Monday, 31 October 2011

Gorgeous, Stylish... and A Good Samaritan?

I am awfully knackered this morning after having a blast weekend in the capital, celebrating my birthday. This year has been a great b'day in fact coz I got to celebrate with awesome people in my life - my family & a best friend. (more about that in my next post)

But life goes on, come today it's another cycle of work week again. Surprisingly I'm not in the Monday blues, maybe due to the fact that the blissful b'day factor still lingers. And today I'm quite in good mood - especially when I got to wear my new trousers from Jil Sander. Well, not really Jil Sander's 'Jil Sander' brand, instead it's the Jil Sander for Uniqlo or the +J. It is the best work trousers I've ever had tried so far, and I'm direly ecstatic about it. It fits my leg like a glove, literally, coz it's slim tapered and hugs the legs handsomely. To go with it is the +J white slim shirt that I got during its debut collection back in 2009 and my 'overly-worn' cropped sleeve blazer from SubZero. The shoes is my Hugo Boss zipper boots, since it's the one that gives the 'slimming effect' to the whole ensemble.

Basically I love my look today - black n white, slim chic and simple. So, while I was excited to go to the office, as I opened the gate to leave the house suddenly I saw a nyonya crying for help right in front of the house. I'm so surprised to see her fell into the monsoon drain, with her sitting between the spaces of the low-rised channel. She couldn't get up coz her plus-sized body unfortunately doesn't permit her to do that. Without thinking much, I rushed towards her and grab both of her hands trying to lift her up.

But it doesn't work, coz the nyonya couldn't lift herself up as well due to her heavier weight. What it I do then? Without hesitant - disregard that I'm in my very clean, looking hot top-to-toe outfit and not thinking it might dirty my shirt - I lift her by the back, clutching my arms through her armpit and lifted her. Mujur la aku ni kuat (thanks to my weight-lifting workout), I successfully grab her out to sit by the side of the pavement. Pheww.. And thankfully she's okay, only some minor scratches due to her slip into the drain.

I asked her what made she fell? She replied that she was trying to pluck the mango on the nearby tree when she slipped her foot inside. Owh, okay. Early in the morning? Hmmm. But whatever it is, I'm glad I was there to help and she couldn't be more thankful than that. (She keep uttering something, which I think is 'terima kasih' but in Chinese slang! Wo pu'cetau la nyonya).

Anyway, what a start of a post-birthday Monday. Gorgeous, stylish... and a good Samaritan? Well, that's me! (ayat masuk bakul...*sila lempang di sini* lol)

My slim-tapered +J wool/polyester trousers + the shoe of the day, Hugo Boss boots 
(you know that's a overly-worn boots when the tip start to 'crumble'!)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

From a Boy to a Man. Again.

It's that day of the year again. The day when you reminisce back to your life previously and said to yourself - Hey, I've grown up! And boy, didn't I've just change a lot through the years? Or am I? (I hope so...ahaks!)

From a boy who's clutching the bottle wearing a tank top when he's two year's old; into becoming a man who's clutching luscious leather bags nowadays (and still love wearing a tank top), all I can say is - I just love how my life has been!

Yeah, it might've been so many challenges along the way. So many ups and downs. So many happy and sad moments. So many love, friendships and break-ups. So many successes and failures. But hey, isn't that what life should be? Life is a story. A History.... and I love to have my own HIStory.

It's 29 October again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! ^___________^

Friday, 28 October 2011

Shoe of the Day: Part 2

A quick blogging straight from the Blogger iPhone app.

I did mention that the Prada shoes I'm wearing this morning doesn't go well with the trousers due to the leg width-to-shoe 'ratio' that's not entirely right. So, upon the lunch break, I went back to change for a correct pair.

Quite delighted that at least my Jimmy Choo zipper boots could save the situation after all. Phew...

Shoe of the Day

TGIF. Aren't we all glad that it's the end of the week? But at the same time, isn't it scary sometimes when you think that time flies extremely fast these days? I do think so. At times I just wish that time could slow down a bit, so that I could catch up on things.

Anyway. My shoe of the day today is the black lace-ups from Prada. Pretty simple and understated look for the end of the working week as I went for a total monochromatic t2t (top-to-toe). Yet, I'm quite hating my trousers that go with it - too flippy floppy, coz the end is not too slim. No other choice, coz my other trousers are being washed. (which made me think to change the shoes after the lunch break btw!)

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sweet Smell of Sexcess

I thought I have found the perfect perfume for the new rebranding of myself a couple of months ago.  It turns out that it goes beyond that. In fact, when I finally owned the Gucci Guilty fragrance on my hand, and spritz it onto my body... nothing is more magical than having a new scent to solidify the rebranding effort that I'm talking about. Prominent, seductive, sexy, and boy... do I love what does the ad campaign says about it after all. [click]

But, stop! Suddenly I was thrown out of proportion when I found out that the Gucci Guilty has a new sibling which has just being released right after. When I looked at the bottle - the pitch black throughout - I know straightaway that it will lure me to it like a magnet to the iron. (I love black, enough said). Immediately I became infatuated to it, so enchanted by the look of the fragrance. It exudes mystery, mystique, dark, edgy, allure and seduction more than the previous Guilty. I said to myself, I have to get it no matter what. I wanna be engorged into its scent like no other. I wanna feel this new intensity.

And then I went for a quest to search for one. I went to Sasa, nope they don't stock it. To Sephora, none in my sight. Then to Jusco, they don't have it either. In fact they doesn't know this one ever existed and insisted that Gucci Guilty is the latest. And then to Debenhams - not in the shelf, yet later the salesguy informed me it might be released into Malaysian market next year. Nice try, but I'm not convinced by the answer. This is me we're talking about. I can't wait for next year. I want it NOW!

So, October arrives when suddenly I planted a big hope that I could get it as a present for my birthday. Is that a prayer again? Absolutely... as alas, a parcel arrived right from London and contain a seductively black box among the green polystyrene box filler with the familiar golden letters on it. It is so fantastic!

What is more fantastic, the scent is much sexier than the previous Gucci Guilty. Still freshly fantabulous, yet more citrusy, which is a signature smell for the Scorpio. It's a pure magnetism, very alluring and yes, INTENSE. Gucci Guilty Intense.

And by having this on the right moment for my b'day, nothing more I can say other than: what a sweet smell of sexcess!

*oh, why do I say sexcess? read the article in Men's Health UK October issue down there. Then you'll know why...

doesn't it feel like a Batman calling...?

Guilty Intense has all pitch black, compared to previous Guilty i.e. a juxtapose of clear and dark.

Men's Health UK, October 2011

Third Time a Skinny Charm

Finally, after the third attempt I finally got what I wanted. The first time I try to order it online together with my other Skagen watches last year [click], I received an email saying that the watch is out of stock and they will sent it to me once it's available. Tunggu punya tunggu I was unlucky after all coz the store saying that they will not be getting it for a long period, hence they will refund my payment.

And then, fast forward to this year I tried again for the second time. Realising that the store will not ship to Malaysia, I then contacted my friend Jijoe in the UK asking if I can use his address over there instead. All payment will be made by using my card here; that the only thing he need to do is to bring it home to me since Jijoe is coming back home for good. But dang! Though all the purchasing process was clear, suddenly I received the email mentioning that the transaction was cancelled coz I need to use a UK-based billing address. ~ sigh ~

Hampered by the attempt, I contacted Jijoe saying my purchased is cancelled but thanking him though by letting me use his address. Maybe Jijoe can read my mind on how mad I was about getting this watch, he offered to purchase it on my behalf instead, and to bring it home the next week upon his return. I cannot tell how delighted to be hearing that. I think that's what a true friend is after all - they will help you regardless of what it is, as long as they can.

So, two weeks ago, bamm! Upon arriving in the office, I am so happy not only to be seeing my friend again after a year ago I met him and his family in London when he visited (I love his kids, they are sooo damn cute!!) - but also to be receiving a parcel with the box stated 'Skagen' that I've been wanting for so long. Dream punya dream, I cannot believe it finally become a reality. I think it's true then when people say third time is a charm.

Or, in my case: third time is a skinny charm. Coz this Skagen watch is so ultraskinny after all. (Thank you Jijoe!) 

*present #6, though it is not really a 'present' present... but more of a reward to myself.

it's square. it's thin. it's skinny. and it's a genuine leather strap.

now I have the choice to either go for the leather strap, or the steel mesh strap. awesome!

Shoe of the Day

Is today Monday? Oh, no... it's Thursday. Man, I was contempt to believe today is Monday given that it was actually a 'weekend' yesterday. Or to be exact, the Deepavali break. Suddenly it was a bit deja vu to have that 'Monday blues' feeling again. Yet, anyhow it was a relief to realise that there'll be another day for work before the weekend arrives. Sooo ecstatic though, coz something BIG is gonna happen this weekend.... (what's that? I shouldn't tell).

Since today it was practically a 'Research Only' day for me in the office, I can go a bit underwhelm when it comes to accessorizing. No meeting with people, no attending seminars, no human contact whatsoever, It's just me being in the office and started crunching numbers in front of the PC and reading all those journal papers. So, I decided to wear the grey suit again; and to go with that is by pairing it up with the dark grey lace-up Miller brogues by Paul Smith. Quite understated polished-meet-rustic look of the day.

What I love about the brogue is the dip-dye element of the leather material which happen to be hand-colored by the shoemaker. It brought a hint of rustic feel to it. I also like the almond toe, the punched wingtip details on the shoe front, and the extra little neat features like the floral innersoles and the red tip  behind the ankle. It adds some fun factor to the otherwise plain brogue. I think it does bring the underwhelming feel that I wanted for the day. Just to blend in without being too prominent (like I used to!).

Oh, tonite I'm planning to go to the Deepavali 1Malaysia Open House at Little India in Ipoh. What should I wear? Hmmm... the embroidered churidar kurta I presumed. :)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Masjid India. Batik Malaysia

The previous weekend, a continuation after attending my cousin's graduation ceremony and going to the Big Bad Wolf booksale event; me and my entourage (that's my nephews and nieces, to be exact) went to the heart of KL to jalan-jalan. It was quite late in the evening, in fact it was already almost Maghrib when we arrived to the Central Market. Actually it was my niece, Hanis, who asked me to drive there coz she wanted to go to the Jalan Masjid India to find some hijabs. She said there's a lot of choices around, as what she was informed by her friends at UniMap. I said, okay fine... let's we all go there. Actually it was a last minute plan, coz we're all supposed to return home as all of our family members wanted to have a makan-makan gathering at Putrajaya. But being me who is always a spontaneous person, I'm always up for anything - especially shopping!

I was quite excited to go too coz...erm, I actually never been to Jalan Masjid India, which is famous for its street market day and night. And to be honest too, I've never even been to Masjid Jamek which is just around the corner from Central Market. Pity me for being too ignorance of my own capital city. But Petaling Street... aha, that's different coz I've been there quite a couple of times before since it was so famous with the tourist! (though in reality, the roads are all very close nearby).

Anyway. Talking about Jalan Masjid India, I am so surprised to see many, many, many stalls lining up the pavement, by which a permanent roof has been built to allow the visitors walk in ease comes rain or shine. And of course, there're many people shopping around as well, especially that day which is a weekend. For the locals, they should've known that there're many things sold at that street market - from the hijabs, to the makeups stuff, accessories like brooch, bags, wallets, etc...etc. You just name it. Though at first I said to my kids (my kids? rasa cam tua la plak!) we should be there only for just half an hour; but with a lot of stalls to visit we end up spending almost one hour and a half! And Hanis, though she's the one who's insisted to go there in the first place; didn't find any hijab coz unfortunately the sizes are too big for her. Hmmm... banyak la sangat kau punya choices yer? Maybe next time she should go to Jalan TAR instead.

On the way back, while we're leaving the place I suddenly spotted a stall selling batik and pelikat sarongs. I was totally gobsmacked and utterly speechless coz the fabrics on display are absolutely stunning! Though most of the batiks are actually for the ladies, I am somehow becoming like a kid in a chocolate factory - so enchanted with the beauty of the art and craftsmanship of the batik paintings. I am a big fan of Malaysian art, that's why it's my weakness when I came across with anything artsy like that. I took a look at the sarongs one by one that's hanging alongside the wall. I asked the salesguy, from where does those batik are from and he replied, Terengganu. No wonder they're beautiful.

When I asked him about the price of each, I was expecting the answer would be more than a hundred ringgit. But when he uttered 'RM 20' - I was absolutely ecstatic! RM 20? Are you kidding me? For the beautiful batik painting like that? A big OMG! I told my nieces, there's no way I'm gonna leave Jalan Masjid India without taking those home.

And I did. I took one home - the batik sarong in purple with the golden-outlined floral motifs. It was the most attention-grabber compared to the others hanging there. (The others are actually equally stunning, by which I'm gonna get them all when I visited Jalan Masjid India again, soon!). When my niece asked me, are you gonna wear it coz it's for the ladies?

I said, No. It's for the wall art

With that kind of batik design - which is quite out there  compared to the batik sarongs seen on my mum and my sisters - it is too beautiful to be worn on somebody. This one deserves to be displayed as a wall art!

Oh, btw. All of us missed out to go for makan-makan coz it's already too late. We end up having our dinner at Nando's in Mid Valley Megamall. A spontaneous decision by me, again. Upon taking order, I told my other niece, Atiqah, "Tikah, waiter tu muka dia macam penyanyi Shinee!". "Yang mana satu? Taemin?" "Ha ah, yer kot tu nama dia..." And then we all gelak!

Balik2 jer kat rumah, semua org terbongkang penat....

I'm doing the impression of what the fishermen wear in the East Coast....but hi-fashion style, ahaks!

Wordless Wednesday : Prezzies...

Wordless Wednesday : Happy Deepavali

from traditional kameez to modern kameez...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Louis Vuitton Damier Infini FW11/12 Ad Campaign

Louis Vuitton always come up with a new range of bags and accessories every season. If previously it was Macassar and Revelation collection, for this season it is the reinterpretation of its famous checks design but in the calf leather material codenamed the Louis Vuitton Damier Infini, which is equally luscious and droolworthy. The time when I saw Simon Nessman came out on the runway early this year clutching the Infini in white color, I think I've just spotted something that made my heart drops. The design is amazingly chic; simple  yet screams the Damier checks without you even knowing it.  I instantly fell in love with the new range, similar to the the time when I saw the Damier Graphite a couple of years back as LV did for Fall/Winter collection as well (by which I do own one of it, i.e the Tadao tote!).

This season, the ad campaign featuring the LV Damier Infini was fronted by Andrea Preti. Handcarry, slung on the shoulder, clutch it by the side, tote it, or even slip it into the back pockets of the jeans... the bags look fantastic! I just love leather, enough said. Throw it some Louis Vuitton brand and the checks design, I love it even more. And I think these pieces would direly become much supple and more luscious as you use it through the years - coz that's what leather do - though the claim has it that they're all already buttery soft themselves coz the calf leather material is specially selected by the Louis Vuitton artisans.  

The price? Oh, come on... why should you ask that question if you already know it's an LV? My one wish : I want the white Infini-ty and beyond!

And now let's see how they're all made of. It's all in the craftsmanship, people!

[pix from ilvoelv]