Turban Mania at Elie Tahari Resort 2012

Something for the ladies.

Elie Tahari Resort 2012 collection for the ladies who like simplicity sophistication. Very clean silhouttes, ranges from the maxi dress, off-shoulder frocks, billowy blouses, palazzo pants, luscious overcoats, cutout-sleeves tunics and separates. I love the brilliant use of colors especially white that exudes understated luxury. It's not easy to make white really stand out but these collection seem to be able to do that : richness and chic. There's also a hint of ethnic inspired, like the dark mustard sheer dress with the crochet details that somehow reminds me of Alhambra. And the turbans worn throughout; does it bring you to the old Hollywood glamour, or you're just thinking of the Bay of Bengal?

Looking at this collection, what pops to my mind? Sheikha Mozah, hands down...

[pix from style.com]

Etc... Etc...Cooking

Bless for not having to take any class this semester, I now have quite an ample time to think more about my research projects and writing up for journal papers. Last semester is a bit of a shock. Not only I have to teach (which I'm happy to do it anyway), but to oversee the design exhibition/competition. It's a large task, leaving me quite restless throughout the 3-months period and not having time to even looking after the proper diet.

Now that the time is all mine I manage to find time to do what I used to do: cook. Yup, cooking though I loathe this activity once and for all. Just like doing laundry. Nevertheless, there's a charm in cooking since it's quite therapeutic at the same time. All these months, my kitchen is located across the road - the mamak cafe, to be exact. But last weekend I finally fired up those stove which has been collecting dust for quite some time. What did I cook? Just a simple chicken curry.

Can I really cook? Sort of. I learned how to skin the fish and the chicken at the age of 11. At 13, I learned how to make the fried stuff - koay teow goreng, nasi goreng, bihun goreng - since my dad had a restaurant in front of the house and my mum taught me how. Busy family, so I have to take care of myself. A couple of years back, I successfully make the cream caramel pudding - a dessert which I can't live without. And living in London in the recent years forced me to cook almost every day since the price of prepared halal food is quite high (and very far to get). So, the best resort - cook own meal with the cheap raw material that I can get at Tesco.

I know I'm always a big fan of cooking though I hate the time spent to prepare stuff. In fact I love collecting cookbook, which I planted a dream that I'm gonna try all those recipes in those glossy pages. Yeah, one day. Ha!

In UK, there's a lot of cooking shows like Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmare and F Word, Jamie Oliver's Naked Chef and his other famous cooking shows, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage, Ainsley Harriott's Ready Steady Cook, Nigella Lawson's Nigella Express, James Martin's Saturday Kitchen etc... etc... so many to name. Not just from the celebrity cooks, but the usual marhain like you and me such as the Come Dine With Me. I love to watch 'em all. That's why UK TV is so educative, fun and entertaining (that doesn't include after 9 pm shows at Channel 4, ahaks!)

As much as I love to cook, I yet to learn how to bake. My sister is a great cook coz she can make almost everything. (ayat kipas tu...). From cakes, to pizza to whatever - she made it her own and even posted the recipes in her own blog. Brilliant. And last time when she visited my house, I asked her to make the cupcakes, since I've been missing the Hummingbird cupcakes back in London. And it appears to be tiny cupcakes like these... one ngap then it's gone!

What is funny about the cupcakes: the check-patterned paper cup really looks like my Topman shirt. Yellow and black!

Anyway, cooking: what should I cook for dinner tonite? :)

Shirt - Topman, studded glove - Zara, chrono watch - Sekonda


J'adore, Dior...

Give me black, white and neutral; then I'm totally gonna love it. Give me a Dior, then I'll definitely gonna j'adore it. Every pieces is just awesome.

Can I have the cape please...? And the draped-waist shirt. And the vest, and the V-neck top... oh, well. Give me everything!

[scanned pix from august man]

Jason Godfrey for New Icon

Jason Godfrey - the guy in the America's Next Top Model promo ad  - has graced the editorial spread for the latest issue of New Icon magazine. Wearing the Spring/Summer collection by Gucci, Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen - what more could you ask for to look good in the new season?!

p/s: Can I have his anti-ageing, please...

Shirt, belt and trousers - all by Gucci

Suit - Versace
Degrade Shirt - Alexander McQueen

Jacket - Gucci
V-neck t-shirt - Jean Paul Gaultier

Ensemble - Gucci
[pix scanned from new icon june/july 2011]

Get some of the similar look at Alexander McQueen and Gucci.

degrade shirt - Alexander McQueen

Floral shirt - Gucci @ Farfetch.

Horsebit-patterned shirt - Gucci @ Farfetch.

[pix from alexander mcqueen and farfetch]

Gucci Fall/Winter 2011 Ad Campaign

Gucci Fall/Winter 2011 ad campaign featuring Gen Huisman, Nicola Jovanovic and Joan Smalls. The collection is somehow trying to divulge into the retro 70s where the Gucci DNA is originated in providing clothing with a sense of luxe and seductive silhouette. The hues are stamped into the sombre colors of autumn/winter with the usual shades of browns, navy and urban greys - in a selection of materials like wool and corduroy, alongside leather, velvet and technofabric.

This time, diamante is prioritised into the accessories department as seen on holdalls and workbags in canvas, as well as the tote and backpack in technofabric. Also the revival of boofers - the hybrid of Chelsea boots and Gucci famous loafers, ornamented with the signature Gucci horbit buckle. The fashion house has also continue its effort to produce their sans logo pieces - such as the foldable portfolio bag and the leather tote with braided leather handle, for those who are less conspicous yet still wanna buy the craftmanship of Gucci.

Overall. Pretty good collection, though I'm not really feeling it as much as I did in FW09 and FW08.

[pix from gucci]


A Little List of Things to Love...

A little list of things to love at the end of May. Something military. Something with splattered paint. Something Madras. Some camo to take when surfing the wave. Some folder to protect when surfing the net. And a bag to fill 'em all. 

Now... what's my bank balance again? 

Double breasted military-inspired jacket - Ann Demeulemester @ Browns Fashion
Splattered paint shirt - Dries Van Noten @ Browns Fashion
Camouflage swimwear - Sundek @ Restir 
Alhambra Madras check bow tie - J. Crew @ Mr. Porter
Albert weekender bag with centre flap - Mulberry
iPad case - Dior Homme

School's Out, What Should You Pack?

School is officially ended for its first term! Read : school. As in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. Not university or colleges, okay! How envy I am to the teachers out there coz they got to take a long break before it resumes in another two-weeks time. ~ sigh ~ For sure, those teachers would definitely be feeling overjoyed and overwhelmed just like in the Mastercard ad video!

Anyway, long break for the school means the parents are definitely thinking of going for a vacation. In fact, not only the parents - others who're singletons or anybody else out there would also thinking the same thing - wanna whisk away from the daily work for a couple of days and winding off somewhere without having to see those spreadsheets and MS words documents for a while. At least I do. Hmmm... where should I go for a break. Would it be a vacation away from home, or just do a staycation instead..?

So, how should you pack? Or what should you pack? Not to worry coz the people there at Mr. Porter has come up with some travel essentials which you could bring with for that break. Designer luggage? Check. T-shirts and loafers? Check. Some lighter knits and linen jacket? Check. Sunglasses? Check that too. Passport? Unless if I'm fleeing the country, then I don't have to. Whatever it is, you should always travel in style!

Am I forgetting something in my luggage? Owh... my iPad! :)

p/s: next week rasa mcm nak balik kampung... huhu.

Shirt - E. Tautz, Trousers - Mr by Rouland Mouret, Sunglasses - Linda Farrow Luxe

Shoes - Polo Ralph Lauren ; Holdall - Yves Saint Laurent ; Blazer - Richard James ; Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

Swim shorts - Hartford ; Polo shirt - Polo Ralph Lauren ; Sunglasses - Gucci

Shoes - Car Shoe ; Case - Filson ; Hat - Lock & Co Hatters

Sweater and blazer - A.P.C ; Polo shirt - Polo Ralph Lauren ; Sunglasses - Cutler and Gross

Travel wallet - Bottega Veneta ; Passport holder - Lanvin

[pix from mr. porter]