Delusion Knoturnal T-Shirt

Knots is huge when it comes to womenswear. You can practically see it every season on the catwalk that some designer might include knots into either evening gowns or cocktail dresses. I've never have any interest in knots, until Burberry showcase it during Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010 that saw great selection of frocks worn by the models, and by which the show was also streamed live online. I really dunno how they do knot on a dress - probably by twisting the fabric, intertwining them or whatever - but, the presence of knots made a dress pop easily to anyone's attention.

Do we have knots in menswear? Definitely, coz I found one at Asos. It's a long-sleeve tee by Delusion, which is called knoturnal (knot meet nocturnal, I guess). Looking great in a dip dye, blue grey color and a knot that's located offside on the right chest. What's even better, the one that I thought extra fabric which wraparound the neck turn out to be a hoodie instead, which is pretty cool...

I love the fit that looks very slimming, and the fabric which is jersey that's much dearer to the warm weather like in here. And it's much sweat-sorbing, definitely.

Could this one look like Prorsum SS10? Almost... but you can call it a Possum instead, coz a possum is nocturnal! Or knoturnal...(excuse the pun!). ;)

Burberry Prorsum SS10 womenswear

[pix from asos and style.com]

Skull Print: Fashion-inspired Decor

Fashion on the runway and home decor are like a long-lost siblings in the art world. Sometimes fashion designers are inspired by the architectural and decor of the places they went for holidays, which they took the essence and put it into their designs. For instance is Gucci SS10, where Frida Giannini is inspired by the white buildings in the South American region that she decided to have lots of whites in her menswear collection as well. On the other hand, the decor can also be inspired by the catwalk show - like the use of colors by Pucci that is seen on Ikea pillow cases, or animal prints throws that are inspired by the Roberto Cavalli leopard's pieces.

To add to the inspiration is the skull prints which I think is a huge trend not only at highstreet, but also on the runway shows season after season. One of them is Comme des Garcons for SS11, who sent off their male models wearing what look to be 'skorts' with black and white skull prints. To be honest, I quite like the print designs which is pretty fun yet quirky. Does it look tacky? Apart from the 'skorts' that those models wore... no, I don't think so. It is by itself looks like it can be made as wallpaper at your home!

And voila! I'm not wrong at all coz now you can actually have the skulls be pasted on your wall. No kidding. Not the CDG's btw, which I think more towards the Corpse Bride skull rather than McQueen one. Rather, it's by Graham & Brown in monochrome grey. Whether you want it in your hallway, at your dining hall or even in your bedroom - this skull print wallpaper designed by the legendary Barbara Hulanicki could turn any plain white wall into a shocktastic one. 

The Skulls wallpaper is a part of the Flock Collection by Hulanicki that uses Graham & Brown's unique clay-coat papers and offers a wonderful matt finish accentuated with metallic and gloss embellishments. It is also paste-the-wall­ on nonwoven paper for ease of application and removal, therefore less maintenance issue there. The magnificent Skulls design reflects Barbara's mischievous side as she says, "I love the almost shock element that you don't instantly see the skull design unless you really look at the paper". Seriously, who wouldn't be surprised to be greeted by thousands of 'skull' once you enter the room!

Yet, it looks great in any room that you think need some 'sprucing up' in term of its style. A modern, Goth style, that is. If you're too anxious to try for the whole room, probably just use it on one wall as main feature. Or frame it and make it as wall art. Or...as the designer herself joked "This wallpaper would be particularly good in the guest loo!" Ha! Pretty cool...

[pix from graham & brown, and gq style]


Fashion Week FW11: Native American-inspired Neckwear

In the previous Spring/Summer 2011 show, the Roberto Cavalli collection is said to be about a rocker dude who took a spin through the wild, wild west. But for Fall/Winter 2011, I think that rocker dude finally decided to spend a night on the wild west with the native American tribes, in the wigwam under a starry night... and probably the next day already assumed an American Indian name like 'Dances with Wolves' or something, like Kevin Costner in the movie of the same name.

Why am I saying that?

Coz some pieces speaks tribal. Or to be exact, these neckwear seen on some models did scream 'American Indian', which appear to look like what the tribesmen wear back there. Or at least what Mr. Dances with Wolves wear, shown in the pix. The intricate beadwork ornamenting the neck somehow reflect the heritage of the tribes, but in a Cavalli way for sure. Very interesting, looking almost authentic... very innovative.

Kevin Costner in Dances With Wolves

[pix from gq style]

At Ease... with Peace Corps Backpack

I stumbled upon it last year at Topman Oxford Circus, after returning from a quick weekend tour at Spitalfields, East London. It was quite irony, coz earlier that day I saw quite similar design at Albam - their backpack that's called Summit - which has very uncanny resemblance to it, but without the hefty price tag. I'm quite excited to see how nice the design was... yet wasn't quite sure then whether to buy it or not.

Two weeks after that, I went back again to Oxford Circus and saw it one more time. I was about to buy, but after 'weighing' all the pro and cons that I've already spend quite a lot at Zara prior hitting Topman - I have to forget my intention. And then again, it was the third time... I returned to the store, contempt that this thing could be mine - and as people said, third time could be a charm. But, dang... it was out of stock! You cannot be serious...! I said to myself. There's no way this thing is gonna be mine since a day after that I have to leave the British Isle once and for all... and fly home.

Yet, some said you've gotta dream harder to make things happen. And I think that's what I did... dream. And suddenly, poof!... like a genie has granted my wish, last week the bag has finally arrived onto my lap. I'm ecstatic to find it in my mailbox with a sticker read on the parcel 'We Come in Peace'. Holla! Yes, in peace... or better, in one piece coz it arrived safe and sound!

Introducing my new military backpack by Peace Corps. No, I'm not in the army who fight for the nation; rather I'm the army of shoppers who spendalot and make sure economy is restored!

What is it about this backpack which made me return to the store thrice? I just love the color combo to be honest - black with tan leather lining that looks utterly delicious. And because it is a canvas - a great quality one that is hard-wearing and quite robust; suit for hot season and making it a good companion for any 'xtreme' activities.

Another thing is because of the construction. The main body is made of one single piece of canvas with no sewing at the base. Why is it good? That means should you carry heavier stuff, the bag won't rip off or tear apart. I've tested it by putting heavy books inside, and it works charm.

Other criteria that made me like something is its versatility, and this bag gave me that. While the two handles can be adjusted their length thru the eyelets and buckle, the backpack can also be worn as a single-handle. If you see at the back, there's a ring on the top section - by which the handle can be swung easily onto the other side without any problem. Unlike some other backpack, though you can 'combine' the handles together still the top part can't be flipped as one. But not this bag. Awesome.

What else? Oh, I like that the handles and stuff are bolted to the main body, not just by sewn-in, making it much stronger than other bags in the market. And it can even be easily folded, great if you wanna bring an extra bag in your luggage when you go travel.

Where to find this bag? In-store at Peace Corps concession at Topman Oxford Circus. Also online at Topman.com, as well as at ASOS Marketplace. (If you're a UK uni student, you can get an extra 10% off at Topman, or 20% off at Asos, with a valid student ID).

But you should know something: Topman has a limited places for its online delivery (Malaysia is not included in the international shipping, unfortunately). But @ ASOS (and ASOS Marketplace), they do. So, get it at ASOS then... coz I heard that it's free delivery worldwide (limited time only, people!).

Oh, what's the price? It's just £30! Now you know why I love this bag, huh? There's also other colors like burgundy, blue and khaki to choose from too!

Wear it as two handle like normal backpack...

... or 'combine' them together as a single-handle.

See... no stitching on the base.

Wear it like a usual backpack (with my Peace Corps stripe tee)

or wear it at the front...

Sling it on your back in a single-handle mode.

(credit to my lovely 'genie'... miss t.s)


Boyce Avenue

Let's not talk about fashion once in a while. Instead, let's talk about music, as music and fashion are actually interconnected. Without music, a fashion show would appear plain boring. Besides music could have a great effect towards someone: Music can lift the spirit, enlighten the mood and even motivate you in many ways.

One of the music group that I love is Boyce Avenue. I first come across this band back in 2009 when I tried to search for 'No Air' music video by Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown - yet stumbled upon the cover version by them instead. Splendid. That's all I can say. Their slightly husky, angelic voice is truly remarkable. I love that most of the cover songs they did are in acoustic - something that's truly stripped bare the entire song to a minimum, yet with an astounding effect. As I'm also in the guitar-learning mode, what better to take this band as a guide as well. I was actually about to meet them last March when they came to perform at ULU (University of London Union) auditorium in Bloomsbury - which is right in front of my lab - but due to some personal matters I couldn't make it. Otherwise I could've been 'mumbling' together and enjoy listening to their versions that is nothing but amazing.

Some of their cover versions that I truly adore coz the lyrics have quite a deep meaning to me... so fantabulous! Enjoy.

Fashion Week Style: That's How You Db It

Db jackets are very classic, yet not many can pull it off very well. Chances that you're going off the rail in term of style is very high if you're not careful or you might end up looking like the bouncer outside a club or a casino with an oversized jackets that tends to make you look like a sack. Nowadays, a classic db jacket has evolved - with many different cuts or even having various number of buttons and their positioning on the torso that make up the 'double-breasted' look - making it much more modern and contemporary, in line with our taste of not too inclined with what our forefathers used to wear.

If you happen to have a stroll in the street of Milan or Florence, chances that you gonna see some gentlemen who rock in db jackets to the max. The Italians always know how to do it so well when it comes to fashion. It's the way how the jacket is cut to contour the silhouette of their body, and also how it finishes just about right on the thigh - by which from my own 'calculation' after trying some of the great db jackets there, is about a palm's length from the hip (the 'measurement' might differ from one's pov to another, btw). And as usual, their rule of thumb of buying a suit jacket - always try the tightest that your body can take, but get one size bigger than the former. That way, you'll rock the look, absolutely!

Some of the db jackets seen out there during Pitti Uomo in Florence and Milan Fashion Week FW11. What can I say, they know how to db it!

[pix from gq style]

Fashion Week Style: Tweed... Tweed...

During Fashion Week, what happens on the catwalk is as exciting as what's happening on the sidewalk. The sense of fashion that the crowd portray, from what they wear, or what they carry with them, or what they slipped onto their feet is truly the one to look at too. Even the way they wear it is also interesting. It's an equal style satire that you wouldn't wanna miss watching. After surviving nine London Fashion Weeks (my first is in 2001!), I have seen so many trends shown by those attending the shows, either at the former Natural History Museum yard at SW7 or the new location at Somerset House, WC2. From the accentric Andre J (I call him, the chick with beard!) to the typical English gent look by Hamish Bowles, or even the Londoners who dress up to the nines in their V-boots and skinnies... there's a huge spectrum when it comes to style at Fashion Week indeed.

And the best part, you've gotta see different styles on both seasons - September with them donning their summer wear, while January/February in their winter wear. Like these looks at previous Milan Fashion Week FW11 by which I believe is too damn chill out there since the theme of the 'sidewalk' is tweed. Hey, it's winter... so that's why these gents are wearing their tweed jacket and overcoats.

I love tweed coz unlike the typical wool, tweed gives much more texture. And the heat retention is even better making me felt cosier when I put my tweed jacket on. I love when a tweed sticks to its 'traditional' look in herringbone pattern coz it'll lift the entire look even more, otherwise the jacket will look like a plain one.

Like in this pixs, you not only see tweed as a jacket or overcoat, there's even tweed waistcoat, trousers and ties too. And if you think the color just revolves around grey... look closer, coz in the second pix, the guy is wearing a royal blue tweed waistcoat! Truly sartorial.

Where to find best tweed at highstreet? I love Topman since the material used really screams 'quintessential British'. But you can also find one at Uniqlo for its micro-tweed version. Another truly quintessential British is Albam, coz their tweed is also good though at slightly higher price tag.

i don't think he's wearing a tweed, but anyway... I just love his Louis Vuitton Keepall!
[pix from gq style]


Chanel’s Sparkle Beauty Bag

Something for the ladies.

When the fashion pack descended on Chanel’s spring collection preview last year, all eyes were on this bejewelled bag – a miniature take on the iconic 2.55 quilted bag. The glinting gold is a key element of spring’s disco vibe while tiny bags are a new season essential and have replaced bulky totes as the carriers to covet. We recommend a thorough edit of your possessions to ensure they all fit into this most bijou of bags.

Bag, £4,000, Chanel.

[pix and words by stylist issue 62]

Gucci Spring/Summer 2011 Ad Campaign

For three blogpost in a row, I'm giving you another Gucci - the official ad campaign for Spring/Summer 2011 featuring Nicola Jovanovic, Gen Huisman, Joan Small, Karmen Pedaru and Hailey Clauson, and shot by Mert & Marcus. This week is all about Gucci overloaded, in celebration to their newly refurbished store at Rue Royale, Paris. Did you know that the store is the only one in the world (apart from New York) that offer Made to Order Bamboo collection? Head down (or up) to Paris then to have your own 'signature' take on Gucci signature Bamboo bags design...

Now, talking about the SS11 collection - it revolves around 'glam'. As Anna Dello Russo, the editor of Vogue Japan, mentioned the new trend shown by Gucci during last catwalk show is all about glam for sure. And Tim Blanks futher added that the collection is very timeless, powerful, with saturated glamor. I couldn't agree more especially when you see most of the womenswear paraded in the SS11 show in Milan is nothing but luxury - from the color palette used that is very rich and luxe, to the beadings that intricately ornamenting some of the dresses is really something to look forward to. Some of the pieces somehow reminisce the 70s feel - an era by which luxury is celebrated at an utmost level. As for the menswear, the accessories has upped their ante in showcasing a large variety of exotic skins that really shouts extravagance.

More about the SS10 show and the ad campaign, the designer herself - Frida Giannini - said that  the collection is all about provocation and seduction, yet always with sophistication. She uses bold color blocking, quite vibrant and daring at the same time... interrupted by the gold which is another strong and very glamorous element from the Gucci DNA. In the collection there are some elements referenced to North Africa and from the attitude of the desert - like the beaded, tribal couture dress worn by Joan Small, the embroideries, the tassle belts or even the bangles worn by the models and the woven webbing on the bags.

Yet, one thing for sure - Gucci SS11 is about the celebration of colors; coz colors symbolizes optimism in heading on to the future.

[pix from gucci]