Tweety Bird Rises from the Ashes?

I'm gonna do the last entry for the month of November. Or, Movember to some of you folks over there on the Northern Hemisphere coz I know some did grow your 'mo to raise the money for the prostate cancer awareness. Perhaps tomorrow you all gonna shave it all off, huh? If you rake in thousands of pounds or dollars or euros, a bigfat kudos to you guys. For those who doesn't, well... at least I can suggest to everyone to start including the cherry tomatoes in your daily diet though coz tomato in general has high lycopene that can combat the prostate cancer. But the small ones, the tomatoes I mean (ahaks!), have more lycopene contents than the large one (again, tomato I means). So, eat that everyday and start taking care of your balls, guys!

Anyway, can you believe in one month's time we're gonna wave goodbye to 2011? Time flies so fast these days, right? There're lots of things been happening this year to me. Some are good. Some are not so good. Some things have been deleted. Some things are thought to be deleted. Some things maintains as they were... so lots of things happening anyway.

So. December, what to expect? I've been booked to become the emcee in the third week - giving me the chance to unleash my vocal prowess again after I've rejected so many high-profile events to host this year (the Royal Concert, the national debate, the convo event). And I'm thinking of singing on the stage during the rehearsal... it's surely gonna be fun. Woohoo! (macam la suara sedap boleh nyanyi sangat la kan...ahaks)

And I've also being selected to be the website designer for my department; therefore, they can anticipate the simplicity chic influence of this blog to resonate there as well. (chic sangat ker blog ni...nggg?)

Anyway, is it true that I'm back to Twitter? Yes. Zamri is back on twitter again, but the account is totally gonna be private. It's gonna be purely 'business' per se coz I'm just gonna follow these e-shopping sites twitterattis to get all the promo and offer codes to feed my usual 'indulgence' purposes. I'm not gonna let people follow me, unlike the last time prior March before I delete the account, quite a number has become my follower. This time, nope... maybe not yet. I'm quite sceptical coz Twitter is much more vulnerable to 'attack'. So, we'll see...

Oh, btw. Another thing to expect in December: Winter Sale, absolutely. Am I gonna fly to London for that? Well, check my tweet. Oh no... I forgot, you have no access to it. Ha!

Monochromatic Wednesday

The weather is looking a bit better these two days. It's bright and sunny till the late noon... but come the evening, it returned into a battling drizzle and sometimes a very heavy downpour. If you use to study Geography back in high school, then that's what we called hujan perolakan. Not pretty sure what you call it in English though coz my time it's not even PPSMI. All is in the glory of Bahasa Melayu la beb...! Maybe it's called 'convective rain', perhaps (as in direct translation from Google Translate...yikes!)

Anyway, suddenly today it's a consultation day for me. Not me consulting people, but the other way round. It's all about meeting people and giving my 'two cents' on what's going on with their projects, since I'm their supervisor. (Huhu...supervisor ker??) From the morning about the chemical plant design project that my group is doing, which I am quite optimistic that they gonna rock it coz it's quite revolutionary. Then it was about the other group doing the air quality monitoring in one of the polluted area in Ipoh. And after lunch break it was my funded research project on the polymer rheology that my two boys are doing (boys la sangat...more to young gents instead, ahaks!). I'm pretty delighted how things are going coz at least my 'two cents' could assist them in some way or another. (Thank God it's only two cents, huh? Kalau singgit...mampuih la it's too much spoon-feeding! Errks).

So, what I'm wearing today? It's all about the monochromatic look. The shoes is the 4B again - the black brogue Bally boots; while the whole ensemble is the white shirt with grey microstripes from Burton + linen blazer from Asos + wool-mix slim trousers + wool gingham check tie, both by Uniqlo. And of course, it's not complete without my grey leather tote bag from SEED. 

See, it's all about grey today... just as I polished up my grey matters for the sake of giving my 'two cents'!

And... close up. The wool tie by Uniqlo.

Wordless Wednesday: Grey Matters

[pix from gq]

PADINI 3-Days Big Sale

For those of you who love the brands under the Padini Groups umbrella must've known about the news that they're having a 3-days Sale event last weekend. It's a massive Sale so far I've seen done at the Padini Concept Store across the country - from Padini, SEED, Padini Authentics, Vincci, etc... etc - all items went on discounts of at least 50% off. When I said all, I do mean ALL. Some even being slashed to up to 70% which is pretty insane. So, expect the crowd to be manic... either at Kinta City in Ipoh, or One Utama in Damansara, the number of shoppers flocking into the store and snakelike line queueing to pay at the counter is absolutely crazy.

I asked the salesgirl why they're having such a big Sale for that 3-days coz normally it's not easy to get price to be slashed more than 50%? She replied it's because they wanna clear out the old stock as the new one is coming in pretty soon. Yet, since everything in store is up for the discounts - it means that even the new collection that is currently on the shelf is also being up for grabs. So, lucky for those who arrived early coz most new items are absolutely cool...

So, do I get anything from the Sale? Everything was tempting though but I'm a bit late since I knew about the news that Sunday. Still, apart from the Mulberry-lookalike weekender bag that went half-price (yes, I got it one more, yikes!), I snapped these little beauties - the speedos. Pretty cool and very nice indeed as I love their slightly edgy modern look. Why get one if I can get both colors available on the shelf? And yup, it's the exact red speedo featured on the SEED Spring/Summer 2011 catalog seen on the model, in case you ask. 

Anyway.Year End Sale @ Padini Concept Store continues till January, but you might not get all items slashed to half-price anymore. Probably some, but not all.... just so to let you know. :)

swimming trunks - SEED, diver's watch - Sekonda 

[pix from seed]


Semi Fit?

I've heard about regular fit. And the skinny fit. And even the slim fit, which has been my ultimate favorite. But, semi fit? What's that?

This one at SODA is a pretty new discovery to me. Nonetheless, it's awesome.

What would be next? Cannot-fit? Nggg...

Inspiration/Translation: That Valentino Dress!

Remember that Valentino dress that Julia Roberts wore back in 2001 when she received the Best Actress Oscar for her role in Erin Brockovich? Yes, that dress... who can forget that right? It's the iconic vintage black Valentino dress with a white Y-shape hem, complete with the sheer black/white train that looks so stunning and very chic - as iconic as Julia Roberts herself. To me that is one of the best dress seen on the Oscars ever which may stole the hearts of many. Such a great inspiration.

[pix from various sources]

And that inspiration is translated into quite similar look, but not as a dress. And not for womenswear either! It's the black cardigan with contrasting white hem which I previously got from SEED. When I browse through the hangers in the menswear department, I just can't believe my eyes when I saw it. Valentino! That's one word that come out from my thoughts upon taking it down from the upper rails to try it out.

Magnifico! The fabric, the fit, the look, the sheer chic-ness... everything is just spot on. Nothing more I can say. Just love everything about it. Simple as that.

cardigan - SEED; trousers - Uniqlo, watch - Fullblooded Skull by Swatch, 
stripes blanket - Ikea

Prints Charming: Versace-esque Jaspal

You when you call yourself a devoted shopanisto, then chances that you gonna find something that catches your preying eyes are very high. Too large too even bear. And that's what happened when I went to Sunway Pyramid last week upon returning home from my trip down south, I made a beeline towards Jaspal that was located somewhere in the shopping mall. (I said 'somewhere coz I dunno how many times I've sesat in the mall actually. Yikes..!!)

The intention is just to browse around coz I don't really like what Jaspal has in the collection so far. Not everything to be exact since most clothes are not that edgy as compared to SEED. But while I was flipping out the hangers on the rail, suddenly it was that moment hitting me  again  - aha, this looks nice...! - and instantly I took it to the fitting room for a try.

One word: AWESOME. The slish-slash, criss-cross, lightning-bolt lookalike white prints on the black base looks so stunning in real life. Alas, this is what I've been waiting for from Jaspal - edgy, that's another word if I may add. Not only the prints made the whole shirt pops out among the rest, but the fabric which seems to feel like it is a high-threaded count Egyptian cotton is so luxe to be worn. The fit? Don't mention, coz I fell for anything saying 'slim fit', and this one is spelled out clearly on the label.

Surprsingly, when I first look at it one thing that sprung to my mind is - Versace! Yup, it looks a bit like that manic Versace prints seen on the previous Spring/Summer 2011 collection as well as that on Versace x H&M pieces recently. And another thing I was thinking: this is a perfect alternative for the traditional batik, coz somehow it oozes the modern batik prints just like what Tom Abang Saufi used to do. What more could I ask for?

And oh, I just discovered that the shirt made a cut into Jaspal's new ad campaign. Perfect. 

[pix from jaspal]


Prints Charming : Fiery Soda

I thought my visit to Malacca would be a touch-and-go; meaning, stay overnite and leave the morning after without having the time to roam around. Yet alone to shop something out of the shopping scene there. But being me who has a 'bad reputation' in keeping my own wallet together and always spontaneous, I would never leave the city without checking out what it has to offer. A lot actually. I am quite thankful coz my hotel i.e. Equatorial Melaka is located exactly behind the Dataran Pahlawan and Melaka Megamall - therefore what better opportunity could I ask for, right?

So. After late check-in and putting my luggage in the hotel room, I went straight away to the mall which is just a stone's throw away. I mean, really a stone's throw away coz if I throw one big pebble towards the people who's eating at the McDonald's nearby, mau terkedu kepala mamat tu. Lol. It is that close, so to speak.

Anyway. When I walked into the mall, I am quite surprised to find out that it's actually linked to the underground bazaar where Dataran Pahlawan is located. The bazaar is quite huge under there which sells things from the local stuff to the hghstreet fashion chains like Mango, Padini, etc...etc. There's even a Starbucks too you know! But, that's not what I wanna story here... It was the one on the upper floor that caught my eyes when I took the elevator to the Voir Gallery which is very interestingly located around the 'ring' of the mall square.

Upon roaming around the mall, I stumbled upon one long-sleeve tee at SODA. It instantly clicked to me coz it looks quite fiery hot in black/orange color. It's a print that undergone some kinda acid effect throughout. When I touched the fabric, surprise surprise it's not a cotton! I checked the label and it says - rayon, polyester and spandex - which is why the feel slightly lighter to the touch and a tad stretchy.

I asked to try it on... and voila! I can't believe how it mould perfectly to the body. Though this one is not on discount during the storewide sale (since it is just arrived) - I just can't say no to it, no way! What do I do? Take it home with me then no matter what. Nggg.... 

And somehow I'm feeling that this tee just give me some kinda vavavoom rock 'n roll when I wear it! Don't you think?

jeans & leather fingerless glove - H&M; watch - Bench

 +J trousers and neo-leather jacket - Uniqlo; slim blazer - Asos ; tortoiseshell watch - Nixon

I think the tee got a similar look to the the trousers seen on the model at Dolce & Gabbana show. Not exactly the same, yet the vibes is there. Hmmm....

[pix from style.com]

Why Are There So Many Scorpios in Fashion?

So, the month of Scorpio has just ended last week. As much as I love the idea of astrology, I don't really read the star signs prediction daily coz it's very wrong to believe in something superstitious (religious matter, okay). Yet, I like to read the personality traits that these people trying to categorize based on their star signs - which somehow 'coincidentally' is quite true to its form. See, I write 'coincidentally' there coz it is still somehow open to many predictions anyway. 

But whatever it is, this article which I found from Fashionista is very interesting that question why there are so many Scorpios in fashion. Since I am a Scorpio myself, it IS good to know that 'our clan' really made it huge in the fashion industry....

Enjoy the article.

Why Are There So Many Scorpios in Fashion?
by Dhani Mau

Could your astrological sign make you suited to a career in fashion?

As ridiculous as that may sound, Anna Wintour, Robbie Myers, Glenda Bailey, Calvin Klein, Zac Posen, Edith Head, Emilio Pucci, Kelly Cutrone, Peter Lindbergh, Alexa Chung, Isabella Blow, Daphne Guinness, Chloe Sevigny, Lauren Hutton, Jean Shrimpton and Helmut Newton are just a few of the many editors, designers, photographers and style icons who were born under the sign of Scorpio. These folks are successful, powerful, iconic and we had a hunch that it wasn’t just a coincidence.

I happen to be a Scorpio myself and considered that might be the only reason I kept noticing other fashion people with November birthdays, until I realized other people had noticed that as well, like Astrologyzone‘s Susan Miller (aka the fashion industry’s most trusted advisor).

Susan also does the horoscopes for Elle, so she’s familiar with the fashion world, and in fact, works for Scorpio editor Robbie Myers. Also, one of her daughters is Chrissie Miller, designer of Sophomore. Susan was nice enough to chat with us about Scorpio personality traits and why this particular water sign is such a great fit for the fashion industry.

One big reason is that, according to Susan, Scorpios tend to not only have great business sense, but also an ability to marry business with art. “They really understand what it takes to bring a creative idea to market,” she explained, citing Anna Wintour (who she’s seen in action via The September Issue) as a great example. We’re also hard workers. “Virgo gets a lot of the credit for being detailed and meticulous and perfectionist, but a little known fact is Scorpio is just as much so because Pluto teaches them to laser beam their energy straight into the project at hand…Scorpio does amazing research; they keep digging.”

In the magazine world, this means presenting great products in an accessible way. “A Scorpio will never show a beautiful item that cannot be bought. They’re going to be practical enough to know the reader wants to buy it and they’ll do their due diligence to make sure it’s available.”

Another reason for Scorpio fashion success? Discretion. “They’re probably privy to a lot of business strategy and they’re meeting with a wide range of designers and they really have to partition what they know about each designer, so that’s probably one of the reasons for their amazing success.”

Susan also reflected specifically on her boss Robbie Myers. “She’s quite a lady; she embodies that wonderful duality that you find in Scorpios. You find they’re very sexy but very ladylike at the same time. I look at her and it’s like Brigitte Bardot beauty and yet Mensa intelligence and my head pings back and forth. How does this happen in one person? It’s like an enigma; it’s a mystery.”

I also wanted to ask her about how some Scorpios in the industry (Anna Wintour, Kelly Cutrone) and Scorpios in general get a bad rap for being bitchy or mean and manipulative. Susan says not to believe it. “Any time you make it to the top, you get wimpy people complaining that they’re hard to work with. Well, perfectionists are hard to work with but they accomplish a lot and they change our lives.” Okay, then!

So we know what Scorpios are like in their careers, but why are they all so stylish? According to Susan, it’s an affinity for good tailoring, refinement and elegance paired with a need to stay true to their own style. “When they choose a style it has to fit them…they’re a water sign, so they’re extremely intuitive and they may look very current and they are, but it always has to fit their personality. This is not the sign that want to attract attention for any reason other than elegance.” By the way, I promise I didn’t edit Susan’s quotes to paint Scorpios in such a positive light!

Since Susan has so much insight, we had to ask her what’s in store for Scorpios in the coming year so that we could speculate on what that that might mean for the fashion industry. Susan sees collaborations on the horizon. “They’ll team up; they’ll do a joint venture; they’ll do an alliance; they may be writing a book; they may be doing a promotion.” It’s interesting because Scorpios aren’t the most social creatures. “They just like to be free and untethered and do their own thing. They don’t like small talk; they really like to have a purpose for everything.” But now…”Mars (Scorpio’s secondary ruler) is going into relationships and social groups…People are coming together for a purpose. They’re going to be mixing and mingling and actually enjoying it and so much of their personal growth will be achieved from doing that.”

We all love a good designer collaboration and I think this could also mean some very interesting things for magazines, especially one like Vogue that has developed a reputation for playing it safe and sticking with the same people.

So, are Scorpios pre-destined for fashion industry success? Clearly, that’s open to a lot of interpretation (and I’m a little biased) and obviously depends on whether or not you believe in astrology at all. Plus, there are plenty of non-Scorpios making waves in fashion. Still, personality (some of which is thought by many to be ruled by one’s astrological sign) can have a lot to do with career choice and it’s an interesting thought.

[original article here]
p/s: wait for my own fashion line next year, insyaAllah.


Highstreet vs. High End: Floral Brooch

A dude who like to stand out in the crowd would definitely put on something on him that will set him apart from the rest. Even if it's something as discreet as a tie pin or a brooch on the lapel of the blazer, that piece must have a little something that can tell a story by itself without having to speak out loud. It's a storyteller, though a minute one. 

And mentioning brooch, the floral pin has somehow became a choice to ornament the side of the chest... much like what you see on Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie. Not as big as what Carrie wear, but a little petals in a very sombre and understated color. 

If previously I've been fed by the images of the floral brooch by Lanvin, somehow it is quite a surprise to see that Zara has also jumped into the bandwagon to offer quite a similar thing. Though not as great craftsmanship as the artisan at Lanvin was, at least it plays the part in giving you some pizazz when it comes to accessorizing your ensemble. Which one would you choose: the £100 Lanvin or the £9.90 Zara?

[pix from matches fashion and zara]

Currently Loving: Burberry Engraved Check Card Case

Going to the business trip made me bring my business cards all the time in my bag. Not that I'm complaining coz it's one way to create contact and network with people, it's just that they are scattered all over. I don't normally bring the whole chunk of cards in their own box with me, just a couple of them which I think is enough to give out to people whom I meet. In my previous visit to Malacca and N9 recently made me realised how I should get a proper card case to really organize things better in my bag compartments. Otherwise I'm just a typical messy Joe.

Hence, this image by Burberry come afore. The metal card case with the fashion house's signature check design in black looks absolutely stunning without a doubt. It looks very simple with the hook-clasp closure that opens to reveal the card slot inside, yet somehow oozes understated luxury beneath its chic simplicity. I love not only about its masculine color, but the whole thing especially the engraved checks that brought an edgy feel to this otherwise simple (and very pricey) card case.

The price is very unforgiving for a tiny thing like this though. Maybe I just went to S&J store at Jusco instead, and get quite similar card case at a fraction of the cost... Come on, that's what we call economy people! (Still, I'm wishing for this Burberry nonetheless...ha!)

[pix from burberry]

The Day I Met Tom

I am very privileged to be living in London, yet alone to be studying at a uni that's very close to Leicester Square - just about two tube stops away - where the film premieres are usually held. Everytime there's a big film screening in town, me armed with my camera (either point-and-shoot or DSLR) would never left the chance untouched as I must be going without a doubt. My Greek friend, George, used to nickname me paparazzi coz I love snapping the photos of the ambience during the premiere, together with pictures of the stars that are arriving on that day.

And this is one of the moment where I met Tom Cruise during the premiere of Valkyrie back in Winter 2009. Read: WINTER... and you have no idea how freezing cold that night was. Me and my mate, Rashed, went there just at the right time where crowd is not as massive as I thought it was. At first I thought Mr. Cruise is not yet arriving given that the main cast usually gonna arrive 15 mins before they're going in. But it turned out that he is actually there even 2 hours earlier I've been told. That's the typical Tom, as he love mingle with his fans and give them their moment to be with him.

Tom Cruise looks amazing though he's almost 50 years old. Still looking good in his suit, with his signature big smile whenever he greeted his fans. I just love how he treated them well, unlike some stars who could be quite snobbish sometimes. But not Tom. 

Yet, one thing surprised me is that - Mr. Cruise is shorter than I am. Whaaatt? Bingo! At least that made me feel good...haha! Anyway, the snaps are quite blurry not just because of the crowd pushing and pulling here and there, but also the freezing night that's soooo eviliciously chill! 

Btw, I met lots of other stars too such as Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Brad and Angelina, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Julia Roberts, the cast of Sex and the City movie, etc... etc.. too much to name. And that also include Lady Gaga during the Brits Awards, though I didn't get the snaps since I didn't brought a camera. yikes! Stay tune, as there are more premiere pics to come...

The Monk Moccassins

If you're a big fan of shoes like I am, one of the most important thing to have in the shoe closet is the variety. Not just about the color (except mine, where most of them are blacks...yikes!), but also the design, the labels and the most important - the type of shoes that you have. Among the big chunk of the lo-pro shoes that I own, I love wearing the mocs since I don't like to mess around with the laces which sometimes could trip me down when I walk. And one of the mocs that I prefer is the monk-strap shoes that has its iconic side-fastened buckle.

Monk shoes is a very formal footwear that has either one or two buckle straps that sway to the side. What I love about is the the much quintessential gentlemen look it oozes, almost like you're the Cary Grant or Fred Astaire of the modern world when you slip into one. Though it can be in suede version as well, to me I love the typical smooth leather upper for its much chic look and classic appeal. Couple that with the toe-cap front, it looks is taken to another style level.

I own one monk shoes by Gucci which is bought quite some time ago during a Sale in Harrods. It was a purely 'by-chance' moment when I stumbled upon the shoes somewhere hidden in the aisle 'size 43' at the footwear department on the Ground Level. Though at first it was a bit off-ish to me since the look is quite matte (since I love anything hi-sheen), yet upon trying it up ...something just click so nicely. It looks quite good actually. And with the slashed price that's never can be found anywhere in the world except at Harrods, the lure of the monk is too vivid to be ignored. And, erm... because it's a Gucci, of course. Ha! 

[pix from mr porter]

my monk mocs from Gucci


It Kliq and Felt So Right...

I normally found stuff by chance. Not that I really wanted to but perhaps my preying eyes is just too 'evil' to notice stuff that made me drawn to it. The bad thing is that in the end it will go home with me definitely (provided that the price is within my reach!). And that happens again when I visited Popular bookstore at Sunway Pyramid last Tuesday during which I was wandering around the store and found this iPad case which I think is pretty cool.

It's a felt, one of the material that I like due to its wool-like features. Very raw, very textured and quite hardwearing. I got one almost similar but a portfolio folder instead from Zara that is quite handy to fill my things [click here to see]. But this one is much cooler since it's for my tablet. And it has a flap cover (velcro-ed), with another zippered compartment on the front making it much roomy and more practical. The reason why I bought it is not really to fill my iPad in - rather, I view it is a good alternative as a clutch due to the attached wristlet on the side. The size that's not too big nor too small is just perfect to 'mlutch' it along. And with the solid construction, plus the high quality metal hardware used on some element of the case - what more could I ask for?

The brand is called Kliq, which originated from the Down Under. I think with just simple look and design, this iPad case will definitely gonna make it big one day soon...

Currently Loving: Dolce & Gabbana Sequin Blazer

Unless your name is Liberace, going flamboyant in sequins probably is a definite no-go area for any men. Never, nuh-uh. But thanks to Dolce & Gabbana who really take it up notch and turn the blingy tides of the disky beads into another level when the fashion duo sent off models in an edgy blazer sporting sequins all over during the previous Fall/Winter 2011 show in Milan. And in the previous issue of Vogue Hombre Mexico, even Simon Nessman looks quite dressy cool in the sequin blazer by the designers.

It may not be anyone cuppa tea, but sequin blazer can rock your look especially when you're attending the year-end social events which might be happening to some of you soon. Its shine, its bling bling sparkle and its slightly flamboyant appearance can actually be toned down a bit if you pair it with some sombre colors of the ensemble underneath. Just like what Simon's wearing - in black. More fashiony and less tacky - compared to if wearing it with other bright colors. You wanna be looked more chic and edgy, rather than the clown of the party don't you?

Though the hem is nicely hang on the mid-bottom and the fit is looking very form fitting, I just wish the lapels are narrower so that it'll look much mod and young.

Oh, fyi... Beyonce also wear quite similar one in purple during her performance in the previous MTV Music Awards 2011. [click]

[pix from vogue hombre mexico and dolce & gabbana]