Friday, 23 April 2010

Gucci Icon-Temporary: What Happens in London... Stays in London

Finally, London got its turn when Gucci Icon-Temporary Pop-up sneakers store finally opened its door yesterday at Seven Dials, Covent Garden. I dunno how many have queued, but I bet some already bagged those sneakers and the exclusive carrier bags. Damn... I've just wish I could fly to London right this moment for that event. Well, not really to buy the sneakers though... but to feel the ambience and the like. :)

Anyway, the gala party for the opening is attended by Frida Giannini herself together with the sneakers designer, Mark Ronson. Yes, Ronson - the music maestro - who also contributed to some exclusive tracks in a 12-inch vinyl for those who bought the sneakers. The after party is then held at Soho, and Mark is wearing top to toe in black and white - and his polka dot shirt even match the sneakers he's wearing. Talking about streamlining, huh? I bet it's all Gucci! (of course, what else silly)

Anyway, some of the pix of the flash store in Covent Garden. I'm really feeling the vibes of London when I see the building and that double door. Very rustic charm that exudes the warm feeling of what London is all about. And inside is all about very modern, clean and lots of white - with the sneakers lying on the display for those little monsters to grab home.

Oh, have you seen the sneakers? Well, I put some in the previous entry though - like the tweed chukka boots and the polka dots sneakers that you can bought exclusively via iPhone apps. But other sneakers... hmmm... I think they're all a big 'let down' though. Sorry Gucci, I'm not feeling any signature Gucci here apart from the tag scribbled at the sole or on the sneakers 'tongue'. The color is way too tacky and the design doesn't excite me at all. Now I dunno whether paying more than £400 for a pair would be worth the buy.

But anyway, one man's meat is another man's poison, right? Probably some die-hard Gucci little monsters out there would grab 'em and in a sneakers bliss right now. =)

Btw, the store will open for only 3 weeks before moving to Tokyo for its last and final stop.

[pix from gucci fb page]

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Gucci 'Futura' Watch

People in London, start making your queues coz the one and only Gucci Icon-Temporary opens today at Covent Garden. Too bad I can't be there to 'cover' the happenings as what I used to do in the previous shopping events in London (though I really wish someone could've just fly me there... NOW!). But anyway, I hope that someone would post some delish photos on the net soon on the pop-up store and all the hooplas behind it. (Oh, can someone buy me one of those sneakers too will u? :D) 

Btw, something to be looking forward by Gucci apart from the Icon-Temporary which will also open in Tokyo in June 2010 is this very futuristic watch. You know now the House of Gucci really embraces the power of technology like the iPhone apps and such, and it continues to give some in the accessories department too. This Gucci bracelet watch concept designed by Nuno Oliviera features the glass LED display that reveals the time once you slide open the 'cover'. And with a little snap, you can slide it back - and get yourself a simple looking cuff bracelet that looks devilishly great on your wrist. 

Well, ok. Obviously this one is for the ladies. But aren't we, the men, would also like this type of watch to be one for us too? Come on, it's Gucci - I'd want one. But the thing is, I just hope that it won't be as thick as that iGucci watch. Or the glass to be too fragile that it'll be shattered easily and break the watch into half. (Erkss!). And I just wish that they also could come up with some varieties with flexible rubber or Guccissima leather cuff just like one of the wrist concept watch-phone that's I've seen before in T3 magazine. If so, then I can say Gucci really ready to take off into the 'futura'! :)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Going Commando...

During my cleaning-up session around the house the other day, I pulled out my old clothes that has been kept in some boxes in my wardrobe. I dunno how long it's been there. Or better yet, when is the last time I've worn 'em. Years, probably - which I may now call 'em my own vintage clothes. Some I haven't dare to put it on coz it doesn't suit me anymore. :(

Among the piles of clothes is this camouflage pants that I got at Camden Town about a decade ago. Yeah, you heard it right, mate... a decade. I was scouring along the market at the right side of the Regent Canal, opposite the MTV Studios in Camden, when i saw this one and grab it instantly. How much did I pay? £6! A cheapo, but last till today. I wore 'em quite a lot back then, and my mate always said "hoho... Zamri is going grunge again" when they saw me wearing it again and again. It's comfy... what's not to like? Oh, I also found a camo print neckerchief at one nite market here, which cost around RM2 (about 40 pence). I just love how quirky it looks.

When I read from Asos Style Tips that some previous trend can be made new, I think camo is one of them. Yes, back in 2001 army camo print is a huge trend both in menswear and womenswear. Lots of Londoners wear it that period including myself. Then again, in last week's Asos e-newsletter, it featured the Pretty Green parka in camo print - which I then asked myself... hey, camo is back!? yes, the army style is back in business again! Holla!

Well, 2010 indeed see the return of camouflage print in menswear. Like the one sashayed on the Dsquared2 SS10 catwalk in Milan in a quite eye-popping camo. At highstreet there're Converse sneakers to espeadrille by Mango. And some shirt at He by Mango also feature the camo-esque pattern which is quite interesting. At H&M you can get the camo lookalike shorts with the leaves motifs on it. Well, not just that. There's a whole lot more camo prints like t-shirts, bags and flip flops too. They're pretty cool...

So, isn't it time to rock in camo again?

Btw, going commando - you think I'm gonna write something about going au naturel? Ha! No way.... ahaks! =)

Going to the Beach... in Style

Hot summer days. What to do? Stay inside the house? Not me. I'll go somewhere with 'water' around. No, not the bathroom, silly. Like beaches, lakes or even swimming pools. That's what people with water signs should do. If in London, there's a lot of lido around - at Hampstead Heath, Hackney, Tooting Bec... it's where people always gather for some splashes. Or, the round pond at Hyde Park and even Sepentine Lake can do the job too. Lounging on those recliners, sipping those iced tea and enjoying the sunshine. Aahh... isn't it wondeful. Now, I can do that anywhere coz beaches are actually all around. A couple of minutes drives - voila! I can jump into the ocean.

Oh, what to wear? Jeans? Are you kidding me? No, silly. I'll slip on something appropriate like these board shorts from All Saints. They look so artsy bitsy from the geometric pattern with hidden skull, or the ikat print, or the one that looks like it's been inspired by Alexander McQueen's womenswear for SS2010 - with some butterflies pattern on it. Awesome. Or I can slip into something shorter by Zara. I like the red hibiscus one, coz it reminds me of Hawaii. Or the national flower of this country. Very floral and fun.

Oh, water, water... I just wish they've completed my swimming pool though... ;)

Nicolas Ripoll for Garcon Garcia

Remember the one thing that you learn in the art class - the perspective sketch - to give an illusion of a subject appears far from one point of view? Well, I have to thank my teacher, Ms. Maznun though coz at least I can now appreciate this awesome shot for Garcon Garcia ad campign featuring Nicolas Ripoll (who also did Sisley SS10). It's awesome. 

The mood looks quite sombre, suit for the Fall/Winter 10/11 collection it's trying to feature. I just love how fashion meet photography could create such a fantastic shot. Me, myself is still learning how to do this kind of photography with my own DSLR. Hopefully one day, I'll get it. Oh, if there's an art direction award that I could give to someone - these fashion spread will definitely be the one I shortlisted. ;)

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Etc... Etc... Tired... Room... Sleep...

Tired. So tired. When life's on the road most of the times, driving here and there for more than half of the day everyday... it's kinda draining. Energy drained. Knackered at times. All I can ask for is a great night sleep. A full 8 hours of sleep that nobody can disturb. Not even the dog barking next door. Or some chicken crowing sounding from a neighbour's coop. Or the birds tweeting on the trees nearby. I wanna sleep. And it helps if the room looks like this. Big bed, lots of pillows and warm lighting from bedside table lamps. This head would sink peacefully in dreams while the body rested in a great nite slumber. Yes, peaceful...
I just wish this room is mine. Oh, wait a minute - it is! This is mine indeed. So, peace out.... I'm going to bed.....

SHORTLIST Style: Precious Metal in Beauty Products

I think it pays to love chemistry in my high school years coz when it comes to real life, that subject really helps to understand life better. I know chemistry is one of my fav subject both in school and uni, and it continues to be part of me now. Well, how can I live without chemistry (and that includes 'chemistry' among people too, ahaks!)

Talking about chemistry, one of the most important to understand is the chemical elements. Like the heavy metals and stuff that you can find in the periodic table. Oh, fyi... I got this mug at Science Museum @ South Kensington, London years ago coz I think it's interestingly quirky. It has the periodic table on it. Call me a chemistry geek, but I think this mug is fun to have on your table!

Okay, the heavy metals. You know that metals has been used in beauty products since ages ago. Like copper and gold, they got some benefits to the skin due to their 'chemical bonding' they can create. I still remember a couple of years back about an issue of beauty products that uses mercury as one of the formulation. You know mercury is very dangerous coz it's one of the heaviest metal existed in the environment. Very carcinogenic which can cause cancer, and being used quite a lot in yesteryears especially in whitening products. How to know that there's mercury in the stuff you're using? Well, one rule of thumb - take some sample, put it on your palm, do that typical 'lather' thing with some water and if you can see some 'glitter', then there's mercury on it. And using mercury-based product will cause some dark patches on the skin which stay as long as time will say so. Yikes!

Anyway, other metals seems to be quite okay as long as the concentration is within limit. Since most metals plays their role differently in the redox process (that's reduction-oxidation, for you lots), they has been used in many anti-ageing and anti-bacterial products. Like these one featured in Shortlist. From shampoo to facial cleanser, face cream to skin serum - they got precious metals which is beneficial to the skin. And... ehem.. the more precious the metals, like platinum or gold, the more expensive they become.

So, love chemistry. Love beauty. Love life. =)

Check Out These Ties!

Having a lot of ties won't hurt coz it'll spice up your officewear. Well, ok... it may hurt your bank balance a bit. Still, they're lots of choices out there in the highstreet too that is very wallet-friendly. Not to mention some have great designs. I love slim ties coz they're much more chic compared to the 'bigger' one that made you look like you've just slap a napkin around your neck instead . And having lots of ties give me varieties on what to match it with, depending on the mood of the day. Mentioning designs, anything can catch my eyes - plain, horizontal or diagonal stripes, or even gingham. They're all cool.

But one design that I can't say no to is the checks. Like this tartan checks by Burberry. I always love Burberry ties coz their signature patterns really stand out. And these new collection gives a fresh outlook on your neckwear, from the blue to the grey, pink to the yellow. I love 'em all. 

Yet, one problem. They're all silks which I can't wear. Oh, man.... :(

[pix from bloomingdales and neiman marcus]

Read The Labels!

I was cleaning up my bathroom cabinet the other day when suddenly I realized I still keep lots of products in there. It's probably been ages after I last used it before I whisked myself off to London for a couple of years ago. Some I bought it and left last year during my short Easter break and returned to the house. It made me wonder... should I keep it? Should I not keep it? When did I last opened it?

Well, it helps if you could understand the labels on it. If you study chemistry, or in particular - cosmetology - then you should know that beauty products, just like your food, have their own expiration date too. You know that most products are made of polymers like the water-soluble polyacrylamide. And they degrade with time, making the chemical structure and sometimes their rheology change a bit (now I'm being technical, ahaks!). You may think it's nothing - but when it comes to how it's gonna function on your skin or better yet, will affect your body in general - then expiration date poses its own risk too. I dunno how it may affect the health in specific, but using an expired product is not recommended.

So, how to know when you must throw it away from the cabinet? See the back of the containers or tubes - if you can find the 'lidded pot' icon with numbers on it - then that's how long you can keep it. Like what I have in my bathroom closet, most of them have a time limit of '12 M' which stands for 12 months - the duration of when I should discard it. My CK Free shower gel though has expiration date of '30 M' - quite long, which I doubt I still have the thing inside since it's finished after 2 months. :)

Oh, you probably ask - is that '12 M' really stands for the shelf life from the date it's been manufactured, or the date you bought it, or the date you started opening and using it? Well, to be honest, me myself is still vague on this matter. I don't exactly know. But my own 'guide' is that - if the thing has been in my bathroom cabinet for the past 12 months without me opening or using it ... then, I'll throw it away. Easy and less risque. =)

Would the real slim 'cosmetology' please stand up, and comment on this matter... then it could helps a lot. =)

Monday, 19 April 2010

It's The Little Things...

They say good things come in small packages. Well, that context has to be redefined actually coz some 'good things' is better come in big 'packages'. (If you know what I mean, ahaks!!) :) But as far as jewellery or some accessories is concerned, yeah... it's good to get it in cute little boxes. Coz normally that screams - pricey! Like that Cartier ring. Or Burberry cufflinks. :)

So, talking about little things, aren't these accessories looks cute? I know they're small and people probably won't notice it when you keep it in your bag or in your pocket. Still they can add a little accent in your daily 'accessorizing department'. Like the skull charm by Prada. Put it on the zipper of your man bag for example - then you'll edge it up a bit. And it's skull, so it'll make you look a bit 'underworld'. Lol! Or that Fendi and Gucci keyrings. If you keep the car keys on it by the time you put it on a table people may go - awww, isn't that sneakers looks cute? Oh, it's a Gucci. 

It's all about being conspicuous without becoming too obvious. As Tesco says... every little helps! (Help to spice up you looks, that is) =)

Etc... Etc... In da House...

To be home is the best feeling ever. At the same time it's kinda surreal. Surreal becoz it's kinda huge transition from being in a bedsit in London, then suddenly you're in your own house. If previously I did mention my brother's house is kinda big with 5 bedrooms and 4 living rooms - but my own house is not far from that. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a resort. A 4-bedrooms, 2 living rooms resort. I know it's too big for a single guy. A big fat house. Lol. But gazing through my dining room towards the hills with a breathtaking view (ish... nggg), it's amazing. Oh, in case you're wondering... today it seems that everything is all about the skull, coz I'm wearing that tee by H&M. But you can't see it coz the image is dark. As if I'm entering the darkside. Into the underworld. (okay, that's just me messing about)

Btw... I need to cut that 'savanna' in my lawn. Yikes!