Louis On The Street

Why there aren't many men carrying Louis Vuitton on the streets of London as many as the women did? Especially the LV monogram that is the true signature of the fashion maison. If you stroll around Knightbridge, Regent Street or even Oxford Street, chances that you gonna stumbled upon ladies carrying either LV Speedy or Neverfull are very high. There're loads of them. But men? Maybe because we're not as much conspicuous as the ladies who need their style to be validated by the onlookers. Instead we are much more discreet - the luxury that we carry doesn't have to show too obviously. But does it?

When a bloke are caught carrying a Louis, to me it shows the symbolisation of high taste. A high status. And even stamped to their forehead they really have appreciable amount of disposable funds in their account. Why, coz LV bags are not cheap. They're the ultimate luxury items that anyone could ever wanted. Could ever dream of. Could ever have. Own it - then words can't describe how it made you feel good inside. As if you've accomplished something big, like buying a car or so (since some of them can even make a car deposit btw!). While at the same time you feel the high risk and the need to protect them like no other. Just like my LV Damier Graphite Tadao. I don't think I'm gonna flag it around coz chances someone gonna nick it is too damn high! At least not in the Tube, no. Erkkss...

Whatever it is, it's great to see some risk-taker guys carry their Louis Vuitton. Monogram, Macassar, Ebene... Keepall, portfolio, messenger or even totes; they all look fantastic!

[pix from gq style]

BigFatSnoop: Gap

I haven't been snooping at Gap for quite a long time. Probably because they got nothing that catch my eyes unlike the other highstreet stores like Uniqlo and Topman. Gap's are pretty basic that I think most of their stuff is very Americana with the fit that tend to be on the 'loose' side. (except for the slimfit jeans which is cool). And that's why I guess it's not worth visiting the store as frequent as the others.

Anyway, on my way back from H&M I stopped by at Gap just to check what's new since I saw some mannequins being donned with new stuff. And my pick are some of the tee which I didn't see 'em before in my last visit. It's the new Gap London in varsity logo. Last time if I can remember, the Gap London tend to use the print version - so this one is worth buying since the stitching of the words is very nice. The fit is ok and quite acceptable to my standard.

Another piece that's new to the addition is the 'London landmark' t-shirts in white and grey marl. You can see that the monochrome stencils on the front lists out some signature trademarks of London like the Big Ben, the phone booth, Tower Bridge, St. Paul Cathederals as well as the modern buildings like the Swiss Re aka the Gherkin and London Eye. Oh, there're the pigeons too if you looks closer!

Some pieces that I've tried among others include this hooded cardigan that I mentioned in the previous post. My verdict? Yikes... that's all. I don't like the fit which seem to be quite oversized and the marl color that seem pretty cheap. The price is on the hefty side that is not good. :(

Trendspotting: Satchels Galore

I have to say that satchels are definitely the IT bag of the season. Dang... Alexa Chung really has done her job very well when she designed the signature bag for Mulberry this year which made a huge fad on the women's accessories department. When I was flipping around some mag and visited some stores to find bags for my sisters, I can't help but noticed that at least in each store there'll be a satchel on display.

In the September issue of Elle and the latest spread of the ES Magazine, satchels have made an important trend to look out for. From the designer label like Mulberry Alexa and Proenza Schouler, to the highstreet players like from River Island and Debenhams - there's always some for you ladies to choose depending on how you stretch your wallet. I have to say I like the Mulberry Alexa coz it rocks both for casual or to bring it to the office. And with the choices of various colors and finishes, it certainly can make a great investment piece. But if the look that you wanna go for, the one by River Island looks awesome. I happened to check it out recently and have to say the size and finishes is quite good given the price is so much affordable.

Yet, as far as getting one for my sisters - unfortunately they don't fall for anything with fliptop. Probably because they're not living in London where style always changes seasons after seasons. Sadly to say my sisters are much more to the classic look. Or bland. Yikes! (sorry.. :D)

[pix from ES Magazine]

[pix from Elle Spetember 2010]

[pix from Elle Spetember 2010]

Mulberry Alexa in black leather

River Island black distressed synthetic leather

River Island beige distressed synthetic leather

River Island suede mock croc in beige

Betty Jackson at Debenhams black leather satchel

Black synthetic leather satchel at Dorothy Perkins

Converse Hi Slimmed Down

I love that Converse has finally embraced the need to slim down without compromising on the classic look of their famous Chuck Taylor series. When I visited some shoe stores back a couple of months ago I am quite drawn into the new Converse hi slim sneakers that was on display. I can say I love the new look so much coz it won't add bulk and chunkiness down under unlike the traditional Chucks. It's much lighter and looks more like plimsols that made a huge trend on the London highstreet.

To me this new slim Chuck Taylor is the neo-classic by Converse yet to be huge on the streets. So much so, I even bagged one in black canvas which I think the ultimate Converse 'standard'. And if you ask whether the feet is protected or comfy due to the slimming down of the soles: well, all I can say this is Converse, dude. Comfy is not a compromise coz the soles are really no difference than the 'non-slim' version. It's still thick that I can't even feel the gravel on the pavement unlike some cheap plimsols I found at highstreet stores.

I think I may get another one in ox too. Or a hi leather like in the pix below. Just to have some variations in my shoe closet. :)

Slim Chuck Taylor on yours truly...

Gucci Fall/Winter 2010/11 Bags Collection

New bags collection by Gucci for Fall/Winter 2010/11. Looks very sophisticated and grown-up, with the reinterpretation of Gucci diamante canvas and classics design as seen in the old photos of Veruschka and Peter Sellers. Really love the colors of dusky blue seen on the duffel and the 'half moon' messenger bags that is fresh and modern. Gucci also redesigned the positioning of the signature webbing from being vertical into horizontal placings on the bags.

My pick would definitely be the new diamante leather range from the carryall to the slim briefcase and the fliptop satchel. Great dark brown color that is so delicious to look at, yet alone to touch. What a great addition to the Gucci classics.

Also, do check the newly redesigned Gucci website that is much more intuitive and easy to browse.

[pix from gucci]

BigFatSnoop: H&M

What's new in H&M? The 'late summer' and some autumn collection has already been in store. Apart from the basics like sweaters and hoodies, there are new tees and jackets that I think is worth trying coz they look kinda unique. That includes this black t-shirt with embellished shoulders. Now studded clothing has become a major fad in highstreet fashion, from Topman that did their recent AAA collection to Uniqlo and River Island. 

This H&M tee has brass-colored studs on the shoulder which probably inspired by the Burberry 'buttons epaulettes' jackets for Fall/Winter 2010. The fit is quite ok, but I hate the sleeves coz they're too wide open. Too buzzlightyear to me. So, that's not good for anyone with the arms to sleeves ratio equals to half! (i.e: arms: sleeves = 1:2, :D)

There's a blue marl t-shirt which is supposed to be having a cowl neck. But I think there's something wrong with this tee coz everything about it is just falling apart. The fit is not good, the material felt very cheap and the cowl neck doesn't seem to be 'cowled' properly. Bettr buy the one from Asos coz they're much better.

Ready for a dash of rock star? Then this jacket probably could play the role. One part military, one part rock'n'roll, one part hi-fashion. I would say this one as the 'highstreet high fashion' with the slimfitting figure and the multi-zippered pockets on both sides. (Multi zippered also being done at Zara, apparently). The material is quite ok given that it's synthetic mix. The drop is just right to give that little edge to the look.

Everyone need at least a pair of biker jacket in their wardrobe, right? If last fall/winter H&M did the leather version of asymmetric biker jacket, this time around they went down a notch by giving you the pleather. Apart from the hardware which I think felt so cheapo and the epaulette that is supposed to be ditched; the fit is awesome. And the design is much better than the one Uniqlo did last year. Since it's synthetic material, the price is kept down below £30.


Never Felt This Cool...

The first time I saw anyone did a bag made of felt is at Tate Modern with their A3- and A4-sized versions in dark grey and red a couple of years ago. Don't really digging it coz when I feel the material it's quite thick which made the whole bag quite bulky. Then it was Lacoste who did the University tote made of felt which looks so tempting with a great color combo of grey and black back in Winter 2008 (if I'm not mistaken). After that none can match the great look of it which is so practical to be carried around for daily use.

Not until recently when I went to Zara and found this felt folder that is so cool. It's so simple but very practical at the same time. I just adore the chic color of urban grey and black - making the whole look quite masculine. The size is A4, so it's great to keep your documents in place when you head to the meeting room. It has a very solid construction with two push-buttons tab opening and velcro flap to make sure your documents won't flip out from the folder. 

I love the material - not too thick unlike Tate Modern's bag, and not too thin either that can tear it apart. Somewhere in between; a compromise. And what I love about it more, it costs just £10! 

But if you think the price is not worth it, you can always DIY it - coz this thing is easy to make by your own. Me, let's just put it this way: I'm lazy. I just let Zara do it instead. :)