31st August : Double Celebration

31st August : it's a double celebration as always...

I 'heart' MY t-shirt by Giordano : jeans by Uniqlo

t-shirt by Seed : sweatpants by Voi


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

I wanna wish everyone who's celebrating, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Happy Eid Mubarak!
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From top left:
Deep teal Baju Melayu with Mandarin collar + mixcolor tenun sampin + songkok
the back side
Golden-thread embroidered, buttoned-front churidar kutta
Silver cloud sateen Baju Melayu Teluk Belanga + white songket sampin
Cobalt blue Baju Melayu Teluk Belanga + mixcolor tenun sampin
Golden green Baju Melayu Cekak Musang + gold-green stripe tenun songket sampin


Raya 2011: Le' Butang...

Searching for a baju Melayu for Eid is only partial of the excitement. The other excitement is looking for the kain sampin that compliments the colors and the appearance of the ensemble. And to complete the outfit is finding the perfect 'butang' or the studs to fasten the collar of the baju Melayu coz without it, the whole look will definitely look messy, if not sloppy.

My quest for the butang is quite a challenge coz almost every stalls and stores that I went to are selling almost the same thing, probably because they're from the same supplier. Have to keep my eyes really open wide though since searching for the one is not easy. Every box has to be 'inspected', every details has to be 'checked', as I have a set of preemptive thoughts about what would made me choose the right one. But thankfully, as I have such a preying eyes myself, these studs or butang really caught my attention coz they're quite different from the rest that I saw recently.

The most important, the price is about RM10! Who can beat that cheap...? :)

the flower studs with black gemstones @ Tesco

the butang with single, black gemstones @ Jusco

the studs with white pearls @ bazaar Aidilfitri, Greentown Ipoh


What Women Want... Us to Wear

Ever wonder what women really like to see on us, men? Nope, not just sans the clothes (hehe..) but something that made us look much presentable. Someone who's not afraid not just to look good, but also be able to pull of clothes very well without screaming 'tacky' on the forehead. And also who brave with colors and prints, as well as to accessorize coz every little details really adds up to the whole ensemble.

These are a little list of what Leigh Lezark - the lady of the Misshapes who recently 'curated' the collection for H&M @ Selfridges and also the future H&M collaborator - who told how can a man 'please' the ladies' eyes. It's all about simple things, yet something that really whispers 'style' without trying too hard.

I think Miss Lezark should go and scramble inside my wardrbe to really notice how I can really 'please' any ladies! (no pun intended...ngggg! :D)

[pix from mr. porter]

Self Portrait...Almost

Sometimes I love blurry images coz it can create such an illusion to a certain subject.

this one is a hint to one of my Eid's ensemble...

Raya 2011: Balik Kampung...

It's time to pack stuff and go back to the hometown for Eid. It's what we call balik kampung! Though I used to say I can celebrate Eid anywhere in the world, with whoever I can... but none can match celebrating it with your own family. It's the ultimate joy without a doubt. Especially when you have siblings and cousins that rivalled the number of members in the Super Junior, and nephew and nieces that can really made up more than 7 football teams - this year is truly gonna be another BigFat celebration again. 

So, packing things up is truly not my specialty coz I tend to go excess luggage. Well, the holiday is more than a week anyway, would you expect me to wear the same thing everyday? No way, Jose Marinho! With me just started packing that very morning before making my move, things would definitely won't be looking 'light' when it comes to the number of bags.

How many bags I'm taking with me? Not much, just 3 weekender bags. My Jimmy Choo for my baju raya (I have 6 pairs, okay!). My Emporio Armani to fill in just the t-shirts and the other tops. And my SEED for the trousers. Not bad huh, for someone who's living 'small'! And of course, to add to the list is the Key Ng denim tote for the techno stuff like chargers, cameras, battery pack and other gadgets; plus my Zara mock croc bag for the daily stuff like netbook, iPad, wallet, etc...etc. Shoes would be in the other 'case'... making the back of the boots truly pack with stuff! Well, it's just me in my car - so that wouldn't be a problem.

As in previous years prior my departure to London, it's a tradition to buy some raya cookies from my favorite bakery - the Roti Segar or Rosegar located at their main 'factory' in Air Tawar, Perak. They got lots of cookies ranging from the traditional delicacies to the 'modern' versions which is normally served during the raya day.

If previous years I tend to buy the Almond London cookies, this time I decided to change a bit. My picks for Raya 2011 are the chocolate rose - made of fully milk chocolate and moulded into the shape of roses; the biskut inano - made of Nestum and dessicated coconut, and the biskut senandung coklat - the one in square shaped which is made with cocoa powder and sprinkled with chocolate rice. They're quite cheap compared to the other that I can find in normal Raya bazaar. And the best part, they're all delish!

I just hope this year's gonna be the best one. There're lots more open houses to attend (including the one my sis is organizing), and also reunion session which will be held by my classmate whom I haven't met for the last 18 years. It's gonna be awesome....!

Micheal Kors 'Runway' Chrono Watches

One thing I loike about chronograph watches is that it made me look much masculine when I slipped into one. I think it's all because of its bulky appearance with the extra buttons or knobs alongside the typical crown which elevate the look to be quite 'roughen-up' without having to wear any combat attire. There're plenty of chrono watches out there, but most comes with too ornate dials on the outer part of the case with so much thing going on. I like something quite plain and simple, but still manage to function as a chrono and having all that 3 minidials within its face.

One designer brand that look quite cool is Michael Kors, with its array of chronograph watches under the range 'Runway'. Pretty nice to look at as the outer section of the case is not scripted with numbers or 'ticks'. Just plain. Inside, only even numbers are spelled out making it less crowded (which somehow reminds me of Marc Jacobs watch!).

They come in different variations - the silicone/rubber and stainless steel bracelets, and variety of colors including the multi-tonal.

[pix from nordstrom]


Zara 'Young' August 2011 Lookbook

After gracing the ad campaign for H&M Fall/Winter 2011, Alex Dunstan has returned to the front of the lens once again but for another fast fashion house, Zara for its 'Young' August 2011 collection. It's all about the very casual ensembles, from the hooded sweatshirts to knitwear, the clothes breathes somewhat more street vibes to it. The key items for the FW11 trend include the injection of the seasonal Pantone colors like deep teal green seen on the baseball jacket, honeysuckle pink on the sweatshirt, nougat beige of the chunky knit jumper and somewhat cadet blue-grey of the Fairisle sweater.

Also making a trend is the patterned pants which is previously seen on Commes des Garcon and Alexis Mabille, as well as the comeback hit for the coming season - the asymmetric biker jacket. One interesting piece is the duffel coat-inspired hooded sweat, which bring a fresh take on the typical plain zippered front. My personal favorite is the wool V neck jumper, that look quite chic which I think can equally rock casual and formal attire.

[pix from zara]


Mr Hare x Topman : Nice Shoes, But... Oink!

So, Mr. Hare shoe collection for Topman hits the store today. I bet all the shoeholic and Topman fans are queuing outside their store at Oxford Circus, hoping to get their hands on those gorgeous pairs of footwear from one of London's best shoe designer. And fyi, you can also bought it online.

No doubts the shoes are fantastic. They look amazing, not to mention the price is well worth it. You'd never find that kind of price tag if you look for Mr. Hare's shoes since mostly are well above £200!

One thing that always doubt me when a shoe price is brought down to the highstreet level is the compromise with the material being used. Though Marc Hare himself assured the quality is no comparison, but you can't fool me mister. And I am damn right, coz when I look at the lining, now I know why the price is less than £100 a pair.

It's the pigskin lining! No wonder the shoes are cheap! And most Topman shoes are in fact lined with pigskin. Though you can fool people on its facade - inside, it's a different story after all. Pigskin, I have one word : eeww...!!!

I think I have to revert my comment on their Facebook fan page! (Oh, yes..I've already did!)

[pix from topman]

How to Wear The New Season's Colors

There's one claim from a recent news clip saying that lots of men now are started venturing for colors inside their wardrobe. Long gone the staple monochromatic hues like blacks and greys, it seems that new age men brave the colors to be injected into their daily lifestyle. There's also recent claim that some sweaters, jacket and even color jeans have cleared the shelves as the trend really made its statements quite clear in a couple of fashion weeks recently.

If you flipped open the men's fashion mag or even at Style.com, Autumn/Winter 2011 would be seeing a burst of colors coming the way. Designer like Raf Simon for Jil Sander for instance, really delightedly perk up the trend with an array of collection with the eye-popping hues like tangerine, royal blue, red and lime green - which seems to steer away from the typical sombre tones like what the season is famous for. I think that's a brave thing to do, as a way to experiment the season with a new mood. Quoting what Frida Giannini used to mention, color symbolizes optimism - hence it's a perfect way to feel really uplifted despite the gloomy autumnal ambiance.

So, how to wear colors for the new season? The people at Mr. Porter give us some tips how to rock it in a better way to make you appear sharp and chic, rather than looking like a cousin of Krusty the Clown. Either through color blocking method or tonal complimentary, it's time to be gutsy with colors!

[pix from mr porter]


Wordless Wednesday : Danger. Dangerous.

skull print tee by tokio hotel x H&M