It's Fashion Friday. Say AAAaaaaa.....!!!

It's Friday! What's better to start off the weekend by having a great shopping event at Topman. Yesterday, they have a preview on the second collection for the AAA range - the collection that is inspired by the rock 'n' roll. Very edgy, great fit, nice fabric and awesome collection. This time around I think most of the clothes are much more wearable on daily basis. Lots of studs, lots of eyelets, lots of straps and lots of 'drapery' too. Price range is quite affordable coz the most expensive doesn't mount more than £200, which is awesome.

So, what did I tried in the fitting room? The studded shirts and jumpers. Like these white and grey shirts with studded details on the shoulder and the center hems. The look of the buttons/studs remind me of the sandals by Dolce & Gabbana for SS10 which I saw at Harrods Sale last month. Very cool. I dunno how much effort has gone to made a single shirt, but kudos for the 'shirt-maker' though coz it looks very edgy. The fabric is quite 'thin', but that's what the whole rock 'n' roll is all about, right?

The other shirt is the grey denim with studded collar. This one supposed to be 'slim', but still I think the shirt is a bit large though I picked the small size. Nonetheless, I love the fabric which is quite luxe and spandexy. The detail on the torso in a corset-like is very cool.

i wish the waist is much more 'hugging', like this... :)

One of the sweater is this black with button-studs on the shoulders, which looks like the embellished-epaulette of Burberry Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Very slim-fitting with great fabric. And quite affordable given the efforts of 'ornamenting' of this otherwise plain jumper. (Oh, mind the shaky image... coz I'm still getting used to the iPhone though!)

I actually love most of the pieces, like the eyelets leather biker jacket, the skinny blazer with zip-detail lapels, the cowl-draped sweater, the strappy long sleeve tee (which is inspired by Burberry SS10, I think)... and most of the Ts and vests which are very rock 'n' roll. My eyes are on the asymmetric waistcoat - but damn, my size is not there! Otherwise... (you can fill your own statement here!). :)

The collection can be found at Topman flagship store @ Oxford Circus, and online too. And remember, student can get 10% off! :)

BigFatSnoop: Tribal @ Topman

See these sweaters at Gucci before? The Aztec prints make a huge trend this season when Gucci showcased them in some of the pieces in the last SS10 catwalk. From the sweaters to the shirts, jackets and scarves... many have the geometric prints which look very tribal, by which Frida got insipration in her previous trip to South American region last year.

If Gucci is out of your typical budget (as most of us!), head down to Topman coz they got this black sweater with tribal prints on the front and back. Love the black & white combo which is quite cool and chic. The fabric is great for summer chill coz it's cotton-based, which I think suitable to be worn during the daytime too (provided that you're not wearing it in the hot sunny day!). Another thing that I like is the woven technique used - kinda having some sort of white underlining - making it look quite 'meshy'. A great design for the tribal trend for Spring/Summer 2010. =)


When I'm Bored Waiting...

Penantian itu satu penyeksaan. Translation: waiting is the pain in the ass. Well, that's closest translation. Lol. Anyway, talking about waiting, I really hate waiting for people. Not as much as I enjoy people wating for me instead. But in this life, it's all about waiting. Waiting in queue to get the Sub-of-the-day, waiting in the sub (underground) to get home, waiting for friends to go for coffee break, waiting by the experimental rig to get a steady flow system... waiting for the true love to appear....waiting for iPhone4 (ahaks!). Truly... life is all about the wait. Is the waiting worth the effort? Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. But for the most of the time, great things happens for those who wait. And I can't agree more. =)

While in the 'waiting' moment, what i love doing is to snap the pix of my shoes. A bit of shoe fetish you say? Haha.. I don't want to go there... But I love shoes, I love snapping photos.. so I snap my feet instead. Whenever, wherever. Just to kill the time waiting! :)

In the old Victoria Line...

... in the new Victoria Line...

... outside on the pavement...

.... at Hummingbird...

... with LV Damier Graphite & j'adore Dior boot...

... while waiting the landlord to pay the rent at home...

... at home while waiting for the water to boil...

... in the lab.. in nude shoes..

... or in the lab, in that slightly oversized rubber shoes, which made me look like Minnie Mouse...

Life is all about waiting! Sigh...


BigFatSpender: No Vassili, But...

One bag that truly looks business to me is the Louis Vuitton Vassili PM in glacier which is shown in the last Spring/Summer 2010 runway in Paris. I think if I get one of those, I'll definitely tick four of the seven deadly sins that one can ever have: gluttony - coz I already have many bags but I want more; greed - for the desire to own the luxury brand more than I could ever wanted; lust - coz it's beautiful and made me fall head over soles because it looks damn chic; and pride - hey, it's Louis Vuitton... one should be very proud to own it, right? 

But well. I'm not gonna opt to be sinned with that bag. That's why no Vassili to me... instead, say hello to my Bally!

After almost 2 months I'm able to write about this bag that I bought during the summer sale. Again, it's all about unplanned purchases that always bring me to getting great stuff. I went to the Bally store at New Bond Street initially to find the canvas brogues that I saw in one of the mag before. But it's not there. Not even its shadow, coz I think they don't stock it. But while I was about to leave I spotted this toffee-colored portfolio on the shelf. I took it just to check the size, and fell in love with it instantly. Very simple look. It's when I saw the price which is unbelievably cheap (I can't believe it's less than £160!) - I immediately said..hey, this beauty's gonna go home with me! And also because the SA said, it's the one and only left. :)

It fits my Gucci laptop case very snuggly. Just perfect. The buttery-soft textured leather is the one I love the most. It's very Bally. Does it look 'business' to me? Definitely. I should've known better, right... especially when I've been living the corporate world for more than 6 years before, where the world's tallest twin tower in KL is actually my usual playground - this portfolio bag definitely looks business chic. =)

So, it may not be an LV Vassili... but a Bally like this can still work magic.

Get The London Look!

Aaah.. I love London. Not just the Big Ben and the Tower Bridge, or Oxford Street and Bond Street, or even Selfridges and Harrods... but it's the people who made up this city. Londoners in their true forms. Roaming around freely in whatever clothes they desire to put on, like they're not trying too hard to look good, yet still looks great anyway. Either they wear skinny jeans or a vest, roll-up shirts to the deep-V neck tees like they're all from Topman, I love how everyone in this city really has their own look no matter what ages they are or in whatever 'financial clause' they be. They all have their own individuality. I've seen what other people in Paris, Milan, Rome or some other cities in Europe wear - but none can match the nonchalance of Londoners. And I think that what makes London truly special... =)

So, get the London look!

plimsols is a must when you walk in London!

Very decon Topman 'torn' t-shirt. 

The mod look is truly iconic British: skinny jeans + slim jacket.

[pix from gq style]