Nixon Shutter Tortoiseshell Watch

Sometimes, adding some texture to a plain something can up it's style in an instant. And recently, I'm in the mood of some tortoiseshell... so what better to let it ornament me in a discreet feature that wraps around my wrist. The Nixon Shutter tortoiseshell watch is simple, but awesome in its own way.

They said, third times a charm; and that goes pretty well too with that Nixon. When I first saw it last year, I straightaway bought it from the Nixon website there in the UK. Yet, damn the blunder done by the Royal Mail - the watch lost in the post (and so does my dosh!). And then I saw it again at Asos. Yet, damn again... they send me a wrong one, though it's from the same Shutter range. Nonetheless, I like it coz plain black casing goes pretty well with anything. Finally, upon browsing some site I finally got it from Japan - and it was shipped safe and sound into my possession.

I think it looks cool; and goes with the same theme as my Gucci tortoiseshell shoes.

Rick Owen Cargobasket Boots

For those who wanna feel a bit grunge and avant garde, Rick Owen collections is one of the go-to designer. And that include his footwear range which is synonymous with the towering high boots and sneakers, that equally rivalled Ann Demeulemeester. One of the shoes in his label include this boots, which is called Cargobasket, appears to be so very edgy hi-top sneakers for the brave among you.

I love the high form factor of this boots which goes up there to midcalves. There're side zippers to ease you wearing the boots; coz you know, who would wanna mess with the laces anyway. The laces that end towards the end which function to tighten the shoes, together with the padded upper neck adds to the cool feature of this boots. And of course, the sawblade undersoles that help to hold your grip when you walk down the slippery street.

So, care to stomp the pavement in your autumn/winter with this Cargobasket? I know, I will for sure (though there's no autumn/winter in here anyway...!)

[pix from oki-ni]

Louboutin Louis Python Sneakers

Very few designer sneakers can be in simple design, yet at the same time the sneakers really pops. Most comes with too much stuff going on - either multicolored, some with tacky add-ons like wings, pom-poms and all, or even unnecessary straps-laces combo which I dunno why the heck they do that. To me simplicity is the best policy when it comes to anything; simple, understated, where the clothes should silently speaks for itself rather than demanding it to scream out loud.

And then come this Louboutin sneakers that throws you into the exotica bandwagon. Codename: Louis, this sneakers is nothing but so simple in its look. What is so uber-awesome about this shoes is the python skin which made it up. The scales of the slithering serpent looks so amazing in the glossy black, making it one designer sneakers that you should have in your high-end shoe pedestal. The irregular patterns of the scales give more story to tell, while the same color undersole keep the whole look well streamlined. I love the simple black laces that further stamped the understated but superb look of the sneakers.

And of course, apart from 'Louboutin' label on the side, there's the signature red sole that further confirms that this sneakers is indeed a Louboutin. Fabtabulous!

[pix from christian louboutin]


Justin Timberlake in Simon Spurr - "Friends With Benefit" New York Premiere

Justin Timberlake stepped out onto the red carpet recently for the premiere of 'Friends With Benefit' wearing the grey suit by Simon Spurr. The same suit worn by Taylor Fuchs when he opened the Spring/Summer 2011 show in New York a couple of months back.

What I like about the suit is the silhouette of pattern which seems to be horizontal lines in a form of neo-Prince of Wales check that looks so modern, moving away from making the ensemble too plain under the flashbulbs of the papz. I'm guessing the fabric is a linen-mix, which is much dearer in the hot summer weather out there. Breathable and airy, without wearing you down or sweat-quenching unlike wool-mix. The color grey is very urban, parallel to the chic and metro feel of the New York City itself.

Nevertheless, there seem something not quite right about how Justin wear. I was expecting the fit should be more waist-hugging, coz that'll make him look much edgier than this blah appearance. This one, well... it looks like a banker who got your form ready to sign. Eeek..! And, I know it's cool to wear the pocket square to compliment the suit (by which, he went for the winged puff), but whassup with the black? It's a total oh, no! rather than cool. I think, better go with the similar grey scheme but in a shade darker to make a slight streamlined contrast.

The worst part: dude, your pants are too long! I know you're walking the red carpet (or in this case, black carpet), but please don't tell me you wanna sweep it too. Yikes! It gotta be tailored! And what's with the suede again?? How the hell that every male actor nowadays are walking the red carpet in suede shoes? Opt for a patent, or a plain oxford rather than suede, please!

[pix from style.com and just jared]

Take A Bow...

Bow ties are the alternative to the normal ties, especially for those who wanna up their sartorial look into another height. Typically seen on museum curators or librarian geek or even old professors (or Lanvin's Alber Elbaz!), nowadays bow tie has been given a modern twist so that it won't be too synonymous with those said group anymore. Anybody who is everybody who wanna be different and preppy can try 'em with more contemporary feel. From various fabrications and patterns, to the slight tweak on the design whether making it smaller, layeres or in whiskas-look, I think bow ties are perfect not only for tuxedo, but also for casual, nonchalance trendy ensemble.

At Mr. Porter, there're various to choose from and the editor gave you the variety in how to rock the bow ties look. Either in the typical tuxedo Lanvin style, or with a plain chambray shirt, or even with plaid top - it's the choices that you can try.

Care to unleash your preppy edgy look, anyone?

[pix from mr. porter]

My choice: the spotty and the stripes which is very modern and fun bow ties that I got last year from Kitschen at OneUtama, Damansara. There's also knitted mustard bow tie from Topman, which is quite cool. The most important, it's cheap! [click]


Retro : Ready to Dancercise?

Some people ask how do I maintain my weight to be slim. The answer is easy :

  1. Do sport, in which is basketball is my favorite. 
  2. Exercise in my micro-gym for some body-toning, not body-building since I hate bulking up. I have to call it micro-gym though, instead of mini gym coz there's nothing there except for the dumbells, barbells and an exercise bench. 
  3. Watch what you eat, or don't eat. Ok, just kidding. But do watch what you eat coz everything that went down into your tummy will end up going to..erm.. around tummy. 
  4. Dance. No, not in the club, silly coz I never been into one (yes, it's the truth. Never been into one. I'm a good boy, ahaks!). But dancing in the house and follow the tune that always upbeat and hype which made the whole body move. I rather call it dancercise - similar thing like doing aerobic, yet this one is much more fun to do than to follow the exercise video. It's a great workout; not only it made you sweat, but with the movement and all, dancercise is more like a full-body workout sans the weight. The best thing about dancercise, you don't need any instruction. Just go with the flow as what the tune made you feel. that's all.
So, are you ready to dancercise? Then let's go back to last year when the K-Pop really came to hit me, which I think I have to succumb to it ever since. Every time I went back to my bro's hometown, I've been fed with everything Korean - no, not kimchi unfortunately - eventhough I've tried it at a Korean restaurant near Great Russel Street in London (very blerrghhh!). But the music and the music video, not to mention reading EPop magazine bought by my niece, Nadiah, which I think is a true KPop laden! I'm not saying it's bad coz somehow I love their fashion. It's awesome, it's edgy, it's true trendsetter and quite fashion forward which could rival those at the Western counterpart. I think what I saw at Topman AAA collection is somehow influenced by the KPop culture. The cowl-neck tops, the drop-crotch pants, the ultra-edgy blazers (not to mention the turn-up sleeves!), etc, etc - KPop rocks!

And one of the KPop group that is superfamous is Shinee, by which all of my niece really fell in love with. Shinee here, Shinee there..it's all about Shinee. (Some of them even wanna marry one of the group members, how crazy they are! Lol!). 

Anyway. This one of the music video which is a great for the dancercise. Upbeat, up-tempo, very fast pace, full of body moves throughout and not to mention... very tiring to follow to. If you don't pengsan at the end of the song; then I bet you're not doing anything! Enjoy. your weekend....

First, watch the official music video....
(you can see one of the guys wearing something just like Gareth Pugh collection)

Then, watch the 'Live' version where the full dance routine being put into...

And voila... let's learn how to do it!


Bally 'Binci' iPad Cases

I love an understatement when it comes to accessories. Probably because I'm start getting the gist of the mujirushi concept myself that it's better to have a discreet branding of a fashion house to really appreciate the workmanship of it, rather than having too obvious and too conspicuous brandname spilled all over them. Not that I'm saying I'm totally deject the existence of brandname on my accessories, no. But somehow, having items that is plain sans the logo is actually bringing out true beauty of that particular things. (still, I'm not gonna give away my YSL iPad cases, okay!)

Mentioning understatement, these iPad cases by Bally truly speaks the spirit. Codename: Binci, you won't see any brandname whatsoever except when you look closer on the cover, there's a discreet 'Bally Switzerland' hot-pressed stamp exists on the center flap. And of course, another is in the inside cover, which still very tastefully placed. What I love about these iPad cases is the material; grained leather just like Prada Saffiano. Knowing the brand and having some Bally's my own, I'm guessing the leather feel very supple to the touch.

This chic-looking iPad cases has an extra slip compartment if you wanna keep some papers inside. And with the thinner feature (0.4-inch thick), it's meant to be for iPad2 rather than the previous generation Apple tablet. (you've gotta squeeze the predecessor if you buy this cases!). Comes in various colors like red, ivory, black, dark brown and blue - these Binci ipad cases looks so simple, yet chic.

Btw, I'm loving that ivory... which I think could go well with my Bally ivory brogue boots!

[pix from bally]

Playing matchmaker, I think the ivory Binci goes well with my Bally ivory brogue boots...


Ryan Gosling in Gucci - "Crazy, Stupid, Love" New York Premiere

Ryan Gosling stepped out onto the red carpet for the premiere of the "Crazy, Stupid, Love" in New York City looking dashing in the skinny suit by Gucci. It is the same one worn by Greg Nawrat on the runway during the recent Spring/Summer 2012 show in Milan. I actually love everything about the suit (and I even mentioned about it in the previous post!). The fit is perfect, so slimming that it contours the silhouette of the body handsomely. See, when he walked there's no flippy flappy happening to the bottom of the trousers; which to me that is how a perfect trousers should look like.

The fabric appears to have a tint of shimmer giving an extra shine on the red carpet when hit by the flashbulbs of the paparazzi. And the checks pattern - that is absolutely perfect, exuding the spirit of a neo dandy in the modern world.

I like that Ryan opted for the plain black skinny tie to go along with it. The only mistake which I wish he could change though : that suede loafers. Suede, are you kidding me? Dude, you're in a desperate need of a patent leather to really streamline the look, especially on the red carpet!

[pix from style.com and just jared]

Burberry's Chunky Soles for the Funky Souls

Whether it's a Sarkozy effect or their bid to win the younger generation to really buy the brand, Burberry has gone out of their normal comfort zone to offer such edgy footwear. Latest in their collection are these arrays of shoes ranging from the lace-up brogues and tassel loafers, to the front-zippered boots - these shoes are not to be messed about. Why? Coz their soles are thick and chunky, which definitely would raise up the height towards the sky. Not to mention they look so high-gripping with those sawblades lookalike features underneath.

I actually love how funky it looks especially the pairing of the color they used. Though it's not for your typical shoes to the office, these footwear are definitely for the braveheart who wouldn't mind to stand out in the crowd (no pun intended..ahaks!). Or perhaps, with that kind of soles... somehow it reminds me of the safety shoes I used to wear. Probably now I could wear these Burberry instead? And oh, why suddenly I'm also sensing a little bit of Prada when I saw these?

Anyhow, it's available to buy online. These chunky soles are definitely for the funky souls...

[pix from burberry]

Bow, Wow

Time to spice up the look with these cool bow ties from Topman. One that is called the grey neppy neat bow tie, which look a bit like wool (though it's actually a polyester) and could even be mistaken for a Lanvin. And the other which I love to see is the leopard-print bow tie made of cotton. Both are limited editions at Topman which may be flying off the shelf pretty soon.

If you think you wanna do your preppy geek look without trying too hard, these bow ties would definitely be it. It looks awesome, especially on a white shirt like in the pix. Costing just £10, it'll absolutely be dear to your wallet...

[pix from topman]