Etc... Etc... Seeing Double?

So, London Fashion Week has finally ended with the Man on Wednesday slot yesterday. Mainly dedicated for men's fashion, coz unlike Milan and Paris, London doesn't really has a full dedicated week for menswear. It was last year (I think) that they decided to create a special day just for men to get up close and personal to the fashion trend in seasons to come.

Talking about Man on Wednesday, Topman Design has finally going solo this time. What am I seeing? Military!! With that shearling coats, the world war army-inspired jackets and lots and lots of military color palette. Yet, the most interesting is that I feel like watching a Burberry Prorsum show again! How? Just look at these two pix. Aren't they just quite similar? I mean the turn-up collars. So, the question is - who's copying who? To me it doesn't really matter. At least it'll give some hope to the masses out there to get the Burberry-inspired jacket anyway. Instead of paying hundreds of pounds for that Burberry Prorsum, go to Topman at Oxford Circus and buy a similar one with just a fraction of the price!? Isn't it brilliant?

I say... hail the highstreet fashion!

Etc... Etc... Armani Going Gaga?

Oh, man. Didn't I just blog about King Giorgio, the fashion maestro who can turn anything into something very couture? Now combine the 'Red One!', he's totally going Gaga beyond imagination.

Anyway, the breaking news is that Mr. Armani is gonna design some outfit for Lady Gaga's The Monster Ball tour. Am I excited? What not - both are my favs, so the combo would be very synergistic then. What will Mr Armani design?

Key looks include a curved-shouldered, sparkly structured body suit, a segmented sparking body suit with a lobster effect on one sleeve, a geometric mini dress with a mirror effect and a floor-length black patent trench. I'm guessing more or less it's gonna be the theme like what Mr. Armani showcased during Fashion Rocks in Royal Albert Hall last Autumn 2007. But much edgier. Hey, it's Lady Gaga... you should've expect everything would be explosive (I'm not talking about her bra in the Bad Romance though, lol!). And oh, Gaga will pair each look with specially made Armani shoes and sunglasses. These are two of the sketches which has been released... (but where's a red one?!)

Anyway, Giorgio Armani commented on the collaboration, explaining, “We hear Lady Gaga’s music everywhere we go; it is like a soundtrack of our times. In addition to her formidable songwriting skills, she is a modern fashion phenomenon.”

I say, so true. Even in Harrods last Winter Sale, Bad Romance has been kept playing practically everyday. Bet, Mr Al Fayed do love Lady Gaga too, huh? Ahaks!! :)

On Your Marc... Get Set...Asymmetric!

This coming season, asymmetric or biker jacket is going for a full force. At highstreet, everyone seem to be doing biker jacket. Uniqlo for example, has their versions of neo-leather asymmetric jacket in off-white and black. He by Mango got a fierce one in leather. H&M and Topman also did their interpretation of the famous biker jacket with some belt-like features. Whatever it is, biker jacket really is no more confined to Fall/Winter season only.

On the designer side, this jacket seen at Marc by Marc Jacobs is really something a bit different. Not about the design, coz it has the typical biker jacket one though. Rather, the material. It's linen-mix (55% linen, 45% cotton. ) - meaning it's pretty breathable while keeping you warm in the cool summer nights. At first sight, it does resembles that chainmail armour, coz the monochrome knit looks quite chunky.

This one is available at Matches Fashion, at a whopping more than £300!! Yikes!

Gimme a highstreet one please...

Etc... Etc... New Shoes @ H&M?

I found this somewhere in the blogosphere. They're new shoes @ H&M. Pretty cool, huh? The first pix is very edgy, kinda remind me of the Christian Louboutin's Freddy shoe. I don't think those are studs, instead they're just bunch of 'holes' - giving it some brogue effect. Is it flat? Is is wth heels? Is it leather? That I've gotta check in store.

Another one is the sandals. Is it a cheaper and slightly safer version of Alexander McQueen gladiator sandals? Or male version of YSL cage boots? What made it pretty cool is the zipper at the back. So that you won't have to worry to undo all those laces... Otherwise, they'll take some times, aren't they? Ahaks! :)

[pix from modeman]


From Catwalk to the Wardrobe...Happily Ever After

Once upon a time, there was a prince who hailed from a far, far away land. The prince has a favorite pastime which is gazing into the future thorugh his crystal ball which he called world-wide-web. Sometime he would sit hours and hours, seeing all the prediction what would people wear in the coming months to come; from the ‘body armour’ worn by the ‘army’ that paraded on the runway, to the shoes that they slip on, and if lucky – the ‘sack’ they’ll be carrying in the seasons to come.

One day, while gazing through the WWW crystal ball, he was amazed. Stunned by the shoes he saw worn by the army of King Giorgio, who lived in the Kingdom of Milano. King Giorgio is known for his magical touch which turns everything into… not gold, but couture. The shoes that the prince like is worn by one of the army member called Miro Moreira. The prince like what he saw. He wants what he seen. He loves how the shoes look – white perforated shoe with a black ‘strap’ in the middle. He wants it. But he doesn’t know how to get it. The prince said to himself… ‘I’m going to use all the power that I have to get those shoes. I’m going for a quest to get it. And if I can’t have it, I will dream. I’ll keep on dreaming as hard as I could, coz sometimes dream do comes true’

Months went by. From the snow turning to rain, spring sprung with flowers blooming, birds chirping out in the wood, then the summer comes. Sun is shining bright. It was the time for the quest. The perforated shoe quest. In an event called ‘SALE’. A little bird is telling the prince that King Giorgio has a mansion in the land of the ‘BigFatSmoke’ near the street of Bond. No, not James Bond, but Bond St. The prince was excited. He went to the street of Bond, found King Giorgio’s mansion and gaze through the window, eyeing in if the shoes is anywhere in the mansion. Aha! Yes it does. Passing through the security of the mansion, the prince made his way all through the shoe department – and voila! The shoes are now in his hands. The prince stared at the shoe, he checked it, and he liked it. He asked the ‘butler’ whether he could have the shoe in his size. He butler says no. No more available. Oh, damn… how can this be. After this entire quest, he came down to that answer “NO”?. What an unfortunate event!

The prince went back to his castle. Months went by, the hot summer breeze now turns to chill autumn wind. And the snow returned. Suddenly, one little bird whispers to the prince ears to keep checking the crystal ball again. Look through it, you’ll never know what the future holds. And the prince did. He looked again through the crystal ball, and without his knowledge… suddenly the image of the shoe sprung before his eyes! Aha! Where is the shoe now? He keep rubbing the crystal ball. Suddenly he got an answer – it was at a Kingdom of Florence, kept hidden in the Casa of Yoox. He kept on gazing, and another aha! There’s one in his size!!

The prince can’t wait any longer. He sent his army to get it coz there is no way he’s going to the Kingdom of Florence in that flying machine of Ryanair. After days he waited, suddenly one soldier from the battalion called UPS knocked the door of the prince’s castle… and VOILA! It's arrived! It's here! He says. The prince is happy. After all these months, at last his quest is a success. He opened the box, and he liked the shoes a lot. The white perforated shoe by King Giorgio. Upon looking at the black strap, he was quite amused that it does look like the corset of one of his ladies. Anyway, the shoe is a killer. It is supersoft and super-comfortable. The prince loved it very much. He grins and says to himself, dream do comes true!

Oh, when the UPS soldier handed him the box, he did mention one thing “It’s been a long time you haven’t got any delivery. Since last Christmas?!” Well, that’s becoz I haven’t shop, silly.

Anyway the shoes… love it. The End.

seen on Miro Moreira (R)

the perforated theme. Giorgio shoe + Boss Redstone bag

does the black strap look like this corset? :)

Pantone Color Report Fall/Winter 2010

London Fashion Week is gonna close its door this week. That means everyone will now be thinking about what they gonna fill in their Fall/Winter wardrobe in another 6 months to come. (and it's not even spring yet... nggg...). While designers will come up with their new arrays of clothes for next 2 seasons, the prying eyes on the highstreet would also be so much more aware what trends they gotta copy for the masses.

So. What's gonna be hot colors next Fall/Winter 2010? The team at Pantone has released the color report for that matter. What am I seeing? Some continuation of Spring/Summer 2010 but at slightly sombre moods. For instance, instead of Turquoise is the color of SS10, its sibling 'Lagoon' would be one of the primary trend. Others include Woodbine (a darker version of Dried Herb?), Golden Glow (sister of Aurora?), Lipstick Red (funner version of Tomato Puree?) and Purple Orchid (much festive than Violet). And the staple - gray - is now in its version of Oyster Gray, alongside Rose Dust - pink with a hint of gray, which is quite similar to Tuscany. And me, I love the return of Chocolate Truffle, after so long missing in the color palette after Mango made it their hot color trend in the previous FW08 Catalog. Though the color report is based on womenswear, I seriously think menswear won't be far away from following suit in that F/W hues.

Whatever it is, break away from that staple blacks. It's time to liven up the mood, people! Long live colors! :)

Oh, btw... this is what the designers said about 'colors' for FW10....
"Color affects and lifts the mood. Mix it up."
~ Adrienne Vittadini ~

"Color can provide a feeling of comfort or fantasy.
Don’t be afraid of experimenting with color."
~ Christian Cota ~

"Color is more important than ever.
Color is an expression of mood and emotion."
~ Erin Fetherston ~

"Incorporating a few fresh colors into your wardrobe can revitalize and provide an array of potential new color combinations to make getting dressed more exciting."
~ Nanette Lepore ~

"Fashion and color are a pick me up.
It’s time for happy clothes."
~ Peter Som ~

"Rich vibrant colors raise our optimism and mood.
The new fashion color rule for 2010 is that
there are no rules."

~ Thuy by Thuy Diep ~

[pix from Pantone Color Report FW10]


Etc... Etc... Dress to Impress?

I found this statement that I read from other website was pretty interesting. It says...

Isn't it so true? When you get prepped up everyday, it does make you feel good. Coz when you looks good, you feel awesome in the inside too. Trying what clothes suits your mood of the day, what color could enrich your look, what style could go with the 'theme', what shoes and accessories could help spruce up the outfit, and what perfume could bring that extra oomph - there's nothing more fulfilling than dressing up to impress yourself.

Well, if you don't dress to impress yourself, how can you impress others, right?

And that's why I think it sometimes took almost an hour for me to get it right. Or even more... yikes! :)

ES Style: Pastel

Are we ready to rock in blues? No, I don't mean the winter blues, silly. The color. Yeah, coz I think being in black all the time is quite depressing enough. Now is the time to 'shower' ourself h-to-t in colors. In blue and its hues, like this lookbook from ES Magazine.

I just love how the pastel blue and grey works together. Quite harmony and complimentary. And pastels is gonna be a hit this coming season too. Still, I'd rather go for washed out version of pastel blue, rather than powder blue coz the latter is more inclined to feminine side. And pairing it up with suede accessories like the shoes and belt in grey, I think it'll add more pizzazz to the outfit.

Hmm.. there's one problem for me though; I don't have any pastel blues in my wardrobe. Think I'm gonna get those Uniqlo UJ jeans coz they went for a discount at just £14.99. Better be quick than be sorry! As for grey accessories, my Zara grey suede laced-up could do the job. Or the Jimmy Choo H&M boots and bag, both in grey suedes. That's deff an extra pizzazz! :)

[pix from ES Mag]

Getting Powdered for the Niece...

I guess this week is definitely 'Shop French' week, huh? Or shall I say, magasin fran├žais. (Blame Google if my translation is wrong, ahaks!). After my Sonia Rykiel pour H&M 'little' purchase last weekend, I shop at French boutique again - but this time, online @ La Redoute. It's not my first time shopping there, but it's my first time shopping for other people. To my little ones back home - the nieces and nephews.

So, what do I get? This denim jacket in powder pink for my 'lil niece, S. Went I saw it in the website, I was like.. awwwww... And my sis, A, said she like no other color but pink. Even when she took photo of her posing in an indoor garden (with fake flowers, nggg..), she doesn't want to be snapped none other than ... pink flowers. Very girly girl indeed.

This jacket is cute. It got everything a denim jacket would have. Typical denim fabric, the jeans' buttons and even the adjustable 'fit' buttons on the back. The only difference (which made it cute btw), is the size. It's like a honey-I-shrunk-the-kids kinda feel when i put it alongside my own denim jacket from Uniqlo. Still, it's cute. I hope my 'lil niece will totally rocks in it! (so, who's the best uncle in the world now, huh? hehehe...)

Price? A snip at £18. (That's almost the same as my merino wool cardigan!?)

Oh, talking about 'Shop French' (or rather shop for French), I hope the reader of this blog, R, from France would love the drummer boy jacket by River Island that I bought for him a couple of weeks ago. Sorry for the extremely late delay though. Hope you rock in it! :)

And to J, thanx for getting the Sonia Rykiel doll. Appreciate it a lot for all the trouble you've gone thru :( (though I manage to get one myself... errkk..)

A Milk Carton? No, It's Mjolk Bag!

I dunno whether to like it or to hate it. But still I found it interesting. And part of me love it. I love how unique it looks. At first glance I thought it was a carton. Like the milk carton that I used to bring with me to school during the yesteryears. Or it also look like the paperbag which I carried that takeaway fries from McDonald's. Still, I love how simple it looks. Quirky, but simple.

And it's from Mjolk. It's not a paperbag or a milk carton, but it's a backpack. A canvas backpack with very nice stripes lining inside. It looks very cool in white, with that envelope-lookalike stripey edge top. Where to get it? Exclusive @ Topman, at £40.

So, can I just put some milk cartons in this though? :)


Fashion Relief: Tee It Like Beckham

After his Adidas collection, now David Beckham has put his designing talent for a good cause. The Beckhams for Sport Relief tees. Most people know that Mr. DB has a football school in Greenwich, London - so to further associate him with some charity is not a new thing after all. It's all for helping people out there.

So. The tees. They come in various versions, both for adults and kids - sporting either DB's portrait or the star designs. The ladies got more choices too either a 'normal' tee or a vest. And they're all made with 100% Fairtrade Certified cotton, so no worry about the sourcing of the material though.

As an annual charity event (sometimes go with the Comic Relief name), all the money you raise for Sport Relief is spent by Comic Relief to help disadvantaged people, both at home in the UK and across the world’s poorest countries, to turn their lives around. And buying the tees give you a chance to do your charity part, coz at least £5 from the sale of the T-shirt goes to Sport Relief. So, go on... get the tees! Let's do something for a good cause!

Oh, where to get it? At TK Maxx, both in-store and online.

David Beckham sporting his own portrait tee

Danny Cipriani, in the star design.

Oooh, I heard that Danny Cipriani is moving out to Aussie? And Kelly Brook is going with him too? Oh man, that's bad news. How can i live without Kelly Brook?? :D