Just Chillin'

Read this entry at your own peril, coz it's really a matter of to voice out what I had in mind.

So, we're about to come to the end of 2010. Pheww... what a year it was, for me at least. I think this year there has been so many ups and down that really tested me to the highest level as a human being. Big time! My patience, my passion, my sacrifice, my perseverance, the thing I love, the thing I hate... everything.. I think I've been through too much. So much, that I can't even put them into words. Too many things that are too complex to describe, incomprehensible, and  sometimes happens for no reason. Or better yet, something that I can't reason it. Not to mention dealing with people that sometimes I can't and don't even wanna see their faces anymore. But one thing for sure - 2010 is a year to remember. Period.

And it also the most tiring year. I can say that this year has been the most restless year so far. I am exhausted. I'm worn out. I am tired. I'm tired even with this blog. Dunno whether I wanna keep on doing it. Or the need to update it. I think I've been mentioning this time and time that blogging is becoming too much hassle. It's a chore. Even to write this blog post took a big effort. A big effort to log in... and to find words and mood to write. Most of the times, believe it or not, I think to whom am i actually writing it? Do I have thousands of readers? Do I have thousands of followers? Do I even make it to Google zeitgeist list? Some people do mention to me, you should write for yourself first. But hey, if I'm writing it to myself... why do I need to publish for everyone else to see? Lagi baik la aku tulis journal and simpan dalam almari kalau camtu. The thing is, that opinion is wrong. I write because I want people to read. I want you to enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing it. I wanna invite you into my own life journey. Or fashion history. The progression. The development. The ups and down. What makes some style work. Or what trend would be out there for you to seek. Or something interesting for me and you to lust over. Or to hate. It's all because I write it to the readers. But what if I'm not having so many people to be in the same bandwagon as I am? It means my effort deosn't work. Is there a need to continue? As one of the saying by anonymous goes; if you love me, let me know. If not... gently let me go. Or in my case... me myself, I will gently go.

Btw, come 2011 is my 3rd year of blogging. Am I loving it? Kind of. Am I hating it? Yes, to that too. The thing is, I don't know why I don't find it a joy anymore as much as I used to. I had the same feeling before, but then I still keep on blogging. This time the feeling is stronger. No joy. Everytime I tried to write something, the mood dampen. I think it's a chore. It's a hard work. It's wasting time. I dunno Is it because of 'three'? Actually, the number three is quite 'sacred' to me. I know things will work, or will not work or really make me bored after I did it in a third sequence. Same thing goes with the previous courses I used to teac - the number three is the recurrence. I left Chemistry after did it for 3 times. I changed Thermodynamics for Fluid Mechanics after I'm bored doing it for 3 semesters. And I'm also thinking to get a new direction and changed Fluid Mechanics for something else after 3 years of taking the subject. It seems '3' shows a point to leave something and try something new. A point that matter for progression. I think the number three is a perfect number. It's not dominant as 1. Not biased as 2. But yes, perfect. So, would 3 be the 'phantom' number for me? 

I think another reason I become less passionate to blog is because I'm in the state of bliss. Happy of being home. Joy of getting out from stressful London and live in the peaceful Ipoh. Eating the best food... interacting with great people... seeing nature at its best. Yes, bliss. Especially living in the house now that look much like a chic hotel, compared to the then tiny bedsit in an old Victorian house in London. Am I complaining about life in London? Now I do. Life in London is so stressfull! Too many things to do, things moving too fast... and some stupid people keep on scutinizing you. Plus people are too damn busy; nobody to talk to - most of the times I'm on my own. That's why I blog a lot then. Too much in fact, because it's an avenue to let things out. But more in materailistic and fashion point of view, of course. But now... I feel so much in peace. Not resting in peace okay, otherwise that's something else. Lol. Peaceful. Complacent perhaps. Nothing to chase, nothing to worry. Well, okay something to worry... but at least I really have a lot of people that I can talk to - eye to eye, face to face - which is fantastic! That's why I think there's no stress. And that's why I became less passionate about updating this blog...

So, for the past week I've been taking myself away for a break. I did what I missed doing, just chilling out. Or some people said chillax (chill n relax!). What did I do? The pix below says it all...

I love being home coz I got to see the nature again, at its best....

To see the blue skies... in which it happens throughout the year (almost), unlike London where it always gloomy (and so as the people!)...

And appreciate the nature when the sun goes down... it looks so magical!

And enjoy my coffee... Malaysian style, in a kopitiam way at the cafe...

or by the highway stop, with my fav nasi lemak...

or by the lake, while enjoying the sunrise...

in fact to have the coffee in a different form... :)

The thing is, I'm putting on weight to get into my ideal 70 kg. I am just 1 kg shy away from the target, and believe me it's so damn hard and it took almost 4 months to increase from 62 to 69 kg! What did I do to 'bulk up'? Munching my fav food... like these Dunkin' Donuts...

or my fav Alien donut from the Big Apple...

by which now I know what the angels eat (I think they mean the Victoria's Secret angels, I guess)...

or having the waffles, with kaya spread. Yahahahumm...

or getting my tummy being 'prosperous' with the McD Prosperity burger (by which you can only get it in Asia!). The best 'creation'. Ever!

... which comes with the super-delicious curly fries...

I know everything will go to the guts. The midsection. And that's why I'm also doing my abs workout....

so that I could get the 6 pack in one month time! Well, at least Men's Health can teach me that!

Anyway, I also did some upgrade on the home decor.
Like, getting a new black rug for the dining table...

so that the look is more 'black n white' as I wanted to...

oh, I should tell you that I love the stainless steel pot that my sis get me from the Forbidden Land.
Splendid, and it matches everything!

And I also got new side table for the bedroom in dark wood. (Previously it was beech).
Again, the mood is for it to look so dark, evil and chic. Come on, it's a bedroom - a place to be... evil. :)

.. and thankfully, the drawer also gives a place to all my Calvins... (okay I have to blur the 'thing' and show you just the label coz it may look 'uninvited' by some people..)

What else? Oh, finally the guest room at upper floor has really turned into my walk-in wardrobe. Ala what Lagerfeld has. Last time the room is only for the shirts, but now almost eveything has gone into it. Yet, it's incomplete coz there's still 1/3 of my clothes need for a real storage!

So this is it. I think this would be the last entry for 2010. For 2011, there's so much thing to do. So many project will be happening: my writing, my photography session, my music thing, my home renovation, travelling n checking out chic hotels, fashion projects, etc..etc. There's so much thing to do. It's more about living life rather than shopping for clothes. 
Thank you, and signing off.


Wrapping Up 2010: Part 2

Let's continue with my wrapping up of the year 2010. What happens to me in the 2nd quarter 2010 has definitely change the course of my life in a big way. So massive that I think it happens for a reason. Big reason that God has His own plan on me....


Exactly on 31st March 2010, I left London. Big time. Just like what Tyra Banks said in ANTM - pack your belongings, and go home. That's what I did. Go home. There's so much things happening at the same time that requires me to take a drastic move and leaving the city that I fell in love with then in a very short notice. Many was stunned. Many people thinks I left for good. And believe me, I do think that too... leaving London for good. But nobody knows the reason why?

I actually have to leave London since my student visa expired and I don't have much time to renew it while in the British Isle. There's so much hassle nowadays that the British government imposed for obtaining visa, by which I cannot comprehend since in the previous years it's not like this. In fact, I don't even need one back then. And from what I knew people from the Commonwealth countries would not need a visa to enter Britain. But that's not happening anymore. Probably because of the terrorist issues and what not, they started to enforce the law.

Anyway, I bid farewell to London. [click here]

Yet, my departure as if has its own story. As if London is so very kind to me that my leaving should not be as hard as I thought it would. It has to be in style. I think because of my 'London look'... I got to fly Business Class. In Malaysia Airlines - the best airline in the entire wide world. (ayat kipas la sket...lol). The best journey I ever had. And when I stepped down in Malaysia - voila! About 30 family members are there to fetch me at the airport. Amazing. Why I said amazing? Coz I arrived at 12.00 midnite! And 30 people - my parents, brothers and sisters and nephews and nieces are there! Isn't that something to remember?

Oh, did I tell you I met Bernie Eccleston too? [click here]

I might be out of London, but I never forget to bring my style here. I might be bringing back only two luggage, yet I pack something that suits the weather. And which also look hot. [click here, here, and here]

Not to mention, also the trend of the month. [click here, here and here]

(Also something I'm lusting over too...syyyyy.... click here)

I have to say, I love coming back home. Something that I would not trade for anything. The weather is awesome. The people is fantastic. My home. My family. My friends. Everybody here made me happy. And I am ecstatic beyond words. I think I've missed everything here which London would never provide me. [click here and here]

Yes, the best thing is to spend time with my family and friends. Real people, not the one online. Face to face contact is the utmost important coz you got to see their genuine, generosity etc, etc. And I got to be a hairdresser too! [click here]

Though I'm quite sceptical on how the men's fashion here would be, yet after seeing what the market has got to offer - I'm ready for what would come by. Especially when the whole world really into the oriental style look these days. [click here and here]

Do I missed London? At that particular point I don't really care. I hate the weather anyway. The weather is rottening. The transport services is worsening. Everybody there seem to be losing their sanity. I think I left at the right moment...period.

Yet, one thing that I think I missed is the Gucci iCon-Temporary Pop-up store which they held at Covent Garden. Damn! It's Gucci... how can I miss that? But..erm.. yes, I did miss it. [click here and here]

Anyway, something that I learnt about being the citizen of the Big Smoke or Blighty. [click here]


Say hello to May! And it's official that this month everyone living in the northern hemisphere is in the spring season. But holla... I'm in Malaysia that time, so everytime that is anytime is summer!

After a month in the country, I can't say how a big bliss it is to be home. I love the sun. I think that's a major factor that made me happy. By which the major thing that seldom happen when I was in London. I dunno what's the secret actually but sunny weather made everything appears to be in so much joy. Is it because of the vitamin D that the body created which contributed to the happiness and bliss? Or because the endorphins flow so much more in the body during sunny days? Maybe. :)

Whatever it is, one major thing that really made me happy is getting to live in my own house again. The house that I bought back in 2006 which then I couldn't stay long coz I have to fly to London to further my study. The big house that I fill with everything I handpicked, and bought with my own tears and sweat. (Oh, no tears btw..lol). Yes, the home. My own maison. That's why I'm in so much bliss... [click here and here]

So, what happens to my 'fashion' life that month? Not too bad coz I got to experience my own course of 'style'. The neckerchief, the camo, the kaftans... [click here, here, here and here].

On top of also looking what's the trend of the season swirling around too... [click here, here, here and here]

Whereas at the same time lusting over something... [click here and here]

While I was having so much good time in the sun, in the house, with my family...suddenly something shook my entire world again. Something that demand me to go back to London, to revisit my 'then' life for another round. Well, sort of coz my application to renew my student visa at last has been approved. I applied it through the UK Home Office here in KL, and great news that the British government gave the green light. In fact I would have to thank them for allowing me to stay till 2012 when the visa really ends.

Yet, inside me I don't wanna leave. I'm thinking I had enough with what was happening. I'm practically done with London, don't even wanna live there anymore. But I'm also thinking that so many people also involve in this matter, which demand me to have to do it for the last leg. I can say I'm quite confuse at that moment. Should I go back? Shouldn't I return? Should I redo it all again?

I took myself back to my hometown in the East Coast to tell my family about the news. While at the same time to calm myself down... by watching the sunrise by the beach. So beautiful. That is when I think - yes, I am ready to head up to the northern hemisphere to London again. [click here]

Actually by hook or by crook, I have to return to London. If not to complete my study, at least to really ship all my stuff home, since everything is still in my bedsit there in North London. Do I think London is happy to get me back? ABSOFRICKIN'LUTELY! Well at least the sun is shining when I arrived. And the best thing ever, London greet me in a truly high fashion way - by meeting JIMMY CHOO!!! [click here and here]

Just after I stepped my foot at my bedsit, I did what I normally do - hitting Oxford Street especially to check out H&M Fashion Against AIDS collection. [click here]

Oh, another best thing ever that happen upon my return is: the SEX & THE CITY 2 movie premiere!!! I'm there, dude! Again! [click here]

What else happening in May? Oh, the Louis Vuitton Maison finally opens. And iPad made its debut, which become a massive hit! (which I happen to test it too) [click here and here]

Am I happy to be back in London? Only for that particular moment, yes. And because all my designer shoes are also there in my bedsit... who can leave 'em, right?


Ok. This entry is becoming longer than I expected. Moving on to June 2010. What's hot?

Who can deny the presence of iPhone4 huh? First it made a huge hooplas in the blogosphere after one blog reported about the 'real thing' has leaked even before Apple said so. And after a couple of week, the much awaited and coveted gadget in history of gadgeteery finally hit store. Despite the 'Antennagate' issue, that doesn't stop people queuing non-stop for the phone. By which I happen to try it on in the following month. [click here, here and here]

Some other thing that happen in the fashion and beauty scenes include the opening of Nickel Spa for men at Covent Garden, H&M did their Blackbook Project (by which I happen to send my entry but never get thru..huhu) and Uniqlo came up with their Mickey by... collection. [click here, here and here].

And oh, did I mention that Summer Sale started early this year? Harrods bring it forward to early June instead of later in the month as in the previous years. So as Selfridges who happened to always do it earlier than Harrods. Oooh... I did try that Prada fori lace-up shoes at Selfridges. Not that great, but still acceptable. Though I actually lusting over the studded sneakers at Harvey Nichols which happen not to be put on discount! Damn it... [click here and here]

Yet, my shoes of the month..or would I say sneakers of the month is really the Adidas Top Ten Hi which I previously mentioned. And did I forgot to tell Jay Baruchel wears it with Dior suit to the premiere in the same month too? [click here and here]

Anyway. June is also the month I learn something about menswear classics and how to clean up my suede shoes. At last my grey Jimmy Choo has been resurrected from its dirty look! [click here and here]

So, that's all for the 2nd quarter of 2010. Not too bad, huh? What happens on the 3rd quarter... you'll have to check out my previous months posts. Coz I'm lazy to wrap it up anymore.. ha! :P


Wrapping up 2010: Part 1

In about 12 days time we're all gonna bid goodbye to the year 2010. Wow. I really can't believe how fast time flies. Fast, fierce and furious. When the clock strike midnite last 31st December 2009, I'm counting days how long is it gonna be to finish up the new year. Too long I guess, coz 365 days is not a small number. But least to be expected, it's like a blink of the eyes we're all at the end of another year again. Too fast, isn't it?

What's been happening to me throughout 2010. Or better yet, what's been happening to everything around me in this year. Too much I think, far too much to put it into words. Yet looking back to what I've been through these months, from January to December (though this month is not yet ended) - I can say life's not too bad after all. Some I manage to capture it into words and put it into this blog. Some I just let it pass by and keep it to myself. But in short, 2010 has promised to give me one hell of a year. Fashion wise, style wise... personal stuff wise.. everything. Everything to make me become much more 'wise'! (no pun intended, ahaks!)

Let's wrap up my life in 2010 by looking chronologically through the months. Starting with the first quarter, the month of January...
  • Well, who can forget the London Big Freeze, huh? I woke up one morning to see the pavement suddenly turned white. No, not because Amy Winehouse or Pete Doherty spilled their 'white powder' on the street of London, silly - it's snow. The English wish for a white Christmas, so God give them one bigfat white Christmas they deserved! [click here , here and here]. To be honest I hate snow. The bigfat effort to put on so many layers of clothing just to get around the city is so damning. Hate it. I dunno whether I can go thru all that again anymore. Oh, wait a minute, I don't have to coz I'm already back in the tropics! Yet, it's quite flattering too coz I'm able to melaram with all the trend of the season - the overcoat with snood, fingerless glove and stuff... pretty cool though I hate the weather at the same time. Also, don't forget... I've been the subject of the case study at London College of Fashion due to my winter style. Who can beat that? :) [click here]
  • January is also the month where Jil Sander for Uniqlo's second +J collection hit the stores. Not as va va voom respond as the debut in October, but still acceptable quality of clothing. [click here]
  • Burberry debut its online streaming catwalk show all the way from Milan for the Fall/Winter 2010 menswear collection. A history has been made indeed... [click here]
  • ...Which is also brought me to the next point: the trend of the season - military. Burberry shown 'em in their show, yet at the same time highstreet stores stock up military look for Spring/Summer 2010. [click here]
  • Mentioning Spring/Summer 2010 - Pantone has come up with their Color Report based on New York Fashion Week. The color of SS10 is: turquoise! [click here]
  • Talking about January... the Winter Sale shouted 'it's a wrap!' the end of the month. As usual I bagged some shoes (my definite weakness!) to be listed into my evergrowing collection. [click here, here and here]
  • One important thing that any gadgeteers should never forget is when Apple announces the iPad, which happens in that January. There's a sudden uproar in the blogosphere, should I want it, shouldn't I want it, is it that good, what can it do and all the things about it has been up there for discussions. Some like it, some don't. Does iPad really made a huge impact into the touchscreen world? Well, just ask why Apple sold more than 3 million units in the first month? [click here]
Moving on to February...
  • Another milestone in men's fashion, Hermes finally opens its first dedicated menswear store in New York. At Madison Avenue to be exact. Gorgeous store, very chic and luxury. Suddenly the level of men's shopping has risen significantly. [click here]
  • H&M continues their designer collaboration with the French quirky chic fashion house Sonia Rykiel. Stripes, colorful knitwear is their signature design. But no men's collection? That doesn't stop me to shop at all coz I got sisters. Ha! [click here]
  • You know February is associated with Valentine's Day, right? And people normally 'celebrate' it on the 14th Feb? But somehow, Londoners wanna celebrated it earlier... [click here]
  • London Fashion Week started in its full glory. In ES Magazine, it's being awashed with the images of Lara Stone who graces the ad campaign in many, many spreads... [click here]
  • What is the trend of the month? Double denim. Some hate it, some say its superb... but I did it anyway! Also the splashed paint made quirky become trendy. As well as the presence of neckerchief. [click here, here and here]
  • My shoe of the month? Giorgio Armani perforated lace-up. You can read my own 'fairytale' story. I'm also eyeing another shoes of the season... the white brogues. [click here and here].
  • Pantone has again released another report, this time for the color palette for Fall/Winter 2010/11. I can say that I really love Chocolate Truffle! [click here]
Now marching on to...erm.. March!
  • I think by this month everyone has been talking about the Spring fashion. That includes me. It seems that the trend is going east. Dries Van Noten did South East Asian look for the sarong pants. Versace gone to Middle East for the kaftans and tunics. [click here and here].
  • But, what is the trend of the month? It's the skull! As well as the animal prints like leopard and zebra starts hitting the shelves too. [click here and here]
  • If last month I did my double denim, this month my style gone mad as I did my 3D: triple denim! Fashion faux pas, or fashion forward... who the hell care if it's fashion?! [click here]
  • And talking about fashion forward, I also got the red blazer! Come on, all the designers doing it...[click here]
  • This month is also the month of collaboration. The coveted Italian brand, 10 Corso Como did their join venture with Liberty of London for the unique collection of prints. Selfridges also brought in special edition of Uniqlo pieces all the way from Japan that is not sold anywhere in the UK. [click here and here]
  • My shoes of the month? The Adidas Top Ten Hi Grey that is also seen on Jay Baruchel, and H&M studded lace-up shoes. [click here and here]....
  • ...while at the same time I just can't help but stunned by the same shoes I have which is worn by Baptiste Giabiconi - the model synonymous with Chanel and Lagerfeld. [click here].
  • Mentioning model, my own pick for the model of the month goes to: Marlon Teixeira. I love the ad campaign that he did for Vila Romana. I love the sand, the sun, the light in the pixs. There is some sombre and peaceful element in it that reminds me of a place that I should go to in the coming month .... [click here]
  • To finish on my pick on March, I would add the drink of the month. Starbucks Via. Now that I don't have to go to the cafe again to get a shot of their coffee. With everything in the sachets, I can do my own brew at home! [click here]
So, that's so far happenning in the first quarter of 2010. Stay tune to my further 'wrapping up' moments for this year. There are more months to come, more things that had been done, by which you have no idea what's happening in the following months after that! =)


Etc... Etc... Light Graffiti

Have you ever tried light graffiti? Try it... it's so much fun. This is what I came up with - a novice kinda effort, but proven works! See.. it's actually spells my name 'ZAMRI'. :)

How to do light graffiti? Easy peasy...

To create light graffiti, you or a friend will stand in front of the camera with a light, in a dark setting. After you open the shutter, you can begin moving the light to draw shapes and patterns in the air. If you move quickly enough, the camera won't record a person, only the patterns of light you leave behind. The camera may also record the background if its spotlighted by other light sources, such as the moon or a streetlight.

For best-quality shots, use an ISO setting of 200 or lower; higher ISO settings create more noise, or grain, in low-light images. Use the lowest aperture number on your camera to let in more light, unless, of course, you're shooting in a location that's a bit bright. In that case, a higher aperture number (16 or higher) may darken the scene enough to let you write more graffiti.

Finally, you'll need more time so you can create your graffiti masterpiece, so longer shutter speeds are essential. Experiment with 20 or 40 second exposures, or even 5 minute exposures, to see how the results look. Of course, the longer the exposure, the darker location you'll need. (more info, click here)

So... why wait? Go on and try!

P/S: Did I tell you that it works best with DSLR. :P

Central Parting? Oh No, I Becks You Didn't!

David Beckham at last night's A Night of Heroes: The Sun Military Award held at Imperial War Museum, London. Looking dashing in knee-length overcoat and black tie attire suit for the formal award event of the night, alongside his son Brooklyn. But something is wrong. Oh, no...it didn't? Central parting? What the....

I dunno when would central parting has become 'in' again in fashion. Erm.. probably NEVER! Even me, the last time I've sported central parting is during my college years, a period of which I think I don't wanna remember coz looking back at the 'then' photos - I look so hideous. The hair looks some kind of a struggling boyband member who's dying to get a spot in the limelight. Yup. Repeat: hideous. And that goes to Mr. DB too...

I'm sorry, I dunno what goes to his head that suddenly he wanna go with that look. I know Becks has been experimenting a lot with the hairstyles through the years - from bald to blond, brunette to long - but this one, though it's kinda reminisce his early years at Man United, it's a sure MISS than HIT. Central parting is absolutely 'eewww...' than 'oooh'! Mr. Becks, please cut it!

[pix from wireimage]

I just wish he could do the look in the Intimately Beckham Yours perfume ad instead. More 'oooh' and 'ooomph'!!. Agree?

Burton’s Black Label Navy Blue Tux

Helping you through the party season with on-trend, affordable tailoring.

Unless you are James Bond or a red carpet regular, you probably don’t have the need to wear a tux all that often. So having more than one dinner suit hanging in your wardrobe would most definitely be described a luxury over necessity.

However, the competitively priced blue tonic dinner suit, introduced especially for the party season by Burton, is so forgiving on the pocket that we can’t help but think owning a more on-trend back-up to the traditional black tux isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Impeccably tailored, with a slim fit, the two-piece suit with notch lapels and angled pockets is crafted from a fabric that blends two different shades of blue yarns, giving a retro Mad Men tonic effect which changes in the light. Part of the Black Label premium range that Burton has created to specialise in more refined tailoring, it’s worth remembering that the company was responsible for the ivory tux worn by Sean Connery as 007 in Goldfinger — its credentials can’t get much better than that.

Tuxedo £139, white twill shirt £30 and bow tie £6 all by BURTON BLACK LABEL; burton.co.uk

[pix and words by shortlist]



BigFatLove: Zara 'Shearling' Trench Coat

This is truly a one hot item. It ticks all the right boxes when it comes to AW 2010/11 trend. Shearling? Check. Double-breasted? Check. A hint of military look? Check. Wear it by turning up the collar? That's check too!

So, what you're waiting for? If you think the shearling db jacket by Burberry is way out of reach, this one from Zara might do the part in looking absolutely high fashion for this winter. It is made of real sheepskin that looks so buttery soft, and given shearling lined on the collar section. I love the whole construction that looks very architectural in a way, and quite symmetrical plus with the three-quarter length which made it so perfect in complementing the winter look. I also love that it comes belted, so that you can accentuate your figure even more in the already great fitted jacket.

So, if you got £450 to spare... get it before it's gone!

[pix from zara]

It's a Marvel That He Loves It!

Buying gift for the loved ones is truly a daunting experince. Especially when you have many siblings and all the kuncu-kuncu - the nephews/nieces that goes along with it. It's not about how many things to buy, but it's more to 'what am I gonna buy for them' is the major enigma. I try to avoid purchasing things that in the end it became a white elephant, not being used at all - coz I think that's truly a waste.

One way to avoid that to happen is to know what their personality is, what they like to wear, what they like to do..etc..etc. Spending time with the people that you love is very important so that you can dig what do they're up to. Kinda doing a spy thing. Just like what I did when I wanted to buy something for my nephew, I knew it already in my head that he loves animation. Love cartoons, caricature and all that stuff. He loves sketching and drawing things. In fact we in the family already know that to keep him 'busy', just give him a pencil and piece of paper - then everything is safe! He'll be sketching all things from monsters, Transformers, or whatever which I dunno the characters are...

So, what did I get him? The Marvel backpack that features the characters from the Marvel Comics like the Hulk, X Men, Fantastic Four, Captain America and his fav one - Spiderman. This one doesn't cost much coz you can practically found it at the stalls by the street in London. It's quite light and pretty roomy, just like the typical Eastpack backpack - but much more fun and colorful, of course. There're one main compartment with additional zippered at the front, plus two on the sides with elasticated band, probably to fill the water bottles. Quite practical. Inside it is lined with polyester, to avoid things become wet when you're running in the drizzle...

And what's the reaction? Esctatic!!! He loves it! And I can't be more happier to see how excited my boy gets this bag.  Though it's cheap, but my 'great thought' that counts, right? Plus, the bag is fun to watch. No doubt.

See... he loves Spidey, and even got one Spidey last time from the airport! :)

All Saints Childrenswear A/W 2010/11

After Zara and River Island, All Saints is the latest highstreet brand that joins the bandwagon to offer a collection for the little fashionistas to-be. Maintaining the core essence of the fast fashion house, they are like the mini-me versions of what you can find for the adults - except that they're bit toned down into subtely, not too highly decon  as the menswear/womenswear.

But still, you got washed jeans, tumbled leather jackets, denim shirts, some quilted pieces, snood tops, ruffled skirts and flowy, flirty dresses thrown into the collection. One thing that I found very edgy is the presence of skinny jeans, which is tucked in the ankle lace-up boots. I think those are new look that puts kids not into the typical Ben 10 or Barbie category. A look that transpires the kid for being ready to conquer the future world of fashion in a different way...

I really love the styling which is very All Saints. Just look at their facial expression, they're fantastic! I think we've already found the next Arthur Sales or Kate Moss line up for the next generation... 

[pix from all saints]