Royal Wedding, Street Style.

Just think for a sec what happen if Will and Kate suddenly decided to ditch the traditional fairy tale wedding and go for a ghetto or street style nuptials? Instead of all the trumpet and grandeur choir, they rather choose to beatbox... complete with krumping with the crowd in their trainers and sweatsuits. Would that be a wedding to remember? Ha! I think it'll definitely gonna scar the hell out of people's mind for centuries!

Imagine if the couple chooses Puma: that could be the closest street designer label they could get coz at least it's related to McQueen since the fashion house always did a collection with Puma. Whoa... for sure people will say 'Long Live McQueen' in the headlines as well! Nggg....

Anyway. Throw out all that thoughts coz the Royal Wedding had just happened yesterday in all full glory and spectacular show one could ever imagine. One word: magnificent! And to commemorate the event, Puma has has teamed up with WeAreHQ as well as a team of creatives to each reinterpret the PUMA Suede Mid. Among the talents were Chase, Murab, Tiffany Baron, Dupelux, Ghettrocentricity and Marco Monteiro Hasse who each offered their own visions of the Royal Wedding.

Kinda quirky and fun (or funny). They got the Cool Brittania vibes written all the way, from the Royal Guard-inspired sneakers in the signature red complete with bearskin 'hat', the Ssuede Mid that comes with veil, to the one with crown and Union Jack print on it - very wierdly cool interpretation indeed.

So, go back to the thoughts. Would they do street style? Nah....

[pix via hypebeast]

A Guy's Guide to Flowers

Whether picking them up for a date, your mum or yourself, the art of buying flowers is one not easily mastered.

For you:
One bloom in a vase adds sufficient color and life to an apartment. “it’s more about quality than quantity when dressing a bachelor pad. One simple flower, like an orchid plant or blooming artichoke, is certainly more stylish for a man than say a bunch on a coffee table. Keep it simple and modern” says Brent Wang, owner of Eggs in Los Angeles – the man behind bouquets for guys like Will Smith and movie producer, Joel Silver.

For them:
  • When in doubt, ask. “I always ask nonchalantly inquiring into the receiver’s floral taste. This can be achieved by commenting on something you see or asking what other flowers the recipient favors”. Hint: Ask now and be prepared for V-day.
  • Don’t have much cash? “A large single flower is ideal when arriving for a date. Make an impact with an amaryllis or a peony.”

  • Impress Mom by going big. “Moms and grandmothers respond to scale. Ask for white china mums. They’re bound, fluffy and inexpensive. Long stem roses were last in vogue in the 50s. if you want roses, go with a shorter, lightly packed arrangement (known as pauve roses) are in. plus, it’s cheaper.” [p/s: now you know what to give your mum in the Mother's Day next week!]
[words from valet mag. pix from your's truly]


Leopard-print Tie : Great Minds Think Alike?

Is it a case of great fashion minds think alike*?

Nigel Barker is seen wearing the leopard-print tie during the judging in the recent episode of ANTM Cycle 16. Probably to go with the same theme where he shot the model hopefuls in the show earlier wearing the faux fur collection by Rachel Zoe while holding the baby jaguar. Leopard, jaguar... aren't they having the similar 'spot' on them?

[snapshot from ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 5]

However I can't pinpoint what's wrong with the tie that Nigel wears. Something is not quite right going on there. The combination of colors which is slightly off, perhaps. The one that I got last December might look better than his. Plus, while Nigel's tie is of course from one of the big labels out there, mine is very cheap though. As long as it looks good, that matters!

[pix from previous post]

*Aku great fashion minds, ker? X kesah lah Senah oi...lol.

This Is Kate Middleton's Dress!!!

Just kidding! Chillax...
Do your own statement t-shirt. Not a bad idea, right?

Btw, the designer of the future Queen of England has already been uncovered. It's Sophie Cranston, designer of the Libélula label.

Yvonne York, Huffington Post’s royal’s correspondent, is reporting that Sophie Cranston has designed Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. Middleton famously wore a vintage-inspired black velvet coat by Libélula to a wedding this past January.

So why haven’t we heard Cranston’s name until now? “Through my insider sources, I’ve heard who was designing Catherine’s wedding dress four months ago but kept it a secret in accordance with palace wishes,” York writes. “A St. James’s Palace spokesperson I talked to won’t confirm or deny that Cranston had been selected, only saying, ‘We are not being drawn on any speculation on the wedding and cannot comment.’”

“From what I’ve uncovered,” York continues, “the reason the palace did not announce the designer’s name (as they did with the Emanuels who were confirmed just one month after Diana’s engagement) was to protect Cranston and her family from media scrutiny for as long as possible, and to allow her the freedom to create the wedding gown of Catherine’s dreams without additional pressures and distractions.”

And according to more reports out today, the design won’t be purely Cranston’s as Middleton herself has had a hand in the design. The Daily Mail is reporting that Middleton designed the dress almost entirely herself with Cranston serving merely as the dress maker. The dress is reportedly inspired by Renaissance art, which Middleton studied in Florence during her gap year. The Mail claims that the dress itself will be ivory satin and lace, with a pearl button detail and a 10ft train.
[original source: fashionista]

P/S: Whether it's the real truth or not with the claim, let's wait and see tomorrow. Campers outside Westminster Abbey, get prepared with your brollies!

Converse a New Shoe Language

I flipped through the pages in the Stylist magazine yesterday and suddenly my eyes stuck to this ad campaign by Converse. I'm guessing you can see what I see... oh no, not the skinny legs (and the less skinny!) . But the shoes worn by the person on the far left. Looks like a cut-out sneakers which is so the in thing in the footwear trend this season. I've seen it in quite a couple runway shows - Jean Paul Gaultier did his own version of cut-out sneakers. Neil Barrett also have his own collection. And so as Iceberg.

As much as the menswear has their take on the cut-out sneakers, this one by Converse though is not for the lads. It's for the ladies. Still, I think it's pretty cool - giving a breath of fresh air to the typical All Star sneakers (yeah, breath of fresh air coz the air can go in. Get it?).

[pix from converse]

Yet, if you think it's pretty unfair for Converse not offering the same thing to the guys, you copy the look by wearing this cutout sneakers by Ksubi. By its appearance and all, the shoes - erm, the sandals ... erm, the sneakers... oh, now I'm confused.... the footwear (there you go!) looks pretty much the same.

Ksubi 'artemus' sandal @ Luisaviaroma

Confirmed : iPad 2 Hits Malaysia Tomorrow, 29 April 2011.

While I was busy filling up my tax form to be submitted by today (I have to do it TODAY!), suddenly I was disturbed by the news that have been awaited by many people here in this country ever since. Nope, it's not about everyone would no longer have to pay their income tax (you wish!!). Not also about higher tax release for individual (I wish, coz I'm kid-less!!). But it's the news about iPad 2 gonna hit this country.

So, it's confirmed that iPad 2 gonna hit the Malay soil tomorrow on the April 29!

It is sealed proof by the official Apple website itself with the massive welcome banner on the main page. While Apple is tabling out the choices where to buy the most drooled over gadget of the year, one big question that everyone is asking would definitely be : how much will it cost?

Apple gadget lovers, behold! The price of the iPad 2 would be cheaper than the first generation iPad. Am I kidding? Nope. Apparently, it has been unleashed by Machine, one of the consessionaires that sell Apple products. Look at the pix below and you would be as surprised as I am with the new iPad 2 price. By comparing with the highest spec (64Gb WiFi + 3G), it dropped a mere RM 200 from the previous model! Again, are you kidding me?

Oh, let me also tempt you people outside Malaysia too. The price is even cheaper here in this country - way much cheaper - than in the UK even after Apple slash the price on the British Isle. Taking the 64Gb Wifi +3G, iPad2 cost a mere £504, compared to those in the UK at a whopping £659 (by conversion comparison). Ha! Don't you just turned into a green-eyed monster now? So, book your AirAsia flight from Stanstead right this moment... coz that price difference could save you a trip here!

Ooops.. my tax form. Gotta go! =]

[pix from apple and  machine]



I love macrame more than the typical knitting or weaving coz it's more intricate and the craftsmanship is something I would appreciate even more. Like this work by Proenza Schouler seen in the previous runway show in New York. The knotting technique appears like it came all the way from the land of Africa. It's like braided; quite tribal, very unique. I've seen many macrame done by the Project Runway show contestants. Not easy to be done coz it requires lots of manhours spend on a particular piece. Another beautiful macrame is seen on Karlie Kloss in the Dior SS11 ad campaign spread throughout the magazines.

[pix from jak & jil]

Does macrame infuse into menswear? Bit by bit, it started to find its way for the men like you and me to also enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship of the knotting technique. Like this cardigan worn by Godfrey Gao on the cover of Men's Folio Malaysia. Not as intricate as Proenza Shouler, yet at least the macrame has a masculine feel - by which looking in a glance one might think it's actually appears like a chunky knitwear. No, it's macrame. And it's by Louis Vuitton for Spring.Summer 2011.

Savvy Navy

Black is standard-issue office attire. And the many shades of brown are ideal for a more casual settings. But what about blue? And we're not talking about canvas kicks or sportier options like Top-Siders. This season, grown up shoes in shades of navy abound. What's more, they actually look pretty sharp paired with everything from charcoal suits and summer weight chinos to worn-out jeans and shorts. So whether you're looking for wing tips, suede bucks or loafers, there's a pair to fit your style.

[words and pix from valet mag]

As navy has become a craze in the footwear this season, my personal pick is this navy canvas derby by Zara. Love the construction and the look which can rock both with a denim as much as a khaki suit. New style abound indeed...

[pix from valet mag and zara]

Queen Elizabeth II : The Icon of Style

Browse thru the magazine to have an interactive experience.

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[pix and words from stylist. illustration from your's truly]