Proenza Schouler iPad Case

Apart from Mulberry Alexa, Proenza Schouler has one of the most definitive satchel for the ladies. It quite iconic in a way, that once you saw it you can pinpoint that the bag is Proenza's. Maybe because of its front flap design  that look kinda unique and quirkily appealing to the eyes that made you drawn to the bag instantly without a doubt.

And to continue the effort of the iconic bag, the label has released some iPad cases bearing resemblance to its satchel design. It does look nice, and I have no grudge that there'll be some blokes out there would also like to snatch 'em too from their girlfriends; especially when it can come across as mlutch (that is men's clutch, fyi) - and it seems to be quite huge for men's trend nowadays.

From the look, I can see that the PS' iPad cases have dual function, one part to safekeep your iPad in the zippered compartment; while the front section with the flap cover can serve as additional storage for other stuff like folded documents, bills, etc... Very practical indeed.

[pix from proenza schouler]


Keith Haring x Apple

Keith Haring has been a favorite at Zara when the highstreet label keep on using the pop art from the American artist in some of their t-shirt collection for quite some time. I happen to try on some of them back two years ago when I did my snoop at Zara Oxford Street in one weekend. [click!]. I love the graffiti-lookalike street art especially his signature 'human' either the crawling baby or the dancing folks.

Now for those Apple users who happens to love Keith Haring's famous print, you too can adorn that to your iPad 2 or iPhone 4 coz there are some protective cases for your gadget. They looks pretty cool and could give that extra 'freshness' to your current bland cases. I like that iPad case in black and white print coz the design of the 'puzzle of people' graffiti is not that tacky, plus it was a slip-in type cases which is better than the strap-on-the-corners one (for e.g. Trussardi cases). And to go matching the look, you could use that similar print iPhone 4 case too... Talking about streamlining, huh?

Currently available at Restir.

[pix from restir]

Cold-blooded or Warm-blooded?

A bit of both. Or perhaps, even better : it's Fullblooded. The lightweight, chrono, black Fullblooded Skull...


Inspiration/Translation : Copy Isabeli

Have you seen the Mango Fall/Winter 2011 ad campaign featuring Brazilian top model Isabeli Fontana? It's absolutely stunning, and she looks phenomenal! Though it's very simple that Isabelli was shot by Terry Richardson against a plain light-colored background, yet it has somehow raised the bar for the fast fashion label to be ahead when it comes to the highstreet campaign.

One pix that I think is the most fantastic of all is this one which has been in most fashion mags lately. Isabeli looking very androgynous yet vampish in red lips with hair pulled back, and wearing a jacket which is somewhat looks ala the famous Chanel tweed and monochromatic from top to toe. Very chic, very stunning and you won't believe that the price tag of what she's wearing would definitely be dearer to the wallet of you ladies (the jacket is awesome. Trust me, I saw it in Mango @ Ipoh!)

[pix from mango]

For the guys out there who like the look of that monochromatic jacket... then you're lucky coz you can also translate that inspiration too. In my previous visit to SEED I stumbled upon this shirt, with the prints in irregular, monochromatic checks that looks almost tweed-like texture from afar. Though it's not a new design to me - coz apparently I saw Topman did the same thing last year, as well as Warehouse who made a Mad Men-inspired dress in the same prints - I love the shirt, nonetheless. The material is quite interesting, has slightly waxed feel. The fit is great, quite figure-skimming.

So. Try to copy Isabelli's look? At least the pose is almost the same, ha! :)

[thank you Padini for giving me the birthday voucher. It's truly worth it!]

Arch's Wood Card Holder

Something oriental and very usable from the Arch Collection. I'm always a big fan of Islamic art and this card holder with the laser-cut wood veneer carving front is a great addition to the ofice table. Not only looks good , but it's also such a piece of art itself.

Arch's Wood Veneer Fridge Magnets

The first time I found its kiosk early this year at the Concourse Level in KLCC was the time when I straight away fell in love with what I'm seeing. Though it was just a tiny stall among all others located in the middle of the people's path towards the underground LRT station, I knew that it was very special indeed. So, I stopped to have a look at the products on display and was amazed with what Malaysian art has got to offer. I didn't buy anything coz then I was in a rush, so I thought probably in my next visit to KLCC I could probably get something they sell over there.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago, I went to 1Utama in Damansara for a quick shopping visit. Upon having a detour to find the Starbucks, I stumbled upon the same thing to what I previously saw at KLCC. Even better, it's not a kiosk but a proper store. It's Arch Collection, which sells the art and crafts made of wood veneer; designed and made in this very dear country by those talented people who are very innovative and creative.

If the first time I saw the stuff on display at KLCC, I was already utterly impressed; being at their store in 1Utama made me truly blown away with everything they got in there. It's amazing to see how they can create the arts and all the souvenirs everything from wood! There're many things - from the bookmark to the wall art, the diaries and the desktop accessories to the notebook decorated with the wooden carvings... they made me drool. I just love everything! Too bad I already shopped a lot previously, the only thing I think sensible for me to bring back are these fridge magnets.

They got even sooo many fridge magnets and I'm spoilt with choices. So, I thought for this very first visit I just brought home a couple of them which looks pretty cool. If you look closer, you would've notice the wood grain gives kinda texture to the background. It's awesome. Though prices at RM9 each, I think the fridge magnets are worth buying. 

Oh, fyi... when i asked the salesperson, can I have something customised? Could they do something very personalised which is not sold in the store? And the answer is : absolutely! I can send my own design to them, and they'll made it for me. It may take around 3 - 4 weeks, but it's totally gonna be worth every cents!

My next visit to the store, I think I'm gonna rembat that wooden-carved Sultan Abdul Samad building wall art I saw hanging beautifully, spanning almost 6-feet wide on the wall. That one my friend, if you too saw it - is an absolute drool-tastic! Maybe for that one I can just close my eyes if I pay the RM3000 price tag! Huhu... But who knows, in 5 to 10 years down the line, that wall art will be a great investment? :)

James Marsden in Hugo Boss Tweeds

Tweed is one must-have fabric for autumn/winter. It's luxe, luscious, slightly coarse woolen material would never be out of style when the chill weather arrives. Probably due to the high heat retention capacity of the fabric towards the body temperature made tweed a favorite among designers to always include 'em in their collection for any autumn/winter. Chanel, for example is famous for its tweed and become much coveted item in the womenswear department. On the men's counterpart, Harris Tweed in the UK has become as famous as the old folklore among the Brits as it is one of the most sourced item from the northern counterpart. Either for the suit and jacket, to the bag and shoes - tweed is a fabric you need in your wardrobe, at least one.

In the current issue of GQ, Hugo Boss has given some of its tweed collection for Autumn/Winter 2011. Modeled by the actor/model James Marsden, the suits look amazing. Very dashing and very mod as the cut and design look contemporary and fresh compared to the typical Boss' collection. From the plain verson, to the tweed checks the collection is definitely for the gents who wanna up their style factor no matter what. The best part, Hugo Boss uses the Pantone colors of Autumn/Winter 2011 such as deep teal green, coffee liqueur and nougat brown that went along well for the trend.

Mentioning tweed, it reminds me of the big freeze that hits London early last year. I wore the awesome tweed jacket from Topman to protect me from the plunging temperature during the time I went lurking around Hyde Park in the ankle-deep snow. [click!

Pantone Color FW11 - Coffee Liqueur

Pantone Color FW11 - Nougat 
Pantone Color FW11 - Deep Teal
[pix from gq]


Zamri A Cover Model?

Have you ever dreamed of being a cover model? Well, now you can without the hassle of being auditioned or going through all that go-see process. If you got an iPad, good news for you coz there's a free app called RealCoverHD which can turn your dream into virtual reality. I said virtual coz they won't be made into print, eh? With many magazine cover template to choose from (though you can't change the 'wordings' on them). you can be a cover model in a snap. [click!]

So. Me, a GQ cover star; possible? Ha!

(that right-after-wake-up snap of me really need some 'makeover'!)


Different Designer, Similar Vibes : Carlos Campos vs. Dior Homme

You think the world of fashion design is really big? Nah, I don't think so. People in that industry may call it fashion universe, but the inhabitants are not that many unfortunately. They might be roaming around like a creepy crawlers but somehow, somewhere, at certain instances some designer might be 'inspired' (the good word for imitate) by other designers too; coz we understand that there could be a brain drain when it comes to producing collections for more than twice a year (if you are lucky!). Hence, by looking at what other people across the continents are doing, there could be a case of 'aha! I wanna do that too!' moment.

One good case of the inspiring-the-inspired is this one by Carlos Campos for Spring/Summer 2012. When I look at the pix with the asymmetric shirt, straight away my photographic memory think of Dior Homme that Kris Van Assche did in Spring/Summer 2011. The difference? The way the 'asymmetric front' and the sleeves are done. One is to the right, the other is to the left (to the left, to the left...sorry Beyonce, I copied your lyrics!). And one with proper short sleeves, another with cropped sleeve ala Master Shaolin. But with the look and all, through my eyes both have quite similar vibes.

Yet, whatever it is the shirts looks pretty cool since I like something that's quite different than any typical one (though I much prefer the Dior Homme coz it looks more high fashion than the other!)

Carlos Campos SS12
Dior Homme SS11
[pix from fy and gq style]

Yellow Fever

Yellow is by far my least favorite color in the color wheel. I dunno what's about it, but there's something about the color which I quite resent. I felt the hue is a bit 'pungent', too overpowering and very attention grabbing; which can came across a bit offensive or in my face kinda thing. Looking through my wardrobe, I can confirm I have no all-yellow clothes - except for some combination with other colors, like my stripes tee from Asos and the checks shirt from Topman. Other than that, nada. [click!]

It's funny that apart from yellow being associated with youth, vibrant, joy and happiness; it is one color that symbolizes wisdom and intellectual energy. Yellow produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness, stimulates mental activity, and generates muscle energy. And there's some opinion that you should add yellow in your life if you want;
  • some clarity for decision-making;
  • relief from 'burnout', panic, nervousness or exhaustion
  • sharper memory and concentration skills, and
  • protection from lethargy and depression during dull weather.
Huh, really? Still, to me I won't be having any clothes in 'true' all-yellow. Yet to inject a sense of happiness and joy, turning a bit mellow with yellow in the accessories department is no harm instead. It's all about being discreet with the color, that's the most important!


How to Make Sure Your Suit Fits

Ever had a trouble searching for a pair of suit that really fits you? I think these tips from Mr. Porter is a great one to give some guide in your next quest to be the new dandy. It's all in the tiny details that'll made you look suave in a suit. The right length of the suit jacket and trousers, the lapels, the drop of the shoulders, the vents ... those are a few things need to be looked at.

As far as what I am concerned, my fav features are always the skinny or slim, with one button and very waist- and calves-hugging. And my new craze recently is a db suit: not the old version, but the modern, contemporary, neo-dandy, figure-skimming look. An ultimate must-wear! 

[pix from mr porter]

Currently Loving : Zara Double Breasted Coat

The must-haves for the autumn/winter : the belted overcoat. And these lots by Zara just hit the right notes. It's double-breasted, which is a huge trend for FW11 and the other is that the belt always made it appear slightly military which many started to love ever since a couple of seasons ago.

This red coat is the one I like the most, since color injection is huge in FW11 catwalks. From the symmetricality of the coat, the placement of buttons and the just-right knee-length, as well as the side pocket to the slightly 'mac' look with the epaulette - the coat look fantastic. Wearing it on the streets would definitely made you a star without a doubt.

The other coat gives an urban feel due to its grey color.  Though i'm not too excited about the patch pocket, yet there's some charm about this jacket made me drawn to it. Probably because of the strong masculine feel, which might appear like a modern twist of Sherlock Holmes coat - I'm kinda digging it. Or maybe because I can feel how luxe the material would be even with just looking at the pix. The luscious wool! 

But still, I love the red coat. Awesome!

[pix from zara]


Supersized, Superskinny

If not because of lightning, this thing wouldn't become a reality. Though I've been eyeing it for as long as I can remember, I wouldn't dare to commit unless something happen to the current one. And when it does, as if the higher power is leading me to finally own it. Truly, in any dark clouds.... you wouldn't know that there's always a silver lining. An end to something would LED to the beginning of something new.

Right now, I'm just trying to take everything in. Supersized, yet superskinny. A new cinematic experience.... it's never too hard to imagine. :)

Zara 'Young' September 2011 Lookbook

The autumn mood kicks in. Zara September 2011 lookbook for their 'Young' range features some new staples for the fall season such as the cardigan in shawl collar, the quilted and padded bodywarmers, and some Nordic-insipred knitwear. The footwear is quite a looker too like the hi-top lace-up dress shoes, the loafers with jagged sawteethed soles, the lace-up ankle boots in delish brown and the mountain suede chukka which becoming the current seasonal trend. This September 2011 lookbook doesn't show much Pantone colors of the season apart from the nougat brown (or light camel) seen on the duffel coat.

Must-have from the lookbook: the shoes on pix #1 and #3. Delish...

[pix from zara]