Seeing Double: Red 'Tulip' Dress

Something for the ladies.

Is it just me or I think both dresses look almost the same. Is this a case of highstreet copying highstreet again which seem to be happening many, many times before? But whatever it is I think these red 'tulip' dresses looks amazing. Either you wanna slip into the red sleeveless, crew-neck frock by Zara, or the one with V-neck and puffy sleeve by COS (which I saw last time in Stylist) - you ladies will definitely be the belle of the night. They look hot!

Red tulip dress by Zara - £99

Red puff sleeve dress by COS - £99
[pix from zara & stylist]


H&M Autumn/Winter 2010

Brace the winter chill, my fellow Londoners coz the temperature has plunged to the lowest low these days. Wrap yourself cozy in the clothes like these lookbook by H&M. Oversized coats to protect from the winter breeze, the heavy knit to give you warmth, and high boots to prevent your feet from getting 'winter cramp' (I used to get it back then). I really love the mood of the lookbook. The photos are stunning.

my fav look!

[pix from h&m]

Marc Gadgets

When I was in London I love going to Mount Street in Mayfair to visit one of my fav store Marc by Marc Jacobs. Yeah, it might be a 'designer store' without a doubt, but there's something about the nonchalance ambience about it that keeps me wanted to go from time to time. And if you go to any Marc by Marc Jacobs stores, you would not only find handbags and clothing line from the famous designer, but some other stuff and novelty merchandises that you can collect as well. Other than keyrings, bangles, books and plastic bags (yes, designer plastic bags...), there's even some other stuff like gadgets too.

Like these lots that fall under that category. There's Mr. Marc headphones and USB keychain, as well as the USB hub in very old-school cassettes lookalike which could bring nostalgia of yesteryears (I dunno how many still use Walkman these days...!). Isn't they look cool? I love having things that're a bit quirky coz it brings fun into life. That's why my family and friends sometimes say 'you ni macam-macam la...', meaning, "you're so many things" (sort of...I dunno what's the exact translation btw, ahaks!).

You can read my previous encounter at Marc by Marc Jacobs store here and here.

[pix from marc by marc jacobs and bloomingdales]


BigFatSpender: Fashionista Doll Bag Charms

Some of the goodies that I bought during my recent visit to Singapore. The fashionista doll bag charms which I think so cool coz they're 'wearing' great dresses similar to the one that you see on the catwalk. I first saw it on a lady when I took the escalator at the City Hall interchange of the Singapore MRT system. I was quite drawn to it coz she tagged the doll onto her Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote while taking the subway. A nice touch to spice up her overall accessories that day...

If you look at the dolls, they're definitely for the ladies... hence I bought 'em for my nieces back home. They're not tiny, nor too big. The size is around 5-6 inches tall, making it pops up when you 'clip' it alongside the bag that you're carrying. There's sooo many types to choose from and they're all look very high fashion. I chose the one with the bow on the hair that wears dress ala Dior, the one in lace dress which resembles Dolce & Gabbana, and the tall one in black strapless ruffled dress wich reminds me of Lanvin. They're cute and awesome!

Price? Three dolls for SGD$10. Not so bad, huh? Where did I bought it? At Bugis Street Market (MRT: Bugis, green line). It's a cool street with so many stalls selling everything from souvenirs and t-shirts, to bags and all sorts of accessories. You can bargain too... which is great! ;)

the lace dress which reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana...

isn't it look like Lanvin's?

... complete with red killer heels!

so j'adore Dior...

A Tiny Bit of English...

Being out of the British Isle doesn't mean that I've neglected the essence of traditional style that the country is famous for. Hence, I've recently tried to inject a hint of English look into my officewear by wearing the quintessential Brits' materials - wool + tweed. Did I nailed it? Hope so... ;)

Micro-tweed slim fit blazer + wool tartan tie + shirt = all from Uniqlo
(white shirt from +J collection)

BigFatLove: Martin Margiela Jackets

Jacket is the easiest thing to wear to make your outfit stands out. Even if you don't feel like dressing up on a particular day, yet by putting on the right jacket you could look fantastic nonetheless - though the shirt/tee that you wear underneath is kinda blah (eek!). Especially like these jackets by Maison Martin Margeila which I'm truly fall head over heels about.

One of them is this jacket by which Maison Martin Margiela reinterprets its iconic ‘5 zips’ leather biker jacket in a glazed indigo cotton denim. It's a limited edition piece that only 50 of them available exclusively through the fashion house e-boutique. What I love about it is the symmetrical look it creates with centre zipper that balanced out two diagonal zippers on the side of the torso.

Another piece that I had my eyes on it is the aged-effect biker jacket in brown lambskin leather. The simplicity of the cut has been perked up with the studded details on the chest area which I think looks kinda rivets on the old bridges. It looks fantastic and would definitely bring up your outfit into the fashionista zone. The only thing I wish - could it be any cheaper coz the £1,580 price tag is sooo on the yikes! side...

[pix from maison martin margiela]


Puma Sky II Hi+

If you feel quite disappointed with the Stella McCartney's for Adidas London 2012 collection coz there's no bling bling in the menswear section, then fret not. Turn your sight to Puma instead with these metallic silver hi-top sneakers with velcro ankle strap that will add some shine to your sportswear. Codenamed: Puma Sky II Hi+.

What I love about it is the leather upper that's given reptile skin treatment making it looks none other like your typical trainers. In fact the inner lining is also leather in all black. And the chunky velcro fastening not only will secure your foot safely, but it adds some fierce factor to the whole look. Think your dunk will be the same when you slipped into one? Not when you talk fashion, dude... ;)

[pix from size?]

SHORTLIST Style: iPad Covers

[click to enlarge]

[pix from shortlist]

River Island's 'Canadian' Lookbook

Laid back, casual streetwear by River Island for autumn 2010 featuring plaid, tweed and quilting. The question is: does a Canadian wears like this?

[pix from river island magazine]

Valentino Autumn/Winter 2010/11 Lookbook

Autumn/Winter 2010/11 lookbook by Valentino. Great tailoring featuring staple autumn/winter colors like black, navy and grey with a dash of neutrals such as brown and camel. I love the slim silhouettes shown this time. Very modern, very chic. The jackets are splendid, ranges from army-inspired to the double-breated, wool overcoat to leather jackets, tuxedo shawl to shearling aviator - there're so many to choose from. Also choices of footwear and bags to compliment the ensemble. What a great collection.

[pix from valentino]