it’ll bring some kind of aura that will drained your energy. Since red is an intense color, it’ll stimulate the heartbeat and breathing. I know it's definitely good for your ‘first night’ coz you’ll definitely need all that ‘vavavoom power' for you-know-what 'activity' (coz red is the color of romance and passion!); but not daily coz you’ll feel so extremely wasted when you wake up. At least that’s how I’ve experience when I accidentally wear read tee to sleep too – felt so extremely drained! Not good. Not even with the Tongkat Ali Power Root coffee later on either. Ha! Not to mention the intermittent kejap bangun, kejap tidur balik coz the body somehow affected by the bad aura the color give during sleep. 

Things doesn’t happen when I changed my décor to all white. Either the bedsheet and duvet, or even wearing white top since according to chromotherapy, white calms things down as it has a ‘cooling’ effect. I never feel tired when I wake up. In fact I feel well-rested and got a fulfilled sleep, which is good.

Wearing black too does a similar effect. Probably because black, as well as white, is not considered as 'color' in the color wheel - that's why it maintains the sombre mood in the bedroom. Sometimes, black could also maintain the body temperature as it is that heat absorbing effect.

I dunno about other colors. Some suggested to have purple in the bedroom since it's a color of 'spirituality'. Or blue which can helps you relax. Probably green too coz it's calming. But not yellow, coz it will stimulates temper (nanti kang perang besar dlm bilik. 'perang' tu takper, perang yg lain la tak nak..huhu).

But, seriously... I don't know how many men would wear any tops going to bed as we prefer going topless anyway. Much less hassle and more freedom. Except during the winter coz it's damn freezing cold (and made everything 'shrunk'!), it's all about sans top for most of the blokes (bottomless, is however an option...ngggg!). That's why I said earlier, taking a nap in full clothes is 'not the best part' when going to bed. Not with the top on, no... (except if there's guest at home, nnt kang tergezut tgk tak berbaju!)


But in case of emergency, go commando if you dare. The au naturel, though this part might be a bit 'risque' not just when someone caught you... but from some religious point of view as well. :)