Birthday Suit

I got this story from the net quite long time ago. Can't remember the original version, but it goes something like this:

There was this OAP couple who’re in their late 70s. Very old indeed. With the canes on the hands, and wrinkles all over. One day on their anniversary, the wife is thinking of doing something special for her husband when he got home. Something that she’s never ever done before, even during their past anniversaries. She’s was thinking of stripping buck naked in front of the door, trying to surprise her husband right when he opened the door. 
So the moment came. She could hear the steps; tap, tap, tap… which is coming closer, and closer and closer to the door. Finally the knob turned, the door squeaked and voila! There she was, standing in front of him – without a strand of thread on the body, with arms wide open, wiggling what the nature gave her. Wiggy, wiggy, wiggy. But her husband. Well.. let's just say, he is totally and utterly in shock of his life! 
The wife suddenly went “Happy anniversary, darling!! Look, I’m in my birthday suit!" 
Seeing his jaw just dropped like you can't imagine, she then said "Well, say something?!"
Still in utter shock, the husband replied, “Well, for goodness sake. If you ever wanna be wearing your birthday suit, keep it ironed first!!!”
Mwahahahaha… that's the little story of the day for your amusement! :D

Talking about birthday, hey, hey.... it's my birthday today!! Yeay! Dunno whether that'll make me another year wiser. Hmm... Anyway, age is just a number. The most important; enjoy life!! 

What I really want for my birthday? I don't want any stupid b'day card. All I want just these lots. Hehehe... ;)

Photoshop: The Editorial Truth...

Last week I got the opportunity to attend a free short course on Photoshop. Very nice indeed to be able to get my hands on the software, though I have used it before without proper training. I think by now, even sans Photoshop everyone knows how to crop, rotate, flip and change bit and bobs on the pix aren't they? Anyway, what I like most about this course (or any course, indeed) is the thing which is outside the 'syllabus'. Thing that the instructor share with all the participants, like their experience and stuff. And talking about Photoshop, everyone knows about its endless possibilities of changing someone or something especially in advertising.

So, at the end of the course the instructor shared one of the link that I found very, very and very (that's a hell lot of very!) interesting. The advert by Dove about beauty. Take a look yourself how Photoshop really being used to the max to evolve someone that is practically already beautiful into someone that's basically not her anymore (or improved version of her in the eyes of the advert people).

So, my word: beware when you look at any ad. You might be fooled with the real truth or real person off-screen. Whatever it is, I think beauty is not only in the eyes of the beholder - it's in the head too. You've gotta see the beauty beneath the skin deep. :)

Oh, btw. All my pix in this blog are not being 'Photoshopped'. It's my real skinny body. (Please don't hate me.. lol!)


[video from youtube]


GQ Style: Wear It Like Lautner

You know what is funny whenever I'm waiting for the Tube to arrive during the morning commute? Is when i see those business-like people or office workers wearing their hideous shirts. The balloning on the back (not to mention on their sideways too, ahaks..), the baggy thingy and the oh-is-it-too-sheer-that-my-vest-is-showing kinda thing. I'm not undermining them for choosing them, but mainly the blame is for their missus actually. Anyway, that kind of people always tickles my funnybone every morning..hehe.. 

So, word of advice: if you wanna do business, don't just look like one. Look more than that. Be edgy, but not tacky. GQ Style has given some great tips how to choose right shirts to wear. It's all about fit, fit and fit. And good fabric too, of course. I really love slimfit. It's always the best coz it skims the torso very well. Just like Taylor Lautner here. It helps if you got a great body like him too.. so gotta work the love handles mate!

Oh, for those who are Twilight craze; you can win a ticket for the exclusive screening of the New Moon at River Island.

[pix from GQ Style]

Sean O Did H&M Fall/Winter '09

Again, H&M has featured Sean O'Pry for the Fall/Winter '09 campaign. Last time we've seen him in Matthew Williamson's floral shirt and print speedo in the H&M mag. Quite cool coz the look is very casual.

What about the clothes that he's wearing this time around ? They are not that bad coz H&M is very wallet friendly anyway. Provided that you choose carefully on the cut and fabric, you can carry on wearing them even for next fall/winter. Again this time the staples is always about chunky knit, but not too heavy like what Dolce & Gabbana used to showcase in FW08. Just great for layering since nowadays London basically is experiencing a barbeque autumn. (It's the warmest autumn ever - coz temperature hit 19-20oC!) So, dash that knit jumper over the tee... and you're ready to take a stroll in the park without shivering cold.

And another trend is the snood and chunky scarves. Very out there, so to speak. I actually bought both featured in the first two pix (in black btw), though my mate said I'm wearing a tyre on my neck (referring to the 2nd pix). It surely did coz it's so long and very chunky! But i love it, esp the snood. :)

Love the camel/sand combo...

Did I just wore this one before? Hmm...
[pix from h&m]


Two things I can't say no to: bags and fierce shoes! If they're affordable and price within reach, I'll snap 'em up with no question. But if the price is waaay to up there, then it'll be in my waiting list. ;)

So, as my usual weekend trip to the highstreet and without even planning to buy anything I went in to Zara. Flip, flip, flip the clothes on the rails, touch the fabric of the jackets, feel the lusciousness of the new wool sweaters and cardi.... suddenly as if a halo strike from nowhere I spotted something lurking around the shoe corner. Aaaaaa... it's a python shoe! My jaw just dropped like you can't imagine (no, not like Jim Carrey's Mask character silly!).

Two words: love it. Love the shoes, love the python, love the design. The color is quite subtle dark choc making it look very delicious indeed. And the sharp pointy toe ... I'd kill for it. With the rubber sole (which is friendlier during this wet weather) and it look fierce on my feet, I just can't say no! This one's going home with me...

There goes another shoe in my closet.

SHORTLIST STYLE: Brogue Laced Shoes

Kudos to the team at Shortlist who passed their 100th mark in publishing the forever ├╝ber cool men's magazine for us to read weekly. I can't live without a dose of Shortlist every Thursday. And coz it's free, that'll make my day even better.

Btw, last week issue is what I'm yearning for: it's the return of brogues into the spotlight! Autumn/winter 09 is the year of brogue shoes being the trend of the season. So classic yet so chic. Can be worn as formal wear or toned down with a pair of jeans for a casual look. I love the tan or light brown color, coz with blue denim it's just so ..mwah! Hmm... I need to get one. :)

[Shortlist Issue 101]

To Snood or To Scood?

First it was snood that made a buzzworthy in the blogosphere when Burberry showcased their versions during Fall/Winter 09 show. So hot that highstreet stores even snap to copy like the one that I just got last week from H&M. Some might even call it donut scarves due to its round, bagel lookalike feature.

But aha..wait a sec. If snood is not your thing and you'd like to go a bit funky, edgier-slash-more street look, then opt for scood (I dunno whether that word really exist btw). It's a real hybrid of a scarf and a hoodie. Wear one and you'll definitely rock the Darth Maul or Obi-wan kinda look. Like these lots from River Island. They're made of 100% acrylic and looks really cool.

So, to snood or to scood? I'd say both!! 

[pix from River Island]


Shoe Galore: Florsheim By Duckie Brown Spring 2010 Collection

3 words: I love shoes. Period. In fact it's the second thing I see in a person apart from their face. If face look like an cat's ass, at least if they wear a killer shoes then it's all forgiven. Almost. :)

Anyway, I can't help but gagging over these footwear. The Florsheim By Duckie Brown for Spring 2010. What a great collection, especially the brogues. From the classic Oxfords to two-tonal canvas-leather hybrid, lace-up dress boots to the laceless loafers and laced shoes with punched hole details. Aren't they great? Talking about the leather, Duckie Brown incorporate the American style of brogueing with full grain leather and a leather welt. Apart from that, they also got suede versions with summery and fun colors too.

Hmm...delicious! Can't wait for next season to come. :)

[pix from selectism]

Big.Fat.Snoop: Animal Instinct...

My forever great formula for weekend: Tube is right full-on service + sky is shining bright! Always work wonders and getting my groove on as usual. Though these time around I've gotta work my ass off on my college project, I seem to manage to squeeze my visit to the highstreet in the nick of time (again!). I know, I can't live without the highstreet stores. It's my life and joy. ;)

So, what's my find this time? It's all about animal prints - from the big cats to the big bear, leopard to wolves; the highstreet really going animal crazy.

Like this tee by Topman - roaring funky with Bengal tiger prints (or issit Siberian tiger?), scribbled so tastefully that you didn't even notice it IS the head of the big cat in the first place. Love the fit though I went for a size smaller for that body-con feel.

H&M is the one that's really went all out with the animalistic groove. From the faux fur stole (which I think a recycle from previous FW'08), the leopard print sheer deep V-neck jumper (they got another one in blue, resembling Marc Jacobs'), chunky zipped jacket with the bear's paw on the chest (hey ain't it look like Eve's tatoo?) and the crew-neck sweater with a stencil-like wolf's head.

Other than that, H&M also got this Liberty-esque paisley print slim shirt in mustardish yellow. Very nice fit though the color is a bit eye-popping... :)

And aha! they also got this glove. Pair this bony hand with the skelly Topman tee and Doc Marten boots, and voila... you're ready for Halloween!

Another aha! H&M seems to be teasing us with their pre-Jimmy Choo collection. First the arrays of new shoes. Then the studded bag that I wrote about last week. And this time is the suede tote. From the material and color (sorry for the bad pix), it is a spitting image of the JC's shopper. This one has adjustable handles and zippered compartment on the front. But I have a small problem with this one. The texture is a bit blah (erk..!). If the JC shopper bag is really like this one, I'd say..PASS!

So, a big skinny weekend it is. Yet, I also manage to use all the Topman giftcards that I got for free the other day. And guess what is the total values of the five cards? £500*!!
(*divide by 100, hehe...)


Wanna Free Ugg?? (Syyy...Don't Tell Anyone..)

Well, let's face it. They're like Marmite - either you love it or hate it. Since I kinda loathed this boots when I wrote about 'em last year, Ugg boots seems to be growing on me esp when they got new collections in store. And with weather started looming into colder side these days, to snug your feet into one would ugg-terly be a delicious treat!

And they're not that cheap either. If you're in London, to get into an Ugg store either in Covent Garden or at Westfield is like you're going into a club - you've gotta queue, and there's even a bouncer on the entrance. Yikes! 

So, listen up people. Ugg is giving away free boots every month. If you fancy of getting one -REPEAT: FOR FREE - then, click on the pix below. [or click HERE]. If you don't like the boots, you can always give it to your girlfren, sis, mother, auntie or even your nan! Who knows they might like it - just like Marmite... ;D. 

But, HURRY!! And oh, it's for anyone, at any country! :D

If You Need Gucci...There's An App for That!

Aha! Gucci has finally joined the bandwagon of millions of apps developer for the iPhone/iPod Touch users. Recently released for the Gucci fan, I ain't gonna be left behind to get my hands on the app myself. My verdict? 

Well, as an avid Gucci groupie the apps is definitely a great welcome. What do I find in it:

Once clicked on the 'GUCCI' icon. I was welcomed by a 'GG' icon which evolved into a interlocking G's on a dark chocolate leather background. Mmm... really tempting!

Then voila! The main menu is the ad campaign for their Spring/Summer '10, featuring none other than Natasha Poly. Underneath are sub-menus: iPhone Exclusive, Gucci Live, World of Gucci and Store locator.

In iPhone Exclusive; you got these - Gucci Beats and Sneak Peeks.

Gucci Beat, i.e. produced by Mark Ronson is for you to unleash you DJ skill. Select the bass, drums and vocals - mix 'em up and scratch, scratch... wikit, wikit, wikit (that's the sound of the scratched vinyl okay,hehe)..then you got ur DJ talent on! Wicked...

In Gucci live: you got submenu like Gucci music channel, Frida's and Mark Ronson's playlist, and other ad campaigns like New Jackie and F/W '09. Unfortunately you've gotta have wifi connection to access. If u do, you can even buy songs from the playlist via iTunes!

World of Gucci: There're current collections (i.e. now FW '09); news and events - if you wanna know what's happening (need wifi for this); and Gucci Little Black book - a list of cool things around the world according to Frida like best restaurants, great hotel, where to hang out etc. Very cool...

Last one, store locator. So, if you wanna find the nearest Gucci store - click on this one and select where you are. In case of moi - we got 8 Gucci's in London. And u can even locate 'em via Google Maps! Brilliant...

There u go. And the best thing is, it's the cheapest Gucci product that anyone can own - coz it's FREE!! In the word of the infamous iPhone ad: if u need Gucci, there's an app for that! :D


Object of Lust: Gucci Diamante Canvas Bag

The power of having a great history: you discover the heritage and how you become an iconic cult. That includes Gucci. And somehow Frida Giannini has unleashed the time capsule of Gucci and discover the iconic criss-cross pattern featuring small, dark brown connecting diamonds on a tan background that is once becoming the signature print of the design house (which is now evolving into the interlocking G's monogramme). Originally created in the 1930's as a brilliant solution to pre-war shortages of leather, Gucci's iconic diamond-patterned canvas has been reinterpreted into the covetable Diamante Canvas Collection.

The collection comes in a limited edition line of accessories and shoes. But the one that I'm falling in love with is this bag. Understated but edgy. Simple but Gucci. Is it gonna be my 'object of lust? Absolutely!

[pix from gucci]


Time To Spend...For Free!!!

Thursday is always the fashion-style-shopping day. And I was lucky enuff to get not one, not two... but FIVE Topman Gift Cards. For free!! Free, how? It's on the cover of Thursday's Metro. Damn, there's still loads when I got it at King's Cross station. Value? Between £1 to £250.

Now, it's time to hit Topman Oxford Circus to spend, spend, spend for free! Let's hope one of them is £250... ;D


New Bag: Simple, Studded... and Fierce (?)

I got a new bag. A simple tote with studded corners. Love it, and looks kinda edgy too. Fierce? Absolutely! Though a million miles different, but doesn't it got the Gucci FW08 feel to it?
The most important: it's dead cheap! I got it flew all away from a far, far away land. Compartment wise? Acceptable, coz I can still pack all my stuff including my Gucci lappie cover and Canon EOS450D without being too bulgy.

And this is what the Gucci studded tote last FW08 looks like.

Gucci FW08
[pix from gucci.com]