Something for the Ladies: Shoe Heaven!!

I really love that saying by Christian Louboutin. Regardless of you are men or women, it is true that when you put on a right pair of shoes, then it does lift your spirit. At least to me, myself. It happens all the time. You know I love shoes and it's one thing I can't get enough of. And always become my weakness! It doesn't really matter if it's a designer label or a highstreet find, as long as it fits me splendidly, the price is right and the look is devilicious - I'll snap it without a doubt!

Now, talking about shoes, boy... the ladies always get more than we do, huh? If last time Stylist mag bring 'em the 'bags galore', this time they're bringing the 'shoe heaven'. It's unfair... totally unfair when you girls got lots of choices from shoe boots to heels, flats to clogs; whereas we're just stuck with not so many choices. Hmmm... someone has to take a shoevolution in this matter! So, a challenge to all men's fashion mags out there - let's beat the girls in making our own 'shoe heaven' issue! =)

[click the pix to enlarge. seriously]

Me, I seriously need some new colors. Read: SERIOUSLY. And new designs too! And that's why I need the nude-colored ones! =)

if you're wondering, that pix is pre-Gucci, pre-Jimmy Choo, pre-Hugo, pre-Armani..ahaks!


Pack Your 'Banana' in a Real One!

I thought that cashmere-bamboo is the latest fabric in town when I spotted it last time at Sisley. But hell no. Coz apparently people at Aussiebum has come up with something much more inventive - fabric from banana fiber. Yup, you heard it right dude, coz they got new undies made of that material. 

The undies which came in either brief or hipster are made from the weave of the bark from the banana tree and soft organic cotton to ensure ultimate comfort. Oh, it also got some lycra in it so that you still get that spandexy feel!. IMO, these undies are 'environmentally'-friendly coz you are reusing the byproduct of the tree (you know that the bark is always 'regenerate' by itself right?). And you can also boast to some technical fellas saying that this one is very sustainable coz it complete the LCA of the banana tree (LCA, as in life cycle analysis, fyi. :D)

Where to get it? If you happen to be in London, Selfridges is the place to go. Or buy it online at aussiebum.com.

So guys, next time... pack your 'banana' in a real one. =)


Sailor Bag Went High Fashion

If you happen to go to highstreet these days, there's loads of sailor bags flocking the stores in many versions and designs. Like River Island that does the top-zippered, to Aldo with a cross between a typical sailor bags and a rucksack. I like sailor bags coz they're much more practical than a normal duffel bag and easy to be carried around when you wanna do that laid-back travelling during a short weekend breakaway. 

If last year Gucci did their version of sailor bag in canvas with leather trims, this time Versace has gone hi-fashion with their own versions. Beautiful pieces indeed especially the tan/cream one which I like the most. I like the flexibility of how you can carry the bag the way you wish coz the top handle is detachable and you can fix it to the side part to carry it like a typical duffel bag. Or sling it on the shoulders just like what the sailors do, since there is a shoulder strap. What I really like in any classic sailor bag is the drawstring opening - you don't have to mess around with any zipper should you wanna fill in something into the bag. Easy.

So, if you wanna do your high fashion thing with a sailor bag - Versace is definitely the choice! =)

[pix from versace.com]

In Love with Borneo's Ethnic Print

The advantage of having friends in the Facebook who live in the Borneo region is that they post something that will wow you the minute you see it. Well, wow me at least. I'm so much in love with these ethnic prints from one of the native in the state of Sarawak - called the Orang Ulu - one of the many, many tribes that exist in the region. These patterns is part of the typical Batik which you can find there. The prints looks very organic in somewhat intertwined floral pattern. Kinda reminds me of the art nouveau collection by 10 Corso Como for Liberty of London. 

I really like it. Since ethnic and tribal prints is really hot for summer, I have some crazy ideas what can I do with those Orang Ulu prints. Something that will emulate what Dolce & Gabbana used to do in the previous SS09. =)

[pix from fb friend's of friend :D]


Zara Spring Lookbook II

Ready for a little dash of Zara again? This is the second lookbook for Spring 2010 from the fast fashion house. Lots of greys, neutrals and blacks, with a little touch of colors like red and pink. The fabric seems to show a variety of choices too though most of them are cotton-based, like linen to cotton-blend and acrylic-mix. What i like about the collection is time is the presence of dip-dye, which is seen in some scarves and cardigans. And I also love the 'raw' feeling of the texture like the sweater in pix #7 (which I happen to get one ;D), which is utterly awesome. You've gotta try all of them in store in order to experience it! =)

[pix from zara.com]

One Jeans, Many Looks?

One of the most important factors that can make me buy a jeans is that, can it rocks many looks? Can it go well with many tops and other accessories too? What about shoes... do I have something great that can go with it? So, all these dilemma is always happenning whenever I made a purchase. Simply because I want my buy would be truly worth it.

I saw this grey-colored jeans at Uniqlo which is I really like. There are two versions of it, the £19.99 which is slightly 'thinner' fabric and the £29.99 which is like any typical denims. I like the former one, coz it stretch better; plus it currently went on sale @ £14.99! What not to like isn't it?

So, the plan is: What can I pair it with? I have loads of jackets and blazers in my closet, but can any of them go well with this jeans? To me if I can pair with at least 5 different jackets, then my buy is worth a purchase. And voila... there i am, trying with many tops I could possibly do. Since the one that is sensible always come in the similar hues of grey - the linen and wool blazer in greys always look the best combo. That includes blues, black and white too. I know that it grey goes well with yellows and pink, unfortunately I don't have much of them in my wardrobe. :P

Oh, if you're asking - all of the clothes are from highstreet, at its best (Brit highstreet fashion truly rocks!!). Which one is my fav? Pix #6 and #8. I just love it. Oh, fyi... I'm doing what Tamara Mellon suggested; put it in my iPod Touch. Why? Just to remind me how can I do the look next time I'm out of ideas. :)

[sorry people.. the styling and posing is too amateur. ahaks!]

Big.Fat.Snoop: P & P @ H&M

P&P. Nope, it's not 'Postage & Packing', 'Plug & Play' or 'Pen & paper'. Not even 'Pride & Prejudice' okay. But it's the prints and pattern that I've seen when i went for a quick snoop at H&M. As I said in some of the previous post, this season all the prints and pattern went on full force. Straight, head on.

So, what do they got in store? This t-shirt which is utterly brilliant. One, I love the scooped neck. Very flattering coz it give that 'lil sexy edge to any bland tee. Two, look at the feathers! No, it's not real feathers - rather, it's just a print. Yet it looks so real. Or surreal? Which one's which doesn't matter coz when i checked closer, it's just wow! At times I think this one look quite 'ethnic' as well. American Indian, perhaps?

Second up is this white tee which is very boho, very gypsy kinda feel because of the paisley prints. The same one that I've tried before but in grey. Yeah, it got the Matthew Williamson feel to it. Oh, let me tell you again that there's skulls on each corner of the 'petals'. When I saw this tee... one thing that sprung to my mind is 'Indian summer'!

Ready for something slightly edgy? In the H&M Purple Label is this pink slimfit shirt with grey print motifs on it. It's cotton, but not just a typical cotton. When i touched the shirt it got this micro-suede kinda feel. Very luscious, very luxe. Oh, did I mention that it's very see thru? Yes, very, very, very see through. (Thank God I'm wearing my nude V-neck down there, ahaks!). Wear this on a hot summer by the beach without any tops underneath, then you can feel the breeze going through you effortlessly. :D Talking about the prints, look closer then you can see it has that geometric, Aztec-esque look which is seen in many pieces at Gucci. Price? Not too bad when it's less than £25! A great bargain with a great design. :)


Great Styles Think Alike? Hmmm...

Pardon me if I've just looked at this snap @ some other website. I'm quite gobsmacked to be honest when i saw the pix of Brad Goreski photographed during the recent Fashion Week FW 10/11. Not about the red suit that he's wearing, which is very striking (though he pull it off very well in it). Or the Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Tadao tote bag that's he's carrying (which is utter delish!). But the similarities that is incidentally 'occur' in my wardrobe too. Errks..! Nope, I don't have the Hugo Boss red suit; just a red linen blazer from H&M which is an absolute brilliant steal. I think mine is more lipstick red compared to Brad's which is towards paprika. And that LV DG Tadao? Ermm, no comment. Ngggg....

This is what 'great minds think alike' shouldn't be. Otherwise it'll be a clone. (But a good clone btw, =D)

He by Mango SS'10 Ad Campaign & Lookbook

Denim blues, army greens and neutrals. That's probably the three words that I can describe after seeing the ad campaign by He by Mango for Spring/Summer 2010. And yes, outdoor - just to add to that as well coz this time the shoot is done with a desert theme in mind. It's more Mojave than a Kalahari - but still it oozes the mood of summer adventure.

What I love about the campaign is the raw masculine feel it trying to portray this time compared to the laid-back edgy look in the previous summer 09. Not because of the surrounding itself but the clothings and styling too. The denims which always being associated to 'rough' and 'tough', the neutrals from the khakis to the sand-colored top that diffuses to the ambience, the army green which is always scream 'adventure' and the accessories to complete the whole look. And mentioning accessories, boy, am i loving that motorbike? Isn't it have that bad boy Marlon Brando-esque feel to it? Awesome. Oh, can I ride a motorbike you ask? Yes, I can! But more of a kapcai than a Harley. :D

Yet, looking at their lookbook - it's not just about the 'raw masculine' I'm seeing. Lots of hues of greys for much more urban look, with collection for the officewear as well. And since nautical is another big trend for spring/summer, there's even a sweater with the anchor print on it. Nope, you can't do your Popeye, the Sailorman impression, if you ask. Ahaks! There's also camo going on too since there're some pieces like the parka and espadrille in the camouflage pattern.

My personal pick? The chambray shirt. It's a must-have in any man's wardrobe!

Overall, having tried some of the clothes myself in their store at Oxford St, I think this time the collection is much more wearable and better than the previous seasons. And I'm hoping Adam Lippes would do his SS10 collection for He by Mango again this time to inject that designer feel to it. :)

[pix from mangoshop]