It's The Little Things...

They say good things come in small packages. Well, that context has to be redefined actually coz some 'good things' is better come in big 'packages'. (If you know what I mean, ahaks!!) :) But as far as jewellery or some accessories is concerned, yeah... it's good to get it in cute little boxes. Coz normally that screams - pricey! Like that Cartier ring. Or Burberry cufflinks. :)

So, talking about little things, aren't these accessories looks cute? I know they're small and people probably won't notice it when you keep it in your bag or in your pocket. Still they can add a little accent in your daily 'accessorizing department'. Like the skull charm by Prada. Put it on the zipper of your man bag for example - then you'll edge it up a bit. And it's skull, so it'll make you look a bit 'underworld'. Lol! Or that Fendi and Gucci keyrings. If you keep the car keys on it by the time you put it on a table people may go - awww, isn't that sneakers looks cute? Oh, it's a Gucci. 

It's all about being conspicuous without becoming too obvious. As Tesco says... every little helps! (Help to spice up you looks, that is) =)