Big.Fat.Snoop: H&M

What's on in H&M? I can see now that some of the sping/summer '10 pieces are in store. New t-shirts and cardis, jackets and blazers, as well as some jeans and shirts.

Some items that I happened to check include this cardigan which I wrote in this blog before. Though the color is not the one that I hoped for (they supposed to have red and blue), but it's kinda interesting to see what new trend is gonna be - the perforated. The fabric is organic cotton, and that's why the green color of the cardi is not that outstanding and appear somewhat bland. But the fit is nonetheless quite good. I think this one will be breathable coz the perforated is always great for summer wear.

Oooh, I always love denim shirts. And this one took it to another edge with the holes on some part of the shirt. I'd say it's a cowboy-meet-high fashion. Or probably D&G look? Ahaks! The fabric - love it, quite a heavy yarn. The fit is very slim. But damn... if I want something, there's never in my size (this one is XS!)

Another 'oooh' - the asymmetric biker jacket. This look like leather, but instead it's just a pleather. Or at Uniqlo, they call it neo-leather. (In science we call it polyurethane, lol). This one has the Marlon Brando feel to it, and the texture is given a lil' crease making it look more rugged. Btw, I'm not that stoked with the 'band' on the bottom which I think can slip my belt through it. Whassup with that?

The knitted tee which is featured in the SS'10 ad campaign. I love the overall feel, very slim fit and hugs the body well esp on the sleeves. The fabric is quite chunky though. But the price is so dead cheap, less than a tenner! :)

Weekend Blues

Ooh, what a weekend. Waking up in the morning suddenly I felt so damn cold. Is it snowing again? Probably is. When I took a peek on what's outside the house, oh I'm not wrong at all. There's been a thin sleet covering up the street. Though the weather kinda nice, with very great blue sky, the temperature though drop to somewhat almost zero. Brrrr.... so damn freezing! Dunno whether it gonna start to be a big chill, after the previous weeks London's being put into a big freeze.

So. What am I doing during the weekend? This time around I wanna do something different, by playing tourist again. And taking me into another kind of shopping adventure. Sports. Football, to be precise. Being in London, or UK in general, it's a total shame not to follow any football match. Though my team is always the Red Devil, but I can't help enjoying great match on ITV1 every now and then. That's all I can do anyway - stuck on the tele - coz to get a ticket to the stadium... man, that's so damn hard! I do play sports. I'm not a football player though, coz I'm not that good with the leg thing. I'm more to hand sports. (No dirty thoughts okay, LOL!!). Hockey when I'm 14, basketball during my 15 and handball, a short time when I'm in college (which ended me up with twisted ankle!). My personal fav is deff basketball, coz I love doing all those dunk. My mate here asked me the other day if I wanna play. But man, I just don't have the time nowadays. Still, I think those who don't play sports is a sore loo-hoo-ser!

Which stadium am I this time? The Chelsea FC in Stamford Bridge - home to the Blues. Home to the great players like Drogba, Ballack, Cole (A & J), Lampard and Terry. It's not a match day last weekend, so the stadium is pretty empty. I'm quite surprise to be honest to see the stadium from the outside, coz it's not really as splendid-looking like Emirates near my house, or Man United at Old Trafford. Yet, it has it's own charm - esp a wall which is quite unique called the Shed End.

Anyway, the shopping part is the best too. Going to Chelsea FC Megastore is fun. Anything that you want from the Blues. The home and away kit (hmmm..sound like the TV show, ahaks!), keyrings, mugs, car sticker or even home thingy like pillows and bedsheets. I overheard this little girl talking to her dad 'Can I get those sheets please'... which I'm found quite funny. Oh, since the team is sponsored by Adidas and Samsung, you can definitely find the brand there too - from the Adidas Chelsea shirts bearing the name of Lampard and Drogba, to Samsung mp3 player and N310 netbook!? Some shirts (or shall I say football tee) are on sale at massive reduction. Think I wanna go back for a second time soon to get some of those to my bros and nephews. Ehehe.. :)

you can sit beside Lampard to get your pix taken

Ashley Cole

The Wall of Fame at the Shed End

I just got some keyrings...

I beg to get this drawstring bag for free...

Oh I don't buy this. It's just that Chelsea is sponsored by Samsung & Adidas
- which happened to be the products that I used. :)


Etc... Etc... Gotham City

Nothing to do with fashion or shopping. But something that I think quite interesting...

If you think Gotham City only exist in the Batman movies, well, think again. Coz it's actually a real thing up there in East Midlands. Not pretty sure you can find a Batman. But a man with a bat, that's maybe. Or a woman with a cat, instead of a Catwoman. Ahaks!

Happy weekend everyone. Cheers!

Leopard Print Laptop Sleeves

Ordning & Reda is quite inventive when it comes to office accessories. If last summer 09, they went for faux snakeskin and python-print laptop sleeves and pouches, this time around they offered something out of animal print as well - the leopard print range. Still a hot trend in autumn/winter 09/10 right now.

It's a great design, no doubt about it. The material is very durable, and it is padded inside for extra protection. Still, by the look I think it's more suitable for the ladies anyway. Guys who carry their lappies in this might be the talk of the town too (but all for the wrong reasons, I guess. Lol). Btw, it comes in two sizes for 13" and 15" laptop.

For guys, well, of course nothing can beat monochrome. Like this Burberry check laptop sleeves in grey/black, new for spring/summer 10. Delish? Absolutely. Hope I can bag one pretty soon too. :)

Unleashing The Designer in Me

When i moved into my newly bought house a couple of years ago, I vowed not to have any old furniture in it. So, most of my stuff in the rented house before is given away to my friends or sold at very cheap price. And since in my new house one of the room is dedicated to become a home office, I need a big desk. A large desk that I can work around it without feeling claustrophobic.

I searched at a lot of stores including Ikea. None suit my taste. I need it to have a large table top, lots of storage, a section just for cables and cords, and also a slide, padded keyboard + mouse tray. Unfortunately no shops could offer me one. So what did I do? I designed it myself!

Easy peasy. I sketch the spec of the table and give to the carpenter to do it for me. It is made of HDFB (high density fibre board) and in glossy white, coz easy to wipe off in case there's some spill on it. It is symmetrical and has very deep drawers and storage spaces. There's a hidden storage for cables at the back side (the one that you can see with the 'hole'), which is inspired by the desk that I saw at Trader's Hotel in KLCC (where I stayed for free during my emcee-ing job previously).

The fun part is the size. About 8 x 3.5 foot, which fill almost 2/3 of the length of the room. But, oh man, this thing is too damn heavy coz it needs about 4 people to carry it! Still, I love it coz I designed it. Cost? RM2000 (around £400). Now I can't blame anyone but me alone should I hate it later (or I can always give it to my brother in case I don't want it, ahaks!).

Wanna copy? Go ahead. As if I care about intellectual property rights ... :)


Adidas Did Louboutin?

Did Adidas trying to be very high fashion and opted to follow the studded range like Christian Louboutin Freddy shoes? Well, I can't say they are... but it maybe pretty close. For any street guys out there who dare to be different yet still maintain the 'sporty' feel, that silver metallic with crystal stud Adidas might be the one they would go for. Slip it on, off to the running track you go. :)

That Louboutin Freddy is no doubt one of the edgiest shoes around (the fact that it's a red-soled Louboutin made it even major!!). But come on, why buy more than £500 shoes if you can give same amount to the people at Haiti for their survival right? (Sorry, suddenly I became politically correct here). Yet to me, sans the spiky studs - it's nothing but a lame Oxfords.

It suddenly gave me an idea how to copy the look...

  1. Buy yourself any plain Oxfords or Derby lace-ups out there at any highstreet stores (Zara is the most comfy one which is cheap).
  2. Then, go to any textile or fabric or fashion accessories shops, either at Fashion St or Berwick St.
  3. Buy yourself some studs and glue (make sure the glue is very strong).
  4. In your own spare time, glue the studs on the shoe that you just bought, artistically, so that it looks like Louboutin!
  5. And voila. You got your own DIY studded Freddy-lookalike! :D

Hmm. Think I should walk my own talk... :)

Etc... Etc... Check

Love the belt. The wide cage check leather belt from Burberry. Simple but delish. They said accessories maketh the man. As Cold Method put it "accessories speaks volume about the man without saying a word". I couldn't agree more. :)

Oh, love the watch too.

[pix from burberry]


iLike. iWant. iPad.

Ask any Apple lovers, what did they do at 6 pm (or that'll be 10 am at San Francisco)? Of course glued to the computer screen to see what Steve Jobs and co. gonna reveal the latest gadget that'll make any Apple geek going gaga.

So, holla. Introducing iPad - the new beauty from Apple. A gadget that is anticipated for months, blogged by many, the name rumored by lots like iSlate, iTablet and yadda, yadda, yadda. Alas when Steve Jobs hold it in his hands in front of the waiting media - me went gawping in awe too. Big? Not so. But beauty? I can say, yes.

Oh, the specs:

  • 9.7-inch touchscreen, can be viewed in portrait/landscape mode.
  • Weight: 1.5-1.6 pounds (that'll be ~0.7 kg. Half the weight of my Samsung N310!)
  • Half an inch thick!
  • Storage: 16 - 64 Gb.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth + EDR, Wifi + 3G (depending on models)
  • The rest, the pix says it all.

Price? Oooh, this is tempting. Starting at just $499 up to $829. If they're not cruel and stick to the conversion, that'll be about £300 - £500! Aaaaaah! And owning one meaning, no more paying for the stupid media player in the cheap flights. And oh, Apple got new iBookstore too. So, to Kindle and Sony eReader, sorry folks ... I think you'll gonna be history soon. Nggg...

So. iPad. iLike. iWant. iWant. iWant!

P/S: You can see the full coverage @ gizmodo.

[pix from apple and gizmodo]

Etc... Etc... Zara 'S' Boots

Something I've picked at Zara during winter sale. But it's not on sale btw. A new collection for AW09/10. I've fallen in love with this boots when I first saw it last year. I even argued with the salesgirl saying I've seen it last November at Zara Bond Street, but she didn't believe me. Come on, girl... I know what my eyes are seeing. :)

I nicknamed this one as Zara 'S' boots coz it got that 'S' shape where the stretchy thingy that Chelsea boots normally has (or maybe 'Z', depend on which side you look). Or maybe the word 'Slytherin' coz it remind me of the sorting hat in Harry Potter movie due to the 'pleated part on the front (though the sorting hat name is not Slytherin, lol). And 'S' - maybe it rhymes with 'ass' - coz this boots is surely a kick-ass one!

What made me buy? Because it's higher than normal ankle boots and the sole is rubber which is great during wet season like in London currently. And it fits superb! Enuff said. :)


Be Stupid.

Something that I took from Diesel website. I just love the statement in their ad campaign. It's really fun...

I love what it says. Yeah, being too smart sometimes really sucks. Can we just play stupid every now and then? Then life has more colors! Playing dumb is even better, coz you don't have to live up to any expectations. :)

I was once asked by someone "Are models stupid?". I'm so furious hearing that, so I replied "It's you who is stupid, coz you asked a stupid question" Models are human being too. They have feeling, so as brain. Isn't that what everybody in this world has?

My word. There is no skinny. There is no fat. There is no stupid. The only thing exist is: There is laziness!! (which I am, ahaks!)

Le Sac de L'art

Something that is untypical Louis Vuitton bags for men, the uber fashion house has came up with something as if it just left an art gallery. If you like the work of Bacchiacca, Raphael, Michealangelo or even Monet, the work of the paint brush capturing the images of the skies is breathtaking. And I can see the similar thing here, only that it's not really the sky but something of a modern art - in the work of Christian Schoeller.

Great artwork? Well. Only those who really appreciate art can answer that. ;)

[pix from gq]

Highstreet Vs. High End: Nylon Tote

My friend who studied polymer used to tell me the origin of the word 'nylon' is actually "Now you've lost, Old Nippon". It's originated from the US during the World War II when the trade of silk between the two countries crippled due to the atomic bombing, and the American having developed the new product (that's nylon) has found a new replacement for silk. Yadda, yadda, yadda... I dunno if the story is true, yet for whatever reasons it's good to know some history sometimes. But, now the war is over okay. And all I want is just 'WORLD PEACE' (Hmm.. now I've sounded like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality, lol!).

So. Talk about nylon - nylon tote is not only the biggest trend in summer, but also in autumn/winter. I don't really like the smooth nylon due to the noise it made while you're carrying it. And it looks dead cheap, even if it's from a designer label. I'd rather go for the twill one coz it's more durable and better wear.

Well, Prada got one nylon tote in brown with matching color leather handles and trim. Yes, it's 'smooth' nylon but I love the simplicity of the design, especially the adjustable handles which is very handy. Very chic too. Yet, I'm not quite sure whether the price really translates into the look very well to be honest (>£500!)

But if you want something quite similar, COS got one in black. Though it doesn't have the adjustable handle, you got the shoulder strap as an additional features. Casual, formal - I think it can rock in any look you like. And with price just below £100, you can even get 5 of this with a price of Prada! :)

[pix from prada and COS websites]