Big.Fat.Blog Thru iPad...

Aha! Finally I got to test run the much anticipated gadget of all time - the iPad. Though I have to wait and 'ditch' my other fellow 'test-runners' at Apple Store in Regent Street, the tablet is finally in my hands. My early verdict on the product?

Love it. I thought it will be too heavy to hold, but it's not. And I also thought it's gonna be massive, but it's not either. Just nice to hold and get a grip on this beauty. The screen resolution? Voila... it's amazing. Very vivid and great to watch. Speed? Snappy, snappy, snappy. If you're used to iPhone and iPod Touch, then you have no problem going thru iPad. Scroll here and there, type this and that, pinch to zoom in, pinch to zoom out - everything is so swift. 

And what better to test on your own blog right? So, zaBigFatBlog looks cool in iPad too! I can read it either way, vertical or horizontal. Just like using the 'Touch, but much more fun. And...ehem.. as usual, flash won't work on any of these gadgets btw. But that doesn't hindered hundreds of thousands of people already own iPad anyway.

So, the question: to get or not to get? Probably yes. Coz I might need it to put in my kitchen back home. Hang it on the kitchen wall, that is. Hey, come on... I wanna surf while cooking, okay.. =)

vertical view

horizontal view

Etc... Etc... Z.A for Rado?

Something from the archive. Some old photos taken years ago. I can't believe that I've been doing silly things when I'm bored. That include this pix which I snapped using Sony TJ37 PDA. Very raw. Very pure. But I love the composition. Looks a bit like sepia. Quite melancholic and nostalgic.

And I love my Rado.


Friday, 28th: A Day to Queue?

Today is the day. The day that everyone in London has been anticipated for so long. Probably lots of people been dreaming about it too. It's the day that two biggest event on two different spectrum of 'style' collides on the same day. It's 28th May - the day the newly refurbished Louis Vuitton Maison is open to public. And it's also the day Apple iPad is available in store!

To be honest, I don't really know what happens during the morning coz rumor has it both locations are packed with crowds. At New Bond Street, the high-fashion lovers of the uber brand Louis Vuitton has been queuing to be the first to get into the new 'Maison' which is tauted to give the best unashamed luxurious shopping experience you could ever have. It's where art meet fashion meet the biggest 'kerching!' you could ever be.

How's the store anyway? The main facade remain simple but with a little dash of luxury. No, there's no big Louis Vuitton 'LV' monogramme bag like you can find at Shanghai which clad the building. Instead, it's the signature Louis Vuitton 'Damier Ebene' brown and gold mesh enclave the store. You got a glimpse of bags and the shoes and some of the clothes from the outside. Which gives you the term 'luxury voyeurism' and threw you away into the world of daydreaming of getting those bags which you can ogle from the window display!

Oh, fyi... there's a 10m-high 'luggage wall' in the Maison. Also lots of Stephen Sprouse 'painted' mannequins too. And exclusive artwork by world renowned artists. But, to get a glimpse... you've gotta visit the Maison yourself @ New Bond Street, London (which is also at the corner of Clifford St. W1). :)

Today is also the day the iPad available in store - both at Apple stores and selected PC World outlets. Boy, I wish I could bag one right now, but seeing those queue which is like neverending - I changed my mind. Some even camped outside the Apple store in Regent Street since the nite before. Crazy. But it's all worth it I guess, coz they come out with a huge smile!

Anyway, I've already give a test drive on the new iPad. My verdict? Very light, very intutive. So, wait a couple of weeks to come - I'm gonna get one as well as the new iPhone 4G! Just watch this space for my 'review'. =)


Sex and the City 2 Premiere!

The girls are in the town again! It's the Sex and the City girls - Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha - are in London! Oh, wait a minute... that's the character. Ok, let's try again. Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Kim Catrall are in London!

It's the Sex and the City 2 Movie premiere!!!

I am so excited when I picked up a copy of Stylist magazine on Wednesday and saw the fab four on the cover. And this week's issue of the mag plays homage to New York! The place where it's all begins - the Sex and the City. As Alicia Keys says about NYC... "concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there nothing you can't do...". The cast flew all the way from the Big Apple to the Big Smoke to attend the premiere of the much anticipated movie in Odeon Leicester Square @ London West End.

So, voila! I'm giving you all the snoops on yesterday's event. I am so excited to be there quite early, and standing on the first row at the red carpet event. But damn... my camera has deceived me though. It doesn't work! Why the hell the 'red indicator' light is not working? In this moment when I'm too excited to capture those moments that I've been waiting for? Arrghhh... not happening!

Anyway... it's better to snap something rather than losing anything though the pix appears quite grainy and blur. But, I'm telling you. Being on the front row, just inches away from SJP, Cynthia, Kristin and Kim is awsome. In their words.. fabulous, darling! Oh, there's Mr Big too, yes Mr. Carrie Bradshaw himself - Chris Noth.

Anyway. Enjoy the pixs...

this time the real 'red carpet' is in the Leicester Sq garden

Who's in the black Audi? Arrgggghhh.. it's SJP!!!

SJP waves to the crowd... massive crowd! London rocks!

The Alexander McQueen dress, the Philip Treacy hat... fab!

Say hello to the twins.. oh, blimey.
Not that 'twins' - the real one at home (silly me!)

The diamante armband plays homage to her late designer friend, Alex McQueen

SJP wears Alexander McQueen lace stilletto

Cynthia Nixon looks amazing in Narciso Rodriguez gown

Cynthia wears the color of SS10 - turquoise!

Cynthia looks amazing in real. Love her new hair color!

Mr Big!

The girl in front of me can't keep her excitement actually...

Kristin Davis... in the fantabulous golden beaded dress!

She glides gracefully... and the dress looks so fluid...

Her hair is insanely beautiful, well coiffured!

Kristin Davis looks amazing in the vintage Norman Norell dress.
Close-up, it does look a bit like the belly dancer's dress.
Morroccan-influenced, I'm guessing?

Kim Catrall... looking demure, channelling an old Hollywood glamour!

Kim in vintage Thierry Mugler black dress

Hey, even the PR officer is wearing Louboutin heels! Awesome.

Well, what can I say. Despite the pix appears a bit grainy, that I really have to pull back the camera to get acceptable photos... but the weather is great. And the cast - SJP, Cynthia, Kristin and Chris Noth - they're all great to the fans. The fact that SJP wears black and arrived in black car - really speak for itself - playing tribute to her late designer friend, Alexander McQueen. But whatever it is... the much anticipated red carpet event of the year - Sex and the City 2 really is what the movie itself all about - fashion and style!


Alberto Guardiani Primavera/Estato 2010 Collezioni

If you want fierce shoes, something one of it's kind, the kind which also can be a piece of art . . . Alberto Guardiani is the place to go. Last Autunno/Inverno 2009 collection, I love the jigsaw pieces and the flower etched lace-ups they got to offer. Also the embossed dotted boots which is very unique, a modern interpretation of classic brogues to me. But to get those is very hard coz Alberto Guardiani shoe boutiques are not available throughout the world - only in Milan and Dubai. And at yoox.com too... though the shoe collection in the site is quite limited.

Anyway, for Primavera/Estato 2010 there're new arrays of shoes coming into the collection. I truly and truly adore the 'Boris' lace-ups that comes in either black or white leather. Edgy and truly high fashion. What makes it unique is the mesh lookalike of the leather 'strings' being arranged that make the shoes, by which I think is intricately handmade and would be different from one piece to another. Such amazing piece of craftsmanship!

Other pieces that I like is the moccassin in pied de poule printed leather. Very simple but quite dressy. Also the suede brogue lace-ups in blue which is very casual. And for a truly spririt of spring/summer in the desert, their version of desert shoes looks quite awesome. I love the simplicity and the contrast between the leather trims and the suede body. Simple but nice. =)

[pix from alberto guardiani]