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And that's why I enjoy doing what I do - career-wise, non-career-wise!

I hate being bored. And I hate boring people. That's why you should be ridiculous and spontaneous sometimes coz they add spice to your life. And why do people look for perfection too hard? Coz too perfect is boring...you need a lil' bit of imperfection to make your life interesting. And that include Marilyn Monroe - do you know she got 6 toes on one of her feet?

Highstreet Vs. High End: Knitted Tie

The last time I wore my knitted tie to the office, my colleague, R, asked whether what I'm wrapping around my neck is socks. "Kau pakai stoking ker?"  She asked. I think it's funny coz I can't blame her when she mentioned that since my tie does look like a pair of socks in a way. Probably because both share the same 'attributes' - they're both knitted!

My encounter with knitted ties is not too long ago - back in 2008 - when I dropped by at Uniqlo Oxford Street and found they got a great collection of knitted ties in various colors. There's horizontal stripes, plain and dotted pattern. And yes, they're all have 'blunt' square in the end. And one of them is this one. (click here to read previous post).

What I'm quite surprise is that Paul Smith also has a similar version of the 'dotted' pattern in the new SS11 collection. The look and all is almost similar, if not the same, with the one that I got from Uniqlo. While this Paul Smith cost a whopping £84, my highstreet knitted tie cost only £7! See the price difference? So, which one would you choose? Only you can decide. 

Btw, if you look closer, the dotted pattern resembles 'hearts'. Brilliant, don't you think?

Balmain Studded 'Safety Pins' Jacket

Inspirations can be found anywhere, even from the women's closet. Sometimes you can 'steal' the style you see from the womenswear and give it a little twist to make it appear masculine for men to wear. I think it's acceptable nowadays, coz the women actually has started it first. Come on... boyfriend's jacket, boyfriend's jeans, boyfriend this, boyfriend that... where the hell you ladies 'borrow' that look, huh? It's from OUR wardrobe! Yet, I still think men can also do the same - no, not wearing that lace nightie, silly - but, taking some elements in women's fashion as long as you don't go overboard. That's how fashion evolves anyway. (Yet, I still think men should not  carry a Birkin bag. That's a definitely no, no!)

Rummaging thru previous March issue of Vogue, my eyes suddenly stuck to this jacket which I think beyond cool. The one worn by Arizona Muse in the PUNK'D editorial section. It's a merge between high fashion style and street look. Somewhere in between. It's the studded lambskin biker jacket in blood red by Balmain.

Actually it's not just about the studded things that embellish the jacket which makes it interesting, but the safety pins ornamenting the epaulette and both sleeves which added to the wow factor to it. Just take a look, and I know you will agree with me. Everytime I saw safety pins on a clothing, it always remind me to Versace.... especially what Liz Hurley used to wear in yesteryears!

Anyway, this Balmain is awesome. I think it already inspires me on how I'm can deconstruct and reinvent my old jackets too!

[snaps from vogue march 2011]

How to Wear Your Denims, by Mr. Porter

[pix by mr.porter]

Wear the Art by McQueen

If I could have some pieces in my wardrobe that could be claimed as wearing art, I'll definitely choose these two items from Alexander McQueen's Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The jacket is amazingly cut, and the fact that it has the gradual tones, distressed look making it much coveted piece that is worthy to be kept. And the poppy print shirt in red/black is also beautiful - looks as if you're wearing a bolero jacket on the outside, though it's only the illusion from the flower print itself. Truly magical pieces...

Alexander McQueen Spotlight Jacket Blazer - $4000

Alexander McQueen Poppy Print shirt - $1125

[pix from ssence]

Gap Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook

Gap elevated. That's all I can say when I look at the new Fall/Winter 2011 lookbok by the famous American fast fashion label. I normally associated Gap with having a quite slouchy look and lots of washed fabric, but this new look is something I would definitely welcomed for. They look kinda polished, lots of slimmer silhouettes that really contours the body very well. I know Gap has stocked their Slim jeans for quite some time now in their collection, but to be seeing the new chinos having a slimmer look - that is something to look out for.

And the color also look slightly better, with sharper and less muted, washed-out tones. The one thing that is truly a must-have by Gap in every Fall/Winter is their leather jackets; and this collection is no exception. From the baseball type to the biker one, I really love the new leather jackets by Gap. Slimmer, that's why...

Other key pieces: the slim suit jacket with thin lapel (#1), and the corded knitwear which I think reminisces the Alexander McQueen (by which I can't recall which season's..), but sans the skeleton front.

[pix from style.com]


Nap. Wake up. Snap!

An old friend of mine used to tell me; if you wanna see whether someone is beautiful or not, look at them when they woke up from their sleep. Then you will see them at their very raw.

So, I took a snap of my own... just after my BigFat nap. Right before I prep myself up. This is the tired face at the very best.

I wonder if I could fall under that 'clause'? Not perfect. But pretty okay. Ngggg...

As P. Ramlee says... hensem tarak, tapi manis adaa... :)

Shaolin Wraps @ Haider Ackermann SS11

I remember opening the old Star newspaper when I returned home during my Easter break a couple of years ago, and found a fashion clippings about menswear. I am very drawn to the kimono-style wrap ensemble worn by one of the model. (click here). Very cool, like a fusion between East and West, and East with East as well.

East and West as in Japanese kimono meet modern Western look, while East meet East as in the Oriental wrap-style meet Malaysian batik prints. I thought that is so culture-to-couture piece which is simple but awesome. What I like most is how wraps has become a major neo-style to menswear nowadays. From the cardigan that you can found at highstreet stores, to the one that has gone high-fashion like these Haider Ackermann for Spring/Summer 2011. I just love everything about the look. The pairings between Shaolin-lookalike outfit, given a twist in the type of fabric used. The color, the texture, the styling is fantabulous.

There's embroidered piece. There's a play between prints, pattern and vibrant hues. There's an injection of tenun-lookalike fabric. And there's even some glitter and shimmer to perk up the ensemble. And I also love the use of variety of belts to hold the wraps together - from the similar fabric of the clothes, to the one in wider version as well as the string ala tassle belt. Truly amazing.

And I think I just found a perfect substitute to what I'm gonna wear next Eid. Might sounds crazy, but it's gonna be interesting!

Going Brogue BigFat Style


T by Alexander Wang FW11

It's kinda hard for an American brand to grow on me. Previously I truly shunned Abercrombie & Fitch coz I think their clothings are too oversized to my standard. Yet alone too loose to wear. That also include Banana Republic and Gap, which I think most of their pieces are too washed out and pretty laid back in their look and feel. Include in the list is Tommy Hilfiger - the brand who use lots of bolder stripes, and feel too preppy yet not even chic. The only American brand that I can associate well is probably Calvin Klein - and that's because it got an Italian touch by the name of Italo Zucchelli, who took the menswear department of the famous brand from the namesake owner himself. Others? Hmmm... dunno whether I ever have any American-based designer's pieces in my wardrobe.

And then come Alexander Wang. I was like.. wow! I can't believe that suddenly I got a new crush for an American label. Though most of pieces are no difference than what I saw at Gap or Abercrombie in term of overall look, but somehow Wang's pieces exudes a certain charm that I myself can't even describe. The sporty charm. The simplicity-yet-there's-an-element-of-chic-in-the-whole-look charm. The material, the cut and the fit seems to fall flawlessly under my 'ooh, I like this' list.

Though they look a bit oversized (and most American brand are like this!), yet it skims the body very well. It doesn't hugs too tight, nor make you look like you pile up pounds. It's just right. I love the sleeves of the tee falls right on the elbow. I like the sweatpants and jeans tapered towards the ankle. I adore the styling of combining longer sweatpants with sweatshorts, unlike most designers who use leggings underneath (which is a bit eeek!). And I also love the color palette in this Fall/Winter 2011 collection too, which I think truly sporty chic. The right kind of clothing I would wear when I go dunking at the basketball court. And I do think that most Alexander Wang's pieces are inspired from the street dudes who like playing basketball!

And the fact that top model, Ahmad Jalal aka AJ Abualrub modelling the collection - that really helps to tie the great looks together! 

[pix from style.com]


@Zamri_A No More...

As of tomorrow, I'm totally gonna off Twitter. Gonna delete the account once and for all. No more tweeting. Not gonna succumbed into the evil black hole of social network anymore. It seems that online life is getting depressing day by day. So, as of tomorrow... @Zamri_A will be erased from history...
... and who knows what's gonna happen next. This site too, perhaps?

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