White Chelsea Boots: Hermes SS'10 Vs. Louis Vuitton SS'11

If you happen to watch Louis Vuitton show for Spring/Summer 2011, then you might've spotted the white boots sashayed on the runway by some of the male models. Very clean silhouette, with simple design yet exudes the Parisian chicness. I always love Chelsea boots coz they're easy to be worn - just slip your feet in and you're ready to go. No worry about taking time to zip and unzip if you wear its other zippered boot siblings though. And with white - I know, it's a very high maintenance one - but with a correct 'protector', you can 'seal' the shoes to be dirt free. Yet, the color is truly scream summer, that's what I like about it.

Anyway. Those boots which I think in white suede, really brought a slight 'flashback' to me. Why? I think they look similar to the one that I saw at Hermes for their SS'10 collection. Which is also featured in the GQ Shoes insert early this year. IMO they share the whole outlook, from the white upper to the tan-colored soles. Though the one by Hermes - the 'Chelsea' band is too ribbed compared to Louis Vuitton. Yet anyhow, both looks equally fantabulous.

So, to do the Parisian chic - let's get a white boots! =)

Louis Vuitton SS'11

Hermes SS'10
[pix from GQ]


Object of Lust: Burberry Engraved Checks Watch

I have a new obsession. Watches. Having disappointed with the summer sales that I found across the stores in London, by which I think all the shoes and clothes on discounts are not as great as the previous season's sale, I am turning my interest into the timepieces now. Not just any timepieces, but the one that's really stands out which make you drool even when you seeing it over the window display. Yet alone when you put it on your wrist and flag it around that makes other people goes 'waaaaw' too. =)

And among of the watches that I'm lusting for are these new collection @ Burberry. They're all having the same rectangular nickel cases which look fantastic. What I truly adore about these watches are the signature Burberry checks that is engraved which makes the whole design very symmetrical. They come in various options: dark nickel case in black/grey check strap and metal brcaelet, and the silver-colored in stainless steel bracelet.

Price wise? Expect to pay more than £300 coz these beauties ain't come cheap. Yet one thing I can say about 'em - they're all fantabulous! Drool, drool... drool ~~~

[pix from burberry]

Getting the Originals for Summer

When I saw it in the Size? website, I immediately said to myself... whoa, this sneakers gonna be a hit again. Just like the other shoes that I used to write in here before, they're flying out off shelves right before you can say Summer Sale! This one is the latest collection by Adidas for Summer 2010: the Adidas Originals Top Ten Hi.

What I love about this sneakers is the whole look which is very 'clean'. Yes, clean coz the color combo is just perfect - grey and black on the upper, and white soles. (Though in the website it says chrome, instead of grey). Very monochrome, very summer feel. What you should know about this sneakers is the material it's made of. If my previous Top Ten Hi and Conductor are fully made of leather with some suede on the linings, this one is a bit special coz alongside leather and suede, there're canvas on certain part of the sneakers - in between the 'triple stripes', on the ankle padding and also the tongue. Another thing that I love is the shoe laces - very intricate details of grey/black intertwined together that creates like a typical tribal-esque print. Oh, another thing too - the little details like the metal Adidas logo which you can find at the back of the shoe as well as on the tongue. It's always that extra things that made me excited when I see any kind of shoes really.

What about the fit? Well, how can I just talk about how my feet gonna feel in it if I don't bag one myself, right? It's superb. As the previous Adidas that I have, the fit is awesome. I like that this sneakers is a bit pointy on the front, unlike my previous Croc Top Ten Hi. And the color - very delicious to look, and even delicious to wear it. Okay, I know my snaps below looks kinda washed out a bit, but in real life this one looks amazing. Though I think the color is actually a cross between grey and light beige. Still, it's superb. I just can't help but keep staring on this sneakers, coz I love the color combo very much. Is this what you call a shoe bliss? =)

So, this one gonna be my perfect partner during that dress-down days. Coz sneakers is what I usually wear when I don't feel like looking too dressy and all 'fashiony' thing. Or when I just wanna blend in with the peeps without drawing attention too much. Or during when I-don't-give-a-damn-how-I-look days. But somehow, other people still perceived that I look kinda "fashion" when I wore my Adidas. There's one time, when I slip on that Adidas Conductor which I think is too normal and too typical street, some dude stops me while I was tying up my shoe laces. A total stranger out of nowhere. And he went, "brother, your shoes looks awesome. Can I ask where do you get it?". Awesome? Yeah, right. Lol! And unfortunately, it's not only him who said that to me. There's a couple of other guys who said the same thing: it's awesome. Whaaaat? For real? Why can't people say the same thing when I really get 'fashiony' with my Dior boots? Oh, man...

Anyway. My prediction that this Adidas Top Ten Hi gonna be a massive hit again? Without a doubt, yes it will! =)


Summer Sale Highlight: Trying Out Prada Fori Lace-Ups

When I saw the perforated lace-ups worn by Jeremy Young in the previous fashion spread in the Guardian, I was instantly fell in love with the shoes. It's Prada Fori lace-ups for Spring/Summer 2010. Less that I knew I will 'meet' the shoes in real life when I visited Selfridges the other day during Summer Sale.

I was strolling around the footwear department on the First Floor when I spotted this quirkily interesting looking lace-ups. I picked it up and I instantly knew it was the one worn by Jeremy. The look says it all - from the punched 'holes' around the shoes (hence the name fori) to the centre 'band' where it somehow separates the shoes into two halves. It is so light that I hardly feel any weight when I hold it in my hands.

The shoes felt like it is made of plastic, though I knew it's actually a patent leather. That's why it gave a bit of hi-sheen as typical patent would do. The tongue which scripted with the word Prada is from the padded technofabric, hence making the whole shoes lighter than a usual leather lace-ups. This shoes is actually a two-toned - in steel and light grey; though in the Guardian spread the color looks like black (or maybe it IS black, haha!).

How was the fit? Awesome. That's all I can say. It is so comfortable. Very, very comfy. It was a big surprise though that for Prada all the shoes that fit me are the one in size 8 (Euro size 42). I dunno whether my feet is the one that's shrunk or the shoe size in this entire world somehow has shrunk themselves? Anyway, whatever it is - this shoes is really great.

Oh, the price you ask? I was about to bring it to the till when I suddenly spotted the price on sale sticker inside. Originally this one cost almost £500 before discount, but even after a big slash I think the price is not as justifiable as the amount of 'leather' being used. As my 10-year old nephew used to comment in my Facebook about my perforated Giorgio Armani shoes "your shoes is expensive, but it got so many holes!!!" - that's the similar thing what I'm gonna say here too. With all those fori, shouldn't the price be any cheaper? But well, this is not just any shoes - it's a Prada! =)


Gaga Ooh La La...

I was on my way back from Gucci at Sloane Street last week when I visited H&M Knightsbridge to see what's new in store, or whether they had their summer sale or not. Unfortunately, there's nothing new for me to try, though they had some 'SALE' section which I think kinda blah. Nothing that excites me with all the sale items they had on the rails. And oh, it seems that they still have some studded lace-up shoes in store too which I've bagged quite some time ago when it hits storewide in UK.

Anyway, I'm about to walk out when I spotted some canvas shoppers at women's section nearby (Hehe.. 'women', huh?). Not just any shopper bags - they're Lady Gaga! What? When did Lady Gaga collaborate with H&M? Isn't this exciting to see?

Anyway, I bought some of the black canvas shoppers with Lady Gaga in that Rei Kawakubo-esque hairstyle. You know I love black and white, so this one is pretty cool. Simple but Lady Gaga! :) They got another version with the 'I'm a free bitch, baby' written on it. Very cheap, so bag it down while it still lasts!

Rah rah ah ah ah
Roma ro ma ma
Gaga ooh la la
Want your 'bag' romance!

Oh, mentioning Gucci - I went to Gucci sale last week both at New Bond St. and Sloane St. Well, all I can say - it's like bad romance. I'm very super-unimpressed with what they got in store!? I hate all the collection, to be honest. They're not what I am expecting at all. Kinda big let down for me coz I truly love the brand and was hoping to brought home some great pair of Gucci's (again) - either lace-ups, loafers or sandals. But, hmmm. I dunno whether it's going to happen this time. Even the new diamante hi-top sneakers (and all the sneakers, in general) is not up to what I'm hoping for. Blah, blah, bland. Though most of SS10 footwear are slashed to half price; when I'm not feeling it and cannot see its longevity in my wardrobe, then it's a big NO. Yet, I'm not giving up... coz there's still Selfridges and Harrods summer sale to go to. So, who knows they got some other Gucci there, right? (Need more shoes, more shoes... to walk, walk fashion baby!) :)


Update: Prada Saffiano Fori Portfolio on Sale

You know I've been lusting about this Prada Saffiano Fori portfolio for quite some times actually. Yeah, it's quite simple with clean lines and no 'perks' about it except for the perforated Saffiano leather in which it is made. Yet, isn't that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication?

And now it's on sale at $909 @ Barneys New York (down from $1295)! Oh man, how I wish I could fly to the Big Apple right now, or at least be in the States (coz they won't do international shipping). I wish this beauty could be mine... Okay, I know I'm gonna blew up my entire month's rent, erkkss!! But opportunity like this never come twice, right? (I'm just saying that just to 'allow' myself for the big splurge...lol!). 

Hmm... wonder if Harrods do discount on this little bad boy too next week? =)

size: 10" x 14" x 1.5"
[pix from barneys new york]


The Shades Issue

The must-have accessories of all time - the sunglasses. Previous issue of Shortlist and Stylist gives some choices of sunglasses out there in the market. Whatever suits your face, there're many to choose - from the classic aviator shades ala Top Gun, to the one in round shape and the 70s supreme style.

To me, I always love the classic aviator ala James Dean or Steve McQueen - it'll give a hint of bad boy in you. =)

For the lads...
Shortlist Issue 130

For the ladies...

Stylist Issue 32

Suede Rescue: Beautifying the Beast

I thought there is no more hope. With rain and snow that hits London early this year, there's no way to avoid from water drops being splashed to the shoes that I wore. And wearing suede, the effect is even heightened coz water marks really show tremendously. Like on my Jimmy Choo boots. Water marks ruins the whole look, though I keep on wearing the boots despite the stains all over. (Kinda deconstructed look, lol!)

Until last weekend, upon having my quick tour at Covent Garden I went into Aldo shoe store. And being 'introduced' to this brush by the sales assistant. It's the suede and nubuck brush. My lifesaver of the day. Without thinking much, I bought it and tried it on a couple of suede shoes that I have. (I'm really into suede right now :D)

My verdict? I just can't believe how 'magical' this little brush is. At first I was quite sceptical whether my Jimmy boots could be saved coz just by looking at it I thought there is no way for the water marks to disappear. But voila! The pix below says it all. On the left is the one after brushing, on the right is prior brushing. Awesome.

After completion - they look like new! Just like the first time I brought it home. I just can't believe my eyes when I saw the results. (No, there's no camera trick here :D)

And to further protect the suede, the sales asisstant recommends me to use the special spray for leather and suede. So that whenever there's splash of water to it, it won't leave stains. Does it work? I tried it on the boots that I've just 'cleaned' and spray this thing on, and then splash some water to it. Yeah, water do leave the mark - but listen to this, in less than 5 minutes, there's no stains! Whaa...? For real? Yes. No joke. And I love those products. Cheap but work magic. =)

Nickel Spa London Reopen

Nickel Spa London finally reopen today at Covent Garden, having been closed previously for refurbishment. It's not just a spa for men, with all the 'beauty' treatment and stuff, but it's also a retail area - a one-stop shop if you wanna find any Nickel products (as well as selling other brands too like Lab Series). I love the simplicity of the decor which echoing the color concept of Nickel itself - ultramarine blue and silver - that's very masculine.

As it is a spa, there're many treatments in store like facial and massage, as well as pedicure and manicure, and waxing too. Surprisingly the pricing is quite affordable and within the budget of most City boys who like to look and feel good. Oh, if you wanna do a boyzilian, I dunno whether they got it ... but you've gotta ask. But botox, yes they do (I can't believe they have boytox!).

As it's a one-stop shop for Nickel products, you can find anything as the Nickel catalog has. No need to go to Boots or House of Fraser or John Lewis, coz sometimes some stuff there is out of stock. Here in Nickel Spa you can get things like facial cleanser, to the body wash and the latest product which is the Silicon Valley anti-ageing skincare (I heard they're superb). Maybe next time I'm gonna try that! =)

Anyway, where is the Nickel Spa London? At 27, Short's Garden, London WC2H 9AP. You should've visit it coz it's one of the good spa that's still surviving after the last Whole Man @ New Bond Street closed for good. Oh, if you have some money to spare, go to Alfred Dunhill Spa at Davies Street, Mayfair. =)


.............. One Sale

My favorite words appear again.
There is only One Harrods.
There is only One Sale.

Harrods Summer Sale.
Starts 19th June 2010!!!

Hissing @ Hugo. Ssssss.......

I love snakeskin. And I love loafers. Combine them both - voila! You got this beauty. The reptile-look loafer by BOSS Black. Codename: Maxxim. What I like is the strap that went all the way across the instep. And the narrow, pointed toe. Having worn Hugo Boss shoes before, I really fall in love with how buttery soft the leather is. My feet will always be in a bliss.

Would this be in my shoe closet? Why suddenly Summer Sale ringing to my ears now? =)

[pix from hugo boss]

Micro-SIM... but...?

So. I've got my micro-SIM from O2.
Almost one-third smaller than the typical SIM card.
But..... where's my iPad? Or my iPhone 4?
Hmmmm...... =)