BigFatSpender: Officine Creative Castillo Sandal

Variety is the spice of life. And that's why I need some variations in my wardrobe, which includes my shoe closet too. From the simplicity of Prada lace-ups to the Gucci loafers with their signature horsebit, a classic Armani Chelsea boots to the brogue one by Bally - variety is indeed important coz I'll never know what my mood-of-the-day gonna be. I probably be feeling for a plimsols if it was sunny outside, or a zipper boots when the temperature dips low, or a trainers with rubber soles when there's a downpour or even just a sandal when it gets really really hot out there. And by having variety, there's always something in there - in my shoe closet - that will serve me well on that particular day.

I love getting something quite quirky too just to compliment or to add to my other simple and bland shoes. That include this sandals which I got during summer sale from Selfridges. Yeah, shoe sale at Selfridges might be sucks in-store, but online - you never know what you gonna get. I am quite lucky to bag this one by Officine Creative which look like the ribcage Clamity sandals by Alexander McQueen. While the Clamity has a very symmetrical backbone for the laces to get tied up, this Castilllo is a bit off-centered. Asymmetric if you like. Still, if I put both side by side no one could ever see the difference really.

Another thing I love about it is the material used; fully leather, from the body to the soles and the laces. The smell of the leather once I took it out from the box is absolutely invigorating. It hit me straight away like a gush of wind hitting your face. No, nothing like the Lynx Instinct Rare Leather deodorant if you ask. It's much better than that! I love the fit coz it follow the contour of my foot pretty well. Just perfect. Price? Way, way, way much cheaper than McQueen's!

And if you wanna see the similarities with Clamity by McQueen, take a look to what Francisco wears in his photoshoot for TI for Men. Isn't it looks the same? :)